She stopped singing. You sure you dont want to keep singing. You make dane really happy one day, tuesday, so this ill turn my bike off just real quick. This is um where we went up one time to play the guitar and we pl we played the one day, two days song and actually way up top of. There is the house which uh some of you asked like. Oh, i saw a house when you fly the drone. What is that and were gon na? Go up there in a second? So you so you guys can kind of see whats up there. It is kind of neat weve been up there a long time ago, but well go up there today, since you guys said something, but this is the first set of stairs that today were not gon na go up, but theres a little cave right there and thats. Where richie and i played one of our first songs yeah, it was right in there. I dont know if you can kind of see it but theres the path, its kind of tricky to get up there, especially when you have a guitar on you, while richie hold the camera and were gon na go to the little house up there well take a Walk up there right here, theres, actually a little well right. There, fresh water theres, some little froggies over there and theres the cave, maybe its a better angle here, its actually pretty cool up there, but i dont think were gon na walk up over there.

But up here on that same area right up here is the house which is right up here, its really interesting area, and there, where i saw king cobra, really yeah so right in here. What was right up here? Yeah theres theres no highway here before its just a path so theres, just dirt, yeah its like just like uh the jungle, oh like that wow. So we are going to try to walk through there without encountering any cobra. So the secret is, is to be noisy to be loud. Snakes dont want to see us theyre, more afraid of us, so we actually the last time were up here. Nice dead. One. Last time we were here, this wall was in here, so we havent been been back here since the wall was put up, so were not even sure that you can get all the way there, but were gon na try yeah all right. Here we go im gon na put these in my pockets, get this for a snake. Well, so far, there is a path watch your stuff here, its actually a pretty decent path. I bet i wonder if people still use this all right, so its not really far from the road at all, but these little paths are like little highways connecting everywhere in the province. If you keep going here, if i enter some kind of other village with houses and stuff, but here you think this was old, uh water like a bath, it doesnt look like a well so its not deep theres water here before.

But how did the water get inside from the from here? Do you think it came from like dribble down there yeah cool, so this is dry right now and its a dry season, you think in the wet season this will get filled again or no, not anymore. It doesnt look like its been wet for a long time, its a cool area, but here conveniently there are steps – and this leads wow look at that. If you stand here when it rains, you wont get wet it like covers you just a little bit well here there are steps. Actually, if this one is known, this is like a tourist spot really yeah. This is a cool spot like you can have a stair. You can stay up here. This is actually i mean this is really cool its like something like be careful, i think its even even in the philippines. Okay ill go first to make sure everything is attached to each step. Okay, okay, three days later, but you know this before i always come here. This one is like wide open, oh and the stone or rock moved a little bit closer like so yeah before its like wide, like yeah more than that 50 feet not really well, maybe yeah maybe well see some of that. So far, no snakes, i wouldnt mind. Seeing a snake in the distance yeah, actually some of these steps are hollow. Oh look at this tree still growing strong too yeah.

This is scary. Oh worm, you always use it as a bridge like walk here and walk that way. It definitely is a little overgrown since last time we were here what kind of plant is that remind me of like a pineapple wild plant, wow yeah thats really overgrown. What do you think was last year when we came up here yeah last year we practiced our song here: yeah um the money, something im not about the money, yeah any money and then were just practicing here lots of these wild plants. These are actually really cool. Looking wow, this might be in real life. If i did see a snake id, probably scream id run off the cliff. What did you do when you saw it? You didnt scream when i saw it yeah when you saw it, i got talk just run. You ran yeah, oh, you did okay whatd. The snake feel like this. Oh it did the thing yeah and moved their head and then my friend told me dont move dont move after you ran away yeah dont move. I cant stop! Ah, but here we are. Did anybody ever used to live here uh no supposed to be this is the uh. This is like a rest house, but theyre. The owners here may be tired of you, know: theyre walking up the stairs, walking walking yeah these trees, so they just they just made their own rest house down there. The house there down there the stairs, okay they transferred and you used to kind of clean this area yeah.

I worked here before just cleaning this area. Wow those trees are really cool, how they all kind of just grow separately. They all kind of connect up there. The root system is really neat. Look at those trees, thats so interesting, its like the branches but theyre also roots. That is awesome. It makes it hard to go through there. You can kind of see theres more trees like that going that way, but then the house that you guys are talking about this is the part we always fly over with my drone, because its interesting kind of seeing this above right here is its actually. The structural is actually still kind of nice. I dont see anything in this bernard was here, see their names in here. No, no smoking thats good. This is almost no smoking area. Yeah, no small food, its a good sign but vandalism vandalism. Is that the case that we oh whats, that oh thats a different time – oh just fell down? Oh, he really wanted to get out of here, which one is this mountain or over here is that is that the one we climbed with everybody or no, where yeah that one yeah, because this the road there is going to jeromes house, okay, so thats when we Had like we cooked the corn, that was right up there, all right that looks a lot higher on this side. I cant believe you climbed that whole thing that was actually a really fun day.

We thats, probably over a year ago, we over a year ago, its like me, richie raymond jerome and the whole gang yeah, francis bilson yeah. We all climbed this that one right in the background. We got all the way to the top. We made a fire and we cooked we ate corn yeah im. Adding imagine have like a porch here like out to here thats, quite a drop yeah. You got to be careful. You walk around here. Oh, what a view itd be nice if theres a zip line from here to there yeah thats what we could start here, yeah start a zip line. Would you guys want to come here and zipline here were connected somewhere yeah? We can ask the owner to renew bait zip line down there. Thatd be awesome. Actually this is a. This is perfect place for adventures. Hi. You can use this for, like rest house or guest house and theres adventures outside yeah. I think i think the zip line would be the number one attraction what else can go on here? Yeah i like this open area, though nice we can tell the owner to do that here, you take it over, but anyway this was uh. I read some comments. You guys were asking about the house, so we thought wed come up here today, im kind of glad i did because it looks it is a little bit different from lasting, just overgrown once you come up here like every other day and just kind of sweep to Work every day, every day you just like sweep sweep, was you by yourself or with helper with others, planting those old flowers.

There we planted that, like the trees or what flowers, flowers, just others died, but we planted flowers were those trees there. When you used to yeah its already there, but not that not that thick Music, all right well, i guess thats about it, but, like i wonder these like bigger than doors, i wonder what these were like double doors, maybe glass window, all the way to the floor! That makes me wonder what did this was this ever finished, or is this what its like its just been like this whole time? This is a yeah. This is cool if they could have finished it, this would have been really cool yeah. I think theres only one. There yeah its a flat roof, strong roof theyre supposed to live here or arrest house hard for them to get up so get up and down all the time. So their house are down there thats really too bad because they they seem like they spent a lot of time and money on it. I mean the roof. Is it looks like its getting old now, but this was a nice house that they were finished with. We can ask them buy this land here. We will make an adventure place here, zipline even theres, like a water slide, you can just get buckets of water, have a slide down there. Getting up, though, at the final like getting down is not a problem. You can just slide down or zipline down, but getting up what would be a fun way of getting up.

Ah proof well think about that. What i like this area, Music, so Music, Music, you, Music, so Music, so Music Applause, all right so were flying the drone and for some reason it said motor or air with the motor or something like that, how you doing richie did you see the drone? Richie is practicing, and i was gon na – fly the drone, but it says aircraft not connected so theres, no gps to know where it is. You think it went over there all right. So at least we have a team. You guys want to help me look for it, so at least i got a team to help me look for it im flying it over here. This is gon na be hard because theres, no gps, so were pretty much looking for a blind. Maybe the cow saw it whos whos gon na ask the cow youre gon na ask the cow i dont know: if were gon na, find it richie. It was just raining all day today too, so everything in here is wet. It was a cool looking sunset too. I really have no idea where it could be: yeah theres, the cow. We saw the cow, he went that way and it said motor air. So i tried to come back here, but its really hard to steer im, not sure what happened to the motor. Oh and my day just keeps getting better Music at least cow crap doesnt smell, like human crap yeah, you see it thats a cow.

We found the cow thats one piece of the puzzle. I wonder if he knows where it went, the cow with one horn, hey! Mr cow, have you seen a drone Laughter? I dont know man, oh look, it kind of came back on said motor on able now it says aircraft not connected. I really have no idea did someone say they saw it. I think im afraid its in there somewhere motor unable to rotate check motor. It keeps clicking what a cool sunset that was flying over here. Oh someone: has it wait, someone picked it up? No, no! No, do you know who that who do you know who is sandal? Is that whose is this no, i dont know i dont know where that could be im. Finally, getting signal, the gps was lost, but theres still no gps on the uh. The drone itself, because, usually when you fly it theres a dot. I think it says aircraft not connected, but someone has it so someone picked it up. You think its over there. It goes to the highways you think its over there. All right, i could have sworn. I was flying that way, though i guess everything starts to look the same when youre up there. All right lets go over there. Applause, oh heres, another! No! Oh theres people whos that its over its a good thing were picking up some images, so heres the dots im talking about when its connected.

You can see that blue dot in the home, so good someone has it right now so thats, a thats good. Well, go figure out who has it awesome, so this is, the part were flying over what a cool area is over there, so hes right over that hill blue door. This is like the shortcut. If you want to drive, you have to go all the way around. That way, and then it loops around this way and if you walk, you can take it this way, so its still recording the pictures getting better the closer we get. So that means were getting closer. You can see the blue dot is where it is lets go Laughter. What was that got to watch out for the cakes? Music were still getting better good reception, so thats good were getting close. All we got ta do is follow that diet Music. So this is the adventure of the day, so theres the road, some goats along. All, i can see is feet. I havent seen anybodys face yet there we go theyre playing basketball, ah theyre fishing, there any fish. No, there we go theyre playing basketball. Have you guys seen a drone, a drone? No all right! Oh, it should be right over here. All right. We think its up there good job, good job, guys theres, one basketball hoop hey so there they have my drone over there theres what its picking up and theyre over here i thought i was gon na lose that thing forever.

Where did you guys find it over? There wow, so it flew all the way over here, oh shoot, so thats what happened. These came right off some more screws. I want to hide the fluid so who found it. You whats your name all right. Well, do you want to be in charge of this? Want to get everyones snacks and then you can keep the rest want to get everyone. Some snacks baby. You guys can go with them all right, hes going to get some snacks. It was a huge happen that he did find it, and then he can keep whatever. The rest is, i think, to buy. Snacks is only like 50 pesos, 100 pesos. So anyway, i guess thats tonight, im gon na have to figure out how to fix that. Hopefully and then doing more damage than just this looks like these just ripped right off wow, so the drone did come with these. This is my first time actually attempting to try to fix this im going to see how it goes. It should be pretty easy. I think this is all it lost. Was the helicopter Music yeah? So it comes with everything you need, hopefully, its going to be as easy as i hope to fix it. Theres still some daylight. I can try to fly the drone. All right lets see how this works. Someone want to hold it. Just like this all right, say: hi, i, like your hair, say hi Laughter lets, try, okay, all right thanks! So far, so good lets see what happens all right.

This is no gps. So i wonder why we dont get gps. If anybody knows about gps, let me know what i need to do about the gps. So now it says updated. Now: okay, it was just taking time all right. Heres take off oh shoot, Music. I think its okay. Music. Look hello, Music because there might be something wrong with this one yeah. These turn really really easy. This one, you can tell it doesnt turn as easy ill, try one more time, but i think one more time: Music, um Music, please yeah! That happened because it hit this, but somethings not right with this, its, not spinning correctly, Music, all right, so the drone somethings going on with this motor. You can just tell this ones very, very hot and then the rest are not so i think i might go. I know a guy in cebu city who fixed it last time, so hopefully he can take a look at it and uh can tell whats wrong, hopefully its something simple, but somethings, not right at the motor but anyways thats words for a different day. I think were just gon na wait for sombassos to pick up some snacks and then uh well pass these out in a second, oh, we got some fossils all right Music, if you guys want to get some drinks, feel free to get some drinks, and you guys Can get some snacks Music? No see you next time its right around six oclock right now, its the perfect time of day, what a nice night, so we werent able to fix the drone at least today but uh.

I know a guy in cebu city, im, gon na go, try to take care of it. We got a big crowd walking with us, so this is the long way back before coming here we went straight through the middle and thats the fast way, and this is kind of like the longer way. This is the way we drive all the time, but i guess were just going to say goodbye here: um im not sure were not gon na fix the drone but ill try to get to cebu city, one of these days again, but ill, probably im, not sure What to fix it before you go home, but anyway thats another another day.