Um i’m, just in the car just thought i’d. Just do a quick one and try and get this one out: um yeah, so dji fpv drone there’s, a new fcc hack, which you know technically not supposed to do in the uk um, and it enables you to increase the power output of the of the drone And the goggles and everything else the controlling fpv pilots kind of do this because it kind of increases the range like on the goggles and the um. You know if you’re flying regular, fpv and you’re using the dji goggles um, you know most most fpv. Pilots will kind of try and increase the power output of the goggles and the control link to try and you know not lose connection with their drone right, because you’re feeling behind obstacles and all this sort of stuff so yeah, it would make sense that people would Want to do it to the fpv drone as well like that’s, dji’s, fpv, drone um, and what i want to just kind of talk about is something um that i think people need to be aware of when they do this um. Firstly, obviously you’re not supposed to do it because you’re in a region where there’s power limits, so that aside you’re not supposed to do it. The other thing is is that there is a lot of stuff going on at the moment in terms of drone tracking and drone awareness and kind of drone detection systems.

So in theory, if you increase the power output of your drone um, particularly a dji one, it means you’ve, basically got more chance of being noticed if you’re doing something you shouldn’t be um, so yeah places you shouldn’t be flying. Obviously, i’ve had all of this issue. Lately, where i got my drones confiscated, because my house was quite near to the airport and i was flying in my back garden – you know stupid stuff on my part, but i’ve learned my lesson and yeah. I won’t be doing that again, plus the fact i’m, not in that location anymore anyway, so that that helps a lot um. But it’s made me super aware of like where you shouldn’t be flying um, and how serious to take this. Because you know it is now becoming something pretty uh pretty important, whereas you know back 20 years ago i used to fly radio controlled model aircraft, just flying where you want no problem and it kind of just went under the radar, i suppose like or maybe it’s Mainly because there wasn’t as much of that going on so it probably didn’t, become an issue. You couldn’t just go down to august and buy a drone and just you know, start flying it or you know that sort of stuff. So what i’m trying to get out here guys is, if you increase the power output of your drone, it means that, obviously, the signal is going to travel further you’re going to get more range, you’re going to penetrate objects better with your radio control signal and your Video link great, if you’re doing kind of underground car parks and warehouses and all this sort of stuff, but be aware that that signal is actually going to be traveling further there’s things like the dji aeroscope system, which can pick up drones in a hundred kilometer range.

So what you’ve got to remember is a drone is basically just like a flying transmitter, so the higher it goes. The further the signal is going to travel. Just think what you can see up. You know 100 foot in this in the air. You know you can see a hell of a lot everything that you can see. That signal is going to be penetrating, so the signal is going to travel a long long way, even on low power levels, and if you can stick a power mod on it. It’S going to go even further, still so you’re, probably talking 100 kilometers is probably easily achievable, with a drone that’s sitting up, you know 100 100 feet or whatever, whatever it is, and because of the popularity of dji drones and how easy they are to actually get And quiet as i say, you can go to argos, go and pick one up. This is where a lot of these drone detection systems are focusing their energy. I think and i’m pretty sure, but i want to do a little bit more research about this, but i think the dji aeroscope system can actually pull serial numbers from the drone itself. So basically, a drone is flying around in the air it’s, transmitting its control link and everything else and i’m pretty sure it actually transmits out its serial number, obviously in some kind of encrypted format or whatever, but yeah major privacy around that whole thing – and i want To find more out about this um, particularly you know this dji aeroscope system and yeah, some of the other, some of the other things you know, this is a great thing in some ways.

Don’T get me wrong, it’s, a great system um, you know it kind of. Is going to act like a great big radar that picks up um, the dji stuff and maybe other stuff, probably freeze? You know it’s, probably other protocols it can pick up free sky and whatever else there are in those two and five gigahertz bands. So yeah, just a bit of information for you. Um it’s been kind of running through my head. Quite a lot lately as i’ve been getting back into fpv um i’m actually doing my a2c a2fc, where it’s called certification. So it allows me to fly more more places. Um legit so yeah, i don’t, know i’ll, let you know how that goes. Um i’m sure a lot of people are going to be fighting the town in with this sort of fpv and drone hobby. You know going forward because obviously regulations on this, i think i can’t be bothered with that um. I was flying fire for 20 years and all this sort of thing – and that was a little bit of that mindset but um you know things change. I think with manufacturers, the manufacturers are starting to sort of kind of focus more on this sort of 250 gram class and we’re, seeing like you know, like the new tiny uh baby, hawk emacs baby hawk um hd2, which i’m going to be doing a review on Um coming soon yeah that sort of class, which is smaller, lighter, does more it’s false in you know, it’s forcing development at a rapid rate.

So it’s going to be really interesting to see. You know some of these really small drones that fly like big drones, who said this the other day, one of the fpv channels said what we want is extreme toys we don’t want, like you, know, serious aircraft. We want extreme toys, that’s kind of really kind of what i do on my channel that’s. We, you know what we do me steve and neil it’s, basically just like extreme toys anyway guys. I hope this has been useful.