Do a quadcopter review, we're, actually gon na talk about this ft series, feelin twelve flipped race, boat series and it's called the flip series because it flips back over by itself. So if you go capsized in the water, you have to swim out for this one. You can actually flip the button on the transmitter and it'll right side and you can continue racing around now. I got this one it's been around for a little while now and I had to have a copy of it to review, for you guys, because it's a lot smaller than that ft 25, that I did before a little more compact. But this one still has a lot of fun factor to it, because it's more portable but it's still super fast and it's running this little 3s. 1800 milliamp 25 seat battery I'd, like to see that this is a little better C rating. But I think we can deal with this and I think it's going to be actually be quite strong out in the field. Now it does have a Deans connector on here, which is pretty standard. You can use the charger that came with it in the box or you can use a standalone charger, so that's pretty cool. It also comes with this cool little stand, so you don't have to have your boat sitting on its side or resting on the end of the drive components in the very back. It also comes with two propellers here and those are plastic sort of nylon type props.

I wish that came with metal props, but it was a pretty good price for this boat so I'm, not complaining. It also comes with something different than the 25 came when it comes with two nose cones, so you can have a nose cone protector in the water while you're racing around. If this hits anything out in the water, it's, probably gon na damage the front of the boat, so they give you two of these really nice rubbery protector caps for the front of the boat racing around where you might have some underwater objects hit the boat, so It also comes with a 2.4 transmitter very similar to your RC car, transmitters, take six double a batteries in the bottom, and you have your throttle here and I believe it has reverse because it does go out. This direction and it's gon na run about 150 meters out, if you go any further than that, the boats actually going to stop go into failsafe, so be careful about that when you're racing this boat around or really swimming like – I was in my last review, but This is a pretty good price boat and I think you guys would have fun with this one. So let's go out to the water.