This is a 6k foldable drone with brushless motors. It has a 2 axis gimbal in here it has sd card support and best of all, it has gps on board return to home, follow me orbit mode and all the bells and whistles on here for about 137 right now on the flash sale on vanguard’s website. You also can get a two to three battery version of this. It does come with a case and has plenty of room in here for the battery. The charger and everything fits in here has like a nice shoulder strap, so it can go over your shoulder like this and you can take it on a hike or up a mountain or on your bike for a ride, but it is a close proximity drone. I wouldn’t say it goes super far away: uh, maybe within a quarter mile to a half mile type of video transmission on here. It is five point g, uh, 5.8 wi fi on your phone, so uh it is a wi fi drone, but what’s nice about it is that it does have sd card support and it is around 2600 uh for the video resolution and 6k photos. So if you’re confused about the 6k name of this drone, it’s not actually 6k video it’s 6k photos, so it also has dual cameras on here. It has a bottom facing camera and you can switch between the front camera also having electronic stability control in here and the downward facing camera inside the app so that’s, pretty cool it’s.

The h fun app that we’re going to use today on this drone it’s going to hook up with no wi fi password. So this i have to say this is one of the easiest drones that i took out and hooked up to my app with my apple iphone. So i have an 11 pro. It also works with the max and android phone. So if you want to use the android h fun app, you can also do that there’s, a qr code in the instruction manual for that so just scan it and it’ll open it right up, and i think the best of all about this drone is that for, Like a trainer, beginner style drone, this has a longer flight time than some of the other ones that i’ve reviewed recently. This one has up to a 30 minute flight time and a 2 800 milliamp battery we’ll. Take a look at this drone, a little closer on the bench as well, but don’t forget to subscribe, make a comment down below for a giveaway. Coming up this june you’re, going to win one lucky subscriber on my channel is going to win this insta360 go and they’re going to win the flywood firefly hexa rotor. So this is a hexacopter that has a mount on the top for your brand new ins. 360. Go camera still new in the box with plastic wrap on it, so make a comment down below. Let me know where you’re from and subscribe and you’re good to go for june’s giveaways, so we’re going to give that away coming up this june very very soon.

Now so get your comment in there, and hopefully i ship this free to your door. So let’s go ahead and take this guy outside you guys let’s have some fun with it. Let me show you: the video and we’ll: do a still photo we’ll come back in we’ll. Take a look at it on the bench. Here we go guys the x 17 let’s go here. We go okay, my friends let’s go ahead and do the x 17 flight test. This is a cool looking drone in the air isn’t that cool. I love the props. With the orange tips on there, you can really see the edge of the props when i’m filming this i’m kind of close to it. So i really don’t want to get smacked with it, but it has a nice visual on the props, on the outside, of the props, which is cool and for beginners, go for the orange one and learn how to fly this line of sight first and then start Flying at fpv on your phone, i just think that learning how to fly line of sight learning that sticks helps you a lot. If you need to bring it back, not using the app. If you lose app, video it’s really important to be able to just see it line of sight and fly it back and land it. You can also hit the gps return to home, switch on the left hand, side of the transmitter.

Now inside the drone app. You can change from mobile to the phone view there. You can change multiple camera on there. You can change to vr non vr view. You can wear your phone on some box goggles, which would give you that sort of simulated fpv view which is pretty cool. So we can also change parameters in the camera from original to full stabilization on off hd photos. We want sound, recording that’s, pretty cool let’s turn that on, and i don’t think my sound recorded for some reason. Maybe i had to restart the drone for that to work, but it also records down to the sd card and to the image gallery inside the app and then you can download your videos straight to your phone from the drone, which is pretty cool. So we can also change some other things in there, but the first thing you really want to do before you take off and i’ve already done it once you only have to do it. One time is calibrate the compass at your newest location. Every time you choose a new location, you should recalibrate the compass so now i’m in video mode and i’m going to go ahead and take off and i’m going to show you what the video looks like on the phone. This is recorded right on the screen, and the cool thing about this is that it doesn’t seem to be a lot of lag. What do you guys think? I don’t see a whole lot of lag in this one for close proximity.

It works pretty good and i’m talking like quarter mile, so this is the kind of drone you want to take to that beautiful location and fly around right in that spot where you want to film. This is not the drone that you’re going to fly three miles out and find that beautiful, landmark and film it and then fly back that’s more of like a dji thousand dollar drone or an all tel robotics drone. You know this is basically a a toy drone, in essence, with a fancy camera on there. So the cool thing about this particular toy drone is that, while it flies good, it flies in some wind. It has multiple flight modes, which is ultra cool. It has low end high speed flight mode. If there is a little bit of wind, you can start out flying in low and then you can put it in high speed mode and it will most likely get back to home. You have a headwind. You want to watch out for that, but you also have an editor in here, along with the image gallery, you have enhancements for making your videos look a little better. As far as the color is concerned, you can brighten up the color and contrast the saturation, and you can also do i’ll leave some video editing with this app. You can add music to your recordings, which is kind of cool. If you want just have it youtube or facebook ready, you can do that right.

Here, i’m, just testing out the y’all see how the all acts and that’s the left to right turning motion. It doesn’t seem to have as much of a robotic feel in this drone. As much as some of the other toy drones like the old hub sand, drones really had a kind of a slow laggy feel to them, and even some of the bugs mjx rc series drones. This one felt a little more locked in which was cool. There goes our photo still and you can go into the gallery while you’re flying and check out your videos. You can also download them to your phone, but i suggest doing that after you land, because it takes probably about five to ten minutes to download a video to your phone right. There just buzzing the tower a little bit coming over top. You don’t want to fly over people one of the big goals, but this one is also by the way over 250 grams. You have to register this one in most countries out there, including in the u.s and coming in for a landing i’m, pretty happy with this drone. Yes, very good x17, i mean for the price you guys. This is. This is fun. This is fun for the price. I’M, not i’m, not at all upset brushless motors gps return to home works good and i’m going to show you that gps return to home i’m, going to test it out right next to the van so i’m, not sure anyone else has done this so close to Their vehicle, but we’re gon na see how close it should land within 10 feet of the home point and there you can download a video to my phone, but it does take a while.

So now we’re going to test out the home point landing and look how close it came. To my van, i mean within a foot to two feet of my van and within a foot or two of the original home point takeoff position, which is not bad as long as these drones come within like five feet or ten feet of the home point. That’S, pretty good, try not to take off uh. You know next to water or something like that, because you can come back and land in the water. You can also switch out of the return to home on this drone. So if you get a low battery it’s going to automatically come back to home, and once you get over the home point like this, you can switch that button again on the remote and take yourself out of return home and then you’re flying manually. Again then, you can also switch long press, the gps button on the top left and be able to turn on and off gps. That will make its fly in sort of like adding mode and adding mode is when the drone has no gps positioning. It still has altitude hold, but it doesn’t have gps hold, so it’ll, be like it’s drifting on ice, it’ll kind of go the direction that the wind’s blowing, if you’re, trying to put it in one spot and let go of the sticks, cool thing about gps drones. If you’ve never flown one, this is pretty awesome, because this drone let go of the sticks and it’ll, maintain its altitude and hold its position, and you can see the grass is blowing pretty good.

Today it was, it was windy out there, and this is the video from the sd card and it’s it’s. Looking pretty good, you can kind of see like fine details in the grass and again. This is closer to like 2.7 k resolution downloaded to the phone from the drone, but looking pretty cool, because when you get up to 2.7 k and 4k video that’s kind of the sweet spot for most video on drones today, if you get up into 6k, when You get a 6k and 8k drone. In my opinion, the video’s size just becomes massive. So unless you have a brand new computer, most people are not editing. 8K, video it’s insane i mean yeah, it looks great, looks ultra fine, but most monitors and tvs aren’t, even displaying 8k video at this point. So unless you’re, an extreme professional there’s, no reason to get an 8k drone. This makes your life harder and you need bigger. Sd cards, bigger computer, bigger everything, so i like to stick with 2.7 k format when i’m filming it just makes it easier to edit and then every once in a while, if i’m doing a 4k review, for you guys, i’ll do 4k video and this one’s, not Quite 4k, but hey it’s 1′, so you know i’m, not really complaining too much but i’m, really enjoying the way that this flies like this was one of those reviews that i i did. I took the drone out to the field and man i just so relaxed flying this drone.

It felt reliable it didn’t feel like it was going to fly away at any moment and as long as you stay within like two to three football fields, away from where your home point is you really don’t lose video? I did lose video once because i flew way out just to range test it beyond 400 meters and that’s, where i lost video, but look down at your transmitter and you can see the distance from the home point and go ahead and hit return home. When that happens and it’ll start flying back, wait a few minutes and eventually you’ll see it right over your head coming down for a landing so and look at this stationary shot right here, there’s, not a ton of jello. In this i mean it’s, comparable to the sjrc f11 drone that we flew, that was one of my favorites and that one’s that one’s closer to the 200 dollar range, i believe, it’s, not as good as the bugs 16 pro that’s, probably my top choice. Right now. For cheap dv, 4k drone but i’m, not mad at this drone at all. For the price like this is a good kid’s drone or someone who just wants to play around and fly a drone for fun man. This thing will make you happy. Yes, it will make you happy no problems at all, so i think this is kind of a win from jjrc i’m happy to see. Jjrc came back around because one of my old uh favorite toy drone companies, and i think there is views on banggood’s website there’s, like 105 star reviews on this drone, so um very acceptable, video good brushless motors on here and man, that’s cool.

You can also get some extra parts. I believe you get some extra propellers and things like that, but it is performing well long flight time get the two battery combo and you’ll you’ll have a lot of fun. Look at that isn’t that beautiful that is so beautiful to see this is a really really great day out today, i’m, so happy that i didn’t have big problems. Sometimes i come out and i have three of four drones crash and burn. This one did really really great let’s go back to the studio, all right guys welcome back from the flight test. What do you think about that? I mean you guys, watch all these drone videos and you probably watched other reviews on this particular drone, which most people were pretty happy with this for the price 137. 1′ on the banggood website’s, not bad. The flash deal right now is happening. I think for about eight days, so you can get it much cheaper than it was. There does appear to be a one battery, combo that’s like 1′, and then the two battery combo is going gon na be 159. So if i were you, i would get the two battery combo. They also have shipping from china or from the usa. So if you’re in the u.s, they now have a california warehouse which is super awesome, so it ships super fast, but i think it’s cool. The drone itself was around 500 grams, total takeoff weight and i think it’s comparable to something like the sjrc f11.

That was a 4k drone that i did review on the channel a while back and that one’s in competition with the mjx rc bugs 16 pro and if you’re asking me, which one should i get, should i get the the bug 16 pro or should i get The the pilot from jjrc, it seems like they tried to spell pilot there, but they put p o. I l t a point of interest who knows a chinese version of spelling pilot, i guess but ready to fly. It has a 3s battery and this battery is a 2850 milliamp battery and it has a pin harness here for plugging into the back of the drone. It is a slide, mount battery, push button, release right here, and it is 3s battery it’s also chargeable, with the usb cable that comes along with it plugs into that little port right. There it’s like a single pin port there, and it takes about three hours to charge up each of these batteries. Now, when i got mine for some reason, they sent me three batteries, which i was super stoked with, so i was able to fly it quite a bit today and it was actually pretty windy when i flew now, you do want to calibrate the compass when you Turn everything on and you load up the h, fun app go to the wi fi connect, the wi fi and then go ahead and calibrate the compass inside the app the h fun app that i use seemed pretty simple, really simple: to use.

First thing: you’re going to do is turn on your transmitter and what’s cool about this. Is that a lot of these type of drones? They have connection issues out past, like a quarter mile to a half mile, so the cheaper ones, just with the wi fi on board don’t, go quite as far so it’s nice that there is telemetry on screen here. So you can see the height that the drone is, you can see the speed and you can see the distance from the home point right here. So if you lose video connection to your phone, you can restart the app and push return to home, open back up the app, and once you see the drone getting back closer to you, then you can go ahead and press return home again and stop it once You can kind of have a visual on the drone again and open back up wi fi, and you should see that wi fi is back in your list of wi fi availability, so you can connect back to it, no wi fi password and then you should see The image returned to the phone, so that was the one thing i had when i flew out of range and that’s happened on some of the other ones out there too, like the bug 16 pro it doesn’t go super far, but for the price it gets. Fantastic. Video now it also has a gps on off switch right here, so if you’re indoors, the optical flow would take over and the optical flow is on the bottom here, i believe it’s this camera, and it also says it has a switchable from front camera to bottom Camera and that’s in the app tube, which is also pretty cool, i’m, happy to see that they have brushless motors on this one.

You know two years ago, even we didn’t have it’s very rare. That you’d find something like this. This scale with brushless motors for around 130 bucks, it just seems like we’re, getting better and better drones, all the time and things are getting cheaper and also a lot of stuff’s getting smaller and high more high quality camera sensors. So i’m happy with this gimbal. I wish it was a three axis, but i really can’t complain too much. It is a two axis gimbal and i love that it has microsd card support on the side right there and i used a 64 gigabyte, and this is the one that i’ve recommended on the channel before this one’s also available from banggood. But these are like on the cheap super cheap, and just i usually pick up a handful of these. I had them send me a bunch of them for testing and so far they’re doing great. They also have little feet on the very bottom. These are little rubber feet. You can see the led light which you can turn on and off and the battery slides in the back right here. This release has to be pressed, and then you can pull it out. Just like that, you can see the battery bay up inside there. Gps is on the very top. So when you’re loading up the home point make sure you don’t stand over top of the drone, i think a real world flight test time of maybe somewhere around i’d, say 24 minutes on a windy day, and i really like that.

It has leds on the bottom and i’ll go for the the orange one. If you can it doesn’t seem like on the website you can choose which one you get. You might get a black one, you might get a green one or you might get an orange one, but i really like this orange one. I think this one’s super cool, it’s, really cool so inside the case. Let’S, look in the case here’s, my third battery, so cool that i got three batteries and let’s just go ahead and turn gps off real quick. We could almost fly it right now in the house. If we did that long, press, yeah long press and that turns the gps off, so you also have start motor here, which will spill spoil up the motor. You have headless mode return to home on this switch right here. If you long press it, it should go into headless mode. If you single press it it’ll return to home, then we also have a compass function up here and we have auto takeoff and auto land there and long press for starting video from the controller and single press for a photo. Three double a batteries in the back. As well and in the case like i said, you have plenty of room here for adding extra batteries, transmitter goes here, extra batteries here usb charger and you have extra props. So you get four extra props in here, which is very nice and a screwdriver for taking those props on and off they’re held on by two bolts on top of each brushless motor.

And you also get instruction manual and you you have a quick start guide for the app as well from h, fun and you get a mesh pouch on this side for your accessories. So i think, it’s cool that you can get all this for a pretty decent price and, if you’re looking for something a little bit cheaper than the bug 16 pro this is. This is not bad. I i feel like this is acceptable and i’m i’m. I’M amazed at the price like 1′ dollars is, is kind of crazy, even for the two battery version 159 it’s kind of a no brainer. So, if you’re thinking about getting into flying drones, this is like the ultimate starter package with gps. I mean i would even fly this in the backyard this. This is one of the best uh flying jjrc gps drones that they’ve released. This seems to be like their flagship drone for 2020.. I don’t know if they’ll release anything better years. Past say five years ago i was flying jjrc and a lot of it was cheap trash toy drone stuff, but i don’t feel like this one’s trash. I feel like i could have easily have my kids flying this one and teach them just how to fly from the sticks. First learn all the stick, orientation and that’s. You know this is this is mode two, so it has throttle on the left, but it’s also switchable, it’s switchable to mode one or mode.

Two. You see right now, it’s in mode one so it’ll be throttle on the right. You wan na make sure that you absolutely have this baby in a mode two. If you take off, if you’re in north america, so that’s usually how we fly. But i believe you can long press one of the buttons there and change it back to mode two. So thanks again for watching this review guys, this was super super simple and fun to do. I had no problems with this flying this this week and there’s other drones out there that i just couldn’t get the app to connect, no matter whether i use android phone or an apple ios, and this one just loaded right up, and i love it when the Camera just pops up and we’re ready to fly so calibrate your compass put your sd card in before you take off and enjoy recording some pretty decent video on a two axis: gimbal gps, drone, foldable and 6k photos on here for a super duper cheap price. One of the probably one of the best deals that banggood has out there right now so um. You can pick one of these up at the link down below and get started flying drones. And if you like what you see go ahead and subscribe on the channel guys, i have more honest reviews coming up for you in the future.