We just wanted to show you. This is how you get into a a stingray tank and not get stabbed. Are you laughing? This is all the soil and nastiness thats coming out of the the pond that these stingrays have been getting out of these plants, which essentially has been getting sucked up into our filter and making our water dirty so were clean up time right now, youre just scraping The bottom, then yeah now were going to move these plants out of here, and our water should start cleaning up on its own. We might have to replace a few filter socks, but it comes with the territory now it just goes to show you never really know what can happen. You thought put these plants in here were a great idea. Oh, it was a great idea, theyll last all winter, and it was a domino effect and we learned from that one now, all of our tanks look like that gray and hazy. That was mostly from the leaves that hes getting sucking up now getting caught into our intake and covering it to where our 10 000 gallon per hour pump, wasnt running at all yeah. That plant looks very sick uh. What was it that the lady told you to try? They said for tropicals to cut off all the stems and branches and to leaves and all that and to put it inside a black plastic bag, keep it moist for the winter, and you can put it back outside in the summer and theyll come right back cool As long as the tuber aint bothered or dies ill grab that white net right by you, look behind you and bunch of leaves its going to happen again, i know, but just get it while you can there you go.

I put the net up. Thank you. You reaper yeah, there we go um. Would you mind getting me a bucket to dump some of this stuff in yeah all right, theres one net full and that was definitely plugging up our pumps, so basically all night long that four thousand, that one thousand gallon didnt get no fresh water to it. The majority of the time the stingrays will just run from you because theyre scared of you. They only sting when theyre threatened and quartered, and then they dont sting you they stab. You judge um. Well. I certainly appreciate you coming over and doing this for me. No problem, so basically you got to keep going over the bottom over and over and over. This is a fine mesh net, so its getting all the the sandy and smaller soils trapped in this net, well its not on the bottom of the tank. So you should come out tomorrow and the water should be not crystal clear but definitely clear, number two now another thing that was happening. This pump here stopped running because it was plugged suck it up. Is it running? Can you feel it yeah, but i still see stuff in it turn the turn the whole hose and take the cover off should put a little pre filter on that weve never needed it before, but and another thing with stingrays theyve got mouse and you know sometimes Theyll shoot you on your toes.

If you crinkle your toes, the stingrays will never get them. As you can see, theyre going in between my feet, theyre not threatened theyre, not trying to hurt you, you just cant freak them out. You cant scare them like trap them against the wall. Now, oh its been a domino effect now the whole end came off its been a big domino effect of problems from just putting them plants in here. Look how dirty that water is. I will tell you whoever donated this net recently come in handy yeah buddy. We would have had to vacuum this out drain it out and suck out all that dirt thats. How wed done it still going to be some that i cant get with these fine nuts, but the stingrays should stir that up and theyll get trapped in the filters. Obviously, but it wont clog up the filter or the intake. I mean all right. You got some over here right down there. Okay, guys, i ran out of video there. My phone died on me, so i couldnt get no more, but i have to put this together before i get to bed. So um im gon na go ahead and show you this drone footage from about three weeks ago. It was pretty awesome, drone footage. Now this is before the snow and were just going to do a like a once over of the whole house there i am standing there, yes, its warm enough to be out there and shorts and flip flops, of course, and uh.

Let me see here lets go around this side of the house over this way were gon na go left and ill. Show you the pond how about that? Okay nope wrong wrong wrong turn there we go im, just learning this thing, so bear with me a minute. Okay, here we go through the front yard. Now, look at all them plants around that pond. It made it look so nice, it was just all the lilies popping all the plants going. All the new plants that we planted were coming in good. It was really filling out by the end of summer. Look how nice that looks and all the work you know everybody was doing the volunteers and reaper of helping weed it really made it. Look nice now lets go around these trees see theres the weeds there. We didnt weed and look how much it like really grew in you, couldnt even see the mulch. Really the weeds can overtake something super fast, so yeah its its its a job but its an all summer job. Its just non. Stop lets go ahead and go around the corner here. You got ta stay away from the trees all right now. This is down the side of my house see this fence on the side here. This is our our mid house, patio. This is where we took that deck out of and uh we did, the the whole rubber roofing right there theres our brand new roof.

We just put that metal roofing on and that white roof is a spray spray, foam type roof and uh. You know we just got that all put on, so we should be good and theres no leaks or nothing anymore, but this patio – let me get back over here – let me get down inside here. There we go over the fence, see theres a door to the right. Coming out from the kitchen and uh, i want to make a little little wood deck right there, not too far Music. I want to make a little deck coming out from the kitchen about. I dont know 10 foot by the whole length, which is like 20 foot and then the rest of it. I want to put uh like a fake grass, artificial turf or something so that we can bring tracy out there in the summertime and let her sit out in the sun and that kind of stuff. This is where she used to sunbathe, because none of the neighbors could see or anything, and it was it was nice midday only though and uh all that would be covered with grass there. I thought about some uh. What do you call it uh sand, but then the sand would get tracked in the house, but that would be nice to have lawn chairs out there in the sand now see. This is all brand new roof too its the same spray foam stuff, its about two inches thick and it dont leak.

But man, this red algae, grows up there from the rain water sitting but yeah. I think that would be really neat to have the lawn chair sitting in the sand, so she can, you know, sunbathe out there and be up like on the beach, but i didnt want no sand carried into the house, so we scratched that idea. Now, theres our barn right there thats an old old barn but see i cant move that off the property line because its 18 inches from the property line. If i cut that down and build a new barn, it has to be 10 foot from the property line. So i have to add on to this barn like extend it and make it bigger and better and replace the barn as i go, so that we can keep the 18 inches off the property line. Now, look how nice this looked out here with all these plants, its so barren, now that we took them plants inside for the winter? Oh, my goodness, i didnt realize how nice this looked once. Thats all grass over there and everything grows in its gon na. Be nice Music, all the leaves are falling now. It looks totally different back there, but its nice having in the summer time all that green foliage that covers all the neighbors. Nobody can see in the backyard. I, like it its really nice and then look at the pond and the nikoi just drive out over pond there.

They are just minding their own business hanging out under the lily pads living. The life Music see that plant to the right with the purple flowers on it right. There thats the one thats in the stingray tank right now, thats the tropical they cant live outside for the winter and look at the waterfall. I miss summertime already theres snow on the ground outside right now, its horrible theres. Our steps lets see. This is all going to be gravel driveway coming around here, but lets go over and check out the other side. Heres, the creek look at how much it grew in you can barely see a creek there, Music, okay, now at the end of summer. This is when its dry. This is when this pond goes low. Look how low that is. Then we got the bridge over it. Next summer were doing a rehaul on that whole pond, because now weve got the filtration we needed for it and everything we didnt get. We didnt have enough time last summer to get it in so were going to rebuild the the waterfalls and put the filtration in lets see if we can come over this way now see all that rock right there to your left, thats all going to be the Waterfalls right there, we just stacked it up on the side of the bog filter, but uh yeah, its gon na all be turned into the rock waterfall. Now that we know what were doing a little bit, we can build it up heres, where the zip line ends at the top of this hill right under that big tree to your left is where it ends.

This is the top of my property, the very top of the hill there right there, where the top of the hill meets the neighbors grass thats the end of my property line, and you come down here and you got a path on this side of the river Or the um pond you can get through and youre back on this side, thats how i mow the lawn over there – hmm theres the bobcat, and we moved all that table and chairs up onto the patio now. So i was able to to clean all that up and cut the foliage back and now its a nice straight line. All the way down from here. This will all be gravel. Driveway come up here and youre on the side of the house by the fish room and theres my fish room door lets go up here and show you the roof on here. This is all a pond liner, edpm and weve got it glued down and then screwed down with metal metal bars all the way around. All that garbage is cleaned up and out of there now well. I hope you guys liked the little tour here. It was certainly a fill in for time and give you more video and more things to check out and uh. Oh thats, my nurses, car and uh. You know hope you liked it my red shoes, oh well, i do what i can for you guys enjoy.