If you subscribe to my channel, you know i did an initial pre uh flight impressions, which is really quick uh. It wasn’t even fully charged just to see how it initially felt. I also did a table review, so those are posted before this on my channel, but this is going to be. The official flight review finally got a really beautiful day today. It’S not too windy kind of down in a little sheltered area here, a dip place i’ve never flown before, and this ought to be a really nice place to fly today now. This is not going to be like a complete flight review and i’m not going to test the smart features today. I will come back and do a follow up video, but that this is going to be just testing. How does this drone fly um? How does a return to home accuracy? How good is that? I always could test that, because i do have that turned on the uh, the uh, precise landing or whatever they call it. Where it’s going to look for the helipad that’s in front of me, i believe that’s, what it looks for and then it’ll land itself, so we’ll see how well that works and we’ll see it’s, most importantly, how’s the gimbal. How does the gimbal react? Does it have any shakes or any tilted or crooked horizon and my initial flight impressions everything looks solid. Now one person said they thought they saw a crooked horizon um, but everybody else said it looked good well, it’d be a better test today to fly it out farther and just fly it longer and see.

If we get any of it, i don’t know i mean i didn’t see it initially, but i can’t say it doesn’t have it. You may see it today, i’m, hoping that there’s no shake some people get. I think i would have saw that the other day in the video, but a crooked horizon seems to be something that always plagues femi, so i’m, not going to say we don’t see it. It wouldn’t. Surprise me if we do but sure the heck hope that we don’t, so this has really good range i’m, not gon na. Do any flight um distance test today um, but i do advertise with eight kilometer range, so it’s gon na fly it out ways, but here in the united states you’re not supposed to fly outside of line of sight anyway, so i’m not gon na now i might Be a little out of sight just because i’m sitting down below the one of the three lakes here so it’d be pretty easy to get out of line of sight, even though i’m not that far so let’s. Keep that in mind but i’m going to fly it out over these lakes. Here, there’s a lake here to my left, there’s a lake here to my right and there’s, even a third lake off to the farther to the left, where i’ve flown drones over before this one. Here i usually do my remote control boat. I didn’t even know this lake really existed at one time – i’m, not originally from this town.

All right guys, so i’m gon na do is i’m going to fire this guy up. I shouldn’t have to do a compass calibration. I already did that just a couple days ago and i’m only um half a mile from my house – probably so i shouldn’t need to redo that unless the app asks me to so i’m going to go ahead and get it uh connected to the to the controller And i’ll probably do a screen recording, so you guys can see the settings in the app and then we’ll include the onboard footage which will be at 4k at 30.. This video may come up as 4k at 60 because that’s, what i’m recording this video right now in, but it won’t, have any effect on the 4k at 30. It’Ll look just the same. It just won’t be a true real 60 frames per second it’ll. Just double up the frame, all right guys so i’ll get that ready and we’ll be right back, okay guys, so i have the femi x8 mini connected to my controller and my old phone. I tried to get it to connect to my new pixel 4a and it just doesn’t. The cable provided works fine with this phone, this old, g8 what’s, not old, but it’s cook, maybe two year old phone, this new 4a. I just got a couple days ago: it doesn’t even register that the cables plugged in so i can’t even try to get the app to see it because it doesn’t even think it’s charging i’m hoping it’s just something with this cable, but it works fine.

With this phone, so i don’t know it the more i use i’ve been using android user for years. The more i can see why people go with iphones it’s, just these stupid things like this, not seeing the cable switching to charging mode when it’s supposed to be in data mode, uh, just flaky stuff. It just drives me nuts, accidental, coming back and it doesn’t want to see the wi fi feed stuff like that. So i can certainly see why people have iphones when i’m getting that so brian, i know i’ve, given you a singleton over at tdr and e bikes. I know i fibbed a few before about you, know, android being a little bit better and maybe sometimes they are, but i can see why you use iphone same demarcus and john coope. All you guys. I mean if i weren’t such a long term user of android. I was tempted to switch just the other iphone because i’m just fed up with this. With this crap so let’s see here, it says: uh. The temperature sensor is too high, so the drone’s been sitting a while and it got hot. I was i had to fiddle for quite a while to get this drone um to get this connected. So what i’m gon na need to do here is see if i can uh turn it off for a moment and cool it back down, so it tells you and it’s sitting in the sun, so i’m gon na do is i’m gon na turn.

The drone off and just let it cool for a minute and then i’ll be right back the only reason it did that’s, because i was sitting here trying for 10 minutes to get my pixel to connect and finally gave up. Thankfully i had my old phone in my pocket, so i’ll be right back guys. Okay, guys, i just briefly turned it off turned it back on. It says we’re good to go. We have a gps, lock, 14 satellites let’s get in the air and then i’ll go through some of the menus in the app. We should be real, quick i’ll, make sure we’re at 4k at 30, on our recording, make sure we’re on the high bit rate. I’Ll. Try to open this menu back up in a moment. I just want to make sure we have that set so i’m going to go ahead and start let’s make sure. When video mode let’s see h, says we can do hd, i didn’t do. That must be just for photo. Maybe let’s see where video uh i i guess it does – have an hdr mode there. I didn’t mess with this the other day, so we’re in hdr that’s, pretty cool i’m love to see. If that really is you can see inside there’s, intelligent flight mode and stuff, but let’s uh oops? Where did i press now? I think i took a photo let’s let’s switch back over to video hdr should be good to go.

We are still at let’s see. Are we still at 4k at 30 high, yes, let’s, go ahead and start recording video and then we’re recording let’s go ahead and do it auto take off. You just drag the icon over and there it goes that’s some new stuff. So i didn’t mess with the other day. This is recording hdr again, i don’t know if it really is i’ll try to take a look at that when i get the app of the video off the uh the drone, but whenever i record, when i edit it in my video software, i don’t think it’s Going to preserve that 4k uh excuse me hdr. So just keep that in mind. It may say it’s hdr, but i not sure i’m going to it’s going to preserve it and it probably won’t output it in 10, bit hdr looks nice to me from what i can see here. Let’S just do a little flying around here again, it could do something bizarre and i don’t see it at the moment because i’m, not looking at the screen, the entire time boy. It flies great. Now sure this drone probably has a droney mode, just like the x8se. Does at least i think it does let’s just tilt it down here, guys let’s, just kind of go. Do a bit of a manual dronie like marcus, always does then we’ll. Take it out over the lake here and test that gimbal some more let’s there we go, looks good let’s turn it around and face the lake okay.

So sometimes i maybe put my head down to the controller here. So i’ll try to uh get the drone. You can see it right up there in the sky i’m over yelling a little bit here as i’m. Looking back and forth, let’s there’s a lake now i’m, not in sport mode or anything right now, let’s tilt it up a little bit. There is a little bit of lag um, not that far out see a little more lag than i would like to see. It’S part of the reason why i tended to over yaw at times some of that’s just because i’m looking okay, nice, i can get into some shade here or something so i can see it. You know it’s a lot of of uh glare today, so the drone’s out over there and i’m getting white it’s easier to see but i’ve i’m, not that far guys um but i’m, not 300, some meters, but i have lost sight just because i’m. Looking at the drone excuse me the phone. Let me turn back around this way: boy there’s, a lot of glare today guys the sun is i’ve, picked a bad time because of the sun, so let’s here we come up i’m gon na go up now. Don’T want to hit these trees. Those trees are pretty high let’s just yaw around, but look the horizon looks nice and level to me i’m, at about 468 meters, so let’s go ahead and do a return to home.

Let’S hold that down. Let’S send the drone back here i’m out over the lake there’s a ways let’s just see how well that does it’s spotting the helipad, so it should start coming out now the distance is dropping now, but yeah. We have a lot of glare today, so it’s. I can see the drone i’ll be the uh, the stream, but it’s not easy. Let me try going this way and see if i can get some spot where i can get it sheltered now that horizon has a bit of crookedness to it, but i don’t know if that is because of the gimbal, or is that because there’s, a bit of Elevation change. It looks more like elevation change to me. So just keep that in mind. I can see where i’m at here so the drone. Here it comes right. There let’s tilt the gimbal down there. It is right there came back at about. I think i had it set around 50 meters in return. I believe it looks like it’s up says it’s up about 40 43.. Well, it flies great. I mean for what i’ve seen i’ve, not seen the shakes or any crookedness, but again if it happened out there. It’S possible with the glare of the sun today i just this early late spring, almost early summer, sun is very, very high glare at this time of the day very intense today, so let’s see it doesn’t i’ve, not gotten any notice here that i noticed where it Says it noticed the uh, the helipad like the x8 sc 2020 does but boy.

It really is easing its way down i’m going to tilt the camera back up, it mean, and maybe it doesn’t say it because it looks to me like it sure, is using that downward camera to spot the helipad. Look at that that’s, pretty darn good, guys that’s. As good as any drone you’ll usually see, so it just told me that it landed, so it stopped recording video all right, let’s go ahead and take the drone back up and let’s. Take it out over this lake here and slide out a little bit let’s see if i can find a more uh shaded spot. I might sit down here in front of my van and the rocks here and get in the shade if i can, because it is really difficult to see so let’s go ahead. We’Re still doing a screen, recording let’s go ahead and start doing again inside your video settings. It says it’s on normal, so it looks like you have to set on hdr every time, so i went ahead and did that again? I said i didn’t do that in my initial flight video and then i want to make sure that we that it didn’t reset anything. Okay, it didn’t, because anytime you power this drone off and on it’s, just like the s8 x8x sc2020. Excuse me in the original x8 sc that always wants to set your video quality medium, so it’s still on uh high but yeah it looked to me like you have to.

I had to set that back to hdr um inside of here and it’s under the video options, so it isn’t just hdr photos all right, let’s go ahead and let’s. Take it up back up, let’s, go ahead and see unlock the props manually and just manually. Take off Music just take it out here, always okay, guys again, we’ll lose sight of it here prematurely. So keep that in mind it’s, because i’m, going up over this hill so i’m not going to be going very far, every typically within line of sight it’s. Just because of what i’m doing now, i do see some tilt there, but then again off this way. Let’S let’s go off this way and look now let’s, look back to the left and see there’s. Definitely an elevation change, because if that doesn’t, if that doesn’t level out, then that tells me that it is elevation and not gimbal yeah there’s eleven that’s the same direction. I was looking coming out of the way. There is definitely a elevation change here, that’s making a false, um tilted horizon because look when i look off this way, it’s straight straight let’s, go all the way around and see. If i look back off that way, i’m getting that tilt again over there, some at least it appeared so let’s make sure i’m looking the right way. It could be yeah let’s see, i i see it at times right there. I think there definitely is some.

It might the gimbal might be off a little hair at times making it worse, like. I see a bit of a tilt there, i’m really looking for that, because that’s a like sort of problematic issue with femi drones, but yeah. This is a direction where i was seeing a tilted horizon and i still i mean the tilt in the horizon itself. I still see it at times. I think this is is somewhat the landscape. You can still see the bit there so yeah, but it could be a little bit of the drone too let’s go ahead and just fly it out here a little bit more now i got to try to get my bearing set, which way i am facing, but This it works great here on the l on the g8 phone, and this has the one this one i cracked the screen on but boy it doesn’t it just the cable just does not see the phone does not see the controller on my pixel 4a, so i’m. Flying off this way, now guys so we’re just going to be flying with my talking let’s go this way, there’s a tall tree there. Now i might have seen something right there and we’ll see in the video. Was there a bit of a bobble there, or was that just something in the video feed, because even though we have eight kilometer range, i am flying this hill is going to block it, some so i’m going to go up higher too i’m out about.

Oh, there was some bad shake right there. I think, unless that was a video feed. It looked to me like there was some real bad shake there. We’Ll have to see again if that was shake, or was that a glitch in a video feed, because i i’m out pretty far but um you can’t. This hillside is going to cause some issues with blocking the signal that’s, the first time that i’ve seen what look like it could have been some gimbal shake we’ll have to see. I didn’t see it the other day, we’ll see if we get it here honestly to me, if it’s just very sporadic, i can live with it. I can edit that out, if i’m someone who’s doing this, if it does it all the time see, it looks like it looks like i may have seen some there too, but i don’t want to rely on the video feed as my reference, because it could be Glitches in the video feed – i just don’t – know okay we’re flying back over here i can feel a fly on my on top of my head. It’S driving me crazy. I can hear him there. It is right there let’s come down all right. That was a pretty good test. We don’t return to home accuracy while ago was great the uh it looked pretty solid to me, i said i don’t think the horizon tilt is much of an issue. I think a lot of that looked to me like at this permanent elevation changes, but i think i saw some gimbal shake.

I know marcus dealt with that a lot in his at times, and i think i saw it there too, but i won’t really know until i get it in, and i can actually look at that video like right now. You may think there’s a horizon tilt there. That’S, just that hillside looks like this tilt that’s, just the way that lays out there the illusion around that lake. This is a great little flyer. Man. This thing is great, really really nice, i get to say i’m impressed with this little guy um. The only thing that would change my opinion is, if i take this home, put the video in a card in and come find out that it’s just constant shakes or something i don’t think that’s going to be the case, but i do think i saw a pretty Bad shake out there in the video feed, but i can’t say 100 certain that it wasn’t just some weird glitch in the video feed. Since my signal was being impaired by this slope of this hill to the second lake, all right guys, i’m gon na go ahead and just land it here. I think that’s enough for this flight review. Okay, so that got the drone down there and it flew really good i’m super impressed with the way this thing flies and from what i saw on that video initially the other day. It was really good. What i saw here looked pretty darn good.

I mean i thought the horizon: looked pretty darn good again off this direction. As you look over these houses and trees, you can see there’s a natural slant to the horizon and i think that’s what we were seeing, because every time i turned you can see it, that seemed to vary a little bit and how much it appeared. So there could have been a small tilt and horizon, but i don’t think there’s anything significant, but i don’t know i can’t comment here on the amount of shakes in the gimbal there may have been none. I sure think there was a pretty severe one out there but i’m hoping across my fingers. That might have just been a really bad glitch in the video feed, but overall the video feed was pretty good. Considering that i was being blocked by this hill, i was at a half a kilometer, and you know anytime, you get in your direct, basically line of sight to your controller blocked it’s, going to greatly reduce your distance. My evo and other drones would not have done any better than this at that distance, where i’m sitting down here low, where you can’t see the drone directly, the evo is always terrible about. It has good range, but if you have anything blocking that signal anything where you don’t have a direct line of sight per se to the drone, it greatly hindered its distance, and this drone did pretty darn good and, under those circumstances, so we’ll see how this video Looks again, this is recorded in hdr, but i don’t expect it’s going to be an hdr whenever you guys see it.

If it even is really hdr. My guess is: it’s, probably not it’s, probably fake and 8 bit hdr. Okay, guys that wraps up the flight review of the femi x8 mini stay tuned, i’ll be back as soon as i can to do test out. Some of those smart features i’ll probably want to test, fly this drone myself before i do that. So i can familiarize myself how to initiate and do those because they can be quite confusing at times. Then i end up standing around because i don’t know how to start a circle mode or something so once i get that tested, the weather coming up, looks really cruddy, so it may be a few weeks before i get the actual smart features tested, but i’ll come Back and do that so stay through the channels if you’re new click, the bell, so you’re notified – and you know, subscribe button, so you notif uh.