Quadcopter stay tuned Music, taking a look at the packaging here you see we get a nice soft case, zipper case here, open it up. We got the quadcopter controller and we have this nice bag of accessories, which includes extra props, some prop guards the charging cables and two batteries as well. The instruction manual theres two usb ports to plug into charge. Looking at the controller, the bottom pulls out to hold your smartphone. Your device actually holds very large devices. Samsung galaxy s20 plus fits perfectly over the back. You get three double a battery slots. Joysticks feel pretty good, not bad. For toy quadcopter controller see we have our landing takeoff button. We have our trim buttons here. We have trim to the right, we have our return to home and we have camera video button. Okay, take a look at the quadcopter youll see we have a foldable design legs fold out, they lock in pretty securely. We have a nice silver metallic, look to it as well as the camera here that is adjustable manually adjustable to tilt down. This is a dual camera design, theres also a camera on the bottom. Here you can see this one looks straight down and we have the control and you can see here. We have the battery bay in the back with some ventilation here for cooling and power button on the top go ahead and slide in your battery locks into place. Im gon na go ahead and push and hold on the power button to turn on the quadcopter youll see the leds come on and start flashing, nice leds on it.

So we have leds on the front, as well as all the motor arms push and hold the power button to turn off heres the instruction manual here. It comes with activate warranty, very good english instructions here, with nice pictures laid out very nice instructions that come with this quadcopter. This is everything you get in the packaging lets go ahead and take this quadcopter out for a test flight. Well, show you the features and functionality all right lets go ahead and do a flight test. First thing: youre going to want to do put the drone on a nice flat surface push and hold the power button. Youll get the leds that will come on the back in the front. Itll start flashing now youre going to take your controller and turn it on now. We need to go ahead and link the controller to the quadcopter in order to do that. Take the left, joystick up down lights will go solid on the aircraft, meaning youre bound to the drone. Okay, in order to calibrate the accelerometer, take the two joysticks hold them down inside youll, get a beep lights, will flash and youre calibrated you want to be in this orientation directly behind the quadcopter on a nice smooth flat surface. In order to take off, we can push the take off button here or we can simply take the joysticks move them out and down that will arm the quadcopter and you can use the left joystick to increase altitude to disarm same thing to disarm, move the joysticks To the inside now notice that after we didnt take off, the propeller is automatically disarmed.

Its a good safety feature go ahead and arm were going to see and wait and see if it cuts off and as you can see it cut off, because we did not give any input thats a nice little safety feature. So, if youre not ready to launch itll, go ahead and shut down all right, so we can also do the one button take off push that automatically takes off now were gon na look at the drift of it were outside here, not much wind at all and Its actually holding altitude pretty well, does have altitude hold and its not really drifting too bad, so left joystick to move up and down and the right joystick to move forward backward and sideways. Okay, we have different speeds, we can do go ahead and push the speed button. Theres two beeps indicating were in speed level two, so a little bit faster there. You can see Music, okay, that was speed level. Two now we got three beeps pushing the speed button were on speed level. Three, and you see we got a lot more attitude now, a lot faster. Okay, now its going to do a yaw spin, not bad at all. Okay, now whats fun about this quadcopter. Is it does do the flips if we push the right button and move the joystick in the direction you want to flip quadcopter? Does a cool little flip there so once again, right button click and do a front flip pull that off really well.

Let me bring it back here, a little bit closer and to the right very fun, so it does it flips really well um, if youre, if youre doing the flips inside, just make sure that you have plenty of uh space above where youre doing the flip. Okay. So back and we did a backflip very cool now, if you need to trim it if the quadcopter is starting to drift theres, these trim buttons right here. So if its drifting forward, you push the backward button and that will actually bring it to be more centered. It was drifting to the left. You would push to. The right looks like we have a little bit of drift to the right, so lets push the left and that should get that right, stable, but holding his altitude really well. New york spin pretty quiet little guy too um. This is speed level. Three lets look at speed level, one so im gon na put the speed button now were in speed level. One you see its a lot slower now very slow, yall rotation is slow as well. So this is something you want to do if youre a beginner, maybe starting speed level, one or if youre indoors. If you have a uh, you know a child using this now speed level, two look at the yaw rotation rate and lets go to speed level. Three theres yall rotation right on speed level: three, not bad at all, so you definitely want to fly this with not a lot of wind, which we dont have very much wind right now, but, as you can see, im not even holding the joysticks in it.

Look how its holding its position really well for this price of quadcopter, i will say, has a really good hold on it. Definitely cant complain about that for the price point. Okay, so if we want to land, we can do that a couple different ways. So if we want to uh hand, hand hand catch or push this button here, thats going to make the drone land so and, as you can see, it landed in my hand, disarmed we can also uh hand launch so have the uh do it safely? Have the drone in one hand and youre gon na push the lift off button and its gon na just take right off of my hand, you ready look at that. Easy easy, easy, easy hand launch not hard at all, really cool thats, a nice little feature to be able to hand catch and hand launch this little guy go ahead and show you the return to home. So it has a one button return you push and hold this button. The drone will come back to the uh direction it took off so push and hold is coming back. This way, like its supposed to you, see that so, if you, if you get away from yourself and you want to bring the drone back, you can just push and hold that uh. One key return right here and, as you can see, its coming right back, cancel that just push any button on the any joystick move any make any move on the joystick well cancel that okay, we also have a headless mode push this button one time now, no Matter what what way were facing back is back and forward is forward.

You can see its working great here, doesnt matter, which way im facing back is always going to be back and forward will always be forward. So, if were facing this way, it doesnt matter back is back forward, is forward, see that will land by holding the left joystick down ill. Show you how we do that here in the sidewalk, so were gon na go ahead and hold down on the left, joystick and, as you can see, it hit the ground and then you just continue to hold down and the drone will disarm landing on the surface. We also have a photo video button which were going to show you in the app were going to connect the app and show you how all that functionality works. We just wanted to show you a quick line of sight, some of the features and how to fly this quadcopter some of the little functions it has. I really do like the flips. I, like the one button um take off so with a lot of these toy quadcopters. Usually you have to arm the quadcopter and then hit the take off button, but not with this one. You push that take off button boom and it automatically just takes off. So i really do like that about this low price point on this quadcopter foldable design. It definitely kind of looks like your mavic style drone with the way it looks, but yeah not really bad at all.

Um. I, like the leds. You can see the leds there. We have blue on the back and like an orangish on the front, i can actually see them in the date in the daytime, which is good, so lets go ahead and connect this to the uh to the app and well check out the uh. The cameras and the video and the photos and some of the gesture control functions, and we can actually even fly this with our phone. Just the phone itself go ahead and pull up the hf ufo app all right now that were connected to the app. If you push the top right bars here, youll see itll open up a whole list of different kinds of functions that we can do were going to take a photo were going to push the camera button once and it says, photo success. This is going to save it directly to your device. There is no micro sd card on this. One lets go ahead and try the video okay so were recording video. Now, im gon na go ahead and move the quadcopter. This is indoors, so you can kind of see the uh the lag go ahead and do this go ahead and stop the recording. If you want to switch to the other camera, it will stop the recording. So if i hit this little camera switching button, it will switch to the bottom facing camera and rather quickly, but the recording will stop so youll.

Just make sure you push this the start record when you switch cameras, kind of show you this here. That is the bottom camera here. You can see the quality of it, its not as good as the front facing camera, but good enough to see. Okay, im gon na go ahead and stop switch back to the front facing camera. Okay lets go ahead and try some of the gestures. So if we click on the little peace sign here, um, if we hold up a peace sign, it should take a photo and it is countdown and photo success. Now, if we hold up a palm, it should start recording video, so lets go ahead and try that and it is recording video. So the gestures is working. Nice little feature you can use, go ahead and hold up your palm again to make it stop and recording stopped so all thats. Working correctly now we can actually fly the quadcopter um with our device in order to do that. All were going to do is push on the on button here at the bottom, youll see two joysticks pop up. Now we can go ahead and hit the calibrate button. Here the lights will flash giving you a good calibration. We can either arm with the joysticks and in order arm youre going to push that take off button Music and as im moving around you can see the inputs on the quadcopter here and its actually not not really that bad to control.

I actually thought it was going to be worse, but you can use just your device and your phone if you want to so not bad, were gon na go ahead and take uh go ahead and land and the quadcopter went ahead and disarmed. We can also do uh control it with the gyro. So if we push this button here now we actually use the phone and we tilt the phone if we tilt the phone down the quad Applause Music. Okay, so i am using the phone to control it. Im tilting my phone to control the quadcopter, and then you want to land just hold down that left and just hold that down until the quadcopter disarms. We can also uh do if you want to wear goggles. You can actually use this virtual mode here and that will give you two screens for your goggles and go ahead and get rid of those joysticks just hit the off button and they will go away. You also land with the land button. Just push the lan button. Once Music, so Music, Music, all right lets go ahead and go over the things i like about this quadcopter one is the price. Definitely is a low price point im really happy with the fact that it has the dual camera camera on the front, as well as a camera on the bottom. It does hold its altitude really well, it does seem to be a pretty durable design for the price point.

I have crashed it multiple times inside and outside without any kind of damage the arms do fold and they do lock in pretty decent actually better than i thought it would and even being outside around the wi fi didnt seem to affect the controlling of the quadcopter, But i would suggest, if youre going to connect your smartphone definitely go somewhere, where you dont have a lot of wi, fi interference or maybe in the house, maybe turn off your wi fi to get better performance. But all in all, i think for the price point. This is a really good toy quadcopter for beginners. That kind of get you in the hobby get you to do a little bit of amateur photo and video recording kind of gets you familiar with how the quadcopter maneuvers and how it moves around. I do like the controller it feels pretty substantial in the hand responds very well to all my inputs, and i like that the buttons are clearly labeled. Another thing i really like about this quadcopter is these little um little propeller guards on the top of the propellers theyre like little plastic cones, and i really like this, because when the quadcopter like lands upside down, it actually lands on top of these little cones and Prevent your props from getting tore up quite as bad as they could without them. So i really do like that. They made this into a pretty rugged design, that, for your beginners, that crashes around the house or even crashes outside, i think its going to be able to take a fair amount of abuse before you actually see anything that gets actually damaged from it.

I do like the flight time decent flight time on this guy youre, looking at about 10 to 15 minutes depending on the wind, which is really not bad at all charge. Time is quick on the batteries youre looking at about maybe 30 to 40 minute per charge per battery, and i love that they give you two batteries now lets go over to some of the things that i dont like um. Some of the things that i dont like is the fact that the top buttons are not actually labeled. They dont have little pictures on them, which i feel that they should have little uh pictures on the buttons um that part i didnt like about it. Another thing i didnt really like about this quadcopter is the antenna set up underneath you can see its kind of kind of just hanging out there, so i feel like thats gon na pop off kind of easily and crashes which it didnt pop off for me, but Uh i just dont really like that design. I wish they would have put it a little bit more secure, but for this price point, cant really complain too much. I really do think its a good value for the money it performed really well actually better than i thought it would uh so ill put a link down in the video description for this quadcopter.