First unveiled this goggle at our event, Roto rat Rampage, where they brought out a pre production unit, running some beta firmware and let everyone at the event try it out, get a feel for how it works. What it looks like and most importantly, get some feedback and Ive been lucky enough to get to test the system along the way I try out all the new firmware updates and see just how far this system has come, and now today weve got full production units In hand and were going to get to share the system with some of the other rotorite Pilots, so weve built up a three and a half inch Skylight, which is going to show how the system performs a little bit smaller of a drone. And we built up a couple: five inch quads, so weve got my Skyliner and Bubbys Moxie, so were going to be taking it out, were going to be pushing the limits of the performance were going to be, comparing it to some of the other systems that are Out there want to see how far we can fly this thing and most importantly, were gon na have a great time and seeing if it can keep up with everything we throw at it were going to see if this is the new Ultimate HD fpv system, Music. Its your boy Vortex were going to take a look at the new Dominator goggles from fat chart. Oh tell you what Im gon na like uh having less weight on my head again thats kind of nice, I kind of missed that didnt, you! No more big cinder block goggles on your head.

Should we jump straight to the power button, or should we save it? Hes got it its got a power button. You know you know what Im talking about. You can turn it on and off. This is a big deal, so, oh should we look it up? What else comes with it? Its? Not a lot? You get a cable, you get some little extra foam Goods here, theyre little wedges in case your foam face plate is not quite the right distance. I know on some of the models – some people, if you have long eyelashes, I kind of do drag your eyelashes on the lenses which can be annoying. So you can add a little more wedge in there increase that distance away from your eyeball. The other cool thing Ive been liking about the fat chart. Goggles. Is you get a little a lot more? Actually, flexibility in focusing them, DJI, goggles, just left and right with these, they also come in and out and now its just internal. So, like I was saying a second ago with the eyelash thing, it kind of helps with that its not bringing the whole thing closer to your face, its inside of there thats what the little spinny boys do, plus two to minus six diopter. If youre, not too blind, you should be able to get these to focus pretty well without your glasses. Over here on the side, you got your little navigation, joystick thats, how youre going to get through your menus click in is your to select and then to go back thats going to be that button.

There record for DVR right there SD card in the old classic spot right between the eyes where its always been. So you might want to be careful when you take that out, because it might just uh might just do that last little bit for control. Is your fan control which, if I understand this correctly, the Fans always running – and this is just going to control – how much of that is going to actually pump into the little face unit to defog the goggles USBC Port here, which is going to enable you to Do video out with these pretty cool, maybe well, have to do some more content down the line showing you how easy it is to tap into these, because I know its a bit of an issue with DJI its not as easy to watch or spectate or export. The video out so thats cool and you got your four antennas. These are rpsma also, you might want to go for left hand, polarized antennas, because, if youre going to use this with the walk, snail Avatar system – which you are because thats what works with it, youre going to want to go ahead and get you some left handed. Polarized antenna so that they match the ones that come with the transmitter and you get the most optimal range, so youre going to need four of those guys, no antennas included. Huh 10 is purchased separately. Sorry guys, these are not cheap as it is.

You want to add four antennas on there, its going to get expensive and you know – maybe you already have antennas that would work with this. So so there will be a little uh walk snail branded four piece kit for your uh goggle antenna. So you can snag these up at the rotor Riot store. If you want to go the most minimal Sleek. Look, you rock it like that. If youre trying to go a little bit extra range youll be able to get some patch antennas to swap out for the front. The displays are high definition. 1080P OLED is what were working with in here people care about that. I just think. Does it look good or not, I dont know, OLED is good right, oleds good high contrast 1080p over Lids. Should we talk about the fact they look like a shark? Is that cute little shark fin to me its a little a little too cutesy that it looks like a shark like I want to wear like the Tactical, like cool guy Im, more of that kind of vibe, but much smaller on the head. I, like that. Still a little bit, I feel like a light leak. At least they gave you an option to adjust for that, because I could easily pull back the sides right out of the box to be able to tweak that, because I pretty much did this myself with like duct tape and a piece of a t shirt on My DJI goggles and pretty much did the same thing and yeah that did the trick.

No light leak, only just a little bit right. There got to give them the props for that little stupid piece of foam wedge thats, like kind of clutch. Actually, I feel about latency, I dont notice any youre, not youve, never been that picky though yeah I know really well, if youre not picky about latency, you want to try the 1080 man it gets sharper than this yeah thats 720.. So you can go up to 1080 and we can up your latency a little bit on 720 youre, usually going to see about like 19 to 21 milliseconds of latency thats, not saying like ‘ 31. Music, its like personally, I prefer the lower latency but Bobby says He doesnt mind and youve never really seemed to care too much. If I can go through a tire, if I can go through a tire, then Im not that worried about it. Yeah, oh flipped, a little bit so maybe its maybe theres a little something there. Huh yeah, it does pretty good, like I havent seen it get blocky at all. Im gon na try to go out behind this other building. I cant hear you everywhere: no keep going now its stuttery, but not bad at all, its like a little stuttery, but not blocky Music, oh Music, foreign HD, fat shark, goggles youre going to need to have a compatible video system. So right now, the only video system that works is the walk, snail Avatar system and we have two flavors.

One is a nano camera and one is a full size camera so lets go ahead and tear into the box and see what we get with it. Alright, so on first looks when we open up the package. We have our camera, our video transmitter, two antennas, and then we have a cable here which can be used to update the VTX as well as pull video off of here, because this has an onboard DVR. So theres no SD card, so you can go ahead and use this cable to get the footage off of here. So I think its really cool if theres no SD card, because I know that makes it a lot sleeker not having to have a port on there. But I think its only seven gigabytes and with this high quality image its 1080p, it might fill up pretty fast. So maybe in the future you can see some some higher gigabyte Edge updates in here and then here we have our cable that will be connecting this VTX to the flight controller. So some quick specs about this. This does 700 milliwatts of output power and it has 720p and 1080p options and personally Ive flown the 720p and the 1080, and they both look amazing. I was really Blown Away by the 1080p. The 1080p mode does have a little bit extra latency, but me personally, I am really not affected by latency, so I was able to fly it fine and I will probably be flying that for basically everything freestyle whatever it is on the VTX.

It looks like we have two connectors for the ufls. We have one right here and one right here and I actually really like that. There is a clamp holding down the UFL connectors, because this will allow it to not rip off and crashes thats, something that I really worry about with other UFL devices. That I see is that theyll in a crash, the antenna will pull off and Ill break the UFO connector on here, but we have some nice screws that hold it down. So I really like this for durability, so the screws that are used to hold down the UFO are really small. Screwdrivers um Ive been working with a lot of micro stuff lately, so I think I have some of these sizes, but that is one thing you might want to make. Sure you have is some really small Phillips head screwdrivers so that you can get your antennas on? Looks like we have some mounting holes here. I think this is 25.5 by 25.5, which is an interesting size that they show, I think its annoying, but I think it fits the size of this CR better, like you know, when you see escs that are like huge but have 20 by 20s. I dont know why I dont trust those, but like this just feels it just looks right a plus for having the 25.5 but 25.5 size is that you know its a really small module, so itll be easily adaptable to current micros that are out right now, because I mean either way I already just use double sided, sticky tape and electrical tape to hold down my air units, so thats, probably what Im going to be doing with this? One thing I did hear, though, is that the heatsink is not like actually bolted down to the board its just kind of on there.

So if you are going to use the method of electrical tape and uh double sided, sticky tape make sure you like add some screws in here and tighten it down so that this unit is one and strong, because you dont want the heatsink to fall off of The board then itd be kind of useless, so Im curious to see the HD Nano kit. Now I want to see the size comparison of the cameras. This looks something similar to the newer DJI cameras that they released looks pretty much exactly the same size get into the HD Nano kit whats. So cute look at the little camera. Okay, so it looks right off. The Box looks like we have basically all the same stuff, VTX, camera antennas and the cable, but if we look at a side by side comparison, this camera is significantly smaller. Maybe like half the size of this, this full size, camera so Im happy to see that we do have options and cameras, because I know different frames require different size cameras, so its really nice that we have options for this. It also seems that the cable that comes in the Nano HD kit is shorter than the full size. Cable looks like its about 80 millimeters from the plug to the plug and from plug to plug. Here it looks like its about a 120 millimeters so about a 40 millimeters difference. Personally, I think, if you are using this Nano camera, you probably are using it on a smaller drone, like I know the Skylight.

We have one set up for this, so I guess it is nice that they have a shorter cable, so they dont have that all that excess cable, but I know personally Ill be using the full size camera just because its what my frame fits then I wouldnt Have to add any extra adapters, alright, so for the full size camera you can see. We have two screw holes per side and I am a big fan of this because in it just really helps for durability and when Im crashing, you know, if I have one screw hole, Ive seen a lot of times. My camera angle will adjust um during crashes. So, Im really happy to see on the full size that we have two camera holes, so I will definitely be taking advantage of that and using two camera screws per side, locking it in really good and the width of this camera is 19 millimeters wide thats. Pretty much your standard, DJI camera, so basically any camera that fits the old DJI cameras will fit. This new walk snail camera. Now, if we move on to the Avatar Nano, this camera is a lot smaller, so they couldnt fit two screws, but they do have one screw per side right there and if you just tighten it down enough, it should be good Im assuming youre flying a smaller Quad, so there will be less weight and less momentum to actually change your camera angle so and this camera is 14 millimeters wide, so thats five millimeters smaller than the large camera.

So basically, the only difference between these two kits is the camera. It comes with the same antennas and the same cables and everything youll need. The input voltage on this. Guy is 6 volts to 25.2 volts, so, basically anywhere from a 2s battery to a 6S battery Im, not sure how much over 25.2 volts you can go. So if you do overcharge to like 4.4 volts per cell Im, not sure if that can handle it, so maybe Id stick to keeping your battery voltage at you know 4.20, which is this standard fully charged LiPo battery so yeah. We also have a bind button on the back of the unit Im, assuming that you would have your camera cable going out forward, thats how I run mine at least so youll have your bind button right back there, so you can bind to your fat shark Dominator Hds, so we have found the straightest longest road in Florida, weve got miles and miles and miles of just stratitude here straight and weve also got a big big old shoulder. Okay, big wide shoulder were going to do a little bit of a range test with this fast ring HD, so youre gon na fly, yep Im Gon na Fly Ill stay with you and be on the phone Yep theyre going to go ahead and Im gon na Chase the car Im gon na be on the side of the road, so Im not over a street, so Im gon na be chasing theres like a little side, green patch of grass that Im going to be flying over the entire time, so its gon na.

Let us be in the car chase, the Drone, so not only will we know where it goes down because were going to push it till it falls um, but also were gon na, be able to maintain visual were gon na, be there as a spotter anyway. So you should have direct line of sight as well as some additional line of sight from us in the car were not gon na be over. The road were not going to lose line inside of the Quad. This is going to be safe, yes and fun. Okay. Lets get like an insane amount of flat time, so I think were gon na run this and we have Crossfire in there. Yeah still got the crossfire, so we have a really good radio link Ill turn up. The crossfire transmitter up to 500 milliwatts so well have uh all the range lots of range on the controlling. So this is kind of the standard antenna kit which is just for omnis, but we do have yeah. I mean lets if youre gon na do long range. Youre gon na use patches these uh omnis are going to be sold in packs of two, so you could buy two packs of two to have all four omnis or you could just buy two of the omnis and then another kit that gets you. The two patch antennas, I would probably get two sets of the omnis, so you have four omnis and then also the patch kit, because I I like to run omnis all around for most freestyle scenarios.

If Im going to be doing any flying. That goes behind me. But I like to have patch antennas in my bag when we see a long stretch of road, I got ta know whats down there, so these are only four DB antennas which isnt bad. I dont know what TV is, but DB actually stands for. Distance boy. Take off bring it to a hover Music, so great wow. This is looking looking really good yeah. It looks great. I am really impressed right now actually looks uh looks really good. We are really far oh, its getting its getting its getting blocky. Getting getting a little bit. Blocky uh, I can see now were back were good. I dont know what happened but were good yeah. This is amazing. Wow Ive never flown this far low to the ground. This is incredible: okay, its getting blocky uh were good still were good, were good. Im back yeah Music, oh slow down a bit slow down up Im gone Im gone gotcha. We got you no problem, no problem. We gotcha no worries. Okay, were gon na, get the Drone and Ill mark it on GPS and well meet you back at the takeoff Point awesome. So dont move because youre our pin for the for the other side. I was stay in this exact position. Fill your spot were gon na unplug her for safety. We retrieved the Drone, no problem dropped, a pin where it went down now were on our way back to the pilot were gon na mark his pin and see.

How far did we go? Its gon na be precise here how wheres your okay. Here we go: Im a satellite tower or Diamond Im a pin on Google Maps Mark location. It is Reading in kilometers, saying 2.09 kilometers. Let me change the 1.3 miles 1.3, a little over a mile and a quarter that was great 1.3 miles, thats pretty far yeah. That is really fun. It gets the job done for most. I do think there are. There are pilots that want to fly longer there and there are other systems that go longer. I mean or really you know, to get the most range youd want to be using a uh, yeah, 1.3 or a different type of system, thats special for long range. I mean this 5.8 is really good for high density information like for getting HD Link thats pretty much what youre going to need, but a 5.8 frequency isnt going to be the best for actual distance. You want to go to a longer wavelength for that. It was weird, though, like like halfway through, I said, I saw RX loss in the bottom and I was like so you went, you lost Crossfire for a second, I lost class for a second. It came back and then but the weird thing video would go out and then come back and then at the very end it just went. Blackstream like there was no warning like it looked great and then I was like oh and I disarmed it so, but you were getting warning that it was getting worse.

Were you watching at all because theres, a bar icon in the in the corner, were you watching it all like whats in the bar? I was looking at the blockiness of it, its a good sign that you lost it, and it came back, though yeah because a lot of times with digital systems, as soon as you lose anything its a thats kind of game over yeah yeah, like once it, at Least, with DJI, once you actually break connection, it doesnt just pop right back yeah, so faster recovery yeah until The Bitter End, and then it was theres just dunzo. Oh, were missing us, you desoldered the connector. What look at this? How does that, or – or maybe that happened in the crash? Oh no, the battery pulled look at the battery shifted forward because I didnt use a uh, velcro or anything, and we just ripped the pad off the ESC, which is thats why it went black all out. Thats probably hold up dude. Did you? Did you Fail Safe Crossfire? Did you fail safe for the video now Im because the video was like good and then boom? I dont, I dont, remember back when you hit the ground, or did it go black one black Blaster hit the ground dude you might, we might not even found the edge yet you might have fail safe the control link and then went down and then, when you Hit the ground it ripped the battery possible.

That is very possible. All right lets. Do it again: okay, we got ta, do it again, yeah we got ta, we got ta, you know any any real science test. Should you know you should do multiple results? Yeah. One thing we could do is I could just hold the Drone out the window and drive. Do you want to try? Your super patches lets? Try lets, try the superpower lets go upstairs. Lets. Take the radio with me. Big brain, big, brain Yeah so basically Drew is going to be holding the radio in the car right next to the Drone. So its no chances of a fails, a thing so were really just testing the video system for calling it not scientific it kind of is because were isolating it to just the thing were testing Im kind of bored of the whole long time. It really doesnt interest me, but I hope you guys are entertained by this all right baby, you ready for takeoff all right. You have videos. Okay were cruising youre going so fast Bobby going so fast knife edge. Oh look at yourself. Look at yourself! Look how good you look. Wow amazing, strong were at four bars. Four bars. Okay were at three now two three, no back up at three keep going. Oh uh were good were so good, were so good back up to three bars: yeah. Okay, I got my thumb on the video transmitter, its super cool, so Im getting good airflow that video is crazy.

Good right now it looks were good. I will say every now and then Im having some quick flashes but its like. Besides that its very strong and were down to two uh, maybe slow down. Okay, you can call it gun. Oh wait, uh, okay, it just went out just right now. I hit black screen yep black screen all right and were calling it right here, 1.8 miles. Okay, so not quite not quite two miles but thats, pretty dang good yeah Im impressed and you could get even higher gain patch antenna. You can get two patch antennas Im. Pretty happy with that, I am very happy so like practically with a setup out of our bag, as we would have, it were getting about 1.3 miles and a more scientific test limiting the variables and things like that, got us about 1.8 miles. So pretty happy with us, I think its pretty good Music. I want to walk you guys through the two interfaces that youll be interacting with in the Dominator goggle. So I said two interfaces because you have one set of on screen, display elements and a menu system generated by the Avatar system itself. And you have a second set of on screen, display elements and menu system generated by betaflight and displayed via canvas mode in the Avatar system. So Ive got the goggles video output hooked up to a capture card, so I can see everything on the computer screen and I can record it for you guys and I got a drone plugged in over there and Im going to go ahead and cover up the Camera with a black T shirt there just so that we can focus so try, starting with everything that the Avatar system is directly responsible with in the lower corner.

Youve got the input voltage of the video transmitter. This is really cool, because if you are flying something that doesnt have a flight controller youll have an easy way to display the aircraft voltage. One little caveat with that is as youre seeing here. Ive got this video transmitter powered by a 10 volt regulator. So all youre going to see is a constant 9.8 volts. Itd be really cool if they added the ability to switch between whether it shows the input voltage or the voltage red from the fly controller. Its not a huge deal because I can display the voltage in the betaflight on screen display and well talk about that in a little bit later. But moving on one step to the right. Weve got the voltage of the goggles, so thats the voltage of the battery. That weve got powering our goggles next to that weve got the current bitrate and next to that, weve got a reported latency, so its telling us that the time it takes from when something happens in front of the camera to when we see it on the screens Of the goggles it takes 21 milliseconds now next to that, youve got a dark area that shows messages from the system. So right now its telling us to choose a channel, because we are on the public Channel, which you can see, because in the lower right hand corner its showing that we are on channel eight, which, like I said, is the public Channel youre not meant to fly On that channel its just the default Channel, you should always fly on channels.

One through seven. Now, in the upper right hand corner its showing how much space is left on the SD card in the goggles and on the internal storage of the video transmitter, and that actually does it for the Avatar on screen display everything else. Youre, seeing is generated by betaflight and well come back to that, but lets get into the Avatar menu system, so Im just going to push in on the joystick and boom that pulls up. Our menu system, like I said, were on Channel 8, so lets go ahead and get on a proper Channel like Channel One Boom. The next tab we have is the share tab. So this is like audience mode where you could tune into someone elses flight, but unfortunately its not currently working. This is something Id really like to see them get functioning, so hopefully they can add it really soon. Now the settings tab. This is really can actually change. All the settings of the system, like the transmission power, the resolution, the bit rate, the frame rate and a couple other things. I do want to note that if you switch the resolution to 1080p mode, you can only have standard frame rate so make sure that if you do switch it back to 720p, because you want the lowest possible latency. But you also set the frame rate to high weve, got a couple sub menus like in camera. Here we can change different color profiles and sharpness settings and things like that.

The default settings have been good for me, so I havent really played with that too much in display weve got a couple things like zoom out, I think thats, to shrink the display in case the field of view is too big for you in the goggles. Does it actually work? No thats thats not actually doing anything, see theres, just a couple features that they havent finished yet, and its really just going to take the input of the community to tell them one of the most important things to them. What should they be? Prioritizing, like the zoom out feature, probably not that important, but there are other things like the share functionality that Id rather than work on. First in the record set submenu, we can set the recording settings, its really cool. You can actually have the video transmitter record in 1080P. Even if you are displaying 720, so its nice, you can always get that quality and then last for settings, weve got a device Sub menu where you can just set like buzzer volume, oh ranging mode thats. An interesting thing, so, if I turn that on here see, it adds an element where its attempting to tell you how far away the goggles is from the transmitter see like if I move it its actually showing a number its, not super accurate. I mean its cool because it can give you more information about your signal strength, but when youve already got your bit rate and your latency and signal bars, I dont think its all that necessary.

So I usually leave that turned off. The last thing you can do in the Avatar menu is play back. Your DVR now exiting out of that weve got some other things to talk about, so the rest of the elements that you see on there and all their pixelated Glory that is generated by betaflight thats. The betaflight on screen display those of you guys that have been around since analog, might be feel a little Nostalgia for seeing those pixelated numbers. It would be cool if betaflight, maybe added a new font that had higher resolution, but for now I can live with it because Im so psyched on the functionality in betafly configurator. You can turn on any element in the OSD Tab and it will show up here. It is the full betaflight on screen display in a digital system, so this is a little bit different from like the DJI system, where in the betafly configurator, you could set up the on screen display, but you couldnt necessarily use every element. Only some of them worked and what was happening was DJI was actually rendering those elements. So it would only render the elements that DJI had coded support for in this case, betaflight has full control over the display, so they can show anything. You could even put stick overlays on here, which is really awesome and, most importantly, youve got the betaflight menu system and you actually navigate that using your radio. So if I Center both sticks – and I move the yaw to the left and Pitch up boom – that pulls up a menu and we have so so much control in here.

So if I go into profile, I can set the pins I can set my rates. I can tune my filters. This makes tuning your drone so much easier because you have access to every setting and, as betaflight adds new settings theyll just show up here. You dont need to wait for the video transmitter to add support for that. Youve got everything that betaflight wants to provide you theres a whole bunch of things that you can do with the betaflight OSD menu and its really exciting to finally have access to it overall Im psyched about all this. I think the Avatar menu system is really Sleek. Looking and most of all, having the full betaflight on screen display is just awesome. I got some special goggles I set up just for you, Sean awesome, hey look at that. Oh there we go just the way you like it with big giant patch antennas. You got it fresh and ready to go. Oh theres, some props, for you get that set up. This is awesome. I really wanted to test this. Actually, I wanted to see how well these things penetrated. We just started kind of playing with the different antennas, so the default antenna is kind of being promoted. Are these walk snail omnis, theyve done really well for me in a lot of the places, Ive been testing, but once we came here to the Bando and have been flying around all this metal and over into other building were really not standing in the best spot.

Right, concrete walls, but we started having some bad stuttering back there, so he went to the true RC stubbies and got a lot better performance. Okay, Im gon na see how the full patches yeah the full patch antennas, do all right Im just gon na. Take it easy test the range to start with who wants this goes front. First thing: how far can I go yep? I wanted this one Ill. Do I want to see the range the penetration thats, because hes got his patch antennas Point whoa? Okay, all right! All! Right this Im surprised Im. Really I am better than DJI. How is that possible Im facing the wrong direction? Oh my Im, going farther than I was with DJI what I was not expected. I thought it would be worse. I got ta, I got. Ta be honest. I no, I use the same antennas. How is that possible? Because you got all the distance boys? Oh my gosh, no Im not lying Im, not just trying to be a fanboy. This is awesome. Youre such a sellout Sean. Why are you such a way Im going way farther than I was with DJI its got his patch antennas pointed that way. I mean theyre pointing the wrong way completely the wrong way, but Im going first blow your mind. Lets turn you this way, hows that now all right lets see how far I can go Im just um. I like Im in the next parking lot over Im, dude Im just now going along the street, because I cant even go any farther left without that.

So far, Im going along the street Im just now, starting to feel a little bit of uh latency. You got that one wheel in case you fail safe because wow we know I mean Im going so far: oh theres, a line there. No, I didnt feel safe, but I crashed because Im an idiot disarm. I didnt crash because I fail save the grass because I hit a power line yeah but dude. I was way over there, so I went twice as far was it a safe crash, yeah, its fine okay, so you failed. I failed and in a safe way, so Sean failsafe – you guys probably are gon na. Believe me when I say this, but I literally got twice the range and penetration that I get out of my DJI system. I literally put on side by side and flew them back to back, and I was blown away with how far I could fly with this before I started pixelating I never actually lost video completely how much penetration I could get and thats important for me because my Favorite thing to fly is Bandos. I like to fly where theres a lot of concrete and a lot of metal being able to fly around that stuff is usually a challenge because it interferes with the signal big time. The thing that made me love DJI was the fact that I could fly with confidence and knowing that I wasnt going to lose my signal.

This gives me even more confidence when Drew put this in my hands. He didnt give me any kind of expectation. So I immediately thought it was going to be like it was at Rampage. I thought it was going to be worse than DJI. I thought it was going to have pixels in the screen and I was going to have interference behind metal objects, but I was blown away kind of in disbelief that it was better Im sold Im switching as soon as I can get in my hands. There might be a couple of firmware issues right now, but so far they dont affect me a couple of things to note about this thats a little bit different than DJI is the video transmitter, so the video transmitter has a few differences. One disadvantage to this is that it currently does not support an RC link. One of the things that I love about the DJI system is that I only have to have two antennas on the back of my drone. I dont have to have this additional Crossfire antenna for my receiver in its current state. It does not support the receiver functionality that the DJI system does for a rumor that it might potentially support that feature in the future. But as of right now, Im going to have to add an additional antenna and an additional receiver with additional wiring and additional solder connections on the flight controller and for some people that might be a deal.

Breaker me personally, Im enjoying the radio that Im using right. Now and Im having a lot of fun with it, but I will have that dedicated Crossfire link that I like to use Crossfire is very strong and I never have any fail station problems with it. Its a very good signal – and I can rely on it. What is something you like and something you dont like about this new system, something I like is the sharpness of the image quality. I got to fly back to back with DJI and just something about the way the camera is, or maybe its just 1080p. It just looks a lot sharper and you know seeing a lot of like ghost things is a lot easier for me. Yeah. One thing I dont like that, maybe me approved is the stock antennas are not the best, so I have to swap out um they arent. Technically stockings they dont come with antennas. You can pick yeah, then I guess its fine. Just just get better antennas, its, not a favorite setup. We have two Singularity stubbies and then we have the QRC X2 air and this setup worked great. For me, I was able to fly really far. I think farther than DJI was because Sean did a back to back test theres, even more room for improvement because were still using walk snail antennas on the Drone. I mean theres, just so much potential yeah. If we, once we start playing with this and seeing everybody elses experiences, I think were gon na just be blown away with how much potential it has.

I mean Im already having a great time. Yeah I like to see the fat shark is uh presenting the nice HD system. I dont like the idea that its solely in the hands of DJI, even if its only on par with DJI, Im glad to see that fat shark is doing it yeah. So I mean Im: a big fan of DJI theyve, been great to work with Ive really enjoyed their products um, but its great to see another option. I got a lot of flack because a while back, I was like yeah analog needs to die and what I meant by that. I wanted to see more HD options because for a long time the real only option was DJI and its a great option and there are times where Ill probably still continue to fly, but Im so happy to see that theres, another very viable HD option, Im really Enjoying flying this – and I will probably for freestyle – be flying it as much as I can to keep getting experience with it to keep wringing it out. Finding out what I like what I dont like competition Sparks Innovation. So, like the more people that are invested in the HT system, the more competition there is and the faster its going to improve, maybe call it a negative that when one systems been out for two years, then the next one comes out. You would hope that its like a whole leap ahead and, in my opinion this is pretty on par.

There is lower latency when youre in 720p, okay compared to DJI, so DJI Im, usually seeing like what am I getting like. 29 31 32 milliseconds. With this system. Im, seeing like 19 up to 21 milliseconds, so this does have a lot of latency. I think I can feel it maybe its in my head, because all yall were like you guys, are yeah improvements. This is capable of 1080p. It is an improvement. What I call it a leap? No, but right I mean were already at HD. Like I dont know, yeah. I feel right its that curve of like diminishing returns like how much better can we get. I dont know I feel like it was a huge leap. In my experience. I got double the range double the penetration I can fly in 1080P mode. I didnt feel any additional latency. I got the wide screen without getting chops at the top. That is a nice um, more image to look at because I do the 16×9. I love looking at 16×9 and everybody tells me Im doing it wrong, because Im gon na have a hard time finding something I dont like about it. Honestly. If I had to pick one thing to complain about, I think I dont like the foam just because Ive gotten used to the cushy DJI foam. I dont like the fact that theres no video, theres no receiver, built into the VTX and Im gon na, have to add my own receiver, um right now.

Im thinking, I kind of want to build two freestyle quads of this, because I did find myself preferring the image quality over DJI and once we got the whole antenna set up. I was just this is out. This is awesome. You know flying 1080p um. I really loved it so Ill definitely be building some more freestyle quads with it. If the question is do do you have to go get this like? Do you have to drop everything that youre currently using and go get this like right now? The answer to that question has always been, though, with everything thats ever came out. When did Jack came out, we didnt say like oh, my God, you got ta, go, get it its if the gear that you have is working for you and youre able to do what you want like thats great. If you want to try something new, if you want to make an upgrade, those are reasons to to get into it like the most important thing about flying. Fpv is having a good time, and your gear is only a small piece of that to try new things right. I, when Im into something you know I kind of go a lot. It wouldnt be that weird for me to have the DJI system and the fat struck system and be flying both of them, because I have gotten to be involved with um some of the testing and the development of both of those systems.

I will be flying both of them and because this is the newer one Im going to be flying this as much as I can, because I really want to wring it out. Try out all the features find out where it shines find out where it needs some work and and keep helping it to develop. You guys are pilots. Let us know down below. Are you jumping on the Dominator hype train? Are you sticking with what you got? What are you most excited about? What would you like to see added to the Avatar system drop, a comment down below were really excited about everything, thats happening and wed love to hear your thoughts and, if youve been thinking about getting into fpv or thinking about transitioning from analog to HD. Maybe this is a good time to do it. Rotoriot.Com we got all the gear that you need theres a subscribe button hit it because were making drone videos all the time. Dont forget the Bell.