I just got my hands on my knees: drum bag for the fema, x8 mini it’s, made of some hot plastic, a shiny gray, or if you would like to buy it in black, you have that option. It seems quite durable and waterproof when you open it, it actually has a gorgeous interior. You have some place to put other accessories, some stuff, the battery base. You have four battery bases. I think they are also going to release a charger like the mavic mini, because there is a base for the charger. I think, but i am using this fast chargers with the fast chargers, which is the output rate, is three amps. The battery is being charged just in like eight minutes, so it’s a quite good time. I’M. Keeping my charging cable here. The remote control base and drum bass is a little bit tight and that’s good because it doesn’t even move and stay still. So if you would like to buy this gorgeous fema x8 mini bag i’m, going to put a link in the description you can check it there. So this was just short info about the back. As always.