This is my first femi drone. I bought this with my own money. This is not a sponsored review, it’s, also going back for a full refund. Unfortunately, we’re going to explore the problems that i had solutions and fixes that i tried to rectify them and in the end i hope that my experience will help you decide whether or not this is a drone that you should purchase right now or perhaps wait until Some quality control and firmware problems are ironed out. My theme, x8 mini, arrives, safe and sound from b h photo and video here in the united states. It comes from the first batch of femi’s, which has the non pro battery. That makes it just above the 250 gram weight size requiring registration here in the united states. Now they’ve got the pro battery out, so you can get an under 250 grand mini, but this is the only option at the time that i ordered my problems with the femi mini begin with the crooked horizon right from the first flight. Now this is prior to a gimbal calibration. I did not do any calibration of the gimbal, because i just wanted to see what it was like out of the box and it’s horrifying. As you can see, the horizon is way way off way off and, of course, it tries to correct itself a little bit as you yaw, but it was really off so i took it inside and i did the gimbal calibration process.

I made sure it was on a level surface, let that go through now. This is the automatic calibration. It said it succeeded and, unfortunately, it’s still really crooked. I was starting to feel pretty bad right now, because femi is pretty famous for having a crooked horizon issue. A lot of people struggle with this it’s a very common problem, but i knew that mine seemed to be worse than most of what i’d seen online in others. Videos. It was time to try a different method. Femi offers an advanced, gimbal calibration method that allows you to manually, adjust the p r and y axis of the gimbal, and to do that, they say to try to find a vertical or horizontal background as a reference to help adjust these axes. Now some people use the molding in their house or anything that they know is level vertically or horizontally. Now i took this a step further and i decided to break out my cutting mat. Put it up against my fireplace, which i knew that whole area was completely level and i lined it up with the femi, and i not only did i adjust the center, i also fixed the horizon. You can see it’s actually pretty off. Just look at the mat. Look at where the center of the mat is here: i’m lining that up and now i’m going to correct the horizon, and i think that looked pretty good. So i saved that calibrated the gimbal allowed to dial that in this was the flight after the calibration wow.

It was a night and day difference. I was feeling pretty good at this point. The v. This is a nice bright sunny day um here i am flying out toward the back here. Just take a look at the horizon: okay, maybe there’s a little bit of something but it’s, certainly not the incredible slant that we had before. Maybe it could use some work. I was thinking it was definitely going to be a work in progress. This is me panning around as well just trying to trigger the gimbal issue, just purposely trying to trigger it and it’s not coming up. So i well yeah. You can see a little horizon tilt just there, but overall definitely a massive improvement from before. I want to take a moment to talk about a square like smudge that’s appearing in the upper right hand, corner of all of my video and pictures that you’ve seen up until this point. You probably already noticed it. This smudge is some kind of contamination behind the lens cover there’s, a cover that you can’t remove, it’s a non removable cover that goes over the sensor lens. Now at first i thought it was just a fingerprint, so i grabbed my microfiber cloth and i carefully cleaned it off. I did this like two or three times to no avail. It didn’t solve the problem. So to me that said that there’s something either on this lens sensor itself or it’s behind the glass i wasn’t really sure which but here’s the funny thing it disappeared.

I threw the fema up in the air and the ghost smudge was gone so here’s. What i think happened just from general use and handling whatever little particle was in. There fell off and it’s, probably still in there. It’S, probably still underneath behind this lens sensor cover here now you can’t get this cover off not easily anyway, so it needs to be professionally cleaned and it absolutely does warranty a return. If you have this issue, but if you can’t or don’t want to return it, you could try giving it a hard tap or wait it out and hoping it falls off and stays off. Another issue i’m, having with my thingy mini, is the gimbal degree pitch shift problem or gimbal flopping. Now, when i change the degree of pitch myself, you can see it with the slider in the upper right hand corner there when i’m, not changing it, it’s doing it. On its own, as it just did there we’re down to negative 5.3 degrees, and this happens multiple times during a flight, sometimes multiple times in succession. For example, we went from negative seven to negative nine to negative eleven and it’s really really jarring. I conducted some experimenting with the app using the flight speed limit option because i wanted to see if maybe flying slower or faster, made a difference. Trying 30 miles an hour 20 miles an hour and 10 miles an hour to see if the issue occurred. At those rates of speed – and what i will say is this: if you’re flying at 10 miles an hour, this is when you’re least likely to have this problem occur.

However, it still does, and for me only being able to fly at 10 miles an hour is obviously not working correctly, because you should be able to fly at any rate of speed, that’s, not sport, mode at least 25 miles an hour. If i want to be conservative about it and expect your gimbal to not flop all over the place, i’ve talked about the gimbal flopping downward, but it also flops upward and very consistently if i set my gimbal to negative 90 degrees and fly forward it’ll flop up By 12 degrees, sometimes 15 degrees, even and this is very easily reproducible, so something is clearly wrong here. This is a pretty big problem with my theme mini because i can’t trust that my gimbal pitch is not going to change by a very large degree and every time it happens, it’s gon na ruin my shot it’s gon na ruin. What i’m trying to stay focused on, and so i would say this is actually an even bigger issue than the horizon tilt or the smudge that i had earlier in the video hey. At least you can hide the smudge. You can’t hide this let’s talk positivity about the femi mini for a little bit and change gears here. I really like the detail that this camera provides, especially in such a small package like this. This is one of the best cameras that i’ve seen on its level. In terms of detail, the image does look darker a little bit in the corners but it’s overall balanced.

For me, i don’t feel that there’s any spotlighting in the center everything seems to be even in terms of color and contrast. I was also happy with the transmission system for the video on this drone. I was able to very easily reach three thousand feet out from a non optimal position, and my video signal was still clear. It wasn’t breaking up and i could have probably gone further, but honestly, i don’t have a whole lot of interest in flying something so small, like this a long, long range. Another thing i like about the femi is that it doesn’t try to tell you when and where you can fly. That’S left up to you as the pilot, unlike dji drones, now here’s a perfect example just flying at this location. The femi app shows nothing there’s, no restrictions at all in the area because we’re nine miles away from an airport here. This is class g airspace. Now, if we take a look at the dji fly, app there’s, actually a huge warning zone, because it’s caught in the bow tie from an airport that’s nine miles away. Now, as you can see, according to the faa, this area is fine. You should be able to fly this there’s no tower to talk to dji, just decided that this is a warning zone at first, so you can fly into it, but the farther aways you go up eventually you’re going to hit an authorization zone requiring and a further Unlock – and this is just something not a lot of people want to deal with – they just want to be able to fly, not have to worry about unlocks and arbitrary, bow ties and just go, and so femi drones have a lot of appeal in that aspect, but Unfortunately, none of the positives can allow me to overlook the problems that i have with this drone.

I had the horizon tilt the gimbal pitch, shifting gimbal shakes and then the contaminated lens, and all of it just made me unhappy, so i decided to send it back. I understand that this drone is only 320 dollars, but i have a problem with that, because 320 bucks is still 320 bucks and if it doesn’t work right, then it’s not worth keeping it’s just not worth dealing with. I would rather have had a working theme for 400 bucks than 320, because this is just unusable. It doesn’t seem to matter what femi mini video i watch. All of them have some degree of horizon tilt and there really just shouldn’t be any at this point. I’Ve flown toy drones with toy grade gimbals that don’t have the tilt that i see coming out of these funny minis. Why can’t femi solve this? Why can’t? They fix this i’m, just thinking i’m, better off sending this thing in and then waiting and seeing what happens. I’M, not against picking this thing up six months from now, if i find out femi knuckled down and then ended up fixing all of the little bugs and issues that this quad has but i’m not going to sit here and chance that they won’t the femi team Has a history of not addressing issues quickly or addressing them in a half baked way that resolves issues for some and doesn’t resolve the issues for others, and at this point in time i don’t want to get caught up in the middle of all of that, so That concludes my theme mini experience.

I hope you enjoyed this video. I hope you found it honest as well as informative. Please subscribe. I do a lot of various drone reviews on this channel. Some are sponsored, some are not. I do fpv drones as well. If you want to get into that, and, like i said, maybe we’ll revisit the theme mini in the future, i wish feeney all the best and i hope that they get the issue sorted. Competition is great for all of us, the more competitors that are out there. The better is for the consumer, so i want to see them win. I want the underdog to make it through this and hopefully hopefully they work it out that’s it guys. Let me know if you have any questions. I’D love to hear from you tell me about your phoeni mini experience. Are you seeing any of what i saw in my first batch femi? Let me know down in the comments below we can all get a discussion going and with that being said, i hope you guys have a great day i’m gon na go. Do some flying.–1jrLnc6U