This is min chan kim and he might be the fastest drone racer in the world. The reason i say might be is that, due to the pandemic, he hasnt been able to travel to some of the worlds biggest races the last two years. What would you do if you were the best in the world at something but couldnt show it? He watched from his home in korea as the last two hobby championships went on without him, as other people from all over the world came to florida to compete for the title of fastest man. He watched as the drone racing league television show, grew and invited the top hobbyists in the world to compete and become professional drone racers. Meanwhile, his legend grew from the videos he posted online of his training, many believing and proclaiming he is the best in the world. Even if you think it might be true, how can you know for sure he watched as the drone racing league tv show increased in popularity and competition as evan turner became the undisputed champion of the world gaining championship titles over both major leagues twice in a row? This year, a true international tournament was held in costa rica and evan did everything he could to make sure min shan was a part of it. Evan and his family hosted minchan at his home in tennessee for two weeks prior to the competition and helped him train. Now, how do you hold an international drone race? First, you need boots on the ground with a beautiful place, with a strong racing presence.

Florida comes to mind, but nearly all the major races are held there, maybe along the same lines, but something a bit more exotic. Freedom spec has been sweeping the world lately its the same components, but slower batteries way easier to see and less damage that way. Traveling pilots can get away with as little as 3 drones instead of 10 or 20. roberts is the head of the costa rica drone racing chapter. A large group in their own right, hes, on board scouting locations shames, is the godfather of freedom, spec hes, the one that thought it up: a fast racer and an expert race director. If youre doing freedom spec, you need evan turner, hes, the owner of 533 and back to back champion of both multi gp and the drone racing league tv show. Youre gon na need a track. The best designer in the world is in houston in him grower. If hes in you probably also get beta flight developer and ninth ranked racer in the world, the russian that also resides there lamone theyre kind of a package deal if heads up is in. You can count on more of the drone racing league pilots van over alex fpv soren and amari. A huge snowstorm hits the northern us days before the race. Sorens flight gets cancelled. Last minute. He spends hours on the phone trying to get another one hes out van overs out amari makes it to costa rica, but his luggage doesnt.

Luckily it was only clothes and stuff. He carried his drone on bonus. Remember that costa rica chapter i mentioned earlier. They reach out all across central and south america, rooney from guatemala to mata from chile, siba and aldi from the dominican republic joined the group of costa rican racers. To crown the fastest racer in latin america, popsicle misses multiple flights, spends 32 hours getting to costa rica. Only to arrive an hour before qualifying is over. He gets two batteries and manages to qualify fifth going into brackets. We end up with a total of 32 pilots. The perfect number for two full brackets of racing unknown before the day of the race was that the volcanic sands of costa rica contain a black metallic property that sticks to the magnets in drone motors, seizing them up keeping them unable to spin. In other words, the ground is literally lava, i cant believe, are at an event in costa rica flying freedom, stuff. Its kind of wild alex fpv has been one of the top drone racers in the world for several years. He even has motors and drone frames with his name on them. He also happens to live up the road from the undisputed champion. Heads up, evan, turner chief, is always towards the top, but hasnt secured a top three podium finish on a world stage this year. His first on the drone racing league tv show alex has proved to be one of the most popular personalities on the show and has taken many big finishes.

A lot is on the line, as alex intends to prove he isnt just among the top pilots, but that he could be the best in the world pretty crazy out there pretty crazy, but i like it, several of the top contenders in the world were knocked out During the brackets, popsicle jake hammer nuekle and the milkman limon ends up getting knocked out. Fifth in the semi finals, leaving a final four of min chan, kim alex fpb chief seba and fitti cal. I gave everything i had, but it wasnt enough it wasnt enough. I wasnt i was that close to get into finals, but and honestly, like i dont, deserve being in the finals i feel like not yet, but one day you can get your confidence in the morning, but once you come to brackets its uh, one pack can really Either make or break you as far as your confidence goes and thats thats big, so the weathers nice, its a little bit hotter than im used to, even though i live in l.a so exciting, like racing with mint chain racing with ava racing with all the best Spots in the world, this is going to be a total fun, especially in costa rica, where a race venue that weve never seen before flying around obstacles, ive never seen before at the end of qualifying minchan had three laps in 98 seconds and evan 99 seconds. Only point three seconds per lap separating them closer than anyone could have imagined.

Evan goes down during the elimination brackets. Normally in finals, you have to win twice in a format called chase the ace, however, today minchan has won every single bracket of this double elimination. Tournament. If he wins hell be crowned championed due to the iron man rule, this is a rarity kind of like a no hitter in baseball min chan kim has iron man engaged if he wins. This first round of finals hell be the first international freedom, spec drone racing champion crown of chasey ace min chan kim is the iron man. Will he stay pristine or will we see a failure from the korean robot pilots arm your quads Music alrighty off like a rocket quad vision here, wow Music 50 cal takes the whole shot but thats all he takes as he is down and out. Yep uh managed to beat min chan to the gate. Every pilot in this heat with a whole shot under six seconds, but now were watching to see if we can get a feel for what the running order is in this heat. So uh lets see here into the tree section. All the pilots yeah, no, it looks like mck is out in front no surprise, but not by much alex and siva are both right behind him. Alex and siva are a little bit locked up right now, absolutely alex proven. Oh man, siva with one of the sauciest little tree, turns there ive ever seen. Radio master wanted to show up in that when siba stalled out a little bit there, but these guys are pushing harder than they ever have.

I think alex might be pulling on c, but just a bit here, theyre into the tree section uh menchen, now into the 533 switchback and across onto his third lap mckay with a 32 16 3295 for mck Music, so alex had a faster lap than seba there. So he is continuing to pull on him, uh alex with a 33 2 and a 33 4 sibo with a 32 8 and a 33 6. You can see oh and like that. Seba is down right now. Its only min chan and alex in this race alex has nothing to lose min chan, cannot craze crash or were doing this again lets see what happens here and its just like a second or less between the two pilots, oh man, so minchan has to push here To keep alex off of his back alex has put tons of math and science into the building of the squad. Wow. That split us was absolutely gnarly up into the high section here. The tree slalom coming around the redex there tree trunks will min chan. Keep it clean or will he make a mistake, were about to find out? Oh wow, just they are both into the tree section. I just saw minchans quad in alexs feet into the switchback five three three switch back and across manchan takes the win, alex fpv just 1.13 seconds behind just glad. I finally did good in one of these races its been a long time coming and its not like.

Uh this this has to be one of the hardest lineups weve faced in the past few years, give it up right now, Applause, the fastest pilot in latin america, Music. We knew it to be true, we thought it might be true. We always wanted to see what he could do top qualifier iron man all the way through the bracket. Where is my buddy mid champion? I learned, after the event that in korea hes so dominant that at major events, people are tired of him winning every single event. People cheer when third place is announced they go crazy when second place is announced and when minchin is announced. First crickets, the crowd silently gets up, turns around and walks away Applause Applause, its a little wild huh yeah. What does it feel like to be the best pilot in the world undisputed? I mean im just trying to be over straight my best. I was always wanting to go, come like other country and enjoying the race yeah with lots of pilots, and that i was waiting waiting for like two years, because i covered issues and they was have like some bad times in the career, and it was really hard For me, i always my first goal is like enjoying the race yeah, and i really i really want. Thanks to you guys, i really enjoy the race and then i wish i can join the race like this in the future Applause. What i know to be true right now is that undisputed, you are the best freedom spec pilot in the world.

I cant wait to see what you do on other specs on open class um its been an honor to have you here at this year. Yeah, oh especially to sponsors and evan 533, always supporting me. While i was in his house and then my parents in korea and theyre, just always supporting me. I really want to speak to them. Is this the farthest youve traveled for drone race yeah? It took like 20 hours from korea and you stayed with heaven for a couple weeks: training every day in the morning till like 6, 00 pm and they eat in dinner, fixing quads and charging batteries, and it goes and fly like 1am until like 3 a.m. Every day, my biggest goal is definitely be on giant, okay for sure, but now i cannot because final year off to school this year, i definitely will try next year its gon na be the same thing.