The fido d3 pro and obviously even for a person that is like 188 centimeters high kind of works all right so in this video youre gon na see about my experience with it. Well, talk about the technical specs, the price and whether its a good buy or not so yeah. Its been some quite good time spent with this bike very small, yet powerful city bike, which can offer exceptional range rather smooth, riding experience and a few very interesting features. But i also managed to discover a few drawbacks. Most important as usual is to start with the price, because this is the decisive factor for many people. Very often, electric bikes can cost quite a lot of money and are out of reach for many folks, fido thats. The manufacturing company, they managed to pack everything within the price of just 599, which is pretty much the price you would pay for a mid range city. Electric scooter like scooter pro. Therefore, you can think of this bike as a great alternative to e scooters, with a huge benefit of being able to practice pedaling in case the battery gets exhausted, but thats rather unlikely, because the expected range in ideal conditions with you supporting a little bit by pedaling Is up to 80 kilometers, but well get to this point of discussing the realistic expectations as for unboxing, because i know that you, like this part a lot and me too, it arrives in a cardboard with similar size to an electric scooter.

The whole pack weighs around 20 kilos. This time i had my little helper with me so meet victor, who youre going to see quite often riding the bike and unboxing was a bit easier than usual on the top. We can see some of the accessories and the instructions, luckily theres not too much to assemble. So once you take the bike out, there are only a few preparation steps. You have to adjust the handlebar as a starter, and there are clear markings about the maximum unfolded position that you may use similar is with the saddle. Its length is remarkable and, although i was skeptical about it, seems to fit well even for a person with a height of centimeters thats, something i usually get with l or xl size frame on a regular mounting bike. Here might look a bit strange, but works fine. Most of the time and thats quite interesting other than that, the fido d3 pro looks more like a mini bike, or if we put the saddle down or like a kids, bicycle simple good, looking compact as it turns out with rather decent performance, while theres a wide Version, i definitely would go for the black edition because it better masks the cables. As you can see. There are quite many. There are three extra tasks that you better do before the first riding. First of all, mount the pedals make sure that they are well tightened. Also good idea to charge the battery to full and thirdly, you might check the tire pressure, as weve mentioned.

At the start, the quickest ways to rely on the seat pump, thats a super cool idea and a very compact way to have the pump with you all. The time id like to introduce you now to the most important specifications, they usually are a good way to set the right expectations and then were going to cover the realistic performance of most of them, starting with the motor 250 watts in the rear wheel. Maximum speed is 25 kilometers per hour. Unlockable three speed gears 7.5 amp hour battery, which can help you to ride for up to 80 kilometers weight of the bike is 17.5 kilos suitable for riders from 135 centimeters, maybe up to 190s tire size is 14 inches. This braking system for both the front and the rear, a 52 tooth chain, disc, ip54, waterproof rating, and that sums up most of them now, based on the specs, its a really capable bike for the price asked and given this fact, we shouldnt expect too much out Of the equipment, because this certainly aint the top of the line parts, the situation with bikes these days is even more challenging due to the price spikes that weve seen coming with the pandemic situation. So now time for some feedback and im going to start with what i consider to be the greatest advantage of the bike, its the motor performance, 250, watts and theyre a small quantity of power. Thats pretty clear. But as it turns out its just about right.

For the fido d3, pro acceleration is decent and uphills. It is as capable as the 9 bot max with 350 watt motor, mostly because of the distribution of the weight and the larger wheel size. And, of course, you can always support this procedure by pedaling. Now the most sensitive part is the lever which lets you manually, accelerate no better than mode. It might be. The part which violates certain regulations in the eu so make sure to check with your local authorities about compliance. Probably the easiest way to make it compliant is to just cut this wire, but besides voiding, your warranty im not really sure if thats going to work really well anyhow, the range that i got with the bike is rather superb. Besides manual acceleration, the bike also engages the motor when you start pedaling, exactly as it is required by authorities in most countries. First gear supports up to 10 kilometers per hour, the second up to 14, the third up to 20.. Also, i was able to unlock the speed limit with the combination that works on most feeder bikes, pushing both brakes, engaging the acceleration lever and powering on until you see error 3. maximum achieved speed with this trick and an 85 kilo rider is around 32 kilometers per Hour, i havent tried pushing the battery endurance to the maximum, though, but it looks like it drops one bar every approximately 10 kilometers, so thats really good, and since i have it charged only twice and crossed the city a few times, i think its rather okay.

Speaking of which comfort is at a good level, im totally not saying that its very smooth riding, because there is absolutely no suspension and the tires are nowhere near thick. But the saddle is super soft and with a very thick layer of foam which absorbs the majority of the rod pods, also due to the lack of gears and the folding pedals. If the motor is not involved, the riding experience is not at all fascinating but thats. Something we can easily forgive given the excellent battery endurance. The rest of the components are also interesting, very nice mechanism for the handlebar, it basically folds into two pieces and super easy to remove the stem, since this kind of construction is designed to be lightweight and practical, make sure to not stress it too much. Of course, riders weight of up to 120 kilos is okay, but off road downhill adventures might be a bit dangerous im, also not quite inspired by the brakes. The good fact that theyre, both disc brakes and easily upgradable, the bad news is that the pads inside are likely metal pads. Both mechanisms are scooter grade, so its not offering the best kind of braking experience in the world. But again the bike costs only 600 bucks and quality breaks, maybe up to one third of that price id say a rather good trade off. Given the fact braking was always consistent and you have the ability to fine tune in case needed.

The rest of the components are: okay, with minor exceptions, a really nice frame comfortable for both. Ladies and gents awesome idea about the pump inside the seat, tube mudguards also available good grade of tires. The rims also seem to be quite durable. The only component which failed me so far is the left pedal. I suspect it was defect from the start and fell apart at some point easily replaced with pretty much the same one that i bought from decade, long for around 15 bucks. So my overall impressions after the first two weeks of intensive riding are very positive, but i also found a few drawbacks. The pedal issue we just mentioned the length is also a bit greater than expected and also the front crank set, which is, in my opinion, too. Big, but maybe that could be explained with the fact, its just a single speed bike and if its smaller, it would be much tougher to start pedaling and to go up hills without motor support. There is no odometer, no smartphone app and that sums up the imperfections which, in my opinion, are quite acceptable. Given the price of the bike, as it turns out, speedo d3 pro can easily be serviced, uses, standard components, theres a lot of room for upgrades. If youre passionate about this, so definitely a great idea and alternative to most electric scooters, most importantly with much greater range id very much recommend it if the rider is somewhere between 150 and 170 centimeters and if youre taller better try it out.

First, before making the final decision, so what do you guys and girls think of it? Is it cool? Is it interesting or too strange or too small or too big? Let me know what you think of it in the comment section below the video and, of course, if you have any, follow up, questions ill be glad to respond to them as soon as they can, and if this video has somehow helped you to decide whether you, Like the fido d3 pro and you want to buy it or you want to switch for electric score or some other kind of transportation and probably mission accomplished, and if you like this kind of tech inspections subscribe to the channel.