5 inch, 1080p hd screen and running an android system in it man what a sweet combination! This thing makes, and i cant wait to test this radio and see how it performs under the sunlight. How good is the screen, the resolution, the brightness and everything and, overall, what kind of different experience you will have flying your femi xz 2022. V2, with t10 radio controller, so first off lets go to my little main cave, where i will give you a complete closer look at the t10 radio controller, talk about its features and then come back right here so that you can join the flight action and flight Testing lets take a closer look at the femi t10 radio controller. I will just turn it on and while its turning on well talk about the screen and starting with the screen, this is a 5.5 inch high brightness 1080p full hd screen, and you should be able to see the live feed from the drone on bright sunny days, Though i havent tested on bright sunny days, i tested it on a day when it was cloudy, sometimes cloudy, sometimes not, and i was able to see the live feed properly after setting the adaptive brightness so that the brightness will adjust itself now. The touch screen is really very nice and responsive. So you can see this is running an android 9 operating system in it, okay and very nice and responsive screen. You can set up all your uh settings on this and, of course, when you are going to fly, the drone youre gon na run the fema 2.

0 femi navy 2.0 app. So once again, this screen is really nice touch screen running android, 9, full hd and with adaptive brightness, even on bright sunny days, you should be able to see the live, feed very well and frame your shots properly. After that, you have on off button right here. In the middle, you have a slider for your flight modes, so you can select from cinema mode normal and sports. So if i bring the camera closer, you can see that you can choose cinema normal or sports flight modes very, very quickly, right here, theres another button. There are other buttons around the radio, i will show you and you can basically customize them in phoebe navy, 2. App after that we have two dials here: aux 1 and aux 2 and they dont have a midpoint. But you can always, you know see with this little orange marker right here. You can always determine the centers after that, at the left side we have a c1 button and c2 button again its customizable in the middle. You have gimbals and no sticks its because the sticks are at the back side, so these are removable, sticks and uh. You know you can remove them or add them very, very quickly, so that you can store and carry the radio without damaging the gimbals okay. So after holding the radio, enhanced really fits nice and all the buttons and switches are in very good reach of your fingers and thumb flying with this radio im very, very happy theres no issue at all, and it just fits in hands really nice and flying is Very comfortable flying and controlling your drone is very, very comfortable at the bottom of the radio.

You have vents and i can hear a fan, so it has a cooling as well for its electronics. Then we have this one for threaded hole so that you can mount it on a tripod or anything else that you want to mount your radio on all right at the right and left. We have nice and soft grips. Not very soft though, but still very nice grips not slippery, and it gives your and it gives you a very nice hold on the radio coming at the back side. Apart from this sticks compartments, i see something here, which probably uh is going to be a kind of extension for you to add on the back of the radio and then in here i also see some kind of connectors, which could be obviously some future updates coming Or future modules to be installed on this, then we have c6 and c5 buttons, which you will use your middle fingers and access them, because when you hold the radios, your middle fingers are very easily approaching these buttons, and these c5 and c6 buttons are also customizable. Okay and then on the top right here we have two antennas. We have a c2 3 position, switch c4 spring loaded switch and then at the right side we have a dial. You can use this dial to dial the exposure values up or down for your femi. X8, 2022 v2 drone camera okay, and then we have a video recording and still shot button picture.

Taking button and video recording button right here on the left side, then we have a dial which you can use to pitch the gimbal camera up and down. Okay and you can set the adjust, you can and you can adjust the sensitivity of this or the speed of the gimbal pitch in the navy 2.0 app. Then we have a return to home, switch and pause button. So normally, when youre returning to home, you can press pause and it will actually stop doing uh rth and similarly, if youre doing some auto um, you know flight modes. You can always pause them using this button, thats what i believe it will do, but i was i i havent tested that, but i was able to pause the return to home using this one now on top here. You also have a very important part of this radio. You have a usbc port, then you have a tf card. Slot up to 128 g tf card can be added to uh. You know extend the storage of the android system. Then we have a sim card. So you can add 4g sim card to get internet or phone connectivity and you have hdmi out and then there is a headphone jack right here. I believe the same one will be used for microphone so that you can use the megaphone module with the drone. Now everything is really nice about this radio and i really appreciate that uh. You know femi actually went ahead and brought us such a nice device right here, but i have only one issue with this radio and that is that, when youre holding the radio or youre moving around, like you know, holding the radio and just turning around often c1 C2, c5 and c6 buttons will be pressed so sometimes like when im.

Just now, when i was showing the radio and turning around, i accidentally push the c1 button and when im turning the radio around, i am holding c6 pushed. So these buttons actually get accidentally pushed, and i will suggest that when you actually go to the fema navy 2.0 app okay, you can configure these buttons in a way that you dont get bothered by something important. I mean dont put any important features on these buttons. So when you go to the app and you go to the settings, you can basically go to the radio and you can see here that you have custom button c3. I have left it undefined c4 real time speaker, so if it is not attached doesnt matter, if i press it, nothing will happen so basically, im saying that you can always redefine the assignments of these custom buttons in a way that, if you press accidentally any button, You dont get bothered by you know something important happening accidentally now having to have android theres one more good thing about this radio is that you can download and run q, ground control and mission planner apps and then use those apps to fly autonomous flight with fema X8Se 2022 v2 drone that – and that is something that will give you much more control over the drone uh flying autonomously, especially when it comes to do some mapping work uh with the drone, so q, q, ground control and mission planner are two apps that will run On this android system and you can increase the uh, you know functionality of this radio and the drone using those two apps.

Also the radio supports rtk – and that is another big point for this radio right here. So well talk about the features in details for t10 radio controller in an upcoming. A live show that i will do on my channel and you can always watch complete um. You know. Review of those features of this radio on that live show all right. Welcome. Back now, let me fire it up and enjoy flying it with t10 radio control and test the remaining features of this quadcopter and the features of the radio control. But do remember that this drone has a lot more features, so i will be testing them one by one in all the coming videos. I dont want to make one video way too long. Alright, so lets get to work all right, so t10 radio is right here. I need to get the sticks out from the back really easy to store and put the sticks. Grip is really nice, its very, very comfortable in my hands. Okay and all the dial switches are once again in a very good reach off my fingers thumbs and everything initializing. Turning on, i can see the radio, but i have a lot of reflection right there, its like a mirror im watching myself and i can easily you know, focus the gopro im gon na run the app for feed me. Feminavi 2.0 enter device. Yes, i allow you to access rc, oh its actually kind, of very, very bright, so i need to turn down the brightness uh.

If i could go to the settings, i can actually hold on display brightness level. This here adapt your brightness, okay click and turn it on good. So now we have adaptive brightness okay, go back to the femi. This will allow my ring all right now flying around with this radio control thats. The first thing need to get a little bit used to to this radio sticks. I just need to get a little bit used to this radio sticks, which, of course, you can get used to it. Pretty quick, nice, very good, very good, feel on the gimbals. As you can see, control feel is really nice on the gimbals and also the radio is pretty solid enhanced. Now, if i put it in sports mode sweet, it was very easy to switch to sports mode and you have functionality and speed of sports mode. Very nice. Switching to normal mode, all right how easy it is to access rth lets see. So, if im there, the rth button is here, something is happening, its not coming back. Maybe i have to press and hold it. Yes, you have to press and hold it, not just one click, you have to press and hold it and it comes back if i say pause and it actually stopped doing the rth very nice, very, very nice, under this sun. Still, my radio screen is pretty clear. I can actually see, for example, if i want to frame these so i start recording the video and now im moving the drone around.

I need to see if the quad will hit the left or not and then im gon na turn around and put the camera slightly down and come to myself so its pretty clear in the radio, and i can really see everything and frame my shot given that Today, sun is not that kind of full brightness, its kind of you see. The clouds are covering the sun, so im not sure how bright and how visible the screen is going to be on this radio, when there is a full brightness, i mean theres, no cloud and sun is shining really nice and bright. So now the quad is doing the point of interest and at the same time, im recording it right here. Yeah lots of reflection. You cannot see in my gopro but im able to see myself pretty clearly. Oh, my head: backside have a bald spot and im also recording, so it was very easy to set up and execute now. Speed is slightly higher, so im just gon na slow down the speed, and maybe i can bring the drone down a little bit im going to test the tracking feature. Smart track, trace, draw and rectangular and say, go and record the video, alright and now im gon na walk away and see. If drone is following me or not, so it will shoot the video. Of course, you can see through the video of shot with the drone femi x8se 2022. V2, how good it is tracking me so im just gon na turn around walk slightly faster.

I saw a golf ball there. Is it still coming im gon na run in this area, so its basically keeping up really nice with me, while im walking, but the annoying thing is it has to be this altitude, why i love dji drones that youre going to start tracking and tracing you at Any altitude and they will avoid obstacles – oh that was tracking, now lets try dronie and some other features; ah, hey. Ah, okay, so i have just finished testing a couple of features on femi x8, se, 2022 v2, using the t10 radio controller and the features that i tested were point of interest, um spiral and droney, and i also tested a little bit of flight in flight waypoint. Where you fly the drone to a certain place and record it as a waypoint then fly to another point and then record it and then record it as a waypoint and so on. And then you let it go. Re fly that route, and i flew that, and it was okay, it actually did. Okay, given that there were other options as well like you can make the drone hover for 10 seconds and do something else, but i didnt check that much so it actually did the waypoints pretty nice now. The second waypoint testing is with the map, which i will do at later time, because time is running and i still have to do more videos and inshallah well post that video.

Of course, i will also show you how to use or perform those features on premiere, said se 2022 v2 using t10 radio controller and make it as a tutorial how to perform those auto flight features with this drone, so stay tuned for that video. Until then, give this video a big like and stay subscribed to my channel hit that little bell icon and turn on all the notifications. You must be wondering: where do you order this radio? I believe the links to other t10 radios are coming very very soon and i will update them as soon as i get them on these videos and on my channel and on my social media have fun people im audi come on. You know what to do hit that like button its right there, i know you can do it. Oh, while youre at it also hit the subscribe button right there come on dont, be shy just hit it. Thank you very much for all your support towards my work.