What went right and what went wrong got that next Music bill, the drone reviewer here, if you like the content of this video or anything on my channel, make sure you hit the subscribe button and ring the notification bell. So you dont miss any future content with that lets begin well. It was my turn to have my first flight with my femi x8 mini, so without any further ado lets roll that clip in its entirety. Okay, we are recording. This is the first flight of the femi mini here and im kind of having to do this from the icon or from my car, because its really hard to see were having one of those sunny days here far so good were up about 50 feet. Take it about 75, there were going to head out. I can see from the screen already kind im, not sure about horizon. It does look a little tilted. Okay lets go ahead and were going to turn it around here. Foreign okay were here where the car goes and then were gon na go ahead and rise up in altitude. Here, a little bit head on out. So, okay, we are going to try a return to home here, see how that works so Music. So far, so good all right, we stuck the precision landing there. That was very, very good to see. Okay, i have to turn the drone off before i do. A remote control calibration so were going to go ahead and do that before we take it out.

For a second flight, just waiting for it to get into gps mode there, we go its ready to go gps. Okay, we are off to the races here. Well, take another flight. We have done a remote control calibration lets, take a look and see if that has made a difference here. I have about 80 90 feet. I think this is good all right. That was interesting as soon as i get up there its like the. I think i think that was a gimbal shift. I dont think that was a lets. Go ahead. No, i even after that, adjust it just a little bit lets see how straight we go here. Okay, horizon actually looks pretty decent here, but again this is looking at it from the screen, so well see how the video actual video turns out trying to kind of target. My car here yeah, the one thing im noticing here – is um its not sticking to the path here, its not sticking to the course um. It does deviate significantly. In my opinion. Now it seems to be holding okay and again. Is that the function of the drone itself or wind, i dont know i dont know so well find out were going to take it down just a little bit here, yeah its its deviating. From course here were gon na go. Do a return to home here. Just a picture of the gimbal so and it looks like were spot on target here, i think, were gon na gon na stick it yep.

We did all right two for two on the precision landing here. All right were gon na, get it up for another flight. Here start recording lets, get it up to altitude about 90 feet. Auto takeoff is completed again it. It does deviate off, of course, here and i have calibrated the joysticks. So all right lets turn it around. Take a look and see what we get im gon na. Try to go slow with this. Okay lets see. I kind of overcompensated here so lets see how the path ends up. It seemed to help a little bit, but its still, it still deviates quite a bit and it is deviating quite a bit there. So all right were doing a return to home here, Music, so Music and lets take a look see how this landing goes here. Im gon na adjust the gimbal, so we dont have any gimbal issues, camera issues when it lands. Okay, as you can see, what went right was. I didnt have any signal loss during my entire video and also precision landing worked very well now for what went wrong well, you could see that i constantly had to have my hand on the stick. Otherwise, the drone would veer in one direction or another. Now i did go ahead and calibrate the remote control, but that did not make any difference whatsoever question of the day.