This video is brought to you by privacy. Take your online payment security to the next level in 2021, using privacy special promo for our viewers. This is the 2021 ford mach e, and this is one of those cars that a lot of you probably been waiting to see and they’re out on the roads now, especially in california. So i got my hands on one and i’m going to take it for a spin. Take my wife and my two sons along to see if this might be the perfect car for you and your family, especially if you’re looking for a family crossover, suv ev with 300 miles of range. So that is what we’re talking about here today on timbit davinci Music. If you look at the door, i kind of was surprised at how far it goes down below the ceiling area. I’Ve never seen that before and the reason why clearly is this is where the batteries go and i don’t remember ever seeing it so pronounced on my tesla, so uh i’m, not exactly sure why that is but yeah all right so to talk about if the model E the model e all right, all right so to see if the ford maki is right for your family let’s talk about what the back seat looks like the cargo area and how strollers are going to work out so first of all, get in the back. This is your button, it’s, actually kind of cool.

You just push that button door opens a little bit and you just grab it with your handle, and you can see here that ford put a little rubberized section here to make it easier to grab onto, whereas on the front. Since you have this weird handle, which i actually don’t like you don’t have that so there’s no liner or anything it’s just handle spaceballs. We have a lot of room that front seat is far forward but um. Even then, i think there’s going to be a good amount of room for for for car seats and stuff. First let’s talk about the hook, options that you have so here. You’Ve got two on this side, marked by these little labels here and you’ve got two on this side as well, and if you wanted to use a middle seat, you would just grab one from each of these. The pile of parent youtube, car testing all right. First, car seat: here we go, the opening is nice and tall. You notice that the car doesn’t start drooping for a little bit, so for that reason, it’s easy to get the car seat in and this car seat is for my three year old. So he is forward facing and i’ll just use the seat belt. One thing about the seat belt is: when you move the car seat forward, not that not the car seat, the the seat of the car forward, the seat belt is actually right behind it.

So, as a result, it’s kind of stuck now so i might have to open it up, drop it a little and then make sure the seat belt strap is on top of the seat before you close it yeah there you go. We have this diono, which my wife found to be the most slim car seat. So, if you’re worried about shoulder room for the other people in the car, highly recommend this car seat and we’ll have a link to it and as far as like the headroom and like being in here, to do all this way more comfortable on model. Three very similar to the model y. All right so now jump back in the back and i’ll show you how the the back hook connects so in the teslas, because this back doesn’t lift in my car and then why i did lift didn’t it and the y did lift in my three. This is all fixed, so i had to go over that which is kind of weird it kind of puts pressure up there, but for this situation you would lift the suit up feed this through here and then come down and hook and then tighten we’ve got the Rear facing infant seat, which my 10 month old, 10 month old 10 month old, is using now so latch out, and here we go now. Let’S uh put the seat in and see how much room is left for a third adult.

So i’m, 5 11 180 pounds shoulder room seems pretty good, actually it’s quite comfortable back here. I still have quite a bit to go before i would hit anything car seat. One and two are both in and headroom is actually shockingly good and the reason why, as you zoom out you’ll, see the design and the coloring of the trim makes it look like the car tapers right here, but it actually rises right back up and the glass Line is actually quite high compared to where it looks like it is here so it’s kind of a design of giving it that felt kind of sleek look, but at the same time, leaving all that headroom pretty pretty nicely done and the bump here you can tell Where it starts to taper is behind a person’s head which is really nice, so the entire seating configuration is is comfortable, there’s, no adjustment forward or back for this row and i’m wondering if there’s an adjustment to tilt the seats let’s try that out no yeah. So i don’t know if every configuration has it. This is the first edition premium and it doesn’t have any sort of a seat rocking forward and back so it’s, just a fixed rear seat. Now, if you jump back here, one thing that is really cool this model again: the premium has the push button closed trunk. It also has the leg kick so you just kind of sweep your foot if you have groceries and stuff and it’ll close itself as well, and then this is really clever.

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If you have one kid and it fits this way, pretty easily looks like, and i think it would fit this way, just fine as well. Oh yeah, you could actually get two of these like on top of each other and it would be fine. I should say one thing so, because the ford mach e doesn’t have that false door like the tesla model y. Does you don’t have a lot of storage down here, so there’s, nothing back there and there’s a small little area for your charging cables and a repair kit, that’s kind of cool. They give you a little repair kit if you have a flat tire and the reason why is evs typically don’t have spare tires on board so because you don’t have that area you’re losing out on an entire like luggage, airline carry on bag, and so, as a Result, whatever you put up here, is going to start eating into your space and then your next piece of luggage. You can quickly see how that’s not supposed to be here. The opening is really wide isn’t that more wider than normal or the same like there’s, not a big dip, typically like the opening, is smaller than the actual interior, but this is actually pretty much as wide as it gets so that’s, really nice and again it is A fastback sloping roof you’re not going to get the full like honda, crv size, ready, pretty good. Is it comfy, so that’s a full size stroller, and this is a travel stroller a little bit lighter and put that on top of that still has no problem and let me go ahead and just close it real quick.

So you can see how that thing flexes here we go there’s that classic forward sound while it closes yeah, no problem all right. The one thing we didn’t do last time in the model y which we wanted to do was a double stroller. These things are massive uh. Usually when my wife says let’s go somewhere and take a double stroller, i try to convince her to just stay home but here’s what it would look like if you had to use it all right. Next let’s get these kids in the car seat and go to the beach. What do you think it’s a freezing 70 degree day here in san diego in february? So what do you think go to the beach good idea, Music: get directions to electrify america, one option! I found is electrifying america on friars road. Let me know if i should call one of them or get directions for you. Okay, so i have my apple carplay for maps and i’m navigating somewhere and my wife says it’s cool. So i bring up the controls for hvac, but it blocks the entire screen and i can’t see anything and then, when i come back to our to apple carplay, it takes a minute to come back that’s, really bad ui. There has to be a little mini control kind of like what tesla does where there’s. What does three buttons of auto mean? What does that mean, and the fact that the bottom area is dedicated to hvac? Controls is cool but like, for example, let’s control.

The blower. Now i can’t just i have to come in there and then this pops up and then adjust the blower from here. The same goes for like the seat heater level like typically, you would just click it three times, click it once it’s on all the way. Then two then one then zero this i have to click it and then drag my fingers to do that and then hide it again. I don’t know not too different, but these are all things i think ford needs to clean up the interest of being quick and easy to handle while you’re driving. Oh, you got to show this. This is this is what is way better than tesla? Is this view right here? Look at that bird’s eye stitched together view that shows you, the entire car from, like an overhead view, killer all right and charger unavailable, of course, of course not available. This is the port that tesla has to create for uh tesla owners, because if ever i had to, in a pinch, go to one of these stations, i wouldn’t be able to right now, because tesla doesn’t have the adapter all right now. Take my money ready. One is ready, two is unavailable, unbelievable, so this is supposed to be like the tesla supercharger, where you actually have the handshake with the vehicle. And so, if you have a charge card on file with the company, it should just start charging and it did just it authorized and i haven’t touched or done anything and it is starting to charge.

So that is cool um three two out of the four chargers being unavailable: isn’t cool, but listen to that. That is a lot louder. A lot louder than the uh supercars don’t do that they have no screen of any kind, it’s, probably cheaper, to build, but so we’re getting uh, please unplug, what no, no, no, so it it assumed that i had a 65 state of charge requirement. For that bizarre. I wanted to charge much higher than that, so that’s how it goes through the steps you’re connecting the vehicle. Seven. What on earth is this? Oh lord, it just rebooted. If this is running windows, we are in deep trouble. My friends i’ll tell you that right now you got ta twist it to make it fit, which is a little bit of a puzzle game here. Please windows don’t crash on me now somehow, knowing this running windows just makes me unhappy, i can’t explain it it’s, not good. You know knowing the underlying operating system, why is it running windows, okay, he’s getting mad at me for not um taking over? I am ready to take over my feet, are all in position uh. It says, resume control it yeah, so it actually started slowing down and it said, take take over. I think the tesla’s the same thing except the tesla if i’m wrong, if i’m not wrong, it won’t go back into autopilot again, not until you like park and get out of the car.

So one time it happened, we had to pull over and uh start the trip over again that’s. What happens if i try to do it again now, yeah, that was it there. We are yeah, i think, it’s, all right, Music and yeah i’m driving. So the the ford maki uh fun fact is much more forgiving. If, for whatever reason you just don’t like tesla and now you’ve just been waiting for a really compelling ev. Well guess what we finally have one the ford machi and you can get one. You know lowly equipped with the tax credit, maybe close to like 50 grand, which isn’t a small amount of money, but it isn’t 80 000, like a model s or a e tron or an i pace. It is let’s call it middle of the road practical and for families that are looking at that price point. This is a car that should definitely be on your list. It’Ll come down to things like charging infrastructure, for example. The charging at home is very much the same. The car comes with the nema 1450 to a ccs charging standard, so you can charge it home. In fact, for me, i have a nema, 1450 i’d unplug, my tesla charger and plug this in and i’d be fine on the road you’re gon na find that i’m gon na do a follow on video, to figure out exactly how good the electrify america network is Because, at my very limited time with the car, i was not impressed.

That is one of the big key identifiers. The second is just looks. You know there’s tons and tons of tesla’s out there, you’re gon na stand out a little bit more. This car looks especially gorgeous in this red color. I think the tesla’s do as well. In fact, maybe my next tesla will be a red one for that reason, but if you want a 280 mile to 300 mile range ev that pretty fast, pretty fun and beautiful, and if you prefer those things about it, i i can honestly tell you this car Should be on your list really cool car hope you guys like this video. If you want me to do more stuff or cover more stuff, let me know you know we have kids, we have car seats and strollers that’s going to be kind of our thing. Whenever we review a car we’ll be sure to add that stuff to it because most videos, you watch, you think oh that’s, a great car, then you go: stick your car seats in there and it’s. Nothing like that after that. So hopefully that gives you a little more perspective on it if you’re new hit that subscribe button and join us if you’re a patreon. Thank you so much uh. So your support on patreon really is what makes the show possible, and we really appreciate all of you check out our channel there’s, probably other videos that you would like, like the review of the model y third row, which you probably have seen or you would like To see and um yeah, this is ricky davinci.

This is the ford mach e.