This isnt the hamleys room. This is a different type, but its the extreme core advantage. Is it its actually full through ive tried it out so lets unbox it so guys im unboxing it now. So as we open the lid, you get a nice bag. I think this is to like. If you want to take the drone places, you can put it in this bag, see it thats, nice heres, the controller ill, show you all the stuff in a minute heres the uh blade protectors. Now ive actually used this drone before and ive broken. These blade protectors. Some of them so theyre, not the best they do break easily, plus the twin, does look better without him, um heres, the battery, you get a little lead to charge the battery. I forgot to mention to you guys you get a booklet on how to fly. You get four spare blades uh two screwdrivers um and the main drone itself so ill show you all this stuff right now guys so, first of all, heres the drone these little things they go in here, but i just decided to take them out because it does Look better about so thats what the drone looks like when you unfolded it um its got a nice camera um, its got two leds at the front, those two red leds, its got a blue one here and its got. Obviously, the four leds on the corners, the blade protectors, thats, what it looks like with the blade protectors, um im, not gon na put the other two on, because i broke them, but it is better to have them on.

But i think it does look better without them were going to take a look at the controller heres. What heres, what it looks like um that part raises up and down um turn it on. It makes a squeak. Noise takes three um double a batteries. I believe um here it is, you got take off and land button a stop. The arrows the up down, left right forwards and back sticks um turn the off button im, not sure what these do so yeah im not sure what they do, but next um heres the battery, so lets put it in the drone. So the battery just slots in uh like that editors in the back of the drone um im, not gon na fly it in this video um. I might do that, but heres some footage of me applying it Music. As you saw the camera wasnt the best. It was a bit blurry, but its still a good camera, so the charger this can be plugged into a pc um, an iphone plug or just like a games console um. It goes in the side there. It goes in the side there and then once its fully charged, it actually has a red light and the red light will go when its fully charged. So you just unplug it slide it in the drone, like i showed you before and yeah im, not gon na bother showing you the bag but yeah.