Welcome to my channel. This is part two of taking the femi x8 mini out for a flight. Now today is really windy, so this is going to be a good test, see how it does in the wind and it’s really cold, it’s, actually below freezing that’s. Why i have my gloves on here. I don’t know what’s going on with the weather here. It was rain rain, rain, rain, no sun first day of sun and it’s really cold but i’m out here. Flying this so let’s go all right. Have a look around there’s, my jeep there’s, the drone down there there’s a tree. This is where i’m taking off so uh let’s go in the wind and it’s coming at me. Let’S go this way. It’S really windy out here, it’s doing well, i put the takeoff pad over here, but i decided to take off over there. Take it up here. We go going up. This thing is really really fast, it’s a fast move – oh my god, i’m looking right into the sun here, let’s go into intelligent flight modes, let’s go to smart track. I’M gon na go to trace. Okay – and here we go let’s find me trace me: there we go hit, go and uh i’m gon na walk this way. It should follow me no problem. Oh, let me put the record on there. We go records on and i’m gon na run. A little bit see if it follows me going past this weird thing on the ground: it’s got me i’m going around this way.

How’S it doing still got me i’m. Behind an object still got me still got me. Ed still got me so that’s doing well now, if my phone is working here. Hopefully it is on the side of my phone on the screen. I have three little buttons so right now, i’m in trace, which means follow from behind, but i can put it on profile, so that’s, the next button down profile there we go drone should move to the side all right, so the drone’s up there it’s a side Thing it should follow me from the side, not from the back, so there it is it’s. I don’t know if you can see it through this it’s under this bar there. It is up there i’m going logs. It follows on the side that’s, the one there so that’s the profile on the side and then, if i wanted to go behind me, i just hit this one here at the top and that will switch it top there. We go it switches it to from. Behind me, so if i walk this way, it has to get to the back of me so i’m running out of space here, get to the back of me. There we go now it’s getting to the back okay, so that’s working now. So follow me from behind i’m running out of room here to walk and the last one is uh the lock. So i want to hold it in that position.

I’M gon na have it just stay where it is and i can move, but the drone won’t move and as well. I can have it rotate around me. How much room is there all right? I will give it a shot and uh there. We go i’m going to turn it off in a bit because i don’t want to hit these trees or i’ll. Take it up a bit, but it’s rotating around me nicely see what else we have in intelligent flight modes. So i did that tap to fly. I don’t know if you’ve shown this many times tap. The fly is really simple. I should get my map, so you can see on the map. Uh. The red is the drone. The blue is me i’m, just gon na zoom out there’s the highway over on the side. So all i do is i pick a spot on the map that i want the drone to fly to so i don’t know why it’s got a house down there. Weird. Oh that’s, where i took off that’s my takeoff point with the h: okay, so i’m gon na pick a spot over here and i’m, just gon na say go. The drone will fly. Yeah yeah fly at three meters, a second it’s gon na fly to that location. So that location should be over there and there she goes, and i don’t have the record on so i can’t show you what the image looks like, but there it goes and i’m going to stop it, because that could be heading into somebody’s house or a tree.

So we did smart track tap the fly orbit. I wanted to orbit me so i’m going to go. What do you want to orbit? I want it to orbit me so put it over me so i’m going to pick orbit uh! Okay, please fly to top of center. That’S me set the center okay, and how far do i want the radius to be? I want it to be about. Oh there’s, good, okay, radius is set, setting radius go and you can pick the direction, but i just said go whatever way. It is, and it should start that way. I think there we go i’ll put the record on so you can see what it looks like. The type of uh rotation for point of interest i picked is to keep the drone always pointing this way as if the point of interest is over there, so it goes around you see how it is. It keeps pointing that way as it goes around. If i wanted to, you know, basically look at me, i would have had to pick look at me, but i can spin it while it’s in the air watch there you go so i can let’s see. Where am i down here? I can keep it on me. If i want i’m doing this manually so as it rotates i’m, just keeping the camera down towards me, there we go and i’ve got it going super fast here. All right, let’s! Stop that! Okay, looking down at the flight mode, you have cinematic mode i’m, not gon.

Na do that one right now it doesn’t really do much. Tripod is usually the best. So let me do tripod tripod just makes it go. Slow, put the record on and i’ll bring the drone down. So you can see what tripod looks like. So this is tripod mode, that’s, full full blast forward. Look at it! It’S, like you could uh, you know, do whatever you want, go home and have your lunch and come back and it’s still going forward that’s as fast as she goes, and if i get in front you’ll see it should be pretty smooth here. Actually i’ll bring it. This way come on this way. There we go there, you go so i could get down here and it’s going to go right over me. There we go right over oh good. I wasn’t far off from that. Let’S just take that backwards through the posts there we go, let’s look down. We have tripod mode course lock course lock just keeps the drone going in one direction and you can move it. Fixed wing is fpv mode. You can have it flop around. Just like an fpv drone, now the tsar one’s, pretty cool, say i was a lost person. Look above my head say you flew this drone to find me. So you found me i was lost, but you want to send the rescue people so where would you send them? Well, look above my head, you can see the coordinates right there, longitude and latitude, and if i go to the map, hello and if i go to the map uh there, it is as well.

You can see it right there, the drone, longitude and latitude. My my mouth is frozen, it’s, so cold out here. All right, let’s hop out of that one. Okay, now i’m in quick shots, quick shots are a new little thing. They have soaring droney orbit spiral. This is sort of like uh, a dji drone. So what we’re going to do is we’ll try the first one which is dronies so hit drony and how what’s the distance 20 meters there we go so drag a box around me there. We are and hit the little green button on the right and it just automatically record i’m, not putting the record on and it’s going to do. Just like the dji, quick shots, they basically copied the same thing. So there we go. There is a droney and this will save it to your phone so that you can send it off by social media, and you have this short video clip of hey look i’m on vacation by some big blue thing on the ground and it’s. Coming back to me. So it’s got a return mode in it too, so it’s nice that they added the exact same things that you know like the dji mavic mini and the mini 2 has coming back to me and there it is good. So i hit the x. I want to hop out of that. Alright, so over all my settings, i have a sport mode. Let me find that where are you sport mode? I know i saw your sport mode right there, so i put it in sport mode and it’s in sport mode now.

It’S going to go like super fast, so i’m, going to take it up a little bit: okay, drones up there, sport mode! Here we go oh, that sport mode caused some little thing with the wind and everything look at the top left of my corner. Strong vibration detected please land immediately low battery. Please land asap sport mode killed my battery – oh my god, all right so uh. You know what in windy conditions and cold conditions, and i can see the red light on the back of the drone flashing so that little vibration thing that’s the same as dji has for strong winds and this one here they don’t write strong winds. They just say vibration it’s the same idea, so what i’m going to do is i’m, going to check out how good the return to home is on this thing. So here we go it’s up there, i’m going to press return to home. We go it’s going to turn now you saw where i took off. It was over by a tree. It’S got to go up, i’ve got it set to like 35, so i’ll go walk over. It was over here in the corner. I see it coming back. If she comes down here, she go don’t hit the tree. Don’T hit that tree don’t hit the tree. You know i personally took off beside the tree, because i won’t see how accurate it was, but it’s it’s, coming down it’s coming down all right, let’s see where you’re coming down.

So, where i put, this blue thing is where i took off, where it’s coming down is over there, so the precision landing isn’t, so precise, let’s get this under you. Oh, i didn’t make it in time now, i’m chopping up leaves and everything there we go. So, looking at my phone screen after that flight, let me just tell you what i see so. First off it says: can’t take off gps, it just landed so no idea what that’s all about it says. Strong vibration detected those little uh. Warnings will stay on your screen. You know you have to like move them to get them to go away. So that’s, like the wind thing that dji has you know like hey strong winds, land don’t. You know all that good stuff is the same thing. Don’T worry about that low battery. Please charge asap. So take a look at my battery over on the right hand, side. It says it is like at seven well looks like it’s a seven volts at 18, so that’s what i have left now. I have to tell you. I came out here with a fully charged battery it’s very cold and it’s. Very windy, uh and i’ve been flying around you’ve only seen part of the video here you haven’t seen the whole video because i was like playing with a lot of buttons on my screen, trying to get my screen record to work, because my iphone doesn’t always record The screen, so i had to redo stuff, so i was out flying for a longer time.

How long was i flying? I have no idea, no idea now. I might come out for another flight in the future, with the dji mini. If i have time, i just have so many products to review, but if you have questions on this drone post them below and once again, if you’d like to buy this drone, the links to where you can buy it are below so far. If you check out youtube, you can see. Most people are happy with this drone. Some people are having a few problems. Those people with android phones, but if you have an iphone, seems to work seamlessly, no problem there, all right guys catch you in the next video bye, Music.