I am so excited. Look im going to record you im, recording you right now. Do you see that little light say hi whats up everyone? My name is sarah dietschy rhymes with peachy. Welcome to another video uh, what is so cool about? These is facebook. You know approached ray ban, a very reputable company, obviously when it comes to sunglasses. So i think people are already gon na be familiar with the look and the style, and then they added those two cameras plus a microphone plus speakers to listen to music without headphones. Its actually like a pretty crazy experience, i i cant wait to try it, but lets start with unboxing these okay. I specifically asked for the round ones because they they uh, do better on my face. So shout out thanks guys, this looks like very nice packaging. Okay, so we got ray ban stories round shiny black frame with green lenses ooh, so these uh glasses are coming in at 299. The ray bans that i have just for you know normal sunnies. Those are about, i think, like 130, and i have a few pairs of those. So obviously i guess, if youre going to have tech built in you know the price. The price will reflect that. Okay, the case is a really nice leather super hard and sturdy. Oh okay, this is giving me major uh, snapchat spectacles, vibes, im, sorry, facebook, i just had to say it, but the best part of this is one because its ray ban im going to expect a higher quality of glasses.

Already just touching these, it doesnt seem as like, thick and bulky as i would have expected. Um the spectacles snapchat spectacles that originally came out in 2016, the second version of 2018.. Those were just like those were pretty bulky and the first iteration of those had those yellow circles around them, and so here, as you can tell you its actually kind of hard to even see the cameras which is really great because hey these are sunglasses first right. So you can see the two cameras on the side. I think its time to try these bad boys on moment of truth. Oh my gosh, i have a big head, theyre already a little tight, but oh, how are these green lenses? They look extremely dark. Are you like a green tent? Do they look like normal glasses, or do they look somewhat special okay, theyre cute theyre cute? I like them. I like them. There is a usbc um, a little port back here and youre, going to charge the case and when youre done with the sunglasses, you can put them back in the case and, as you can see they charge in the case, this is going to have a battery Life of like six hour normal use and then, if you were just constantly using them, you know like shooting videos with the camera and playing music and podcasts via the speakers um talking on the phone. That would be three hours of continuous battery life, which i think is is reasonable for the size of the arm.

As you can see here, this is the button youre gon na press to capture the video and then its a long press to capture the photos. As you guys can see here, there is a physical switch. This is going to physically turn the camera on and off so its like, actually hardwired to the cameras. So you know facebook wants to prioritize privacy here and make sure like hey. If you want those cameras off theyre off, as you can see here on the right right next to the ray ban, logo is where that connector is going to be to charge, and basically you drop them like this theres kind of like a magnet that holds it In place, and then you have an led indicator that shows you hey. These classes are charging okay, so lets look. What is in the box download the facebook view app thats how youre gon na interact with your content youll be able to share things. You know obviously straight to instagram and facebook stories, honestly uh for me personally, i use instagram stories all the time i dont think ive used snapchat and well honestly, since the spectacles too, so its been like three or four years, i just dont use snapchat, so something Uh that you know looks good is shareable straight to the apps that i actually use. I think its going to make more sense for people like me, so you have safety and warranty. So this is all of the literature.

Oh, you have this very nice very soft case. I imagine this is for just transporting your glasses outside of the case, because, if you put the glasses in the case with this, you wont be able to charge so its good to have that option lets see. We have some more literature. The reference guide im very excited to take a phone call with these uh glasses, see how the quality is and then included in the box is a usbc to usb cable for charging awesome, fantastic, okay, so lets connect this to the view app before we go out And about all right lets, get your glasses paired and up to date, okay, so to connect via bluetooth uh. We start by turning on the glasses slide and hold the power switch over here, um towards the lens. Until the notification led starts, blinking white. Looking for a white led okay, we are getting a green light on the other side. Notifications everywhere choose your glasses below ray band round. Oh, this is so exciting, so were gon na bluetooth pair them activating i dont know if ive mentioned this uh yet, but these two cameras they are five megapixel cameras. The video that it will be recording is 14 14 by 14 14.. So it will be a square and then it will crop accordingly. Vue would like to find and connect to the devices on your local network, so were downloading an update okay, so we got update Music im, updating sunglasses right now.

What a weird world do we live in? Okay here we go turn on push notifications to get important info on your phones, lock, screen. Okay, fine ill, allow just this once so. There is a button on the glasses to capture the photos or video, but you can also use facebook assistant, so you can just say, like hey. Facebook take video, so were gon na set up that assistant whats interesting about this led inside the glasses youre going to be able to kind of notice, hey a lights going off. So when its white, that means its active, its recording, green ready to use orange theres, an error or the batterys low and then red means the glasses are shutting down. But luckily, even if they shut down, you still have a nice pair of ray bans that you can wear um. You forget that you dont need battery to block out the haters okay. This is so exciting. All right lets test this out. I wonder if the assistant is already working. Hey facebook take a video. Oh, this is so cool okay. So when i did that the led popped up and when it started recording, i got a little notification because remember theres speakers in here, so i got that audio feedback that it was recording and its still recording. Looking around. I wonder if you could say: hey facebook stop recording and it stopped. You have a little notification import, your first photos of it.

Okay, that was fun. That was like a genuine im living in the future moment. That was cool. I like that. The visual and audio feedback was really great, okay, so to import your uh videos and photos just tap the button and join your glasses wi fi network ray ban. Okay, do you hear this is the podcast? I was listening to you guys. Okay, one thing im already noticing: oh my god, okay, so once you start just holding your glasses, you might be pushing buttons. That was the audio playback from the video, so its already hooked up to my glasses. So the playback from the audio youre gon na hear in the glasses everyone stop. Oh, i can do the first call okay. Here we go hello. Oh yes! Yes, where are you? Okay, all right, bye that was so cool. I just took my first phone call using the microphone and speaker from these ray ban: smart, glasses or facebook and ray ban. We dont want to give rayman all of the credit here that was so cool um. Could you hear it okay? So the speaker is pretty loud, so there is going to be um. You know kind of like a little whisper of what youre listening to to other people if theyre close but um. I heard that phone call so clear and he was understanding me. He was like. Yes, yes, yes and the phone automatically connected to it, and now the video is loaded so lets look at the video that am i going to wear these everywhere.

Im like i need, i think i need like prescription glasses, okay, whatever im excited about it. Okay, i can already tell its pretty grainy, but my glasses. The cameras were pointing away from the light source which wasnt the best so low light test when it started recording i got a little ding looking around. I wonder if you could say: hey facebook stop recording! Okay, so the quality actually isnt that bad like it looks, it looks really good. Even considering that i was pointing towards where the light wasnt, so you can go in here, you can enhance, you can crop things, trim it and then you can also save it to your camera roll, and you know that obviously allows you to upload it anywhere. Not just instagram or facebook and you can create montages so lets see what it looks like just sharing it straight to instagram, okay, so its interesting uh, when i share it straight to instagram it kind of stays in that 14 by 14, and then you kind of Have to zoom in so if you want to do that, crop im, guessing thats, something that you do in the app before so well go here. Maybe well do crop and then okay here i mean thats, pretty easy, so theres a portrait setting you do that. So it looks like its just doing like a center crop here, so then, from here you can say done and then share to instagram, okay, perfect and then its uploaded to instagram.

Just like that already. This is so cool im so excited, but i kind of want to go out in the real world and test things out and one person comes to mind my fiance john hes, a skateboarder. So when hes out and about filming his instagram content, he does it. You know with a separate camera um on a tripod, because he doesnt have hands free and im, starting to think that these will kind of be perfect for that scenario. So lets go hang out with him and then we have a special guest at the end to say a few more words: Music ready to yeah im already sweating a little bit. I love it. This is my fiance john hill skater boy, its weird that i dont have a camera in your face. Welcome to the worst skate park in all of the dallas area, but it was close. We didnt have to drive far exactly so im already sweating and im dying, but oh my gosh im so excited all right. Oh wait is this: how were doing it oh shoot, so whatever i see is what its gon na be filming. Music left Music lets see. If i can aim this a little better Music, Music, yeah, good job john, how do you? How do you feel these things are amazing? You feel so good. I hate that you look cooler. I dont look cooler yeah, but i do always okay, so whats unique too about these is the actual.

Color is really good and thats, something that baz said who were about to interview right after this he was like yeah. When we were doing the colors, we thought about what do like film pictures. Look like you know. If youre going to be taking pictures of your kids things, you want to remember, you want it to look good straight out of the camera too, even though the quality isnt the best its not going to be crisp, they kind of hide uh. You know the noise with maybe deepening the colors, but its in a tasteful way, so good job. John. Thank you so much. I appreciate it yeah. This is. This is really come by any time. Yep. All right now were going to talk to facebook. Exec boss get embars tell them what it is, maybe just give a little intro of who you are for my audience and then well just hop into it. My name is andrew bosworth. People call me baz and i lead the facebook reality. Labs: division of facebook working on augmented reality, virtual reality, cool stuff like the ray ban stories, glasses portal uh. But my my history of the company goes deep. Ive been there for almost 16 years, news feed, messenger groups, its always been about communication and connection, and these glasses are kind of the next step in that path. So how do those lenses work, you know? Is it yeah? How are they stitching things together? Is it just one camera capturing or is it both and then yeah get get a little nerdy for me here we have two cameras on there and that allows us to do a couple of things, one of which is uh.

You know creative formats, so the ability to do you know 3d photos so its a photo that has volume, volumetric photos and thats a little something different thats, something that people dont get to have with your everyday cameras, the microphones, its not one microphone its three microphones And we we do whats called beam forming. So that way we can separate out your voice from background noise. So even if youre walking its a little windy day, you can do things. You can still have a conversation and the person that youre speaking with is hearing your voice loud and clear, theyre, not picking up a neighborhood noise, but by far the biggest challenge was we had to fit it in to uh. You know the weight of one teaspoon of salt heavier than normal wayfarer glasses, the engineering isnt always about features, sometimes its about blending in with the design and being lightweight, uh and and thats, where we really spent a lot of energy engineering on this project. You know obviously, facebook owns oculus and you know you guys are starting with this, with smart glasses with facebook reality labs, and so i was just wondering if you can kind of comment on like where is this future going because, obviously with vr, as you guys have Recently announced the like desktop thing, where its kind of like work yeah work in reality that was so cool and then you know with glasses. I can definitely see you know an ar future where its kind of layering on this digital layer as you interact with the outside world.

So where do you kind of see those worlds converging? Yeah i mean, i think, the the ray ban stories are really a step in the direction of augmented reality. I mean think about the story. I just told about it. Where were talking about? How do you be both present physically and not have to choose between your phone and your surroundings? Augmented reality is all about that feature. This may be a version of it thats strictly oriented towards creation. You know youve got audio, but otherwise youre youre capturing, but you can also do that with consumption. Theres, no reason you couldnt have digital objects, blending in with the real world around you. If we had the displays that could fit into the glasses and be light enough and thermally efficient enough and performance enough and bright enough to do it, and we have those in the lab were working on getting those into consumer glasses. Thats going to be the the work of a decade, well see stuff long before the decade end of the decade, but its going to be the work of a decade to get really dialed for consumers um. But that is this is a step in the path of that direction, but virtual reality is actually here now and its doing well were already past kind of the inflection point for virtual reality, though, a lot of people dont know it yet um, just like they didnt Know it when the smartphone passed, the inflection point um and so with oculus quest 2, for example, the product that we have in market its a great virtual reality experience right now, its primarily gaming and entertainment.

But as you point out, weve built it, we just launched workrooms its a great collaborative experience. We really see a rich future for that for people who are working from home and you can do things in virtual reality that you can do no other way. There is no other way to convince yourself that you have moon gravity, but in virtual reality boom you want moon gravity, you got it yeah and so, and virtuality also blends in weve got cameras on there. We call it pass through mode and you can have mixed reality – experiences right there. So in workrooms you can see your own hands and your keyboards that you can still type, even though youre in a virtual meeting. So these things there is a spectrum here, theres a continuum here, uh one thing, thats so important to us at facebook is whether its virtual reality or augmented reality. Are we using these tools to connect to each other and thats such a critical part of it? Boz. Thank you so much for chatting with us anything else. You want to put out into the world so specifically the peachy fam, who are watching this video, the pg family. Listen! This is one thing i love about this product. The ray ban stories is the perspective. The point of view of the camera and the way that weve chosen to process the images, its really vibrant, uh kind of reminiscent of old film, its not about resolution.

Its really about the vibe that you get off of the image. And you talked about in one of your videos, you know hey what, if you take pictures with a real camera which is taken usually from that perspective, weve, really its amazing. How much of our images that we see have been taken from these other kind of weird waist level? You know chest level perspectives, so im finding the storytelling that these devices are capable of to be really rich and i hope the peachy fan gets into it. Well, i hope you guys enjoyed this video. I love new tech. This seems new smart, glasses, folding phones, 2021. Sign me up um. I dont think this video was sponsored by anyone. So hey its sponsored by me make sure to subscribe, smash the like button, because theres a lot of tech coming up and you dont want to miss it. You want to be here on sarah peacheys youtube channel. Okay, like sub stay, peachy, okay, bye, hi, its sarah dc ryans peachy.