Dual band antennas kit. This long range oriented patch antennas support both 2.4 and 5.8 gigahertz bands, and they were specially designed in order to extend the range of the dji fpv drone in this video im going to quickly go over their features and specs and perform a range test on c Mode using the dji fb drone. First of all, i would like to thank the sponsor of this video vr wave via wave design and sell custom prescription lenses for different head mounted devices, including the dji goggles ive, been using their corrective lenses for the last couple of months and so far. Im very pleased with them, as in my opinion, they provide a much better experience than using prescription glasses along with the goggles. In addition, these high quality lenses fit really well inside the digital goggles. They will enable you to fully adjust your ipd and in order to reduce ice rain via wave offers, the option to add blue light and anti glare filters. They also offer worldwide shipping and i was told that they are going to have nice promotions for the black friday and cyber monday events, so in case youre at the market for prescription lenses for your dji or via goggles be sure to check them out now back To the maple wireless c4 antennas in terms of packaging inside the box, youre getting two arrays of two linear patch antennas, two 45 degrees, sma antenna, connectors four plastic parts that are going to enable you to easily secure the antennas to the goggles and this optional antenna, Which is supposed to extend the range of the radio controller here, you can see what it looks like when the antennas are connected to the goggles, so having two linear antennas on each side are going to provide you with a very good front coverage.

As for the specs of the antennas, their gain is going to be higher when the mode of the drone is set to 5.8 gigahertz and their beam width is going to be wider when it is set to 2.4 gigahertz. The next thing that ive done is to head outdoors and test the metal wireless c4 antennas using the dji v2 goggles and the dji f3 drone, which was restricted to c mode, which means that the band was restricted to 2.4 gigahertz and the maximum output power was Set to 100 milliwatts, what you can see right now on the screen is the actual recording of the inner screens of the dji goggles and the video that was recorded to their micro sd card now, by the way, at the time of testing the antennas, it was Extremely windy, and since i used a phone which was connected to the dji goggles in order to fly the dji drone, it wasnt very convenient to control it. As you can see, i was able to achieve a maximum distance of 2.7 kilometers and the reason i had to turn around is because i got a low battery warning and the drone told me that i have to turn around as otherwise return to home is going To be initiated in 10 seconds after turning around the video became choppy and actually the video feed on the phone that was connected to the dji goggles completely froze and the dji goggles stopped recording the video to the microsd card inside the google server.

Everything became stable after less than a second, and i was able to take control of the drone and return it home safely. Now, since i dont have a vast experience flying the dji drone and it was actually its made in flight, i would like to get your feedback and know what is your experience using the dji v2 goggles, along with the ddi drone on ce mode? So i think that 2.7 kilometers is a pretty good distance, considering that i was flying on c mode and your feedback is going to be very valuable anyway. In my opinion, the dji fpv drone is not intended for long range flights, as its battery capacity is not sufficient, but in case you would like to extend its range and especially if you are restricted to ce mode. Upgrading the antennas of the goggles is definitely something that youd want to consider now by the way. In case, you are familiar with my previous side by side comparisons in which ive compared different dji antennas. Youd probably think that this test wasnt very scientific and in my opinion you would be correct thats because of technical limitations of the dji drone and soon based on your feedback. I plan to compare the c4 with the digital stock and i fly crystal antennas using the dji 5.8 gigahertz per unit, so stay tuned. Speaking about the iflight crystal antenna, ive been using it for quite a while now, and i can tell you that this antenna set is definitely a good upgrade over the stock antennas and in case you are debating which antenna set.

You should go with and you dont want to wait for the side by side comparison, video. I can tell you that the major advantage that the i flat crystal antenna has over the c4 is that it is much more travel friendly and it is going to provide you with a better coverage in case. You are not just going to fly in front of you as it is using omnidirectional antennas. Having that said, keep in mind that the ifred crystal is not a dual band antenna and it is not intended to be used with the dji fp drone anyway. Thats going to be it for my review of the metal wireless c4 antennas, as always thank you for watching my video. I hope you enjoyed it and you find it useful if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section down below dont. Forget to leave a thumbs up if you like this video and consider subscribing to my channel and hitting the notifications bell if youre not already subscribed.