So what is the fema x8 mini then? So the fema x8 mini is the smaller version of the fema x8, which is already on the market. Okay – and there is some good points and some bad points about. This are one particular bad point which of course, is going to affect absolutely everybody, that’s, potentially interested in buying this drone okay. So this is a new incarnation from femi, and this is due to be launched in the next few weeks and i’m genuinely thinking about getting one for the channel. I have done so much research on this drone already, including conversations with banggood, with which obviously that’s the main primary retail outlet for this and i’ve spoken to fema themselves as well to ascertain some more specs, but now they’re fully launched and available. So hopefully i can give you a bit of an insight, so at the end of the video, i would love to hear your thoughts, whether you think this fema x8 mini is actually going to be a rival for the dji mini 2. Okay and more importantly, this is going to be the interesting question. Will the launch of the fema x8 mini force dji to possibly give us some more features, such as um, more of an active track, because this is one of the features that is going to be active on the mini the x8 mini, so let’s get into the Full specs now and then let’s see what you think at the end.

As you can see, this is the fema x8 mini and it advertises itself as a 250 gram class. Ultra light design now notice that 250 gram class, because that’s going to be relevant at the end. Okay, so we’ve got an eight kilo meter transmission range, which is obviously in line with what the uh the dji mini 2, can do. They’Re say: 10 um, eight, obviously it’s more than enough, so 30 minute flight time, which is about right to what we’re expecting so we’ve got uh. As you can see, we’ve got type c fast. Charging we’ve got 4k hdr video uh, which is really really exciting, and then we’ve got three axis mechanical gimbal camera, which of course you would fully expect from a drone um. I don’t think we’re going to be going back to uh anything less than three or six gimbal cameras and then, once again the ever you know sort of vague level. Five wind resistance, with no real figures on what that wind resistance actually is so yeah level. Five, wind resistance: what is that? Let me know what you think in the comments below um so yep again, the telling us about the 250 gram class, ultralight design. Okay, now now now now now, this is the big issue when it comes to this drum, and i want to get into this straight away. Okay, so having spoken to banggood and having spoken to femi, this is actually going to be launched as two models.

So you’re going to have the standard model and you’re going to have the pro model all right now, like i said i did try to get an answer on this just to clear this up because i’m genuinely thinking about getting one of these for the channel and It looks really really an impressive piece of kit. Okay. So if you have a look on screen now, you can see the weight of the drone with the standard battery is 258 grams, almost useless for us guys, as you probably are aware, all right. We need this to be under 249 grams, which is a good thing because they offer a pro battery and this pro battery. As you can see, the weight of the drum with the pro battery is 245 grams, even though the batteries are different. Okay and one is slightly lighter and that’s, basically, because one is a lipo battery and the standard is a lithium ion battery, similar to the battery weight in the dji, mavic mini and the mini 2. There is a problem. So if you look on screen, there are actually different shapes and what i’m reliably advised from femi. Whether well i say reliably, this is sort of uh. Some of the research i’ve been doing with them, whether i’ve been advised correctly or not. I do not know, but at this current moment in time i am advised that the pro battery will not fit the standard model. Okay, so you know at the minute they’re launching the standard edition i’ve not yet managed to get a release date for the pro version.

I am pushing for an answer for that. But ultimately, if you get the launch version, which you can sort of pre order on banggood or um what’s, the other one aliexpress that’s the standard drum in white – and it comes with one battery and it’s going to be 258 grams. So you might want to hold off on that one and wait for the pro model because that’s, where it’s really going to open up possibilities, uh pretty much worldwide to be perfectly honest, 30 minute flight time um, you know they’re not going to launch something that’s less Than dji wouldn’t have thought so equipped with a standard battery. The drone can fly up to 30 minutes in a windless environment at a speed of 6 meters per second, i actually think that’s slightly faster than what the mini 2 was tested in yeah. There we go so back to flight time 31 minutes, while flying at 4.7 meters per second in windlass conditions. So actually you you could argue. The battery life is slightly better on the fema um and with the pro battery the drunk on flight that’s. One minutes in windlass conditions at speed of six meters per second, so yeah, so you’ve got to say that the battery um is possibly better because it’s being tested at a greater speed. You’D have to think that the greater speed uh the more battery usage, sir the fema, might have the slight edge on dji mini 2.

When it comes to the battery performance type c fast, charging battery would that’s what we’d expect and again stabilize 3 axis mechanical gimbal. Absolutely what we’d expect as well right on to the next thing. Then we have 4k hdr video, so the camera features 4k 30 video and highly dynamic range, meaning clearer footage. Videos are shot in the h265 um that’s going to be interesting that he doesn’t do 264. Um and it’s got f log and dng, so it’s interesting that they’ve gone to go with dng, rather than so yeah i mean it’s, not too bad it’s, just a slightly different way of going. Most people deal with raw, but you need one downside. You should again making sure that your uh photo editor can deal with the dng files, but any good one such as lightroom should be able to do that. You would have thought, especially since it was pioneered by adobe. This is going to be a cool feature. Direct flight with your smartphone, so don’t even need to use the controller. As you can see, the drone can connect to your mobile phone via wi fi. Even without the remote controller, the high bandwidth low, lift and seeing strong, anti interference. 5.8 gigahertz high frequency signal creates up to 100 meters of real time hd image transmission, so you can quickly record it without having to get your drone out the case again, i think that’s actually quite a neat feature um.

You know how many times have you got? Your drone and it’s in your bag – and then you know, especially with you, know this mini 2, and what you’ve got to do is i mean don’t. Get me wrong. It’S a great drone but you’ve got your phone in your pocket already, but you quickly have a shooting opportunity and then you’ve got to unfold all the drone and then make sure your sd cards in it and then turn the drone on obviously make sure you’ve got All your uh fun into your uh controller pulled up. The sticks mounted your phone yeah. I mean that could save a bit of time. You know if he was out in the countryside and um. You know there’s some sort of wildlife going by or you know something that you want to quickly capture, but you know that could be a quite decent a little bit of a little bit of kit so i’m, quite impressed with that um level. Five wind resistance, um yep, so obviously it’s telling that it’s got level five wind resistance, but it’s not actually telling us what that speed may be um or what that resistance will be so yeah, anyone’s, guess on that, one all right! Um! If you have seen the fema xa 2020 again, you can see the phone mounts in the middle of the controller and uh yeah slightly different way of doing it. I suppose now here’s a huge feature.

Okay, so what we have? We have okay, what they call smart tracking modes, so it can lock onto a target now i would love to see more information as to what exactly these modes are going to be, but this is sure to be exciting now this is what i mean: okay, so The fact that this fema x8 mini is going to have some smart modes. Does that mean that might force dji to add some more smart modes into the dji mini 2, especially when you can see on screen the powerful flight plan shooting so clearly, this fema x8 mini has got some sort of waypoints. Okay, something that us dji owners would love to. Have i mean christ. We don’t even have waypoints on the mavic air, too, okay other than when you’re, using the hyperlapse option, of course um. So again that is going to be a huge feature and i mean a huge feature time lapse exactly as we would expect um one tap panorama, which is obviously going to be handy for you photographers and look at that live streaming all right. So literally, you could live stream via social media, flat platforms that could be so cool if you are doing a demonstration on the drone – and you know if that gives you the ability to live stream to youtube. I would love that for you guys, so i could literally get this drone go out, live stream and you guys could comment at the same time as i’m.

Actually flying that would be a really really impressive uh feature. I would love that okay night shooting this is a china product. Okay, so they tend to do these little demonstrations on screen where they show. Oh, my god, you know this is what we’re capable of, and this is what it will normal yeah if you’ve ever bought. Anything on aliexpress uh when they try and advertise some things, it’s, just hilarious, no motion blend loads of blur and it’s. It would never look like the the example i’ve given you before, but uh yeah, interesting, um, search and rescue mode with a three time: digital zoom, gps, positioning lightweight, eight kilometer transmission um. It must be. It must be great in this in a search and rescue task. Well, so, as you can see, it’s a totally redesigned user interface, the app is more intuitive to use also they’re tellers. Of course, we don’t have anything to compare it to at the moment. It offers a plug and play feature connecting the remote and your mobile device value on the go cable, so there are no more complicated settings so just to let you know, this is how many people found out. This drone was actually coming. Okay, um, basically fema launched the mini app on the google play, store, uh and it was launched back in january. I believe so that’s when people started getting the sniff of this drone that’s. When, initially back in january, i actually contacted femi for more information on this drone um, so you know i have been sort of doing um quite a lot of research on this for quite some time, precision landing again.

You know if this works and it does actually have precision landing. You know it utilizes the downside camera to recognize a launch pad and can land right on it. So i did a video where i tested the dji mini 2 against the mavic mini in a launch pad sort of return to home, landing accuracy test, and i did that using a landing pad and to be honest, they got you in the area um and there Was a little bit off, maybe sort of uh three feet off something like that, but return to home on a dji drone. I say it should be used as a safety feature. So if you do lose connection or lose your orientation, then use return to home and as soon as you get close to back, where you are just cancel retention and land manually, but if this really does have the precision landing again, that’s, absolutely fantastic everything here, you Would fully expect so it’s just telling us it’s got return to humber. Of course it does gps real time tracking um, because it does wind warnings yet you’re going to get that excessive power warnings. Yet you see that a lot on the dji mavic mini low battery alarm return. Perfect non fly zone protection. Okay, so i want to delve into this in a little bit more and the reason for that is because, from what i’ve been understanding and hearing on the grapevine and through other sources, what this will do is if you are flying along and the drone enters a Non fly zone or determines it’s going to end of a non flying zone rather than enter it in it and causing you issues potentially or violations of that area.

The drone will actually just begin to hover and it won’t actually enter that zone. Now, if that’s correct that’s, a really really good feature so i’m, again really really impressed with that. So if we look at the dimensions so it’s going to be unfolded ever to slightly bigger than the dji mini 2 max flight speed, 15 meters per second again that’s, the exact same as the dji mini 2 in sport mode, uh max descending speed 3.5. At max ascending speed, 5 meters, uh let’s have a look max ascend, speed, yeah, so they’re exactly the same, so let’s look at the camera then, and just compare that so we have it’s quite interesting. The 80 degree field of view now let’s compare that to the dji um mini 2 and that is 83 4 millimeters compared to 26 millimeters. So we’ve got that little bit more focal distance there and 12 megapixel camera, which is exactly the same as the dji mini 2 got that 100 megabits bitrate again, which is the same as the mini two. The only thing as you can see you know, our max resolution is three eight forty by two one sixty which of course is 4k and that’s up to 30 frames per second, as you can see, there’s no real details on anything which is lower than that. So there’s no information on what the modes are in 1080p or if it does 2.7k, maybe somebody that’s originally got. The x8 could maybe give some insight on that as to just uh what modes are available on.

That would probably expect them to be the same, but of course you never never know and again we’re, just looking at the the battery here and you can see that physical weight difference 102 grams compared to 86 grams that’s gon na be a bit of a major Issue of course, because you know, unless it’s under the 249 grams yeah it’s pretty pointless, i don’t know guys what do you think so that’s the full on spec of the uh fema x8 mini, including some of the comparisons compared to the mini 2.. So what do you actually think of this drone? So i think it’s going to be a really interesting purchase and if it does come with all of those features, then that makes it a really really strong contender. One thing i am curious to see as well is one thing i haven’t quite covered. Yet in this video is, it is fixed okay, so it doesn’t actually have a 2.4 gigahertz transmission frequency, and it only works on 5.8 now i’m wondering how that is going to work in terms of legality in sort of european countries. The uh higher outputs are legal in the us, with the fcc sort of authorization, whereas we are sort of downgraded somewhat, so we have generally less power on our drones or indeed, with the mini 2 there’s, actually, no hardware differences. So when this drone detects it’s not it’s flying outside of the us, the transmission power is limited.

So i wonder what will happen with the fema x8 mini when it comes to that? Will china occur wherever it’s been, where it’s being flown? Will the drone even be legal over here, given its transmission power that’s going to be an interesting question? Um let’s! Look at what comes with it, so you get the aircraft you get a gimbal cover. You get some cables depending on your phone usb charging cable screws, which i’m gon na gon na be prop screws. I would imagine, get a screwdriver spare props and your battery now. There is absolutely nowhere at the moment in terms of any fly more combo. If you wish, whether it comes with uh, you know any additional batteries, whether you purchase them. All we know is at the moment there is going to be two versions going to be a standard version, it’s going to be a pro version. The pro version battery, which gives you the less weight, doesn’t fit the standard drone is what i’m being told at the moment, but ultimately the active track that being able to fly direct from your phone without having to plug it in at the controller um. Honestly, the waypoints, the active tracks and everything else about it seems almost similar spec to the dji mini 2. So, ultimately, will the camera quality be as good, and i guess that’s something we’re just going to have to wait and find out. So what do you think on this drone? Are you a fan of the orange because that’s a bit of a conversation, starter isn’t it you know, that’ll solve some visibility issues if and save money on buying wraps, if you can just buy it in orange and it becomes more visible in the sky so again Have phoebe thought of everything who knows you know so anyway? Let me know what you think: will this be a great rival for the dji mini 2, or will it actually force dji to give us more modes and possibly increase the capabilities on the mini 2 to compete with femi that’s going to be an interesting question? Is it something that you’re going to be interested in buying yourself? Who knows you? Let me know in the comment section below.

Thank you very much for watching hope. You found this video useful. Sorry it’s gone a little bit too long, but there is quite a lot to cover at the launch of a brand new drone.