Now i anticipated the june uh in this video. We just do a quick unboxing for the in depth, video for the new sample shots. Those you know will be this later, so make sure to subscribe. If you haven’t and huge thanks to my friend simi for borrowing me this june. Without her help, it would be just impossible. So without further ado, let’s just get started. So this is the box uh. The white packaging, so on the front we can see some highlights like 250 gram class, ultralight design, 4k hdr video and three axis mechanical gimbal, 31 minute max flight time: 8. Kilogram 80 kilometers, video transmission, 80 kilometers jesus level, 5 window resistance, yeah. I will test that out. You know here: it’s near the sea type c, fast, charging that’s on the front and now moving to the side. Here are the contents that comes with box. You get to see an aircraft, a remote controller battery spare propellers yeah screwdriver gimbal cover three cables: an instruction and screws. Okay that’s, basically on this side, and we have, we can see some other information as well like the product, size, frequency and blah blah blah manufacturers is by family robot technology complain and now let’s just move to this side. Yeah. It has two colors one. This kind of orange – and this is white one – so yeah they’re the same on this side, so uh that’s, just the family, that’s, the official set uh, nothing more on top, so let’s just unbox it here.

It says please review the quick store guide to prepare for your first flight. Yes, exactly, i agree with that. Um always read the menu before you go. Ah, okay let’s, just unbox, i actually see me – has already unboxed late, so it’s uh not like totally new but yeah let’s, just unbox it and the first layer we get to see a remote controller. I think it should fit all kinds of phone sizes or even tablets, as we can see a two stick: rocker here, that’s the remote controller, okay, let’s just put aside, then we get to see the drone itself. This is the drone really light of it. Uh yeah let’s just put this ahead and check out what what what what other things 3k boards lighting, type c micro, usb or forces screwdriver another type of c okay, this uh, the extra propellers yeah, but we don’t see the manual. I guess see me just forgot to put in the box so yeah anyway. You know that right, so this uh, the pro bros purples it does this kind of design. It has two proper separate properties. I haven’t seen this on other drums. Ah, these are the extra problems, so one pair more so this ah or from the box yeah. By the way i forgot to mention it has another battery, so there’s two types of batteries: one is the standard with it it’s one 258 grams and with the pro battery is 242 grams.

So uh you know below 250 grams. It doesn’t require to register right. So you’re going to go with that uh. So this is the battery, so let’s uh check more information about it. It gives you like 31 mics flight time, that’s, that’s, crazy, that’s, really good, considering how small this kind of battery is so let’s just check out more. So this is the drone click here you get to see the indicator that’s on the battery and if you want to take it out, you can this buckle here, just press and you can easily take it out so i’m. I don’t know which one is the standard which one is the pro uh yeah seems. This is the progression because it looks and feels a little bit better. I don’t know you can. I will check out later rechargeable lithium polymer battery yeah that’s, the battery difference, so let’s just insert and connect this drone all right. Actually, on the box we can see there is a qr code for you to download the femi all right, guys, let’s, just scan and download the app designed for frame x at mainly the app supports one type of control: hd, okay, download it immediately starting download. Okay. Okay, download the complete this install so it’s just to me select mini channel okay, so enter so yeah. Yes, this kind of new user guide see i like it so before you fly let’s, read the contents below to require the basics of your aircraft and secure the flat start: yeah that’s, the sun, so the tail flashes in orange, okay, it’s connected yes, the connection is Really fast because it doesn’t you know, use this kind of wi fi for connection.

So so, when it’s connected you can see the light turns to red all right. So cannot oh we’re ready to go. You see it’s ready to go but i’m not gon na fly. Here, because i’m in a room and it’s not safe to fly so so let’s check the settings. As you can see, oh everything here let’s check, uh cameras. This is the default. Is you can set everything here manually? So when you press here it will enter this radio mode, so it’s, 4k, 30, fps, 4k, 25, fps, 2.5, 2.7 k and so all right, that’s, a quick unboxing there. You know connection of the family, xl jump so make sure to subscribe.