It looks like a super blinged out version of the copter that i flew a while back. I believe it was the e160 or something who knows go back and check out that video, but this one is ready to fly. It comes in one two and three battery combos with this e6 controller on here. It also has stability mode and full 3d mode. So im gon na get this bound up, heres the instructions that come in the box ill show you really quickly what comes along with it. I have a three battery combo its running on a 3s 500 milliamp battery. It says light poly right here has an xt30 connector, so that means were going to get a pretty good power out of this battery versus something like a jst connector. So this one should have really good power. We also have the two battery box. Here we have charger extra blades, prop remover tool, and the charger looks like its going to be a usb setup that you can plug into any wall outlet or your laptop. This is the e6 controller here it has the two different modes and everything is labeled here, which i love. It has 6g and 3d. The 6g is going to be your stabilization. 3D is going to be your full 3d mode. With no stabilization we have looks like flap and gear switch. We have throttle hold super important when youre plugging in the heli i usually have throttle hold on when i plug the heli in so it doesnt spool up on accident, throttles on the left and pitch and roll on the right hand side.

So this is set up in mode. Two looks like we have a screen there for computer display and s f h s s protocol on here, so um, yeah and ive got four double, as in the back that should get this guy going. I can long press on that press once press again and its looking for the receiver, but check out the flight controller on here. This is a carbon tail boom brushless rear motor. We have a full head on the top here. I feel like that. The canopy could be a little nicer, it seems kind of plasticky. It would be awesome if they had some type of fiberglass canopy that came along with this heli, because the heli itself it looks crazy, crazy, nice. I love the blades. I, like the tips on the blades look nice and thin. The head looks amazing: direct drive head flat, barless metal, blade grips. We have a metal guide on the back, actually no thats carbon fiber guide in the back three servos running that head and the dfc controller up front here, which also has a spot for s, bus and dsm x on here, so thats cool. So spectrum guys, you can bind this up to your spectrum receivers and you can fly it on s, bus receiver as well. If you want to externals here, but this one has a built in receiver here xt30 here and the battery goes right inside that tray right.

There 2507 motor looks like 800 kv, brushless motor and carbon tail boom, but super super hot, so im going to go ahead and put a battery in here were going to put the canopy back on. Take it out to the field with my landing pad and were going to do some flying with my head camera so enjoy the flight guys of the e150 and my review here. We go all right guys here we go were going to undo throttle hold here and if you have throttle hold on, you should be able to move this throttle lever around a little bit lets just test it out see if its active yep. So you should see your swatch plate go up and down left right forward and back. You can check all of your levels. There thats kind of cool to do before you take off. You can also check the pitch there, so we have high and low rates on here as well. So if you flip this little hl button, that should give you more pitch in the blade, if youre in high mode, if youre in low mode. That should give you less pitch so lets give it a try, were in 6g mode and were going to go ahead and hit throttle hold here and see. If we can take off lets just do a low spool up, theres also uh, i believe in full 3d mode. Itll give us idle up. So here we go im just gon na.

Let it come up to speed before i take off super important there we go. Oh wow, listen! How quiet that is! Im gon na shut up for a second sounds: pretty wound up beautiful love, the sound of those blades. How beautiful is that copter? I dont want to get too close to it, because the plastic blades man, they do cut its super precise im, feeling that the controls are really locked in. I love this 6g mode. This is really nice. If you were a beginner, this would be great trainer and ive done. Helicopter tutorials before you can go back and check out my wakera video. I forgot the model, the name model of it, but it was a nice little tutorial for beginners. You always start tail in hovering. You go left and right forward and back and then eventually you turn and fly nose in. If you can fly a helicopter nose in youll be able to fly just about any orientation whatsoever, so im super impressed with it. So far, its really locked in and im kind of scared to put it into 3d mode guys because uh yeah, i dont, really want to crash this thing. You know im just going to do some forward flight and i believe you have to be on the ground. Previous models that have flown before you kind of have to be on the ground to switch into 3d mode lets just do a flyby real, quick, full stick forward.

That was pretty quick right. That was pretty quick. I love helis and again, if you havent seen my heli video of the e sky, one uh 300, actually east guy 300 e 300. You should go check that out its like super quiet and this one in a way, its probably maybe just a little bit louder than the esky 300.. This one might be another military use, heli, probably not, but wow. It looks really cool lets go ahead and land. It on the landing pad h marks the spot a little bit of ground effect right there, itll kind of suck it down to the ground when you get close so be careful about that were going to make a nice little landing here and there we go throttle. Hold and now we are on the ground so well go ahead and hit throttle hold again, and i will flip into 3d mode and lets just test out the high and low rate here. Okay, so now im in idle up this gear mode, this gear mode is the one that puts you into idle up. This is the top left switch right here, so i should be able to go inverted at this point. Lets try some pitch bumps wow. It sounds really hopped up Music, look at that, you guys and im in full 3d mode now, so i have no stabilization and a 150 guys super small, its kind of hard to see with that tree background over there, so im actually kind of afraid to flip This thing upside down, but you know what we should do it anyway.

Oh boy way up there, nice and safe hey as long as its up in the blue right, and i wonder if i could switch into 6g. If i got scared, could i could i use the 6g switch as a bail switch, meaning this switch right here? Would it write itself? I wonder i dont want to try it with mine, but uh im going to go ahead and flip it and see what happens. All right it auto leveled, yeah, thats, pretty cool, see if i can switch back into 3d. Okay, so on the fly i dont have to land it and im going to go up here. Music. Do a forward flip there! That was cool! You definitely practice. Some inverted flying with this, but you know i feel as a beginner its kind of harder to fly. Like inverted. If you fly a smaller copter like a t, rex 500 is just easier to me to fly inverted. Then you know smaller 150 size, copter whoa hit the grass there i feel like i could do some aileron rolls. Maybe, oh, i heard a little bit of a blade uh jiffy there. Whatever that was. Is that a word jiffy peanut butter man? This thing is awesome. Super wound up – and you know this is what i was hoping for – a little bit of wine there at the top end of the throttle, thats to be expected, but right in the middle, its nice and juicy very cool and now im in high rate mode.

So i can even make it faster im gon na go back to low rate mode, because you know what im a sport pilot and i have no shame in being a sport pilot, not a full 3d pilot, but i could do some 3d. I could do some tick tocks things like that inverted and im scared to do a tick tock with this little guy, because i know i will stuff it so much fun im still going with this battery, even though im doing a little bit of 3d with it. I mean you know: i wouldnt really call this 3d just a pitch bump, but im loving this keeping my finger always on the throttle hold button, because, if you go into crash, a good tip for beginners is to flip that button as youre going in the crash. Just immediately flip throttle hold and thatll take all the power out of the motors out of the motor when it hits the ground. So you know if it does crash youll have at least you wont have the props engaged. That thing is wound up in idle up. Lets go ahead and take it out and hear the difference you can hear the rpms come down a little bit once im out of idle up. So now i wouldnt fly it inverted. You want to make sure that you use that top gear. Uh top gear switch right here to put it into idle up. If you do inverted flight or if you do any flips, you need to have it in in full idle up and its probably going to be about an 80 throttle.

100 of the time. Loving that im gon na go ahead and hit the bale switch. Real quick, put us back into uh 6g mode that stabilize mode – and you can see when i kind of let go of the stick there watch it go back to level isnt that cool Music. So neat, so really, if youre training 3d, you can keep your finger on this switch and this switch right here. Your throttle hold and your 6g 3d switch flip back into 6g. If you think youre going to crash – and it might save it, but you know with helis, you never know. One thing we always say to the field flying hell is never turn your back on a heli. You never know quite know where theyre gon na go wow. Beautiful little heli man, i was excited about this one. I think i was more excited about this one than the e sky 300., the e 300. That one is cool, but you know what i think this ones cooler, especially since it is ready to fly check out the r 8, not bad, going up elevator up elevator down just really fun to fly. You know, i think, were going to get like 10 minutes out of this battery. Oh shes dying here we go coming in for landing guys into the battery auto rotation hit throttle hold right before i hit the mat and we are done with this battery. How much fun was that you guys that was super cool.

I love helicopters. Do you guys love helicopters, make some comments down below what you think of the e150 by eachine? I think its just man, its a beautiful machine, lets just take this canopy off before we end this review, because you know what direct drive system its like a miniature goblin or something the headblock is super cool. Looking the flight controller looks huge on here. It looks like half of the size of the front of the whole heli here, carbon fiber side plates x, 2507 800 kv motor. I cant see the servo size but im hoping yeah. Those are metal gear servos. That is good news. Metal gear servos, full head block, fly barless, 3d and 6g mode. Oh theres, a yellow jacket, landing on my hand. He kind of probably thinks this might be a something he wants to eat and the rear motor just going to check on that see. If i can get that for you guys thats an 1103 5000k via rear of a motor – and it is a plastic tail blade, so you kind of want something plastic back here. When you go into land, you dont really want carbon and carbon back. There may not! Look cooler, but you know something has to give and if you have to replace this tail blade, this tail fan back here is going to be pretty cheap, but man that was a lot of fun. So you can check this one out in the link down below, and hopefully they come out with some canopies for this little guy, because this is a super cool release for me sheen.

But thanks again for watching my channel guys. Please subscribe because i have a giveaway for october. You can check that out. That is the flywoo cena race 20, coming up so about a 400 quad and it is dji fpv. If you want to get into that guys, im justin davis takes care and ill see.