Today we have the fidget spinner roll. You spin, your fidget to get random buffs yeah, throw your fidget spinner at people guys stick around for my turn to be the imposter. We hit him with another combo and, if youve ever played with a fidget spinner hit that, like button down below the video, if youre not lying, the like button will turn blue. What hit the subscribe button. Hope you enjoy all right boys, you read, there is a fidget killer. Among look at this look at this mom. Look at this one dude. We got a fidget spinner. This is so ridiculous boys. We got oh yeah. Okay, we got ta, do it we got ta. Do it so we got ta spin, our fidget spinner, and get a good mobility. I got pick up if we do the mini game. Im gon na use, im gon na. Do the pickup game dudes welcome back to a manga hi guys! Look at me dude! I got a suss hat on. Look at all this art theres, a dumpster look im in a dumpster. Welcome back to among us, listen for your new guys to among us im a crew member. I have all these tasks right in the top left. I finish all my tests, all the other crewmen finish off their tests. We win the game. I also have an rpm a meter if the rpms the rotates per minute on my little fidget spinner get down to zero, i keel over and die.

Hey hey help me. I got ta spin. This thing look im spam clicking this over dude theyre, all theyre videoing me dude, were gon na were gon na, be famous look. How famous were gon na be were gon na be famous in? Oh did you just trip me zod? No, it wasnt me it wasnt me. I promise son im stunned, you just tripped me son. Was it me turd, i think? No, no, oh! No! I got ta go. I got ta go. I got ta go okay, so check this out. I have a cheat. You guys remember this: i have an auto clicker right, so whenever you click the spin button watch the rpms in the top left. It goes up right whenever i click my auto clicker. Okay, let me use more of my lucky blocks. Ill use some more of my lucky block. Okay, lets go this way. I got ta, get all my tasks on, so how? What is this summon? Yes, i have summoned now. That is also going to be really good in the mini game. Oh that is so good. Oh, no, no! No! No! No! No wheres! The dumpster wheres, the dumpster wheres, the dumpster dumpster wheres, the no get out of this. Oh look at my rpm. I lost half of my rotates per minute by those flying rpms all right, auto click of the spin. This is cheating im over here, just cheating, guys, listen if youve ever had a fidget, spinner or know what a fidget spinner is hit.

The like button down below the video guys look at my rpms um. My fingers are greasy right. Now, wait whats happening. Are you good? Oh no, oh no, my rpms are going down so fast because i have the greasy fingers. I got ta use my auto clicker wait. Does that say nothing im, not auto clicking. You thought im, not all good clicking. Dont worry about it, auto clicking everything im, not thats, not me! Oh! No! Oh! No, its the mini game time guys we got ta die. Okay, so dodge the spinners dodge the spinners. We can do it. We can do it. Okay, we have to dodge the spinners. The last man standing gets to choose somebody to die so im back here in the back left check this out im going to summon somebody and kill im going to summon pet pee right there who killed me. Somebody teleported me: hey! You just got raped! Oh all right, so my rpm is good. Let me get my task done, dude that one that mini game is awesome. Also dude stick around for my turn. To be the imposter act. I got some combos. I want to hit all right lets: go dude, okay, how many tests i have left one over there, one down there one up here. Okay, lets go! Do these and go to specimen, then im out lets see if i can get teleport too come on. Give me teleport give me teleport lucky block, summon, yes, okay, okay, i got something thats good, thats, good.

Last task right here, one two, three, four: five: six, seven, eight nine ten uh give me a lucky block. Give me teleport! Oh no bonus rpm yeah the bonus to boosted rpm check this out. You guys saw how fast my fidget spinner goes up right whenever im normally clicking with my auto clicker watch. This see it go down now, watch with boosted, rpms, okay, give it another one give it another. One give me another boost. Come on. Oh i just got. Oh, i got disguise. Oh, i can disguise myself hold on im stunned. I just got hit with something. Okay. I got ta spin, i got ta spin get my spin up. If i spin. Okay, all my tests are done. Okay, im gon na disguise as flicko its just me flick out. Dont worry about me just go ahead and go up here and exit and now im flico boys, one crew member has escaped for this impostors round now. Lets wait for my turn to be the imposter guys. We havent said this in a while everybody be quiet. No, you be what guys look. I have a fidget spinner im out so boys, i am the imposter so hold on, make sure hes coming okay nobodys coming this way. Okay, lets check this out as the. If look at me dude, i look so sick right. I have all these abilities, which im going to do some wombo combos uppercustomy check this out as the normal imposter right i can choose, which ability i get and also check this out, like the summon this summon ability can be used in the mini game.

Its hilarious im going to try that in a minute, but you can also stack abilities like a teleport. Let me grab a speed buff. Let me grab a disguise there. We go okay, okay, so what i wan na do im gon na wait for somebody to. Oh, i could summon somebody lets pick gary im gon na suss out gary this game right, im gon na suss up at it – and here comes the death, oh im, about to die. Look. I dont want to die like this. Please im too tall and handsome im. Not dead gary okay, i am gon na suss gary this entire time. I have an idea: lets, grab the pickup ability and then summon sigils, summon sigils. Here we go get gary here. You just kill biffle gary gary. No here put me down gary. No one was my best friend, and you took him from me so now that im carrying him he cant get out and check this out check this out again. Oh, i got ta make sure i dont cross paths with gary, though hi gary hi sundial hi whats up dude im going down to specimen. Oh hi, gary ian, its gary edith, terry its there. What do you mean its gary? I just came in with gary in here right: okay, i watched biffled before he was standing on his body. Then gary turned to the imposter picked me up and held me in the little spinner game.

Gary whats, your defense. It wasnt me because i was doing basketball. Okay, listen, listen, listen! Gary! I am suss you because sigils is always wrong. Wait! No! That doesnt make sense because schedules has weak. Oh, oh, oh! No! Oh no! Im! Im confused! Are you confused? Of course? Oh no. He i want to hit somebody with a wombo combo lets grab a few more summons for the mini game. Well, do the mini game in a second. Let me hit somebody with a woman combo anytime. I do abilities its going to be when im gary right, so lets turn off. Lets turn off. Comms turn off cops because everybodys right there im going to hit him with the wombo combo. Here we go, i hit so many people with that wombo combo. I also have gassy uh greasy fingers gary barry. I know its you gary gary, listen, listen, listen, linda, listen! Yeah! Gary! You know. Okay, lets untransform lets. Undisguise lets do the mini game here in a second. I also have some other combos and im trying to read which combos i want to do next. I wrote them all down because theyre really op im kind of a sweat huh, hello corey. Can you hear me, have you seen anything important? No, not really. I mean welcomes. I saw looking down there, hes pretty important, oh no. What did he do? Did he do anything important, be looking thats about it? Oh no! Oh, no mini game time any game time! Oh no lets do it lets do it lets do it.

How could you do that to him cause youre worry dude. That animation is sick man, okay, so heres. What im gon na do im gon na wait till my rpm goes down, and then i can use an ability called swap rpm or i take somebody elses rpm, and if i have zero theyre gon na die. Okay, okay lets become gary. What the heck gary! No gary there! No! What are you waiting? This is so toxic. I barely have any rpms left as im walking around okay, damn its lowering his arms. Gary just leave me a little platform. I can get my health back gary, no dont. Let make me crunch no, where are you okay, where at least like find me like a good spot? You know this is your good spot. Are you kidding me gary? He was a little bitty nico. Oh look hims! I can kill look hims hold on. If i do this combo throw that did that kill him nope! No, that didnt kill him dang that okay, okay hes starting to do it lets get a few more summons. So i can do another minigame. If i need to im also trying to get my rpms down once my rpm gets low im gon na pick up sigils. Oh, let me get the pick up. Let me get the pick up. This is gon na be toxic thats gon na be so good lets. Grab teleport im gon na meet him down here.

Right, wait! No! He stayed here, hi gary! Oh no! Oh! No! He just said hi gary okay lets go about the specimen, go down the specimen and then lets disguise into gary again, because i think that might break it disguise into gary im going to is henry coming down here. Henrys coming down here. This is perfect. Okay, im going to summon sigils hi ive literally been saying, scary, the whole time, but you know what you know what its fine. You know what youre gon na have to put me down eventually, oh no, that probably cant be good for me. So did you see that i swapped rpms with henry and he instantly died because i was at zero hi gary? No gary was just up here. No, no, no dude! He teleported me down yeah. He came out this way. Oh gary was the lit gary yeah garys yeah garys right here. I just saw him very dude. Look. I got summoned to uh decontamination right, okay, okay, okay, okay, barrys! There gary kills henry. He turns into guys right in front of me. He picks me up and he runs off with me and then theres people on all sides. Doug comes down from the top since thats, clear and then and then teleports away gary whats, your alibi i saw i was with henry in the water bottom left. Oh no! Oh, no, oh! No! Oh! No, its mini game time! Sizzles! I can trust you right.

I can trust you right, sizzles! No guys you literally trusted him yeah. I did you know. Sometimes hes got ta. Let him know you just got. Ta. Show me what leading im telling you. I think this is the imposter. I think i dont know dude hes been sus you this whole yeah just took him out there yeah well im, trusting him now! Well, yeah! Well, im sassy! Oh, look! You got yourself killed thats. What you get ian thats, what you get hey! Oh gary, gary now, listen scary! You need to retract your sauce, or else i know its. You gary look ill rub with you. I wont, kill you! Oh you see. How does that prove anything? How sure are we that its gary twice ive seen him twice turn into the guy and kill somebody in front of me all right, ive heard enough im tired of it im sick of it im sick of it all those dead people gary and look at them All killed was the person i just cleared. Remember. I said i still dont in him. At the same time, that was a thousand i q play from him. Oh come on, you guys lost gg. What is gary doing. Oh is gary dead. Oh no! No! No! No! What are you doing to me? Put me down, you better, not know bad. I really, i really cant. How are you im dead? I take one more step: im dead, im dead.

Why? Oh poor, gary guys, if you have enjoyed hit the like button down below hit the subscribe button, if youre new around here click this next video to watch the next video, as always, keep giving us more ideas down in the comments. Well, keep making them and uh.