What if youre Music Music is Music for me, Music for me, Music, um, Music for Music for me, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, welcome everybody to the fpv news with me: jb and you its its blunty. There we go almost like. We rehearsed it hows it going blunty how you doing tonight, uh good how about you joshua, im, good im, good uh im doing better than you. I heard you had to take a scooter ride in 30 degree weather again last night. It wasnt it wasnt for nothing, but yes, i did. Did you come back with all your toes? I did and my fingers were numb for a little while, but yeah yeah, okay, good part of the game. Yeah yeah, you live in case people. Dont know you live in uh denver, its quite cold there right now, yeah though we have not had snow here this year, still wow yeah, we havent either, but i live in knoxville, so its not. That unusual were very glad that youre here with us as well, whether its cold, where you are or not, uh because theres a lot of news in the world of fpv and our goal is to distill it all down and bring it to you. One hour at a time – and that is what we plan to do this week and unfortunately blunty i cannot. I cannot read my show notes because my right side screen is destroyed from our simulator stream on friday, where i smashed it accidentally.

Yeah thats uh its no good, its, not good for you, no not what, if its no good for me, but i got ta thatll. Hopefully be fixed tomorrow, uh mouse fpv says blunty ive done worse for a booty call, if only it was a booty call. When you said its not for nothing, i think it was a. It was a business. I mean im trying to share your business yeah, but uh yeah, nothing wrong. If you had gone for a late night, 30 degree booty, call that i just i wouldnt have spilled those beans on the stream quite so readily. I would have respected your privacy. Well, uh uh, some of the items we have on the news that were excited to talk about uh. The one that im most excited to talk about is the new drl racing drone bed that you can buy for 25 000 and we are going to be saving that one for last, because it has no substance but yeah. What are you looking forward to tonight? Um? Well, uh radio masters finally released an internal express, lrs, radio or at least has announced it and put up orders and stuff so thats pretty exciting yeah. It is exciting because weve listed that as the first express lrs radio and, of course my first thought was what about the jumper t pro and thatll be a little bit of a sort of a side news item yeah, as we talk about, and, of course, probably The biggest headline is that fat shark drops shark bite support and that is not click bait.

But if you saw that headline – and you thought fat shark is dropping shark bite, stop its not click bait, they are dropping shark support and were going to talk about exactly what that means. If you have sharkbite equipment and so forth its not as bad as you probably imagining, but it is not entirely clickbait, either yeah all right all right um before we get into the very first news item. Let me just say: oh, oh yeah, i got me on the screen now. Let me just say: thank you guys. So much were going to be checking you out. I got you right here on my main screen were going to be checking your comments. Wesley vardy good to see you here, my friend, you know now you got to point to stuff right because because youre on the screen, yeah you come in this chat or that chat over there. Unfortunately, i am flipped so when i point this way im pointing the wrong way but hey what can you do? Im flipped? I could flip myself. I guess um yeah and thank you also to these beautiful people over here in the discord who are, who are my patrons and uh wouldnt, be the same without them um. So now that thats out of the way lets start with the very first item of the week and uh, that is a little psa for you blunty, using the news to enrich ourselves as you do blunty ive, i ive noticed that youre super super helpful.

Sorry i was going to compliment you for a minute before i let you take off with self promotion. Okay, ive noticed that you are super super helpful on the discord server, in fact its its uh one of the reasons that we work together, not to say that anyone lots of people are helpful. But i have noticed that about you and youre super knowledgeable and uh. Thats, why i feel completely comfortable endorsing this service that youre providing yeah, so ive launched a its blunty.com. So if you like its easy place to remember, but ive started a troubleshooting service, this is a premium troubleshooting service. So i even remind you at the beginning there. If you need any help and you dont want to pay im always around to help you, but i cant always go above and beyond so im, releasing a service for what i think is a pretty good deal for the price here: um, which is 50 bucks an Hour and 40 bucks for the extra stuff um for any voiced help remote desktop help uh, you know phone calls um or double that time for, like guarantee quick text replies where i can guarantee ill get back to you make sure i can help you um. This is one of those things where, like obviously, theres no way. I can promise that i can fix your issue, but i will take your issue beforehand. Ive got a space down there for you to type it.

So you can. Let me know you know, whats your issue and maybe i could help you and i do list things im good at and things im, not so great. At im, like im not going to tune your quad thats, not my forte, but ive got a lot of other skills that hopefully i can help you with so um. If you did want super premium service and you want to get on the phone with somebody or you want to like, have somebody remote in your computer and just click all the buttons on betaflight you? They got to be clicked um im here to do that. So yeah – and i think this is great – this is a great business model uh. I i kind of do the same thing, although i have less spare time to do it, but my philosophy is that ill help everyone for free. I will. I will never pay wall. The ability to get help from me now its not always as fast as you would like, because im simultaneously helping 27 people at once, some of people say hey. Can i ask you a question im like well that, yes, yes, you can and now ill be back after i cycle through 27 conversations. That was your shot um, so the the desire to just have so you drop everything and talk to one person is really what youre paying for and uh, and i think those prices are more than fair yeah.

Hopefully i can help you out. So if you got something weird or you just want to chat for an hour honestly, thats part of the thing too, but its not sam and the discord wants to know if he can buy time to just race with him in the sim yeah id. Do that. So i mean probably not free if they caught you at the right time, um, so thats, really great uh theres other people out there who have similar services. You know i have uh. I have heard good things about well mike mike crabtree is a guy whos. On my stream, so sorry i got something on my shirt mike crabtrees, a guy who comes up on streams. A lot and people have said positive things, its always good when theres people out there, who you know, are reputable, who are knowledgeable and are professional and uh. Probably probably worth and some people out there are going thats too much money. No one should pay that and like hey, it sounds like you, shouldnt pay it right, thats it yeah yeah, um, good, all right, well, thats listed down in the show notes. We have all the urls and other links and other stuff for the show down in the show notes below in the video description uh. In addition, if anybody out there wants to make time stamps and paste them in a comment by all means, ill pin the comment, and then people who come just a service for the people who come after you for the time being.

Of course, there are no time stamps next up, weve got the first radio with internal express lrs, and that is the radio master, zorro and uh. Of course, we need to get out of the way that zorro fpv is a guy and hes, not as far as we know involved in this different spelling zorro with two rs instead of an oe. So good luck with the website its been trashed. All the website is borked. How about this youtube video is that gon na youtube, video should still work um, so uh. The big thing here is that you know youre, basically, gon na get a choice, so uh express lrs is one of the options here. In addition to the four and one a bunch of other things, a couple of people in chat have brought up the late radio 2se express lrs, but that is a non open. Tx radio thats, not super configurable. You know it. Doesnt have a lot of options and, as a honestly, not a radio, i would recommend to anybody um, but also like, even though it was the first one. I dont believe theyve still push the pr for that to the express ls team from the beta fpv radio. Maybe somebody can correct me if im wrong, that wouldnt surprise me yeah. This is the first one that i believe is like supported and has vrs and like like so this ive already looked today. This actually has the opentx build already ready for it.

So, like itll work with internal crsf, thats already been set up, so this is like true internal uh express, rs, yeah and the key. I mean it really matters that theyre actually participating in the project that theyre doing those pull requests and so forth and theyre. Not just doing some proprietary build, i dont, i will say i dont know if this was like sent to developers like i dont know about any of that stuff, but i do know that um they have like you know, theyve been at least making sure that everything Is ready, uh to get this radio uh to watch and my my other friend well just keep watching this cool promotional video until at least until it plays out my my other thought was, and people asked this in the comments. What about the jumper t pro, which was announced as a gamepad style, radio like the t8, but with express lrs built in it, was going to be expressed to those 900 megahertz which kind of confused me but yeah. They recently announced that radio and guess what yeah theres no express lrs option its the standard. Four in one module yeah its, not clear why that is exactly um, but you know uh. It looks like theres not going to be another skew there and its not looks like theres just going to be the foreign one for the t pro. For now i mean if they do add, express alerts, internal itll be later so yeah.

This looks like this will be like the first well supported proper one with like hdx up and tx like a real internal express rs option so, and this is radio master, so i think everybody shouldnt. You know this pages paves the way, for you know larger radio master radios with an internal module as well im sure you know yes, yes, i feel confident that that is on the way. Yes um. The other thing i want to mention is its just that this i dont think this radio is too bad its a hundred bucks for the express rs, uh radio that we were looking at just there, the cc 2500, just the single one is uh eighty dollars and The expressv4 and ones a hundred bucks, but um theres a lot there theres a nano attachment on the you know: theres a nano module attachment on the back, its got option for extra battery pack. It takes 18 350s, but itll take 18 650s with an optional on the bottom. I dont think they could fit them in the in the you know its like the x light problem where they could get them yeah just make them longer. I agree with that. Just make it longer, like even x late, had longer battery caps, so you could use 18650s yeah radiomaster. You could do this. They added like extra m2 mounting holes for extra stuff on the radio like a lot of different things they put in there theres trims on it, which a lot of these radios dont end up getting trimmed.

So i saw a lot of people were excited about fixing pilots yeah yeah yeah. Also, we may be burying the lead here a little bit, but it also ships with edge tx, not open, tx. True yeah. These will, i dont know yeah. I assume itll ship on edge im, not 100 percent sure since weve seen it. It says yes, thats true, i guess i dont know for a fact it ships with that. I know radio master is moving that direction if they havent already gone that direction. Yes um. I just wasnt able to verify that, but uh okay, i do know they have a build ready for open tx side as well for this radio, so i mean i would love to have a ship with hdx thatd be so exciting. I mean express lrs radio kind of cutting edge youd want it to ship with hdx. Now one of the questions that people asked and its not directly related to this news item is why arent we getting a five in one radio with built in express lrs and because theres a lot of people out there who still have free sky spectrum, fly sky Receivers or maybe bind and fly tiny, whoops and, and they dont want to have to pick and choose you want to dive into that at all yeah. So the big issue with that is that um express lrs currently is maintained in the express lrs github repo right special rs developers are working on express lrs and maintaining express lrs.

However, um multi protocol module, which is the foreign one we use, is another project run by another person and its the four in one multi protocol module, and they support those four chips. For us to get a five in one module. There has to be a maintained section in the repo for the foreign for multi protocol module for express rs, and the work has to be done constantly to maintain that, with the current express rs thats going on in the other github repo. So theres a lot of work that needs to be done and that basically needs somebody dedicated whos committing to doing that on the mpm group, currently yeah thats a lot more than anybody is willing to commit to at this point its not as simple as just saying Im gon na put both modules in the radio and im gon na. Just like flip a switch and one one moment ill, be using express lrs in one moment ill be using the foreign one. The radio essentially interfaces with the external module, and if you want to have both a foreign one and express lrs, those two things have to be one and the work of making them one is too much. No one wants to do that or thinks thats a good idea. So if you are that person, then you can either get the radio with the four in one module internally and use an external express, lrs module or you get the radio with express lrs internally and use an external four in one module.

Is your pick yeah yeah? That seems to be the solution? I dont think you know you mentioned theres, probably theres not really a way to switch, as far as i know, theres not like a solution right now currently for anything like that, where youd basically have to toggle the spi bus or whatever would happen internally exactly like On some kind of switch there um, it is possible that maybe somebody could figure that out, but currently theres. No like known solution. Yeah i mean. Obviously someone could do that. It would require hardware to switch the radio circuitry and it would require modifications to open tx. Presumably, although i dont know im, not an open, dx dev, but presumably opentx would need to in some way be aware of the fact that it has two external modules at the same time which currently it doesnt really do um so uh. Nevertheless, i think that its very exciting and i think, theres a lot of people who are going to pick, oh by the way, its 2.4 gig right, not 900. That was the other thing about the jumper t pro. It was 900 megahertz express solar, sounds like really thats an odd choice. Yeah i mean maybe part of the reason they bailed out of that was because people were like. Why is this 900 dont? Do that i mean? Maybe i dont know. I guess i just yeah anyway very excited for radio master here and i think a lot of people are going to be very interested in this radio, so yeah um for those also for those that have asked theres still no update on the iflate radio was supposed To drop 1120 – and i havent seen anything since then so mk in the discord points out that the jumper t18 does internal multi module, multi protocol module with r9 and a jr bay, yeah and thats.

How we know that this wont work because for the jumper t18 that the way they did, that im, im told by developers so im just repeating what ive been told here, is that they integrated the r9 code into the multi protocol module project. So the guy who maintains the multi protocol module project, pascal langer, i think, is – is who it is. That code was integrated and they have to maintain it. Its now part of the multi protocol module project and when it came time to ask the question, should we make a five in one module with express lrs? All of the devs? I mean i wasnt in the room for the conversation, but the people ive talked to say that everybody agreed that that would just not work because express lrs is such a fast moving project that integrating it into the multi protocol module the way that they did with R9 would be completely untenable, whereas r9 just kind of sits there and is like okay. Here i am right, yeah, maybe some point yeah. You know farther down the line when its not constantly switching or theres some kind of like somehow ability for backwards. Stuff then maybe its possible, but uh yeah, i dont know i dont think were going to see that soon yeah anyway, a very exciting product and a very exciting uh. Continued evolution of express lrs uh as time goes on. You know blunty, we wheres the show notes there.

They are right behind the behind the crack. Yes, where are my show notes there? I cant see my screens um. We got. We got a couple more pieces of yeah, a couple more pieces of express lrs news. The next one has to do with a new vendor, making express alerts, hardware and its not who you might have guessed well its my you might guess so. This is van tech is releasing new tx and rx modules im, actually a link to it on freeskys website. So you can see this is actually a uh from all my understanding. Everyone ive spoke to and all the research that ive done. Van tech is a freesky brand um and vanta yo. If youll look. This is identical packaging to the r9, its sold by freeze, guys wholesalers and the only sell free skype products um its also sold by horoso rc thats. The other link that we have for you there, but basically theres a tx and rx module. Horus rc. Also, an official free skype website because there were a couple people in there. There was at least one person in the comments saying van tech is not free sky. As far as we can tell vantec, basically is free sky, yeah theyve. Also, it was a couple years ago, but they sold some planes and stuff under that branding, which was free sky van tech and a couple other things so um it does look like were getting uh 2.

4 gigahertz, which is the one we would want im so surprised Its not 900. thats, the other thing it shows me because they have all this r9 hardware, presumably well, maybe theyre not wanting to compete with their r9 hardware. I dont know thats. Also fair. Its also fair yeah, it looks like were, were getting espresso rs from somebody who presumably will be good, build quality without to see well thats the thing isnt it i mean wanting the best possible build quality. Freesky makes good hardware ive always said this, its their firmware. Thats annoying um, so freesky wants to make. I mean that could end up being a really really good: 2.4 gigahertz espresso lrs module um, we dont know wesley vardy, says: freesky r9 is stm32, it doesnt use the esp32 processor or microcontroller, which is whats the new hotness that makes sense um, yeah, so uh. He says guy smith says even freeze. Guy knows 900 megahertz is dead. Um irish toft in the discord says freesky makes great hardware. However, i wonder how they will make it incompatible with other express lrs stuff. Oh yeah, that was my first thought. Well find a way. Yeah, what whats going to happen here, its going to be their fork of ex, were just were just making jokes here. Dont take this seriously, but yeah theyre gon na fork express lrs, make one change to make it incompatible and then sell it thats their own yeah. They need to patch a really rare servo bug and then block it out, um so uh.

What is the best hardware for express lrs right now, blunty um, some people in the chat mk says the best hardware is ghost you can flash immersion, rc ghost to express lrs uh its a one way trip you cant go back. Yeah also cost is high there compared to other options right yeah but uh. I dont know right now. It looks like unfortunately, i have to say the beta fpv module looks like a very solid module with their qc and issues. You know um other than the button drop thing that is getting fixed and full support for the oled and joystick will be in 2.1. Otherwise that module seems pretty solid. Um also hardware seems solid, at least in this rev. The problem is with beta fpv that we dont – and this is true not just with beta fpv, but we cant be sure that in the you know, the second manufacturing run, they wont introduce a problem, yeah um and then and then also happy model um. The quite a few of those happy model modules look to be solid. Now, theyve gone through a lot of revisions, i think and kind of hopefully drilled out a lot of the issues um. So yeah it looks like those are. Those are pretty solid. Yeah guys says the happy model, the nano pro the light pro seems like a good good option as well. So um, what about the deal like you said its just batch to batch, so you might get you know, weve seen some ep receivers come through that were horribly placed.

You know its kind of a mess for soldering and stuff, so we just have to hope that every batch is good yeah. What about the naminmo uh flash module with the oled screen? Have they fixed the issue with the backpack? Is that is that good? Yet i believe, theyve shipped new hardware for that um, so that seems like a solid option as well: uh yeah, the nema oled or the ones without all that i think, are also solid and weve also got this new axis flying module. So for a hundred and twenty dollars yeah, i guess we could have put that in the news uh its 127 im kind of waiting on that to drop and people to see that right, yeah before we go too far in there um, but yeah so uh its 127 and there looks like theyre pushing towards the crossfire light territory right their whole goal. There seems to be hey, lets be a competitor to crossfire light and that style of module its like a larger module, thats that, like pops onto the back and then that fits onto a gr bay, like a you, know its larger than a jr bay, its a Its a bold move, cotton lets see how it plays out for them. Yeah were gon na take were gon na take all of the okay. You know whats good about these modules, well theyre small and they fit in the back of your radio and theyre not too expensive, and the build quality is kind of iffy and then axis flying comes along and says what, if we made one that had amazing build Quality – oh i like this and its going to be huge and hang off the back, your radio and its going to be really expensive, youre like uh, and they did list that its supposed to come with um the ability to plug into like a horus or like Another style of radio yeah so that you dont, have to have a jr bay like well thats thats.

The appeal that is the appeal such as it is, is that once you have a screen on the back of it, you can plug into well. You could plug like the example i like to use is that the futaba radios support crossfire the high end, futaba radios, i dont know where the cutoff is, i think, its the 14, but im not sure, and the spectrum x, the 9x or x9 spectrum, the 9 And higher support crossfire, so in theory you could use express lrs on those radios since they just talk crossfire, but you need one with a. They cant run a lewis script, so you need one with a screen, and now they can so all right. So itll be interesting to see how that lands and stuff, so i think thats, where the markets at right now but um. I dont, know im excited about the vantec stuff because, like you said, freesky has had pretty good build quality in the past. So hopefully, when you pop these open, look at these receivers, itll be good, build quality. Here too. Indeed, lots of options coming along um greaty, well, weve uh weve had our little fanboy express lrs moment for uh for the debt for the day uh. What do you say we talk about shark bite, all right lets. Do it uh, so clickbait click bait of the night, not really sort of not really kind of so fetch arc um. We basically saw an email that was a reply to someone in one of the fat truck groups here, mr david um, and he got a reply from fat truck support.

He messaged him about his shark bite, whoop board and basically his response from fat truck um. You know, to sum it up here is essentially to say: um, you know, hd0 is doing their own thing now, theyre providing products direct to customers were excited about that were trying to build headsets right, thats cool so were going to continue to support them. If theyre manufactured wrong, but otherwise we cant support your problem right now and were going to for that to live in math and diva math will handle your issue yeah, and i mean theres a little bit of reading between the lines here, which is that ht0 was Originally going to be kind of a manufacturer, and then they were going to sell through fat shark, which would sell, i mean it was, i dont think was ever expected to be exclusive, but at some point hd 0 started selling direct to customers. Yeah, like with the run cam camera, for example, which was the direct deal between hd zero and run cam or uh, maybe the race vtx, i think yeah yep and i think its i i it feels like sharkbite – is a little bit like okay. Well, you want to sell direct customers, good luck with that um and theyre, saying theyre not going to be able what? What specifically are they saying, because they say we will provide warranty support but not after sales support. So what does that even mean um? So the way i like i dont know the takeaway that i have from it.

Um is essentially theyre, saying, like hey, were trying to build headsets so like all we want to do is build headsets. So you know, weve got the sharkbite hardware out here and we dont have any more parts, and so that sounds like hey were not making this anymore. You know obviously like were not interested in, like you know, stocking this stuff anymore and they specifically say we no longer have the parts to service or repair damaged air units after use, i think thats an interesting way. They put it. I dont know if thats on purpose or not the vts um yeah, but it seems like theyre saying here, like hey anything branded truck bite, you know were not really going to be able to support. You were just going to support. You know from the get go, but anything extended is going to be yeah supported by diva math. You know theyll go ahead. I just want to say like, but they do say what we do best is building headsets um. So my impression of this, which we dont know for sure, because this is what weve got here. But my impression of this is like the vtxs and possibly the vrx. The shark by vrx are going to now be supported by diva, math and div. Math will kind of take over that and theyll stop producing shark bite at fat track, which is presumably what will happen, but we dont know that for sure, but the headsets will still be digital, so weve right now, weve got the digital scout hd right, which we Know from the investor talk that we talked about uh last week.

You know they said like hey with the new digital goggle. This is a quote with the new digital goggle were just starting to get the digital goggle out. There well, hopefully have a bunch for christmas, but we dont think well have enough. You know thats, not a company whos planning to stop me making goggles thats a company thats continuing i mean if they talk about an investor called theres, some accountability. There, yes and fatshark says we want to make headsets. So to me it makes a lot of sense to say: hey, you know were just going to make these digital headsets with integrated uh chipsets in these, and then we can do all this other support and all the stuff weve already sold. We can go over to devamath and well just move away from all this external garbage well make headsets and hd0 can sell all the other pieces yeah that that is also kind of how i read it and theyre saying we will support products for manufacturing, defects and The way i read that is, if you get a product that has a manufacturing defect, we will replace it for you with a new one, but we will not be servicing or repairing damaged air units after use, and i think of how right now, if you have Um fat, shark, goggles and they break or in some way you send them in and randy, or i always think of randy hes, the guy who i always talk to hell, fix him and hell send them back to you new dvr board new power board, you name It and i i asked the question on my live stream: has fat shark really been repairing sharkbite vtxs and several people jumped up and said yeah? I had some broken vtx whatevers wrong with them.

I dont know they sent them in and fat shark repaired them and sent it back and theyre saying they will not be doing that anymore. Um theyre, leaving that hd zero, so yep and then in that same imagery, album ive got uh just to show that they are supporting everybody carl made a a post today, uh yeah, im gon na put that up. Yeah basically saying like uh, oh okay, yeah either way uh. This is it. Maybe this is different. Thats the same post, the same same difference: okay uh, but yeah. So um. As you know, yeah david mathis designs all this stuff and takes care of all the stuff. So were not going to abandon anybody. Uh well be taking care of all this stuff uh moving forward, and if youve got any problems you know well, handle them so yeah and and its a if we this is so. This is a quote from carl zao at zivamath from ryan quillet, who is a who is a alpha beta tester and worked closely with them. So presumably this is a a reliable source and an accurate yeah in our imager link. I put the direct quote from carl. Just its the same thing just basically but yeah, this is definitely from carl carl points out. Fat shark has not ordered replacement parts, so it certainly seems like the fat shark is saying we will no longer be stocking that because hd zero has decided to go direct to customer instead of selling through resellers.

Like us, therefore, fine good luck with that and the carl is saying fat shark has not ordered replacement parts which, if you read between the lines carl is saying yeah, we would have wed be happy to supply them with replacement parts if they wanted to order them. So it seems like fat shark is driving this decision, although arguably fat shark would say that by going direct to customer hd0 drove this decision like what do you expect us to do? Not get any margin? While you sell direct and undercut us its hard to know which thing happened, whether fat truck dropped out behind the scenes and thats why carl pushed forward or whether carl pushed forward and thats, why fat truck dropped out behind the scenes? You know yeah but um. I think it makes a lot more sense that uh i dont know fat director is just fine with this. Like you know, they say in that statement there uh that we are excited about this transition, as it will allow us to focus on doing what we do best thats corporate thats corporate double speak. Who knows sure you always always act like it? Was your idea and its the best idea you ever had even somebody punches you in the face, youll be like im very happy for the opportunity to explore life without teeth yeah. But do you think fat truck really wants to make vtxs like thats? My whole point is: i think this is probably i dont know what i dont think i dont think fat shark.

I dont think fetcher wants to do anything. I think they dont they dont. Give me the impression that they want to do anything. I think they want to make money yeah. You know in a market where there is no one who will compete with them and all of their customers will adore them with very little demands is how i read it um, so so i mean its like: do they want to make headsets? I mean, i think they are, i think they dont. I think i think that they are not eager to do the work of earning their a position as a leader in this emerging digital fpv uh field, in other words, by by putting in an effort to develop vtxs and therefore they are kind of happy. When somebody else takes it off their plate and now they dont have to do it anymore, but i also feel like its a kind of a squandered opportunity, thats, obviously thats their decision to make its their company and their business. You know uh sure yeah. I think mr mr huggie says ht0 dont want to make vtxs, but they do but yeah, but they make them so they can sell. Chipsets like what i mean, like i mean h0 doesnt want to make vtxs right so whos going to do it. The hope i think, was that fat shark would step up and do it and and at some point hd 0 decided that that wasnt panning out and went direct to customer yeah.

I mean, if i was that truck, i wouldnt want to do it like. I i, if you think about what that trucks like whole thing has been like theyre, making, headsets like and now youre saying like hey just because we have a new tech in the headset. Now we have to build up all this infrastructure because fat, shark and immersion rc are the same company or at least they were fat shark. You say fat shark never made vtxes, but if you go back far enough, the very first analog vtx is that fpv pilots were using well, maybe not the first, but my first vtx was an immersion rc. Eight channel vtx and immersion rc and fat shark are literally in the same i mean tony cakes desk is in fat sharks office in chesapeake. Is that still the case now that i dont know exactly i dont know if thats not the case to me, like i, i dont know to me that theyre not at all the same company anymore, right and now irc is in ghost pocket from what we or Orcas pocket for when we know right good point: yes, so fat shark isnt a vtx manufacturer either now that they are no longer maybe sisters with immersion, rc yeah, at least thats. The person that i get it just and theyre happy to say, like okay, hey all were going to do is make headsets were going to put chipsets into headsets.

If we need to do that and then were going to sell them to all our commercial customers, because redcats going to supply us with commercial customers who are going to buy these go on guarantees right like, why would you not want to do it? Where does that, and where does that leave you as an fpv pilot thats, the thing yeah? Presumably though, we can just hope that, like the hd03, that they make for the commercial side will be the same hd03, we want. I think thats kind of the only thing were banking on at this point right and we still need somebody to make us a gash, dang, good, vtx, yeah and hd zero thats, not their area of specialty theyre doing it, because no one else is better theyre. Getting better yeah, i dont know i i dont know like the one watt vtx with the 40 millimeter form factor thats the kind of decision i mean. I know they worked so hard to get it and you know but uh, but i feel like thats. If, if, if ht0 was working with tbs to make a unified digital, it probably wouldnt have had that 40 millimeter form factor, im, guessing, definitely theres no way, it would hurt right any whatever problems they were trying to solve that they ended up going with that hanging Over the edge 40 millimeter board, tbs engineers would have said no, no, you cant do that and they would have found another way to do it.

Yeah, so i mean theres room for improvement. Is i guess what im saying sure? Hopefully you know like we talked about before we get people coming and uh. You know making making some stuff for the system more stuff. So yeah, i dont, know all right. Um. We have one more piece of hd0 related news, and that is there is an hd0 bind and fly quadcopter in existence, and as far as we know, this is the first one. The first binding flight. Well, i mean rotor riot makes like bespoke, builds with hd0 in them, thats not. What were talking about were talking about like an off the shelf, binding fly and its for something good or something. You know: yeah thats a thats, a real mark of yeah. Finally, something i can buy on banggood, okay, sorry, um yeah! This is pretty neat, though um craig johnstone. I just want to shout him out. He was he worked really hard to get this done, um to get this from them, but yeah this is uh. I think this is pretty exciting to see this, so getting a binder fly with thats actually like basically build around. Maybe the top blade could be a little larger thats one of the complaints. Even he had greg to help get this done, um but yeah. I think its its definitely cool to see this coming out. I dont know i. I think this is what we have to see to have the system move forward.

You know more of these options. Yeah its very exciting im excited uh. I think its a great its great that this is happening uh is that express lrs, even better yeah, because hdlrc has their own express lrs systems too. This is the racing quadcopter of the future. You can quote me on that. I mean its true its a its a its a shark bite with express lrs in it. I uh i just had an interview i just it hasnt published. Yet i had an interview with evan turner talking about running shark bite at nationals, itll be coming out in my channel, maybe tomorrow, and i asked him to predict next year at nationals how many people will be running shark bite. I didnt ask him about express lrs, but uh. What do you want to guess? What do you think blunty im not going to tell you his number but next year at nationals, how many people are running shark bite? What percent um Music? Well, i think its either going to be like 20 or like 75 percent. Its, like my interest, is where my head is at yeah. I dont know that were going to be too middling. I think either everybodys going to drop it or its going to be hype. As for the next year and people are just going to be jumping, on top of it, i mean for racing, i think weve seen it really positive, yeah um. So would you take the over or the under on 50, like if you had to pick over you take that over yeah? I do think it is looking like it will be in a lot of places unless something magic happens and like support drops and you know, divi math goes under or something crazy.

You know yeah lets, put a poll up im going to put a pull up in the chat, sure um uh percent of hd zero pilots at national at multi, gp nats next year. Take the over or the under on 50 over under lets, see what the chat thinks do you understand chat? Do you understand? Am i dumb here for not for not assuming that everyone knows what an over and under is you have to take a bet youre going to bet, however much money you either say i think itll be higher or less or less than uh 50. All right well see what people say: uh in the meantime, lets move on to the next item on the list, and this one is a legal, a legal issue in ottawa, county ottawa county, a circuit judge, has granted an injunction. Why should i care sounds very boring, so one thing, weve discussed a little bit of the past and a lot of drone pilots know is that a local area might make a law about that. You cant fly somewhere right, but we know as pilots. Most of us know anyway, that that law is not like legal. You cant actually make a law that says you cant fly here. You can only control like take off from landing and thats, because because the faas argument is that only the faa may regulate the air space, the state, the city, the county, the parks department cannot regulate the airspace, they can prevent you from taking off and landing because That is not done in the airspace, but once youre in the airspace you do whatever you want, according to the faa, yeah and basically um after some fighting and back and forth and all kinds of different things uh.

This took quite a while um. I believe this has been going on since early 2020. um uh. Basically, they were like hey man, you cant do this. I mean in so many words. You know um, since the county, enabling statutes do not expressly authorize the county to regulate drones. The countys general authority to manage and control does not include drone regulation. The county must see to the uae essays a specific prohibition on local regulation of drone off the operation. When the park rule and the uasa are both directly applied to or address the subject matter during operation or use the two directly conflict and – and we have to we have to be careful about – i mean this is definitely a win for several reasons. But specifically i mean they could still they their thing about. They had a policy about surveillance, youre not allowed to have aerial surveillance, youre not allowed to have unauthorized video and photo recording, blah, blah, blah and and – and the judge said well, you know only the faa can make those rules because theyre taking place in the airspace. I dont know if thats exactly what the judge said, but thats the gist of it, but of course they could just come back and say: okay, fine, you may not take off or land within park property and then they essentially accomplish what they want to accomplish. Is that no is that is that a bad take uh sort of i mean it depends i mean i dont know to me like any kind of time where you get to say, like hey this bunch of bs, you wrote that somebody could get in trouble.

For is now not applicable, i think thats a win, no matter what right, absolutely, because we see a lot of cases where a municipality will a city or a state or whatever will try and break this rule and its annoying, because the faa enforces these rules on Pilots, not a not a lot of pilots, but it does happen and you get guys like paul nercola, getting fined for flying close to a train. Okay, fine! He broke the rules. He got slapped fair enough. He took his chances. You see guys like philly mikey getting fined for and he was a bonehead and he did illegal things and they came and they find him. He had it coming fine. But then you get these cases where a state, legislature or a city will make a rule, and the faa does not write an amicus brief or send a lawyer to argue and say you cannot do this theyre, just like yeah, okay were a little busy were not Gon na do were not gon na. Do that and to be fair, they are busy theyre super busy, and there are lots of for pilots who break the rules that theyre too busy to go after so im, not acting like its just like its nice that. Finally, one of these things actually went our way and this draconian interpretation of the rules for once worked out to our benefit. Yeah its all, i can say, is uh its positive and hopefully um yeah.

More more of this will happen, but it is good to see some of this stuff get some of this wording and stuff get pushed out. So yeah awesome awesome. Well, hopefully we see more of that. You know its worth pointing out blunty. I i hesitate to go on a tangent because were only 15 minutes till seven, i guess were pretty close to the end, though uh i i that is, there are people who are arguing for a change to the way the law is interpreted like, for example, theyre, Arguing that anything below 200 feet, some people have said anything below 400 feet. There are various ways of wording: it theyre, arguing that that should be outside the face jurisdiction and, of course, the advantage of that would be that it opens the door to a more relaxed interpretation in some areas, but the disadvantage of that is that it. It means that now your local parks department can just ban drone flights wholesale and theres nothing. You can do about it because now suddenly thats so im, not convinced that those uh that thats necessarily a winning strategy. Yes, i dont know if you felt you think im trying to figure out. Is that true, like if you fell under a shielded operations law – and you were like youre still flying under the wall right well, so shielded operations would be a change to federal law, which would say that if youre flying within a certain distance of an obstacle, then You are sort of free to fly because youre, not in the national airspace, but it would it would what what some people are doing is theyre, trying to sort of remove federal jurisdiction over like the lower 200 feet or 300 or 400 feet or whatever i see, And say and say that is not federally regulated, that is up to the state or the city or the or the individual.

Well, what i think what fbv pilots imagine is going to happen, is itll be up to the individual property owner and finally, i can fly in my backyard up to 200 feet, just like i want, but but the downside is that now, your dumb ass local parks Department or your dumbass state legislature is going to be like no drones below 200 feet and theres going to be nothing. You can do about it if they remove federal regulation for those, so yeah yeah, im, not sure where i fall on that one yeah. Well, i mean it: doesnt seem like its likely to happen, but so it probably doesnt matter, but anyway, um cool. What do we got next? All right lets. Look at some cool stuff. Drones can do okay, cool stuff drones can do we like to do those sometimes for the first one were going to check out uh nicholas rem here has brought us a a pretty cool project. He decided he wanted to balance a pendulum on a drone like on a typical fpv drone and hes. Like im sure i could figure this out right, um, oh yeah! How hard could it be yeah? I think he found out how hard it could be um but yeah its been its. This is a pretty neat project. Um. It takes a lot more than you would think, because obviously this isnt suspending something its right, putting something overhead and trying to balance it, and so he basically in the tune.

You know hes got a uh. He builds a disconnected link to the pendulum so that it can be independently controlled uh with the control software as well um and then so. The control software is balancing the pendulum and the and the drone is also balancing the pendulum, its kind of cool so yeah. It ties it to the gimbal uh, nice and weve got links to this video and this project down in the show notes as well. In case you want to watch the whole video um yeah. This is really difficult, honestly, its its a very unstable system and requires constant uh, constant corrections to keep it uh. Keep it balanced, um now hes not doing this manually is he he? The drone is, is auto, balancing it yeah exactly through the process, and is it doing that with external sensors, because i think i saw an example of this where they were doing it with external sensors. No, i believe its all on the drone. As far as i know, everythings on the drone so its detecting the position of the rod and then just sort of moving the drone to balance the rod, thats really slick, but the rod is on a gimbal. So is the gimbal sort of articulating the rod? Yes, the gimbal, but you cant, like obviously doesnt, have the ability to completely articulate it. It doesnt have the torque, it doesnt have the torque exactly so it just uses it to help stabilize it and then balance around that, like gimballed axis interesting, pretty cool, very cool, very cool and uh.

You know who knows what the application of it is. It sounds like the kind of thing that he just went hey i want to do it yeah, so unlimited points out unlimited vertical points out. He did end up putting an imu on the pendulum arm wow, so they can detect the movement that could be like basically an accelerometer, i guess yeah. So we can detect gravity, thats, really, slick, thats, really, slick, really slick theres. So many cool things come from. Somebody be going hey. I just want to do this weird thing for sort of no reason, then it turns out it turns into something cool. I think um also, that kind of brings us into the next story. I think uh. This drone is definitely something where somebody was like. Ah, i want to make this drone do something cool uh, so these are uh. Basically, you know talons that theyve printed and placed onto the bottom of this of this drone and then um. Essentially, when you land, when you hit the feet the feet like start to push in and then collapse the system, then, as the system collapses enough, its like springs, shut, um and then theres, another um, basically motor in there that you can trigger and the motor extends Back out that arm and the spring releases, and then it can move uh freely again so, basically just for having you yeah, i can actually grab uh onto stuff and then release kind of on on command.

Oh, oh wow, thats, creepy, thats, kind of creepy, thats super cool, um Music and they can grab and catch things its not just for landing, as we see here its not just for like landing on a tree branch and perching. But it can also sort of grab and catch things yeah. I dont know that they have a lot of super like practical applications. Yet um, you know going through the article but uh its definitely pretty neat what it can do. Yeah and the gripping is sort of built in right as the mo as the uh as the leg compresses it sort of grips uh mechanically, so really automatically. Basically, the compression is automatic. I think that when you leave the surface, i think thats when you trigger yeah, but all the flight controller would have to do is sort of point the talons at the thing it wants it to catch and then once it hits it itll just grab on yeah. So somebody points out in chat, uh saving drums from roofs yeah. This is definitely the the future of the uh going to get your friends quad right, just strap some feet on it. Yeah just go grab it really cool, go fishing with it says mr huggy. I think thats illegal, i dont know it probably depends on where youre at probably um, all righty uh. Next up weve got a community spotlight. We are back with our friend sander de brauner. On the last time we saw sander.

He was testing happy model, express lrs antennas on his antenna, tester and and and deciding whether they were well designed. He decided they were now hes done the same thing for dji antennas. Yes, so he measured both dna and swr of the original v2 antennas, and then he did the iflake bombs and the iflight crystal patch as well. So you could get a good uh, a good good specs for everybody. Basically – and this is the most detailed one of the most detailed uh charts ive ever seen for you know, a random person is doing some testing, so its pretty cool, yeah hes obviously got some specialized gear. Yes, he definitely does um. He basically says if you need help by the way uh hes got a contact on his page, so you can help you uh set up your equipment to do the same thing. If you have this equipment to help, you take um and stuff um, but he basically says like hey.