The latest update to fidos futuristic, looking e bikes lets check it out. The fido x is the latest update to fydos sleek folding e bike line, the bike sports a similarly elegant magnesium frame that combines minimalist styling with an updated folding mechanism, but well get back to that in a moment. Thats, because the most innovative part of the fido x is the battery, so lets start there. The battery is actually hidden in the seat post of the bike, its locked there using a digital combination lock. So you punch in your code to unlock the clamp, then release it to remove the battery seat post its a pretty long battery, but that helps keep the bulk of it out of the sleek frame to lock the battery back in you push down the clamp which Then forces two blades into the battery rails, meaning you dont need to plug in a battery cable like other seatpost. Batteries require its an innovative design, though its fairly complex, which has me worrying about longevity issues. I give it a 10 out of 10 for creativity and thinking outside the box, though, and just look at what a cool frame that allows too now that you dont have to put the batteries somewhere in or on the frame tubes. The battery capacity is 418 watt hours, which is not huge, but also not as small as some minimalistic faulting e bikes fido claims. You can get up to 130 kilometers or 80 miles of range out of it, but thats hilariously lofty to be fair.

There are three pedal assist settings and the lowest power mode may actually eek out that much range, since it really doesnt offer much power, but the two higher power modes, where most people will spend the majority of their time and neither of those modes will get you Such extreme range, what you do get, though, is very comfortable pedal assist thanks to the inclusion of a true torque sensor. When i apply pressure to the pedals, i feel the power come online, almost instantaneously its not like the delay you get with cheaper cadence based pedal, assist its much more comfortable and intuitive after experiencing good torque sensor. Based pedal assist like this, its pretty hard to go back to old school cadence, based pedal assist and for an e bike without a throttle. Good pedal assist makes a huge difference. Id love to see them offer a throttle in the future, but until then a torque sensor system is a nice inclusion and its a quick way to get up to the bikes top speed too, which is around 20 miles an hour or 32 kilometers per hour. On the us version of the e bike, but a slower 15 miles an hour or 25 kilometers per hour on the european version of the bike, cant blame fido. For that, though, thumbs the laws, the bike includes. Other nice features like hydraulic disc brakes, integrated lighting built right into the frame and narrow, efficient cst tires that commuters should enjoy theres no suspension, and so i tried to stick to more manicured roads, but classic bike commuters are probably used to non suspension bikes.

The advantage is that you get a longer, lasting and lighter e bike which, by the way, the bike only weighs 17 kilos or 37 pounds. The disadvantage is that youll be around if you hit a poorly maintained street, so your mileage may vary there when it comes to suspension. While the suspension issue can be debated, theres no debate on having a nice faulting setup, the fido x has smooth folding handlebars and an equally smooth folding frame once folded. The whole bike can be rolled away without lifting, though its not too heavy anyways. If you have to lift it, the folded package is relatively small and it should fit in just about any car trunk and would be great for subway or train commuters. Also, the fido x is definitely a commuter spec bike. This is not a powerful or adventure ready. Ebike, the rear motor is only rated for 250 watts, continuous and so dont expect to be popping wheelies or climbing walls with a low ish gear ratio, though hills dont seem to be too much of a problem as long as you put in some good effort at A current price of fifteen hundred and ninety nine dollars the bike feels like a solid option, keep in mind that youre getting nice parts like that fancy battery hydraulic disc brakes and a sleek magnesium frame. But then again, there are plenty of faster, more powerful folding e bikes out there that cost less. In the end, it really comes down to what you need if youre a commuter, then this may be the kind of bike for you not a faster but twice as heavy folder.

Just dont expect an innovative design like this to give you the best bang for your buck, though, when it comes to performance, the fido xs performance is what id describe as fine, but where it really shines is in its design and its functionality. Thanks for watching everyone, i hope you enjoyed that review of the fido x. If you did why dont you give this video a thumbs up and dont forget to subscribe, so you wont miss any of our future electric vehicle.