This is our second video in a series, and this is ashland, and this is one of the famous reading outdoor properties, we’re reviewing it’s a nice change from dark water, which is where we started. This is more of a mountainous, open trails, wooded area and there’s. Two zones to it, the one we went to was the one right behind the red, white, blue automobile store and it’s nice open trails. You can bring your bike, you can bring atv, you can bring your side by side, there’s plenty of room and really no restrictions. As far as size, just no room for full size, you can check the website. We actually got the permit for all the regions for about 175 for the year uh it’s well worth it. We’Ve spent plenty of time here: it’s uh, it’s, very nice – and here you know the big. The big grab. I think for people is the big huge pile of gravel and coal and anthracite where there were. They were mining at one point and now it’s not an active site anymore, but we went up on the top and you know: do some donuts and spinning around had a good time. Uh just be careful if there’s some steep drop offs and the hill goes a long way down. So be really careful. You will see some steam vents from the nearby centralia fire that’s been burning underground for many years, but you can do some exploring and find some of those with some steam coming out.

It’S a really nice area. We recommend it and we had a lot of fun driving around for the day. Hey there we’re here at ashland and we’re doing a little bit of exploring real, quick and a lot of dead ends, but not too bad. As far as uh the gps goes um. We have made it a little bit from the parking lot and running around a little bit and we’re gon na see how things are are going, but so far ashland is definitely a different uh it’s, a mountain, basically, a mountain where dark water is a long strip. Mine with mountains, uh ashland, so far so good. We, like it the good part about ashland, is you can bring people of all different levels you don’t have to go up on on the hills and the rocks if you don’t want to and there’s some wide open riding and so people who want a lot of Mud it’s not really the super muddy place, maybe after a good rainstorm, it is but there’s not a lot of water and rain mud to run through, but other than that. Some good open trails, you’ll notice that the uh open water pits are out. There you’ll see some blue and some turquoise and brown and that’s some of the minerals that in the water and iron ore, it’s not an open mining facility, so you shouldn’t have to run into any machinery again.