The point of view will be marked in the top left hand corner. This will be signified by a flag. Whoevers point of view is thats whose flag itll be, but lets jump straight in so, as you can see – and this appears to be some Belarusian volunteers – this is from the uh billyerson Warriors telegram, as you can see hes using an MP40. Bravo, what I would call a mini me or an lmg, as you can hear, that in some sort of staying contact, Im gon na assume from the way theyre moving theyre, making a fighting withdrawal here, as you can see, theyre fired and maneuvering and hes changing his Box here thats the first Ive, never seen someone put ammunition on first and then put the Box on, but definitely well equipped, but theyre definitely firing the maneuvering here. Foreign, bigger fighting force Im unsure because you can hear a contact in the distance and it definitely looks like theyre making a fighting withdrome as you can see until youve done this, we feel get on. Youll, never know what its like to completely suck at your ass. So heres some more footage here here, friendly neighborhood catarovs, and this looks like the rear team that you always see pulling up. So we were discussing this on this stream. Last night there seemed to be two distinct group suggestions, one being the ones that are doing the fighting, which youll have seen in the footage um during an invasion, especially around Kiev theyre, the ones in the main fight.

And these look like the churchans, who are the rear guard youll, always see them with a higher ranking churchions, whether it be the generals, then the Brigade commanders Italian commanders, and these are the guys providing security for the rear and theyre the ones that are doing most Of the film and where youll see videos like this, this is what people mean when they refer to the tech talk churches, but there is definitely a distinct group. As you can see there, the guys on the side of the road appeared to be the churches, who have done the fighting and then its these guys are coming after and its quite obvious from the footage that has been out and and theres, no think a big Indicator might be as well if you look at the guys who have followed up. If you look at the kit, its all fresh and clean. And then, if you take a look back, youll notice, youll notice that there kit is nice and clean youll notice that none of them are wearing armbands. The only reason they wouldnt be wear non bands is because they wouldnt be worried about fracture side because theyre, not at the front as as very clear indicator, and you can see theyre doing the minimum of the can theres an odd guy there uh with markings on Their legs, but none of them are wearing white armbands. So this appears to be a DPR LPR armored unit and, as you can see, theyve been absolutely obliterated there its hard to tell what theyve been struck by whether its artillery or IDF, judging by the ground, the random its a place.

Thats already been highly um hit and its hard to tell whether these have been taken out by that whether theyve been static and hit easily or if its been anti tank themes and picking these out. But definitely an armored column. Thats been smashed, and it is very hard to tell whether that the creators around them are from earlier IDF or more recent stuff heres. What appears to be euclideans. This is apparently uh Ukrainian sof team. As you can see, that appears to be a uar 10. I think it has there not sure what the rifle in front is carrying, but its definitely got uar 10, which is a Ukrainian rifle and its a licensed platform based on one of the AR manufacturers. Cant tell what hes got slug over his left. Shoulder definitely shows the mixture of weapon systems that theyve got and its not standardized. It seems to be whatever they can get their hands on or theyve chosen to carry clear mixture. So another bit of Drone footage here and, as you can see its armed again dead center screen here we go picking up and Im assuming they must have to wait some time to stop the grenade rocking or will it did Rock there unless thats part of it And that is bang on dead in the middle its hard to tell if thats hit truck or if its hit the ground next day, but its um extremely accurate, No casualties unless youve been hit and the adrenalines gone and theyve gone.

So a number of trips moving through and they seem to be LPR and DP on the side. Well, these look like Russian regulars, as you can tell, by the kit, theyre wearing the the mixture camouflage and the team Wendy style helmets, which youre not seeing a lot of footage coming out from Russian regulars, and it shows you they are actually still in the fate And this appears to be an LPR. The footage itself does say that this isnt finished their mission in LPR theyre then going to move on to the DPR. So it shows they are having a significant push in these areas and are being utilized heavy contact, red armband. So again, LPR or DPR, and they seem well bad. They didnt hear him what looks like either an office building. As you can see, theyve got a machine gun position built up in the sandbags here. So theyve definitely been there well um, and this believed to be a little shank, probably butchered that name as well, and you can hear that under auditions, where thats incoming a fairly sustained contact. As you can hear amount of Kit, they have as well. Rpgs is insane foreign guys. Let me know what you think of the videos down in the comments. How do you think the battles changing on the ground? Again, if you have any combat footage that you would like me to review, you can leave it in the Discord or the telegram which are both down in the description.