I have some amazing news to share and i’m going to do that in the form of this psa video, so check it out. Yesterday, on april 6 2021 the faa released some new guidelines for part 107 certification recertification. Rather so, if you have a license to fly drones commercially in the united states, i.e if you have permission to make money from flying drones, you know that every 24 months, every two years we have to recertify, and so traditionally how that was done is we would Go back to a psi testing center. We would pay them money, we would take a test, we didn’t recertify and then be good for another two years. Well, good news! The faa just changed everything, and now you can do all of that for free online and in this video i just kind of want to break that down, show people how easy it is. In fact, today i went ahead and re certified myself here’s my certificates. This was a process that was especially annoying for me in the past because i live in southern oregon and the closest testing center was in bend oregon. So not only did i have to study for the test and then pay the money, but i also had to travel. Often i would stay in a hotel kind of be an overnight trip, and so the fact that i now can recertify in the comfort of my own home is like thank you faa.

Finally, something good um, so you know let’s talk about that we’re gon na dive. Over to the computer next and i’ll show you the email that started it. All. The email came from my friends over at drone pilot ground school. This is an amazing service that helps educate people to get their certification and then helps them every step of the way. Later on and drone pilot ground school, they send out these emails to their subscribers. If you will that kind of update you on things, the faa is doing uh things that are happening in the drone industry and they give you nice, concise emails, which sort of give you just the right amount of chunks of things that you need to know and Save all the fluff, for you know if you want to research that on your own time, so personally i found it very helpful to be part of their ecosystem, because i learn a lot. You know i get little updates that say: hey now, you can recertify from home, and i take advantage of these things, thus being a more responsible pilot and also being fully legal, so big shout out to drone pilot ground school for that and now i’d like to Hop over and show you exactly how you recertify give you some links, and this will hopefully be beneficial to you and also help you not procrastinate this process any longer like i did without further ado let’s hop to it.

So first step is to go to faasafety.gov and create your own account there’s my certificate. So you basically go here to this website again i’ll list it in the description below you’re, going to enter your credentials and create an account once that’s done, you’re going to go to this different link and you’re going to basically sign in with the faa, and then You are going to be prompted for this alc677 part 107. Small uas recurrent non part 61. Pilots boy is that a mouthful okay, so once you’re ready to actually start studying in preparation for the test you’re going to want to read this first page, it looks like a website built in the early 2000s, so you’re going to read this intro and then at The top as well as the bottom, you have these little navigation bars, which will kind of prompt you through what you need to get through. So then, on page one you’re going to go to a different website a pop up, and you have kind of a study pad your introduction training overview. Then you have aircraft remote pilot in command requirements. You can kind of watch videos and read about that rules for safe operation of suas. Same thing. You can exit that page. Two is some more general knowledge kind of some websites that are worth you know, keeping an eye out. If you have further questions on page two, you can answer some of those questions.

Uh page three what’s on page three, oh on page three, you have a glossary of terms. So if you forget what cfi means it’s certified flight instructor, so on page three is just a glossary of different terms. That might be pertinent to either being a pilot or operating a drone. Then you have a review yada yada, yada yada, and then you have the exam now it’s, probably not going to. Let me take the exam because i just took it so we’re back here. I was going to show you all the test questions, but i guess the system won’t. Let me in probably for the best, because i don’t want to be accused by the faa that i was helping. People cheat so we’ll just talk about it, i’ll kind of outline. My experience and then we’ll wrap up the test brings you back to high school or middle school it’s, just like a multiple choice, test, that’s, just there’s, no images, it’s, just writing, and then you have to select the correct answer in my opinion that the test questions Were very poorly written and very confusing most of them anyway, but nothing that you can’t handle. So i have faith that you’ll pass no problem. They were just very poorly awarded. They were just, i felt they were trying to either trick you or maybe they just weren’t, trying to for anything to make sense. So, keep that in mind definitely read each question a couple of times to make sure you’re understanding what they’re asking, and i also found that when i didn’t know the answer or when i was second guessing myself.

If you just jump down to the next question, it often answered the previous question. So, for example, question 30 was something to the effect of when you’re trying to fly in a restricted area, which organization do you contact, and then it gave you three organizations and i couldn’t remember the exact acronym. So i skipped that question went to the next question and it literally said when you’re trying to when uh it said something like um when you get permission from this organization to fly in a restricted area. The next thing to do is so in effect, question 31 answered what question 30 was asking. So when you’re doing the test make sure to skip a question and look below because the answer might be there. The other thing that’s kind of different is in the past. When you went to a testing center, you had one chance and but you didn’t have to score a hundred percent. Now you get 90 minutes and you have to score not a hundred percent, which i was a little bit nervous about, because i don’t want to spend multiple blocks of 90 minutes doing this test. But i quickly found that when i hit review my test came in at 98, so i got one question wrong and the system. Let me go back and change my answer to the correct answer resubmit and i was able to certify so sergey, even though he got one question wrong. Initially has a certificate of achievement.

I am now good to go for another two years. I have a big certificate and then i have a small certificate and presumably the small one is so that you can put it in your wallet, because this plastic card that they sent me a few years ago, they’re not going to issue new cards. The faa doesn’t want to do that. So every time you recertify you’re going to get a smaller one that you’re going gon na carry with you and a bigger one. Presumably so you can display it in your vehicle in your office. I don’t know so. In summary, uh really good news. We don’t have to go anywhere to recertify on our part 107. We could do it from our home it’s not going to cost you a cent. The study guide is boring, but you can get through it. The test questions are written poorly, but easy peasy. You can understand them. If i could do it, you can do it and, like i said i’m going to include all of the links below so that you guys can navigate the situation more easily and on that note that’s it that’s all.