Feilun FX133 Nano Drone Review & Test Flight

Assessment of the Feilun FX133 Nano/Micro Drone. That is good little drone with a wonderful full-sized controller. ($16.25 plus transport at Hobbyinrc) Affiliate …

  1. Cool nano, and yes for me too, it's the first I've seen with a full size controller. Loved your comment "peanut size controllers!" lmao!!! Great review, like #10… I see you're a cat lover also!!! -djsoulforce!!!

  2. Great review , well done !!!!!!!!!

  3. Very nice indeed   and great review

  4. Nice little micro Ryan!! The controller was surprising!! Good review!

  5. Cool I get to be 1st😎 your right that is a nano drone. Still watching brother, great job so far.

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