We are losing light quickly, so im just going to get to it. The first part im just going to use the controller and not the app and then the second part im going to add the functionality of the app as well. So just turn it on im going to press this for a couple seconds. The lights start coming on. Im just going to put it over here, theyre blinking and then im going to get open this up press on off button. I dont know if you can see the blinking red lights here and then up and down youll get the drone ready to take off. I can start the motor spinning by just pushing and then just push it up and it has optical flow, but i guess its not working well in this breeze, so its its flowing it debris. It should hold steady, the optical using the optical flow, but it is not. It is just flying with the breeze, unfortunately, im just guessing that either its calibrating or it is not recognizing the green grass. It doesnt have enough granularity, so im just going to try to take it over the helipad and then, as you can see, the the breeze is increasing a little bit and just keeps coming towards me um. It is holding for now right now its holding and right now i cannot take any videos or pictures because it needs the app the phones memory to save everything.

It doesnt have a micro sd card, its kind of struggling a little bit when the breeze increases, but its holding its pretty good, actually im pretty impressed. It took it a little a bit time to kind of recognize the downward camera angle, probably and the altitude holding as well as you can see im not touching anything. I have not been touching anything for a while now and it is holding so lets. Try some of the other functionality and which is theres the headless mode im just going to press this button, one short time and the lights blinking, so im going to turn it towards me and then push it yeah as soon as i turn it around. It kind of lost, i think, orientation a little bit in the headless mode, but it i mean its working im pushing its just. The wind has increased quite a bit and im going to rotate the other way see if its going to fly a little better. Maybe it just internally calibrates which way its facing and then, when you turn it the other way it kind of loses its orientation a little bit until it recognizes the image there may be some image processing going on internally from the camera below. If i put my hand under the optical foam sensor its going to effect, you can see that its following my hand, because now its looking at my hand and trying to keep it in the in the image so its good.

So if i go right its going to go to my right and go left its going to go to my rate set this mode and now im going to switch back by pressing that button one more time so its a regular mode, it will. It may take a couple seconds, but it is stable again and let me land it and then im just going to show you the one key takeoff landing and i just pushed all the way and then stopped the motors so with the one one key take off. Im just going to press this button one time not long, because if i press it for a couple seconds its just going to turn off the more the minutes, the immersion stop. So one press. It goes up again its trying to probably recognize the image from the camera underneath: hey buddy dont eat it. Okay and let me take it up a little bit. Probably the wind is more up there, its going to be able to still recognize and be able to maintain its location yeah. It is going back and forth, but probably seeing me – and i may be a small speck in its camera, but it is holding pretty good. Maybe like 30 feet up just going to bring it down so im, just controlling it, so that it doesnt drift while its coming down. Because when you are stuck when you are starting to move it kind of loses calibration or recognition of the image image is changing.

From the camera, because i its getting closer to the ground and then once it recognize the image and stops moving, then its fine, its quite stable and then theres this button, it says tuning or trimming in the i. I think it lost orientation a little bit. Let me try to get it on the helipad and see if it can sit there without moving okay, its stabilized again, it is quite breezy for such a small drone, but so this i was talking about this button. I dont know what it does. Somebody suggest it may be the speed button, so im going to press so its at two times. I dont know if it made any difference in terms of going forward and backwards in the speed i press again and just one one beep yeah. I think it may have made it just slight difference. It has three speed settings in the app, not just two – i think thirty percent, sixty percent and hundred percent, and then there is also return to home button. If i long press this one, it should return home. So im going to take it forward a little bit and then once its stabilized its trying to come back with the wind, but on stabilizers over there im going to long press this. It should start coming towards me, oh its going in the wrong direction. Okay, im going to intervene and then just bring it back so into just stop it from going in the wrong direction.

What you do is just you play with play with the stick on the right, and then it gets out of that mode, but the wind has been affecting it, so i should probably do it on a less windy day this test again, but once it stabilizes its Your hands off, as you can see, now, im going to land it and then start the app, and i may also change the battery. So it has a little bit of juice, so lets put in the new battery it just slides in like this. It is all good now im going to start my screen capture so that you can see what im doing all right lets first connect to its wi fi. It is this one: its got wi fi 1080p, its connecting its done and then im just going to start. The h fun thats, the app it uses theres a calibrate function, which i didnt. I probably there is a combination of these sticks on this one as well, but im just going to calibrate. It says calibrating good and then go to start so theres a lot of functions, but the first thing i want to do is start capturing some video. Unfortunately, this doesnt hold well. I accidentally pressed the auto take up so it took off and i think i also pressed the photo button. So i took a picture. Lets. Take a couple pictures im going to take a picture using the app.

So this is the picture and then, as you see, it, took one and then saved it. Let me take go higher, take one of myself, hello, Music and then im going to take another one using the controller. Now this holder is not that good, so im holding my phone in my other hand, but the photo button im going to actually it is recording media. Maybe i accidentally press video, recording im going to stop that and then press the photo button – Music, okay, so its saved it. So, im going to show it like this, so that it knows im i cant tell that i was you know taking it that picture with the controller and im going to press the video record button over here on the controller. So it should have re recording right now and again it is hands off right now, as you can see, and lets get a little higher and then rotate around and see how the scenery is how the video quality is its drifting a little bit im going to Increase the speed, okay, the speed is already at 100 percent, so thats good im going to push it forward, so it is im not breaking my neck uh. It takes a little bit of time for it to stabilize it has stabilized im, trying to turn very slowly around make like a 360 turns pretty quickly and then its drifting okay, its drifting lets move it forward, so i dont lose it and bring it down its Coming down so this is definitely not for high vents, but when you are close to the ground it does the optical flow.

Pretty good doesnt move much as you can see. Let me bring it close to me so its stabilized, as you can see, and just im going to rotate it around as slow as i can with this one just to give it a small movement just rotates very fast, as you can see all right every time. I rotate it just kind of uh. The image is changing from the optical flow camera and it is losing a little bit of its calibration to stay in the same place. Okay, what else does it have well lets? Look at the different menus: there is this uh button for digital uh zoom function up to 50 times, and then there are these uh different filters that you can apply to your video as you can see – and this was not working probably and lets go back to This one and then lets turn off the this one. I think there is a functionality for following the hand, lets see if its going to work, it says stay about 1.5 meters and then hold my hand like this okay, it recognized it. I think for a second or so so lets see if it can follow it, its recognizing but its, not okay. Can it come to the side Music? It is recognizing, but not following im, not sure it did something but im. I dont know what it was and i think it came out of that mode, and then there is this mod where you can give it like a to follow and how do we engage it? How do we engage? Is it to turn it on? Hmm, i dont know how to engage that yeah its not doing it, but i i drew the path but its not doing anything.

Okay. What does this have? Okay, this is the fun one. I think you can choose a music and then make a lucky music video. I think lets see. Is it stable over there? Can i see myself lets make a music video lets. Make a music video uh choose music lets pump up the volume again hands free. I hope it was recording all right still stable. I mean during that time i was not doing anything and then now the battery is low, its landed. That was fun well, i dont know about you, but it was fun for me at least well folks. This is a really nice little drone. I really like it compared to the other one that i got the vizio. It feels higher quality well made and flies really good. That optical flow positioning sensor works wonders. You know once its stabilized, its quite stable, yeah, so whats. The final verdict is it worth 31? Absolutely would i pay more absolutely. I would have paid more up to 50 dollars, probably for this one. It is fantastic. It came with two batteries. The control is really nice and solid. I i would call this one: a transition drone its like something between the toy drone and hobby grade drone. You know most people call it probably a toy drone, but for me this is actually a sub 50 dollar transition drone. Where you just want to get into it. We are not sure its stable enough.

It hovers really well at the whole altitude hold and once even with this breeze today, it was able to hold its location. While i was doing other things for about a minute, so it is quite good. You know when you change the altitude and location, give it a couple of seconds to recognize the image coming from the camera below, so that it can actually balance itself, and i i didnt even get to do. Try out the follow me functionality and master mode, but its really nice, and it has it can, as you can see, flip the the camera and its i found like there are also split screen functionality and all that, so you can. Let me start recording, because i want to show you so its recording right now, so this is the front camera only. This is the rear camera seeing on the bottom, and then you get this split screen, so it is using my phone camera as an overlay. The bottom camera, as well as the front camera, and then it can also the side by side all those three side by side and you know any other combination. So this is the my phones other camera, so you can do a lot of different things with this. It they did a really great job with the app i think its. I wish they had a better manual because i wasnt able to decipher everything but im sure there are some videos and i need to play with it all a little more so i mean there are so many different functions as you can see combinations of all these Different types of camera, positioning and overlays – whom would i recommend this? Well anybody who wants to start cheap and get their feet wet with the drones? This will be a great drone if you have been playing with those micro or mini drones at home.

You know this. Will be a logical next step. Those drone may not have had camera. This was sold as 1080p, so that means like 2 megapixel. It should be hd, but when i was checking the videos that ive been taking with the camera, i was just seeing that 720p. So its like corresponds to 0.9 megapixels, but thats okay, i mean i wasnt expecting much after paying only 30 31 dollars. So thats fine with me. Do i have any complaints. Yeah there may be a couple. The batteries were difficult to remove. So you know they were all tight in there as i continued using it. I think they got better, so they are coming off easier now, um. Another thing is, i wish they had a really micro sd slot. I would have paid like 20 more if it had a micro sd slot, maybe thats next, maybe theres another model because, as you can see, there is a little slot over there, but it goes nowhere, so it theres a location for it, but they havent put it Yet so i like foldable drones, the plastic quality is good. There is one issue, though, which is when i was trying to take off the batteries this top came off, so it is not screwed in. It is just goes into these four little holes with these plastic pins over here, and i may have to just put a little bit of hot glue and then glue it in they probably did it for a purpose so that they can easily remove its just a Nuisance when you are trying to get the barrier sometimes just comes off but other than that, its fantastic, its really nice, very lightweight, very responsive and it doesnt have those flip functionality or you know the different things that those micro adrenals toy drones do but thats.

Okay, this is not meant to be a toy drone for just flipping it around. You know one thing i i wish they put in a separate button for three different uh settings of speed. You know 30, 60 and 100 like the app, because i like being able to fly without using my phone and just using the the transmitter. Let me turn this off, so i dont accidentally take off theres, still juice inside and turn this one off as well. By long pressing that button so, but i dont like about this one is you know you try to put it in? As you see, my phone is a big phone and the foam on the bottom is not holding in place. I mean its barely holding, but a few times it came loose while i was flying so it can get distracting. I wish they made it a little sturdier and not like flimsy plastic. You can see that the plastic bends a little bit like that so thats. My gripe about the control other than that it is a nice size fits my hand well, and i, like these protrusions on the bottom, makes it so much easier to hold and control everything. So this is my review again. I i wouldnt take any stars: five out of five stars: zero being lowest five feet being highest ill, buy it again. If i didnt have it, i recommend it to anybody who would like to start with a drone or want to buy their second drum after playing with toy drones, so the camera quality.

We are going to see what the pictures and videos look like. They are not great, but they are okay, just for trying something out. This is a great drone to start and it comes with everything with two batteries i mean you cannot go wrong with it, so i have more drone videos coming so please stay tuned. If you like, the video, please do not forget to hit that like button and if you like my videos, if you want to come back to my channel, please subscribe and leave any comments you may have down and i will respond to them in a couple days. I will try. I have a full time job, but i i try to catch up with all my all my comments on the youtube channel so again, thank you for watching. Take care, keep healthy and safe, see on this.