So this is the one its connecting and it has connected so now, im just going to start the app, which is the 8, no, which one is it h1 pro, is the app just going to start play. So we already have the image coming from the drones. Camera and im going to try to start the camera using this video button record button over here lets see if its going to start it its blinked, but i dont think it is recording anything because i dont see this camera on the app turned on so im. Assuming that its not recording lets try the same thing with the photo and see if its going to take a picture, so this button over here is the photo im going to press it and the lights blinked once. But i didnt see anything coming here so now. Im just going to take a photo using this okay now its recorded something because i can see a little image hovering for about a second and im going to start the video now its started counting. So it is recording lets, try to push put this here by the way i accidentally pressed the auto takeoff button. While i was trying to Music put the phone in place now, this holder is not. I tried this yesterday i had the same result. My phone is too thick for this. It is not holding it so im going to hold it separately. Unfortunately, i have to do that its going to be a little tricky holding the boat like this, but i think i can manage its kind of like look outside some little brighter im already getting a little bit of interference on the video im, not sure whats, causing It all right, so it is very stable, as you can see, im just holding im, not touching anything.

This is just hovering in one place. Let me get it up a little bit, so i can see myself actually and im just going to now. Stop the video and take a couple pictures lets see how they look and smile and lets take a couple pictures of our cycle. Okay, i dont know what caused it. Maybe it was trying to follow me when i moved it starts moving as well and it hit the wall so im just going to check the legs or the arms theyre, so folded, so im going to take off again all right, so its definitely drifting its crazy. All right, i had to play an emergency landing, so i dont know why it went crazy like that im, not sure if i to press something like a follow me mode, it says non fixed mode, im, not sure what the app is doing right now. But if you look youll see that theres something blinking here, it says non fixed mode. I dont know if that caused any issue over here i dont know what that mode is non fixed mode. Okay, let me try again from over here Music, but i mean just kind of went crazy, im, not sure if it was trying to follow my phone or something im moving it right now and its not doing that, but it just went crazy before so right now, Its okay im going around it, but its just so scary, just flew Music yeah.

I can affect my hands so its kind of like i went crazy two times so that kind of scares me not ideal, but i think uh. The indoor testing is done for now. Im just going to land this here and then yeah whenever its over the table, just kind of all right safely landed im going to continue my testing outdoors so that i can test out the other features like the headless mode.