You may have seen uh unboxing initial flight test if you want to check that out, go ahead and check out the link to the series which will pop up here in the pop up also have the links to the drone and all the other videos in the Series down below you can check out that im a little bit um suspicious on the range on this thing. Just because when were doing the flight test in the park over here same park – and this is the same place – i do most of my range tests. So its a good comparison here to like dji mini and other drones like that. But if you remember in the initial flight test in this park here, uh even just flying around me going a little bit up high and stuff, it was already like losing connection. I was having some disconnection issues. Some were saying its the cable. I really dont think its the cable, because, whenever im at home just updating it, it never loses that video connection so got the same, cable same setup, hopefully its going to not disconnect and just to. Let you know its a little bit more windy than usual today, just because a little earlier in the day, usually a little later thats. Why? I do my my sunset range test? It gets a little calmer but regardless id say its like between 5 and 15. You know not going to go too high, so were not were out of that high wind up there and were just going to see how far we can get with the x8 mini lets.

Put it up the air and see what we can do: Music, okay, guys. So ill have the screen being recorded for you, so you can see exactly what im seeing on the screen for this whole flight lets go ahead and plug in auto launch, and i just did an update actually today. So this is the latest update and if you look into, i dont want to spend too much time here, im just flying at the normal flight speed which it comes with, which is 17.9. If you look at the top right of the screen, so were just going to get up, there launch asap here, im trying to get maybe one more satellite locked before we launch, where its still at 100 power 8.28 volts. Now i should say that this is the lithium ion battery. Still um femi tried to send me the lithium polymer pro battery, which is supposed to be a little better, but they couldnt send it. They couldnt ship it to hawaii. So, im just doing the test with the original battery, so im not expecting greatness with this, but lets just see how it does going to record in 4k and lets launch right away. This is kind of a manual launch here, going forward asap just going up a bit and flying full stick forward. Okay, now i know the wind is going to be nailing it out there so um and yes, we are flying kind of in the sunset, so youre gon na see a little bit of interesting sun.

There lets just go over here in the field, so were not in the house just pitch the camera down a little bit there with my left roller. So you guys can kind of see through the glare there, but im just full stick forward and, as you can tell guys, im going, how fast are we going up on the top we can see? We are at uh 45 feet height from the launch point and were only going 14 miles per hour because were fighting a few mile per hour, wind right im, going to pick it up just a little higher turn to the right again just to avoid some things Here and um the wind is coming from its like front or front left, i believe so just kind of want to be careful there and, of course, we always want to be careful of what were flying over. So im going to go around these folks see go right in between here already getting a little bit of a low signal orange. I just adjusted my antennas. I pushed them forward a little bit. You want these antennas to be like perpendicular to the drone lets just turn to the left, just a little bit until we get out of this. These structures here im going to go a little bit higher. I dont want to go too high because the wind is kind of windy today, so im probably going to stay below 100 feet from my launch elevation theres a little bit of sunlight glare there in the camera and now yeah.

Once i adjusted my antennas a little bit, you can see that the video range got perfectly fine, so whats our battery 87 percent already, so that wind not the best day to do this, but just had to do it. So the wind is basically going to be influencing this test, so were home free, no houses below it lets pick that camera up were just going to kind of head like directly towards molokini there. You can see that little tiny island way the heck out there kind of hard to get it centered. This drone had a little bit of a like a lag in the when youre trying to like turn the head left and right just seemed a little bit laggy and wishy washy a little bit slow. So you know maybe an option for those of you who dont really like dji but um, definitely not as good in my testing as something like dji, if youve. If youve watched my series on this, so hopefully they fix the disconnecting problem. Im hoping because i really dont think its the cable guys, it never does it. It never disconnected on me with a video until i did that flight test and the times it disconnected when i was really pushing it and it was using a lot of voltage. So i think possibly it was just like an onboard, maybe power glitch, where it didnt have enough power to the video for a certain amount of time.

But anyway you can probably hear that wind in my mic. It is not the best day here to do this. Um lets just pitch the camera down just to see kind of what were getting right and im gon na go just a little bit higher, because there are some tree tops that i want to make sure im not going through, but i dont want to get high Up in that wind sort of like 82 feet, 83 feet and uh, while were going out here, getting a little bit of flashing on the video it starts to flash orange, and then it might come back now. It just went solid orange to like two bars im. Just standing up here – and there are some telephone lines – there are basically some telephone lines and power poles, im going through, which i always go through with my other drones. Real quick want to try to zoom in here. Nope two fingers on the screen are not zooming. In when were recording so just going straight out, well its going straight really well, and if you look at kind of the compass on the bottom left guys, you can kind of see the tilting of the drone see how its tilting to the left a little. You got like that: blue blue, green um, transparent layer in the compass there and you can kind of see how its a little bit tilting to the left and that just means theres wind, hitting it on the left.

So 71 percent – and its already surprising me, okay, so its surprising me that we got this far rotating the gimbal up and down. Remember i will have that 4k recording for you guys, so you can kind of see the quality now the fpv with this is not bad, but you can see the kind of like stretching on the bottom coming in so its just kind of like whatever the technology Technology theyre using isnt nearly as good as far as clarity as some of the other technologies, so thats pitched all the way down and did we slow down um horizontal speed, no 16. 15.. So not like the little mini remember when we pitched down it would slow way down this ones, not having that problem, so thats good, remember, the mini would slow down to like 10 miles per hour when i did a range test on that. Getting some dang wind here, theres a couple little valleys boy. This is actually doing way better than i thought it would guys the femi mini x8. Oh my gosh! This is only the third charge i think on this battery. Wind is coming up, but were still going about 15 miles per hour out. So as long as the wind is to the back of it, you know we will be coming faster coming back and not have to really worry about the battery. This one will try to return to home when the battery when it thinks the battery is too low to come back, so uh were gon na have to when we get to that point.

Pretty soon were going to have to see if we want to cancel that not sure gimbals, still working great im, still full stick forward on the right stick and only problem im. Seeing is that a little stretch in the fpv, which is kind of always there but weve, had two bars of the fp video signal for a while. The controller signal for the control frequency is full white up there on the top right guys um so were approaching. I think two miles now: almost 900. 700. No sorry, 9. 800. 850. 900 feet is like a mile and three quarters still doing great im, still able to move the gimbal no problem. Its like were gon na fly just over a very sparsely populated, little area there. If it makes it but um yeah, you can see the gimbal has been pretty solid, not really having any trouble with ive never had any trouble with this one with the gimbal being out of whack at all. I did the initial level gimbal calibration at home and and never had any trouble so so far, so good um, i got ta, say its past all my expectations already, since it was having a little bit of trouble in the uh the flight review, but that could Have just been because the antennas were pointing the wrong way when it gets over your head. You know youre not getting good signal at all if your antennas are straight up, so that could be it with this one.

Just keep your antennas super perpendicular to the drone and you may not have you know those problems low battery for rth plea fly. Please fly carefully im going to cancel it so same like dji it lets you cancel that we are at fifty percent um. I wan na at least get like, maybe two miles so two mile a mile would be five thousand two hundred eighty feet so that times two is times two is what ten thousand four five hundred and um do the math 240 feet. So, okay, thats enough! For me, were 48 power lets, go ahead and return to home, so im letting off the stick and im pressing return to home. I just need to slide it into the box, so its going to go up just a tad to get to 98 feet. I guess and then were gon na come on home, so very impressed. Look at this still able to use the gimbal aside from that little stretching in the fpv. We didnt lose signal guys in the video none of that stuff, so that was pretty darn awesome. So if you look at that compass again so that would have been about two miles, ive had that up on the screen ill. Have it up there just so, you guys know exactly the footage we went and the mileage and if you guys want the kilometers ill put that up there as well, so pushing it again as usual right 44.

We, i think we returned it like 49, but im pretty confident that it has so much wind to its back. That were going to be fine because look at the speed its coming back its coming back at like 20.. You know what i mean, so its almost like i may want to just take over and go faster, because whats happening is what it might be doing is if it starts going faster than that 18 or 17.9, it may be trying to be putting on the brakes. A little and using extra power, like you, know, pitching back a little, so it doesnt go so fast um. If we kind of get to that point where its really getting low, i might go ahead and just like switch in the sport and just book it back with the wind, but it looks like were going to be. Okay, i mean were at 40, lets, see how long it takes to get down a couple percent compared to how were going out since we got that we should have that wind to our back. Gimbal is still working fantastic and that stretching on the bottom. I dont know that could just be like an android thing. I havent used this with an apple device, yet so were at ‘, so it looks like its taking a while to come down in battery power, so i think were going to be fine 38. Should i switch into sport and just book it i dont know this is always a thing with me.

As i never know, whats going to use less or more power, but um. You would think if youve got the wind to your back and you switch into a manual faster flight where its not being its not limiting its speed with the gps, then you may actually just be able to kind of float with the wind a lot better. You know utilize that wind pushing you back, yeah gimbal is just absolutely fine. You guys be the judge of the camera. The video definitely to me its nowhere near as good as um say, like the mini 2 4k, because these guys claim its a 4k but just didnt. Look that great in the initial flight test in the park. But you know to some of you. It may look good there we go there pointing down, checking it out were still quite a ways away: almost 7 000 feet away, but were at 34 percent um lets tilt that camera all the way down. So you can kind of see how its going hey man whats up, will hey its will. Everybody remembers you in one of my parachute videos. Why do you say hi will to everybody right on? Will, thanks for stopping by man, im doing a range test right? I now only found your channel found what your channel, oh my channel, really. Did you see the what this is a youtuber? I know this is my second time meeting him really whats up man, hey hows it going yeah will was in one of my videos back there um like a few months ago, where were dropping parachutes from drones and seeing how much weight they could carry, and he Was helping me out thats cool, so guys im in kind of the middle of shooting this video? So if you could give me some a little bit of space nice to see you again, though, well all right! So here we go.

We got a 29 and it turned orange, not hearing any beeping yet lets make sure our volume is up yes, and we really just want to make sure that were not going down in vertical speed. Looks like were doing good. Actually, i think, were going to be fine. 27 percent um, maybe about half a mile away a little more than half a mile. So it does look like the the drone is kind of like strafing left to right. You see that as its coming home. For some reason, its doing that thats kind of interesting its like adjusting its gps point ive, never seen it do that before and you can see you can see how its tilting in the compass you see that its tilting left then right. It may just be hitting some wind, but man were at 25 were almost back. Thats great were still maintaining our vertical height, which is right about 900 feet, its like 98 feet, so thats the return to home altitude i have set. So we are going to be just a okay with this one so see. I didnt want to push it too hard because we were going into the wind and also um just because it was so windy today you know, but still that goes to show you how far this thing could go man, i am definitely blown away. This thing did way better than i thought it would be ill say it again, just amazing, okay, whats it doing now still coming home, but its its definitely hitting some wind there theres the park im at and you can see it just like rolling left to right.

There were going to be able to see it pretty soon. You see it yeah. It should be right. Okay, coming on back, we got so this will be pretty a pretty good range test. Man, not bad at all nice coming right overhead here, oh its kind of hard to see in the sky, because its white, if you guys, want an incognito drone landing pad, not detected. Yes, i dont have a landing pad down. Lets turn the camera down a little bench here, lets just see where it lands. Remember i launched from right here looks like hes going to try to land in the grass there maybe well try to catch it. Do a little catch landing on this one. You can see its facing towards the home, still see if we basically yeah, we can still push up. So if you dont want it to land right there, you know we can still do some stuff. Oh now, its taking off lets just try to catch it with our hand, Music right underneath here, pulling down still on the controller there we go just holding holding down until it powers off awesome, so that was basically what are we at 14 power? So what a great range test lets go ahead and sit down. Do a little pros and cons with this thing that was dang cool, so we landed at just about 14. Definitely want to turn this thing off: definitely not a zero to percent flight right.

So we didnt get it down to zero and thats. Only because um, like i was saying its just its just a little too windy today, a little too risky. If it was a super calm day, id probably push it a little more and it wouldnt have shown the low at the 40 or 50 percent battery, where it was out there if it was calmer, because what it does is it um takes the voltage draw, and So its dropping per the voltage, its showing you the percentage, and so if there wasnt that wind it was fighting that percentage would have been higher. The farther i was out if it was a calmer day and then we could have pushed it a little farther, but we did have that wind helping it on the way back. Remember it was about 14 15 miles per hour on the way out there, and then it got up to like 20 coming back, so probably could have just taken off the return to home and floored it back at a higher speed and thats kind of like up In the air, if that, if that really helps or not, especially in a variable wind area like this, because if you think about it, if youre just pushing full throttle forward and its just going and the winds just hitting it at the back, its just kind of Like floating with the wind, as long as it can kind of keep its altitude right, basically ramp the motors up to keep its altitude so thats, going to waste more power and but youre going to be going faster and with the win.

So its kind of a trade off – i guess, but i played it safe – that time down to 14. We had no video hiccups aside from that kind of smearing in the video on the bottom, when you kind of pitch the camera down and thats kind of what this does anyway, with this android phone. But i couldnt tell any problems with video signal all the way out there. It had two bars all the way till we turned around so no problem there again. This is the same spot where i do like my mavic mini tests. I got ta say this is up to par with with them, aside from the quality of the fpv video, definitely not as good fpv video, not nearly as good as dji youll see the 4k too. I like to just do the 4k, even if it uses a tiny bit more power just so you can kind of see like if, if you wanted to get distances, but you still wanted to shoot video kind of what to expect you know and with all that Going on all the power, the 4k was using the wind and this thing going out there that far it kind of blew me away. To be honest, i was not expecting that so more power to the femi x8. Even though some of the features it has didnt work as well for me like those ai features anyway guys, i hope you enjoyed that uh range test of the femi x8 dont forget this.

Guy is down there in the description down below uh and also the series will have been up there popping up. So you can see the series of the unboxing and the flight test testing out all those advanced functions and tracking and all that stuff also have the gear. I use my cameras and everything bags loving this bag here, just a fantastic camera bag. I use this for all my mini drones and all my camera gear whenever im shooting so ill have all that down in the description too down below. If you want to check that out and hope you enjoy the video, i will see you in the next one.