It is making for a very cold morning. It is uh. One degree celsius: do you see that? What is that in fahrenheit well theres the temperature so its a little cold? I have a gloves on and of course i have my typical gloves with the fingers cut out, so i could touch my phone screen all right. So we are out here today to review this. This is the f11 4k s version, so ive shown the f11 many many times in different versions. Iterations on my channel. This is the s version. I dont know what s stands for, but apparently this has a 3 000 meter range, which is three kilometers, which is over a mile ill put what it is in miles right here, the range that is why theyre selling this. So you get all the features from the past plus the longer range. If you get this one and i think the prices are similar to the previous models, so it could be a good deal all right. So before we go fly. How about? I show it to you, oh its cold out here, so im just trying to get through this review so anyways. Here we go so its its a foldable drone, foldable props, brushless motors uh doesnt have any sensors on the bottom. It looks like theres some here, but theyre, not theyre, just plastic imitations of what a sensor would look like its very much an inexpensive drone for the first time, beginner drone flyer that wants something that has tracking.

So it does have like a tracking system on it flies long range, like i said, flies for 26 minutes. It comes in the case with two batteries, so you get 26 minutes times two for your flight time cameras up front here it is pretty durable. Uh ive banged these drones around in the past and theyre pretty good they all charge by usb. So you just plug a usb cable, thats included into the battery it charges up very simple to use. The controllers are excellent. On these things, let me show you the controller, but they have a display in them that you can read out in sunlight its pretty good and theyre nice in your hand, very good for a beginner first thing. Im going to do is power. On my controller. Ive got my hat cam on i dont know. If you can see the display, it should start to say connecting there. We go its going to want to look for the drone and start connecting to it. Can you see it in the gopro? Maybe oh, the sun is shining that way, so maybe not im gon na go through this review. Really quick, okay power. This on there we go. I should have a full battery there. We go whats gon na happen. Next is my controller is going to connect to the drone there we go i am connected and when youre connected it will tell you which mode youre in – and i am in gps mode.

So we are all set to go. Make sure you take your phone and connect to the wi fi on the drone you can see im pointing an arrow at with the wi fi connection is between my phone and the drone. Look for that and youll be connected next. The app that works with this drone is called the sjf pro im going to tap on it now and it should open and there we go and make sure up in the top right hand corner. It finds the drone and it says f11s and then you can click on the controls button and then i should see what the camera sees there. We go so im, probably showing you it up here, someplace. So next thing ive done is i put my phone in the controller so theyre connected together, because you have to keep the phone close to the controller at all times. Please note: my phone is quite large, its an iphone 11 pro max and there is a case on it and it fits nicely in the controller, no issues there ill turn this way, so the suns not looking and there we go okay, since this is an entry Level drone youre gon na have to do a compass calibration every time you put in a battery, so that means take the joysticks push them straight up and inwards like this, and it tells me to spin the drone. Okay, just do like it says, im spinning it and then it says uh.

What is that, i think it says: put the nose up, yeah, put the nose up and spin it again. Itll tell you when its done well, its done already that didnt take long put it down. The camera in the front will adjust itself its probably wonky right now, crooked. It will just go level when it goes level, then you do the next calibration so im. Looking its going level its getting itself all nice and level, so the last calibration you have to do is take the two joysticks youre gon na push them straight up and out, at the same time and thats a thats like a gyro calibration. So here we go up and out and youll see a little display on your screen level calibration and just make sure your drones level. When you do that and youre all done, then look up at your where it says shows the gps mine says i have 10. So, im all set to fly so this things ready to go. Let me just show you some of the settings on here. If my phone screen is recording ill, show you this quick, so the three dots top right. These are all your settings, your flight parameters, ive maxed, most things out, uh return altitude. I set it at 49.. I like this track thing is pretty cool. If you look at the track thing, look at the bottom left, it says, find my drone. If i click on that, it should find my drone sitting right here in this field.

There it goes its coming its coming. Is it finding it? It says last flight position, so if you lose your drone, it will find it next for your image. You cannot change this. It defaults to 4k at 16 by 9 mp mp4 uh, and then these are all little factory setting stuff. You can do so ill get out of that thats pretty much it. You can format your memory card im just going to hit format and format it right now, so i can just start flying straight off. There is a memory card micro sd card in the drone, so we are all set to go. So let me pull these joysticks down and in the props will start and ill take it straight up there we go okay down and in, and let me just move this gopro out of the way a little bit there. We go and lets go straight up there. We are there, we are baby, nice and stable in the sky all right, so i just want to show you theres the drone right there theres the sun. I just want to show you how good the camera is flying into the sun right over here. Keep it up a bit, so i dont crash into anything and there we are and ill take it away up and then im going to turn it around so its not in the sun and youll, see the difference. Music, coming back to me and thats what the sun behind it.

You see the difference a lot of times these entry level drones when they go into the sun. The lens is not really designed for it uh, but when you go with the sun behind you or to the side, it looks pretty good. So there we go there. We are im looking into the sun. Let me just bring this drone over here, okay, so this is the image from the drone am i recording? I am recording video. This is the quality of the image ive shown this drone so many times ill. Get close. This is the quality. So, basically, what im? Not gon na do today is im, not gon na show you all the features of the drone this one here, because ive done it before and its cold out and ive got other stuff to do. But right now, im gon na tell you all the stuff. It can do and ill show you excerpts from video that ive done before, so it has different modes. If you look at my phone screen, i think its recording ill just go through them. Really quick. The first one is image, follow. If i click that i can do it here as im talking, i dont want to really show you slide ill get back. You draw a box around yourself and its like active track. You see how it follows. It follows follows: follows follows: follows there is im messing up. Oh the drone lost me.

I got a sec, i moved to im too close. I moved too fast. Let me try that again draw a box from myself, but this time ill get farther back. I was too close before all right, so now, if i move it should follow me as it goes from side to side thats all it does. It wont follow me if i walk that way or if i walk towards it, it will just stay there. Its just designed to sit in one spot and move around it should be tracking me. So if i walk this way, let me see im just going to walk that green square should just carry on see that bus behind me. If i try to keep walking at the same speed as the bus there, we go, the drone stays there, but its following me around to follow objects behind me. If thats the case it cant follow you super quick, but it can follow you in uh many respects. Next one over is gps, follow and in the gps. Follow this here will follow the gps in your cell phone and you can walk under trees and go far away and the drone will follow you, no matter where you go so here. I am walking arms out. Itchy just follow me: this is a gps follow. It means i can walk under trees. Anything it does have me a little bit over to the side. So let me go this way now.

It has no obstacle avoidance, so it would hit these lamp posts if i walked into them. So, like all drones on the planet, uh the gps follow, can work at different heights, usually on budget drones. You can get it to work lower to the ground as this one is here. So let me see if i turn this way, so it still has me going long. There we go next. One on here is music video. You can add music theres some in the phone already that comes with it and you can make a music video. Then you have vr goggles watch what happens when i click that two screens thats, because you can put your phone in one of those little 49 or ‘ things you can get on amazon goggles on your face and fly around with goggles on your face. Next, one is lens angle: lens angle just means: instead of controlling the gimbal going up and down with your controller, you could do it on the phone next one over is just your photos, so i would do you know the bunny ears or full head. Oh, i better not do that, because, if i put it in then it will either take a photo or start a video next one after that is your waypoints. So you can do waypoints on this fly to all sorts of points on a map as you desire. So see that circle thats my radius, the h is where home point is, which is over there.

The red circle is me, and the red item is the drone and it shows which way its facing so to make way points im just going to go within my little geo field here and go one. Two and three three put white points: ill hit the go button slide and receiving data flying and its going to go to the waypoints im just going to look at, i put them close together, so i can zoom through really fast its doing it here wow. It goes fast to those waypoints there we go next one you have filter, you can change the color to all sorts of stuff and the last one is zoom and that one there, if i tap on that, i can show you right here, ill just zoom into What theres the grass theres me here i am, can you see me im down here thats the zoom, but it only zooms in on your phone, not on the micro sd card on the that you put into the drone there we go. I put it in camera mode, so im going to take a photo of me here we go cheese Music. I put it back in video now the reason people would buy this is because of the range so lets. Take it all the way down the field and see what the range is here we go so lets go on up and do some filming now as im flying. If you look at my phone screen on the bottom left, youll see the distance that im going to achieve im going to see if i could take it all the way to another field ill just take it higher.

So i dont hit any of these light posts. Music, okay ive got it out there on my phone. It says 1037 meters and its still going im stopping it there, because in canada we are only allowed to fly so far. So let me just turn this around and sometimes when you turn these drones, youll lose reception. Well, so far, so good ill bring the camera up. Let me just see ill come back a different direction. Lets go this way, theres a forest over there and lets head that way. Right. Oh also, let me do this. This does have a sport mode, so let me put it in sport mode to come. Lets see. Sport mode looks like my gimbals a little wonky right now, so let me just go im in sport mode, full speed there we go lets see how fast it goes in sport, mode, ill burn up more battery power, but lets see how fast it goes. So you can see on the bottom left thats my distance im not coming straight back to me, im, sort of on an angle im going to go past the football game, theres a football game going on uh and so im over on the right hand, side im! Just coming along this farmers field, so its a fair distance away from me still so you can see in the wind, it does have a bit of a gimbal problem. Look at my horizon its tilted.

I can fix that, but uh yeah i got to do it manually as i fly and turn okay turn ill fix the uh horizon problem there we go just by turning it and now im going to go to the football game, which is straight ahead. Oh no now the gimbal goes off again when you put it in sport mode its like. It must go on such an angle that it messes up the gimbal again, so you can see theres a football game right there right in the center im gon na bring that gimbal down. So you can see it. So this is pretty decent im, actually getting some good range with this thing, and it is a very entry level drone. You know very budget drone. I want to have this fall on anybody, so im going to stop it about here and then take a photo there. We go all right, theres. My drone on the air im gon na, take it out of sport mode put in normal mode and stop the video and take a photo here ill, also go into zoom mode, theres, zoom, zoom and lets zoom in onto the field there. We go, can you make out anything here? Let me just turn turn the drone. Theres people lets turn it back. There we go. Let me get rid of that. Zoom thing there we go. Can you make out anything yeah? I dont think so, but theres people down there but youd never make out who that was okay.

Last thing, im gon na do is hit the return to home button right here going home. It says, and its gon na fly back there we go. I just turned the video record on so it will record its route back to me, so i took off from over here so its got to come back someplace over here. All right. I could hear it. No, those are birds. Where is it oh, its up there coming down coming down and there you go should shut off and there we are all done all right. The next thing to show you is what comes in this case. What are all the cool things you get so check this out, and this is the box your f11s comes in and inside that box? Is this beautiful handy carrying case and inside that carrying case would be your drone and all the accessories? As you can see, the drone is a foldable drone, so it has a very compact footprint. Brushless motors and foldable props are included. The camera is a 4k camera with a 2 axis gimbal and electronic image stabilization. If you wish to record video or photos on the drone itself, you have to supply your own micro sd card. As noted in the video, there are no bottom sensors on this drone. The drone operates off a barometer. Two batteries are included in the kit, but you can get it with only one battery or even three batteries.

The batteries charge up via a usb cable that is provided, and this is the rating on the battery total weight of the drone is 552 grams. As noted in the video, the controller is very nice: has a nice display and provides all the information one would need when flying a drone. I should also note that the controller is rechargeable. Finally, the other accessories included would be a spare set of props and screws. As well as a usb cable for charging, the batteries and the controller and a user manual all right, my final thoughts on the f11s 4k pro well, you know what this is: an entry level drone for people just getting into drones that you dont want to spend A lot, so you should be able to get this at a low price. I think its available on banggood and other locations ill put links below to where you can find it. There might even be a discount code. Everything works well on it. The only thing i found funny on this one ive reviewed this drone so many times in different iterations uh. The only thing i found funny on this is when i put it in sport mode, the horizon went blunk crooked and then, when i took it out and just spun it around yachted it fixed itself, and then i dont know ive never seen it do that before. So maybe its just this one or something goofy going on never saw that before range is excellent.

On this for an entry level drone, i had no issues, no reception loss and it kept up the whole way, so that was really good. So with all that said, the links are below go check them out and see if this is the drone for you all right guys, if you have questions on this drone post them below and ill get back to you. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and ill catch.