I should have opted for the larger decal since i wear glasses and it’s a little challenge to see the numbers other than that this decal meets the faa regulations and complements the beauty of your drone, especially the black and gold decal. It comes with an faa id card as well. Good quality size is good to place most anywhere on the drone. The large license style is good for letting the drone. I use the smaller labels for my batteries. In case i lose one. It has my contact info. I was very pleased, it came very fast and i, like the fact i could put the stickers on my drone and on the carrying case, and it also came with a card. So i could keep in my wallet. I was very pleased and i feel great about keeping my drone safe if it ever gets lost. These labels will make things so much easier when it comes to labeling drones with registration info right now, i am using stickers for each character of my registration number, which it time consuming with these labels. You just find a nice spot like under the battery or the underside of them drone. Stick it on and you’re good to go receive them a lot faster than i thought got them last week and i wasn’t supposed to receive them for another two days.