This is, will this year be good to you, Music. This is my gratitude to all of my acquaintances and friends that i know so well growing, older Music. This is itself Music. Where do i go whatever? Whatever? Whatever Music living life? Like the music sing that sound living life like the music, you got a choice. You got that voice. Do you know what you’re doing Music? The drama keeps on ticking in time? Guitars keep on speaking their language, while the base keeps on toppling down Music drive around. Listen for you guys, Music Music, so the world is Music. What happened to your good old days? Music Applause, oh, is, and when it’s time let me die in victory, Music right, so Music now that’s never coming. She knows where she, where she’s is go away. Focus stand up for yourself: keep on chasing your dreams, Music straight Music stand up for yourself. I know. Yes, what happened to the two of us? What happened? You keep on chasing your dreams? You know they’re out there Music, what happened? What happened to the two of us? Well, i guess i’m at the wrong place at the wrong time, but i know she’s not that far from me. If she only knew how much she really meant to me. Well, i know she’s out there somewhere out there in the city, Music Laughter.