This is a drone that i just ordered. It is a small drone, and this is the direct competition of the dji mini. So lets uh open it up: Music, Music, Music wow. So it comes with a bug i like it when it comes to the bug, put the book aside and lets see whats inside so whats inside the bag. First, this is the remote control, okay, its put downward this way. So this is the antenna. These are the the two knobs one and two, and this is where you put the cell phone wow amazing. You could use an ipad mini okay, so this is it now, and this is the op off on switch home button control video shot. Well, we will know more about some of the features of the feature in the future. Okay, so also comes with, the box is one battery. The battery is a usbc and another battery usbc, and what else comes with this one? Ah, its very lightweight without the without the battery, its very light huh. So well, you have a sensor here. This probably will be the on off button and the gimbal is protected by a plastic okay. So how do you open this? Normally you open this. Its all standard now for most some tilt this way, but this one, if you see the the hinges its built this way, so this is how you open it: okay and then Music. This is just a sticker, okay, airflow in here, and only two sensors here at the bottom on this side.

No, no other sensor and lets look at the lens. Okay, this is the lens okay, its plastic, its very light. Uh Music lets see how how how far this could go in handling strong wind. We will charge it up and uh. We will test this. How do you return this clip here and just like this? Okay, the cover is thin. Not very thick also comes with the box, are what is this uh, its a femi exit, mini disclaimer and safety operation, and this is the quick start manual which instruction said you have to read it first, okay, so lets put this aside and what else comes to The box lets see okay, so comes with the box, is a screw maybe to tighten the yeah because it comes with this pair. Okay, it comes with the one two three four and one two three four: i will not open this: okay, four blade and four screw. Okay and then there is a usb a to usb c cable. Then what else there is uh. What is this usb? Ah, so this is maybe for charging okay, this one for using usbc to usbc, to iphone okay out of focus; okay usbc to iphone then usbc to Music, to usbc to usbc and usbc to micro usb. So there are three cables for different type of cell phone that youre going to use: okay and uh. Based on this one. You charge this one here, usbc you charge it here, usbc right and then you click the phone, and maybe this is also where you connect.

This one to your phone – okay – maybe the port here theres a space here – is for the phone, so the cable can pass through there thats right, the cable will pass through here and uh. So let us try to remove the cable and lets see, so this cable should be here, okay and here. So this is how you connect it to your phone, okay and then also. I think this one is also used for charging okay. So then, okay lets do this for the battery. Ah, this one use a micro, micro, sd and theres a switcher. We really have to read the manual okay and the battery is put in this way to remove yeah. So we will be charging this and we will try to fly this, so you need a micro sd here to record the video. So this is the femi x8 mini. We will try to fly this and see what happens. Okay, thats all for now for the unboxing of the fimi x8 mini.