Its cheshire studio merged with criterion to work on need for speed, grid legends, a more story focused iteration in the series, not unlike last years, f1 2021 with breaking point didnt quite set the charts on fire with all of that in mind, and this being a year Of significant change for formula one, we arrive at f 122, the bedrock of codemasters racing library, its flagship and whats, considered the most accurate simulation of the sport on the market. Thanks to the new rules which see formula 1 cars redesigned and having larger tires while riding lower, the overall handling has seen some major changes. However, the more things change the more they stay, the same in f122s case as compelling and involving as my team and my driver career can be or as fun as the actual racing is. It feels like an interlude it isnt, the worst thing, especially given how solid the series foundation has become over the years based on the 2022 formula, one world championship season, all 10 teams that you know, and probably love are here from oracle red, bull racing to skedaddia Ferrari theyre all here, key drivers like max verstappen cover star charles leclerc, sergio perez and lewis hamilton are all accounted for famous tracks like bahrain, international circuit baku, city circuit, monaco and more also return three of the tracks circuit to barcelona, catalunya, yas, marina circuit and albert Park circuit have received changes over last years edition to reflect their real world conditions.

Miami international, auto drone is the only new track this year, which is a shame given the lack of alternate track layouts. Nevertheless, each one feels great to drive on theres a comfortable mix of the familiar tinged with several new features and experiences, and the shifting times of day and weather help them shine in different ways. Speaking of new features, one of the biggest f1 life is also one of the more strangely unnecessary additions. Yet it sounds simple: you have a crib which can be decorated with different flooring, wall, art, lights, couches, etc. Along with earning super cars that can be displayed in key places, furthermore, this acts as a lobby where other players can hang out when playing online theres, also a trophy room for showing off your accolades at first. It seems like a big deal. This is the first thing that f122 introduces you to you customize an avatar and then have them awkwardly hang out in their virtual home. Every time the game is loaded up, but thats more or less it. You earn sc tokens which can be used to purchase additional supercars, of which there are 10 in total and use pitcoins to purchase branded shirts, hats, sunglasses, pants and whatnot. The pitcoin, of course, can be purchased with real money and suddenly it makes a lot more sense. Why f1 life is so front and center, even if you dont care for cosmetics or interior decoration in a formula 1 game, not that theres much to care about its funny that your crib is little more than a series of background screens that can be scrolled through You cant walk through them in real time or check out any cool little extras.

The whole exercise seems important at first, but quickly falls to the wayside. Thankfully codemasters hasnt messed about with its bread and butter career mode, namely my driver and my team. The former has you, starting in either formula two or going straight ahead to formula one from there. You choose a team with each having different requirements like winning the championship or placing to offer more flexibility in how you want to race. My team sees you racing and building up a team, selecting a primary sponsor power unit supplier and teammate whats, particularly great about this years mode, are the different entry points you can go with a championship to your team that possesses extensive resources enter as a brand new Team and fight even harder to make it to the top or opt for a middle approach throughout the season. Youll decide what to focus on what r d should produce manage team morale and decide what events fit into your schedule when youre on the track, different race programs can be completed to boost development for different departments on top of netting research points even better. If theres a specific part youve been eyeing, then you could compete the adjoining race program to have it cost less research points to develop race programs have a fairly diverse set of objectives, whether its staying near the racing line, managing tire wear and power running a clean Lap or staying on the track, alternatively, you can be hands off and let the ai handle some things or even direct your teammates to try and complete certain objectives in a race program at the risk of failing and using up your practice time, keeping their focus in Mind and developing their skills helps in this regard.

Department events will crop up in both modes like choosing to follow the durability team or ignore their opinion. These can also impact your teammates focus. There are even interviews which can affect different departments overall, though not massively overhauled from last year, its fun and fulfilling intertwining, with the various new features and systems to feel even more robust, of course, theres plenty of racing on offer. Much has been made about the new rules, how cars can drive lower to the ground and focus on airflow dispersal of favor overtaking the responsiveness and sensation of speed are spot on whether youre traveling down a straight at top speed and navigating speed traps or cornering without Cutting too far finding the right timing between braking easing off the acceleration and gunning it along with the right place to overtake opponents without causing a collision, is key, making races feel exhilarating and more than a bit nerve wracking. Each time the controls are on point throughout and the dual sense, implementation on ps5 feels solid, with different force, feedback and responses, making one feel immersed. The presentation is further aided by the new immersive pit stops and formation labs. The former has you timing. Your pit. Stop entry get it right and you can shave off a few seconds, get it wrong and your crew is more prone to making errors costing you valuable seconds in the race. Immersive formation. Laps are also intriguing as you fight to race as clean as possible.

While timing, your formation entry, get it wrong or drive, even a smidge too recklessly and youll be set back from your original position. Of course, if all of this is too much to handle, you can go with the normal style of pit stops and start from the qualifying positions from the races go. You can also have the new sprint races applicable for certain tracks in grand prix and career mode. These are races without any pit stops and are key to determining the finishing order for the grand prix, among other benefits, its a nice addition introducing even more stakes to each session. Adaptive ai also helps keep things fresh at lower settings. It feels like opposing cars will have more obvious openings as opposed to making blatant mistakes. How you capitalize on those openings is key at medium. Difficulty 50 and above ai cars feel more resilient willing to bump you but smart enough to avoid outright collisions and let you pass. There are some mind games in play, leading to tighter racing that isnt overwhelmingly hard. You can still default to casual normal and expert playstyles, but its possible to tweak various other options like the rules and how strict they are, the car damage, collisions, flashbacks fuel mode and whatever else. There are a ton of options here and it helps to get into the game that much more seamlessly aside from career in grand prix, the latter featuring formula one and the 2021 formula – 2 seasons, you have pirelli hot laps.

This is where you take those super cars for a spin and complete different challenges like drifting and maintaining an average speed, theyre fairly straightforward and nothing too crazy. But it highlights another key issue with f1 life, while its nice to collect supercars, even though they feel just about find a race, its at odds with the overall vibe and tone of formula one racing. It makes sense in forza, which is a celebration of all kinds of vehicles, but for a game like this, the addition of classic cars would have been preferable. I would have preferred collecting learning about their history and comparing their handling versus the current generation of formula one cars as it stands. The supercars are just there there arent many and you earn them at quick pace. The pirelli hot laps can pop up during career mode as different challenges, providing some easy research points, but they spice things up rather than expanding on the actual formula. One aspect of the game: other hiccups in this years – iteration pretty much apply to last years, namely in the lack of championships or alternate track layouts, while the overall track design is great, especially in miami. It would have been nice to mix things up once in a while also, instead of three save slots each for my team and my driver this year gives only three save slots for the entire career mode. This feels way too, limiting, especially given the sheer range of setups approaches, teams and sponsors that players can go for its also worth noting that delivery and logo customization is pretty lackluster, while the starting options for designing ones avatar are passable.

Logo customization boils down to choosing a shape and some colors. As for the car livery, you can choose different sponsor logos, but cant change, their positions, new livery designs, outfits, emotes and whatnot – can be purchased with pitcoin from the in game store in terms of production values. Theyre, pretty good overall in the overall reaction of the cars and tracks, along with a sense of speed and visual feedback, while racing sound design is strong all around whether its engine sounds or the new commentators. Music character models are fine, though they can come across as unnatural. At some points, weather effects are similarly on point, but the overall result isnt a huge difference from last year. Unfortunately, there are odd bugs and glitches, though one time the lights reflected on my car were briefly rendered at 30fps other times. My characters, hair would randomly disappear and during one podium victory, everyones skin textures were replaced by the backdrop color. It was odd, to say the least, nothing game breaking fortunately, and while on the track matching up with cars at breakneck speeds, the frame rate feels rock solid, even when its raining. One particular thing to note is car damage while its realistic it can impact performance, whether its causing spin outs more frequently or outright taking you out of the race. You wont see any massive pileups or crazy crashes. F122 is a great entry point to the series for newcomers with lots of accessibility, features and fun racing, albeit in a much more serious environment that demands, precision and practice for veterans.

It comes down to whether youll enjoy the new handling and suspension the redesigned cars. The new presentation features, and so on f1 life feels inconsequential as a whole, less like a central showcase of this years edition and more like a gimmick. Overall, this years edition feels like a pit stop rather than the next big thing for codemasters franchise, which could be next year according to rumors its another good formula, 1 racing title, one that will tide you over in many places and also leave you wanting more in Others did you know that we at gamingvault upload new videos every day, stick around drop a like subscribe and let us know what kind of content youd like to see in the future.