Colors always this for gamescast, or is this a new development? I i do it when i remember to do it so its either hit or miss where i change the background, or i have screencast red ride for three days and then im like oh thats, a mistake. Yeah well either way. I appreciate it, it looks fantastic. You downloaded the colors. This is what i like to see when kevins, not here, because if kevin was here, hed be like the pinks not painting after blue is not blue enough go home govi! You know what i mean and im sick of this persecution that i have from capitol hill. Hey. You know what greg go be for life. You know what im saying i do know youre staying barrett, oh wow, barretts running the show, of course, but joining us on the show with visuals is the master of hype, snow bike mike yo. What up, though, thank you so much for having me on today. Tim im excited to join the gamescast crew. A last minute edition blessing, not feeling too well so were gon na give him the afternoon off, and i was like you know what me andy and greg can handle this i was like, but i could just hit up mike and be like yo what you doing And i called him because i was like, if i slack him im, not gon na get a response and thats not even a hit on mike.

I know how mikes day works. You got. You got, ta know your your your business partners right. You got ta understand the way that their heads work whats the best way to contact them and actually get an answer out of them, and i know that if i call mike he will answer so, i called him. I didnt even try slacking him and hes. Like tim, gettys, whats up and im like yo gamescast bless is out you win whats up, we dont need you, but id like you and hes, like tim im, either gon na join you guys on gamescast or im gon na drive an hour and a half to Get some in and out god damn it. I was gon na. Do it so im happy youre here with us mike, well make sure to get you some in and out soon enough. Oh, i know we want to move on, but man when we get this studio up and running and were all in the same place again mike ive said it before, but ill say it again week. One im allowing myself two trips to in and out, but from there. It just needs to be a once a week, standing thing because i dont want to get. I dont want to go ham on this, but if we need to pick a day mike when we can just go when its in and out its in that friday or whatever it is, go hamburg, its its one of those two two times a week, its going To be a lot already greg because thats, why? Just for the first time the lines man even once a week is going to be its going to be crazy, we got to figure out thats why its an outing, its an adventure and its an excursion.

You know what i mean now i dont want to go too deep into this and im sure you guys already know – and i know i tuned into the stream earlier so i heard kevin already dropping some of his knowledge, but i dont think yall are ready for The fact that the new studio is blocks away from the main in and out, but also just a couple more blocks away from the new in and out so its like. We got multiple options: oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, its near uh ceremony, its been up for a bit, but it is new yeah yeah like two years ago. You know, kevins thing was that you know when the line at the ones too long. You go to that one because its still off the grid to an extent, and it was that we jen and i came back from a trip months ago now, but came back and it was one of those you land, youre starving. You want to go to in that. I was like put the line, but i was like oh sarah marta and we got there. The line was still bad, but not normal bad yeah yeah, i and also, i know, were already going off on a tangent on attach it. I just want to say i hate that nick scarpino, sarah monte, is now the way that we refer to ceremony, the mall that i grew up with my entire life, but now sarah monte, it is andy cortez youre, rounding out the group, the nitro rifle himself very Happy to have you before we get into all the other.

A big accomplishment happened in the last couple days. Do you want to tell us about it, ladies and gentlemen and nbs all over the world, a young tarnished decided to forgo continuing the golden order. Well, i dont want to get spoilers. I beat alden ring after 160, after 169 hours nice, i beat eldon ring um god. Damn the game is crack. It is a masterpiece one of the best games ever made. I talked about this on stream 10, but its like and michael appreciate. This maybe greg, but mostly mike me, you know every you know you get demar derozans in the league, mike you get. You get your your your derrick roses. You get chris pauls! You get all these like nba stars right, but once in a generation you will get a michael jordan, a lebron james, a tim duncan, the type of player that could change the franchise for decades. I mean with tim duncan, and you know all these other players decades right elden ring is that game elden ring is the skyrim. It is the witcher 3. It is that game that will be talked about for eons tim. I dont even know how to calculate that. All right, i dont, know um. How do you spell it? Is it eon, eon? I have to look that up. Bear you on that um anyway. Yeah. I beat it its incredible. I am still treating the game Music, like its my god, damn uh, you know you go to back to your parents house, you keep opening the cupboard in hopes that something new pops up like, maybe that maybe i missed a snack in there that i didnt see.

Last time, but you know you keep opening that fridge, theres, not something gon na, be a soda in there, its the same damn milk or whatever thats, been there all goddamn weekend, thats how i am with eldon ring. I keep on opening up, like maybe i forgot a mission. Maybe i did that other mission on my other character on xbox, no andy, like you, youre, pretty much done with the game. Dude, like its time to start a new game plus yeah im prepping your game plus run uh. I have my character still with mike that i really do want to get back to, because a lot of people have been kind of clamoring for it, because we have a blast doing co op over there um man yeah. I i think its 169 hours on pc on my main character, and i think about like 75 on my xbox character and uh yeah, its a really really good game. Everybody uh. I am dropping my rating, though, to a four out of five great still, not amazing, though damn there, it is nailed it wow, wow, wow, okay, im gon na try to pull back his little dont be like that. There are people that are only gon na. Listen to six minutes in three seconds of this show, and just be like. Oh this, this rating system, that kind of funnies doing like dont even make up their minds, were going to talk about all of that, because this is the kind of funny games cast.

But before we get into the rigmarole andy, an eon is not officially but commonly referred to as a billion years in buddhism. It is defined as the life cycle of the earth. Oh wow, i mean its all right though yeah well be talking about. Until the end of the earth, another thing i want to schedule out at some point is an elden ring spoiler cast. How do you feel about about that? Andy? Are we are we there yet like? Because its crazy elderly has been out now over a month? And you know the conversations have happened many times the conversation the discourse has happened. Is the world ready like? Do you think that people are at a point? Youve now beat it, which i think is like a major turtle. I want to wait for town to beat it because i just still dont think okay bless beat it as well. Um yeah cause, i think, theres like a lot of really cool to talk about the fallout and a lot of the side. Quests that do happen. Um because elder ring is the ultimate like. Oh, i beat that, oh since you killed that person. Why dont you go back and check on so and so and youre like. Why wait? What theyre gon na have something to say and you go back and that person a person might be dead. Tim, like i said what is going on in this world, so like yeah, its its the ultimate game, that you always want to go back and check on what characters have to say or go back and check to see if characters are even alive still so yeah Theres, its definitely something that we should talk about, because i i would love to just do a full similar to what we did with bloodborne.

Just lets just do a big old dump of our feelings. Here you know um greg miller. Can you get miyazaki on the line? Can we get him for the marina right now bringing them right? I appreciate that. I appreciate that very much and george r martin is george martin for this one. You want him in there. Music kind of funny games cast. Of course, where we talk about video games and all the things that we love about them each and every week right on, kindafunnygames or, you could also get it as a podcast. Just search your favorite podcast service for kind of funny. Games cast and well be right there for you, uh. If you wanted to get the show ad free, if you wanted to watch it live as its being recorded, which hey shout out to all you trolls out there all the patreon supporters. This is the first live episode of the kind of funny games cast weve done in a couple weeks over a month because theres been so many reviews to do, and we have a nice little uh reprieve right here without uh anything to review officially, which is kind Of nice so instead were gon na talk about our review scale. For this episode, let you all in on that conversation um, but you can go to kindafunnygames to be a part of the trog nation, just like our patreon producers, gordon maguire fargo, brady, pranksy, dan golden spider b, tyler ross, delaney twinning, first responder nd julian the Gluten free gamer, james, hastings and casey andrew have all done if you dont have a buck to toss our way you can go to the epic store anytime youre buying games over there and use the epic creator code kind of funny on all epic store and epic.

In game purchases like on rocket league or fortnight, especially right now, with the no build mode that is going on, seems to be going on forever. So thats a cool thing that we might talk about later in the show uh but anyways thats enough of all of that greg. I always talk about how sometimes i do the rigmarole and i just black out. This was one of those moments. You did not remember anything. I just said in the last minute: it was just you actually just started: reciting the lines to usher, an usher song, yeah yeah, let it burn yeah confessions, anyways lets start the show off talking about the review scale that we implemented a little bit ago. Here kind of funny, um greg, you know weve weve been doing kind of funny for a long time now, which is really crazy to think about over seven years and uh. Even before that, we were still doing kind of funny in different different shapes and forms sure um, whether it was game of greggy or kind of funny. Before kind of funny games existed back when we were at ign when we were at ign, we were very uh tuned in to review scales in video games. Specifically, you being somebody thats, actually reviewed games. There me more so on the the video team kind of understanding being a part of the meetings and conversations, but um with all of that, i feel like we have made a lot of strides in terms of what kind of funny content means.

What kind of funny games content means what our team looks like? What our opinions mean, how we want to deliver them to the people xyz? All of that, through that we brought on blessing, we brought on andy. We brought on mike weve got on barrett, janet paris, so many different people, whether theyre part timers, full timers, any which way weve tried to foster a group of people that are like minded to us. And i say that not in the sense of they agree with us, but i say that in the means of they understand the type of content that were trying to make and who were trying to make it. For. Is that fair to say, yeah? Well, i think thats right, i mean we know we broke away to, like we always say right, exchange the reach of ign for the intimacy of kind of funny, which means, of course, you have a special relationship with that audience, which means that we are trying to Serve our audience when the the looky loo pops up to talk on twitter comments, like i dont really care. If you watch this, you seem like a dick. I care about the troggs. I care about ronin cassidy, omega 3, joshie g, andy, your hand went up. What do you got to say? I just wonder like mike. I dont know if youre on the same wavelength as me right now, are they about to tell us the companys closing down whats, going on okay, odd start to this right.

Youre building this review scale up its funny to say that, but i mean honestly it it thats kind of a good example of where were at with this, where its hard for me to find the right way to address our review scale. Why we implemented it? How were going to continue to implement it and the reaction that it has caused uh in in the public recently, where im sure you guys have seen you know uh, i think everyone here has done an official kind of funny review at this point for a game. I know andy asks greg mike. Have you done one uh huh? I think i did uh what dying light too. Did you did you do one for gt? Yeah? Oh yeah, i mean yeah uh, huh, yeah yeah, four, that was a solid game, thats a good game. Yeah, so with that its, like you know, we kind of uh are now kind of in it in a different way and its just. I i wanted to talk about it as a group, but really like how it applies to the formation of kind of funny, which i think a lot of the criticism. Ive seen of our scale is like, oh, not a lot one of the criticisms ive. Seen of the scale has been oh kind of funny, always said that they dont like review scores. So this seems like them going back on their word so thats. Why? I wanted to go back to the beginning to start off with at least that point to address that greg.

Do you have any thoughts on that aspect of it all? Oh, i mean for sure right. We talked about that a lot at a the launch of it and i think i think correct me if im wrong. I love doing this and i love doing this conversation. You would have wanted to have done this when we did the scale initially right, but the problem was we did the scale as review season hit, so we didnt have a time to ever talk at length about the review scale beyond the video i put up and Then a comment here there. I got that kind of thing right exactly that was the plan and then we realized. Oh, we got embargo early, so we had to like hit review review, but at the same time i think that is kind of even bigger evidence to kind of funny in who we are, which is. It is always a work in progress and we are trying were not ever trying to claim. We got this right. No, nobody was wrong, especially when it comes to the subjectiveness of a review scale. You know i mean you know the things we said in january 2015. Are the things we still do to this day right, which is that were not building this, for you were building this with you again, we are, are a small company with a small audience in the grand scheme of things, and that means that were making these things And when you have opinions or thoughts or whatever we listen to them and then actually sit there and go okay? Well, what do we want to do with that? What do we want to? You know do with that information, although, if you want to keep on giving me everybody in the comments ill lower, my horizon score to a three out of five all right, dont tempt me.

I will do it all right. Itll go down to an okay score. So far, its great all right sit with that for the rest of your life, god damn it go ahead, greg sorry, no, its im, you! You are a just and fair ruler, and i i understand what you have to do. You got to do there. You know what i mean: um yeah, like so the reasoning behind it. They change whatever. So i think it comes from a different thing. I think you nailed it in a lot of ways right of like its been seven years of kind of funny, so things have changed and evolved, and you know coming away from ign. One of the things i think we attached to review scales was toxicity, because it was that idea that you put up the review people scroll to the bottom. They dont read the review. They just want to argue about the number you put on the game, and so when we left and had carte blanche do whatever we wanted. Uh in terms of how we make content were like cool, were just going to talk about games and movies and everything else under the video game. Sun uh and you know, youll. You have to listen to the two hour long podcast, to understand the impressions of it right, thats how it is and thats all well and good, but i also think that it was too far. I think i think it was number one it went too far because of course, youre still giving your opinion its still coming down to an adjective its a point.

At some point, someone, no matter what i review, whether it be you know, friend or somebody on the street, will text me or ask me: what do you think of that game and i dont sit there and give them the two hour long thing i give them The three sentence – oh it was great or it was this or was that and you move on from that right and so you get to where we were before the review scale and the thing we were running into is how many times did we sit there and Literally, our reviews would be yeah, okay, thats the way i thought of it. What do you think is the meta critic is going to be? Oh well, i think ign would give it a seven five yeah id be closer to seven, but i could see a seven five obama. We started having these actual conversations where we were doing all, but the review score and, as i put in the video and as i did there right like the move to this is just a way to give a billboard uh to the podcast its a billboard of, Like hey here is the snapshot of what we think of this thing that way, hopefully youre in it not inspired, but uh, enticed to come. Listen to why we thought this is a three out of five or thats a four out of five, or this is a five out of five and its, and i you know it goes back to ive seen a lot of criticism of, and i i should say, And i think maybe i dont want to speak for you too tim, i should say overwhelmingly ive seen positive stuff about this, obviously were talking about criticisms right now, because were i want to answer those things, and i know thats where you started too tim, but like Overwhelmingly, everybody seems to be down and i think, its fine, its cool and it doesnt change the content at all, except theres.

Now a conversation up. What do you think? What whats your score? Somebody goes, oh, i think, x y z, and then you move on to the conversation uh the idea hold on. Let me let me stop you there greg just to say it like. Yes, the reception has resulted in overwhelmingly positive reaction. I would say that, of course, theres going to be negative reaction. Of course, theres going to be reddit threads and uh twitter responses and things of people that disagree with this and that how were doing it, whatever notice were listening to that, were talking about it and were taking it all in uh. But in terms of the the views on on things, the attention were getting on stuff, like the whole point of why we instituted it. It has been a major success, so its like. I do think that its important to point out like what you just said like it, has been fantastic for us, but you know to cut back to it. You know ive seen some of the criticism that seems to be going on more recently in some of the threads is that the buckets are too big uh five points isnt, giving enough leeway to get into the minutiae and get into the stuff and under and argue That you know some people want it to be a a 10 point scale. A 20 point scale 100 points again all these different things, these conversations, but what i would say again, of course, is that we want those buckets broad.

I want you to like be puzzle. Quest gets a four out of five. Why did puzzle quest three? A mobile game get a four out of five, the same thing that gt7 got from mike or the same thing. You know uh, the the razor chair got from greg right. We want you to listen to the podcast. At no point do we think that three out of five, this games – uh uh, you know, okay – is where itll stop and start for so many people, and so its both as i put in the video right, the thing we want that to be able to be Shared on reset error on nivels threads or wherever super easily, it also speaks. You know. In 2022 we gave roger a tick tock team and he has been killing it over a kind of funny games and everybody should go like subscribe share. But the other thing was: we wanted to tackle reviews over there and so especially for a tick tock review. Where you are, you know we are still, even though theyve expanded it since we started you know its 60 seconds, but you want your script to be up 45 seconds. You ive had to retrain myself in a very interesting way right because for me, and what i was trained to write and review is show dont tell right and the 45 second tick tock her use tell it is heres the score heres. Why heres? What top level fun not fun? What i liked, what i didnt not getting into a game mechanic or explaining a developers pedigree, which i have tried and roger, has had to tell me no edit, that out um its a score that the score i think works so well, and what, in what were Doing number one, like you said just because its achieving what we want, but its also giving us unified, uh kind of funny scales rubrics right, where i love the idea that you know ive seen so many people um, not so many ive seen.

One of the comments be like, and it was a totally you know, heres the thing theres a lot of reasons to hate me greg miller. I get it dont get me wrong. You can look down my long and im being not facetious here, im being 100 true, i understand why people dislike me for a number of reasons, and all i ask you do your homework when you want to come at me. Somebody, the other day on reddit, came at me. They was like man uh. This game must be really bad, its the only game not to get a four out of five, and i was like heres the list of everything. Weve reviewed the games, weve reviewed right, weve, already done more than a dozen reviews, which might not sound video game reviews, not including movies and everything else, which might not sound like a lot right. But it is for a team of 11 people in the first three months of the year. Uh, you know were correct, were trying to expand, explore that scale and, of course it has been. You know a feast right now in terms of games to play and go at it and stuff. So i like the idea that the buckets are broad so that you can get in and understand why somethings a four but then also its not in the minutia, not to mention its back to the old ign argument of like when people would get super mad.

That, whatever playstation exclusive got the same as some ds, kids game, you know this its, not thats, not apples to apples thing its. What is but like kind of funny in the core of what we do is still this its just talking its about the communication, its about the conversation and, i think the scores. I personally think the scores facilitate that and drive that i do think its interesting when we all go around and you know andy or whoevers. The lead, reviewer and thats gon na be the kind of funny score, but you go around and somebody isnt on the same page theyre, giving it a lower score or whatever and you go through and do that and i love doing that and i think again its A nice shortcut to get to why you dont agree with somebody or what you do agree about. I dont know why im so abrasive. Sorry, no, i mean its kind of its necessary youre, adding the levity to it. Andy that i think, is required for this type of conversation in the context of what were doing where its like. It is a very serious thing that i know means a lot to a lot of people, so we want to get it right. Having said that were still kind of funny like its in the name like it, we are were having fun with this, and it is very much a conversation started to what to what nicks sorry, gregs saying a lot.

Uh nick is the one person on the team that still doesnt understand our scale and any. If we were like nick scarpino whats the kind of funny scale, he would have no right now. I got ta love that about him. So much id give nick a two out of five, but i keep on doing like the word association thing tim, like um and and ive seen greg in the comments, and i try to be in the comments and i will like i usually reply to peoples. Uh dumb comments on my personal account uh, but if its something that i think i have like a decent eno of enough of a response to um like somebody said how is tunic a 5 out of 5 and elden ring also a 5 out of 5. theres. No way these games are on the same level, and in no way did we ever say that thats what this scale was its like. If, if this game does enough amazing things, it will get the five out of five amazing score from me. Um – and this will be get a great score for me, because i think horizon is a great game, its a great ass game that you should definitely buy like. I said in the review a million goddamn times and with that i think that its kind of in a lot of ways, the scale and greg was kind of touching on this. A bit about uh having to re, learn how to write a review for this new format that hes never written for is.

It makes us all think about our criticism differently, and i i know that for sure its made me better at being. Normally when we review a game on gamescast barrett will ask me hey what is the tweet? You want to write for me to schedule for you to tweet about the games cast, and that is the most stressful part of gamescast to me is coming up with that tweet for whatever reason its like putting it into those succinct words of to sum up and Advertise the conversation im about to have on the show is so difficult to me, but doing these tick. Tock reviews has made me so much better at it that i dont stress about that anymore, its like its not even that difficult it just kind of reframes your mind into how to think about this and kind of make it just a little bit more official uh. Just to to make your own thoughts crystallized and, and because of that, i think it kind of helps us. You know addressing what greg is talking about with the criticism that i see a lot from people that is like oh theyre, just giving everything a four and a five. You need to understand the context of a couple things. One, a ton of amazing games are coming out right now, like were in a great time to be a video game fan two were only gon na for sure review. The games that we are interested in so, if were interested in them, were kind of assuming theyre gon na be good, so theres already a bias of the scale is going to be slanted on the higher end because of that.

But for people to say: oh theyre. Never gon na get give a game a low score. Is people not actually looking into what we have done because greg has given a game? A two? You know we have given games so far, yeah its like its and thats, just not going to be as common, because of i mean, quite frankly, us not wanting to waste our time and us really kind of being authentic. To who kind of funny is and doubling down on our interests and and but just last thing i want to say and watch up to greg is like, but part of our interests are all not one thing its not like kind of funny likes this. It doesnt like this. We all have our own things and greg has an interest in reviewing games that he might not be interested in in a way that i dont think all of us do, and i think that that is a valuable asset that greg provides to the team. And that is why we got that review from him. I was. I was fascinated that we, when we did the reviews, scale announcement and started using it. People yeah interpreted that as we were going to review everything or more or do whatever and thats on us for messaging, probably, and not having thought that way, i i i think youre nailing it to him right. The idea here is that the marching orders were kind of funny right.

Our mission statement is the same thing. It always is which is were hanging out and having fun and playing games. We like or dont like, sometimes and so like right now, right like we have cleared out of uh whats going on, i think, were gon na talk about tiny teen in a little bit right. I started it, but i played tiny tina and im like man. I could either fall in love with this game and platinum it and go on, or i could stop and play get obsessed with wwe even more and like im going the wwe route like i dont, feel the i dont feel the need in the pull and the Job uh defining quality that i have to go review tiny tina, because i started tiny tina that i have to see that through and go all the way in the same way. You know when stuff drops next week, game wise, like obviously ill, look at everything thats coming out, but if nothing there is like that sounds like something i want to play: im not going to go and just review something to review something its still the same thing. It always was where what we reviewed or talked about on the shows is what we were drawn to and, like you know, im drawn to horror games, which is why i did martha is dead and i didnt like it. So then it gets that kind of review, but its yeah were not gon na change.

What we are and how we tackle games that way. Andy yeah, i feel like wed, have more twos and threes. If we were reviewing, let me read todays out today, katie in meadowland richies nightmare g, darius hd, like im sure, if we were playing a lot of these kind of more random games like a gigantic outlet, would have with a lot of reviewers on the staff. Then there would be more games like that, but yeah tim nailed it perfectly of like yeah. The games that were playing are usually games that were kind of looking forward to anyway and yeah. They might disappoint us and get a four instead of a five or they might overwhelm, or you know, um not overwhelm, but they might uh over perform like tunic did for me, where i thought that was probably gon na be a three or four kirby, and it Was fantastic – and i was like god damn this game is amazing and doing things that i wasnt expecting so um yeah thats its usually games that we are going into knowing that its something that we want to play yeah. So taking that, like the idea of kind of funny versus kind of funny games, we review movies and tv shows, and i think that applying our scale to a lot of the movies we talk about are kind of funny. There would be a lot of ones and two specifically applying the scale to what we cover for in review, because the point of that is all of us investing in a franchise week to week talking about everything, even if its bad, you know, but video games are A totally different beast – and i personally have no interest in covering every single thing that comes out.

I want us to cover what we want to and test out what we like and if we arent really vibing with it like. I dont want to force anybody ever at kind of funny to play through an entire game if theyre not vibing with it like that is not who we are. I dont want us to be that i dont think anyone here wants us to be that so uh. Meanwhile, i am okay, making people watch, making people watch catwoman because its funny and were making fun of it and like were having were in on it. We understand what the concept thats also an hour and a half two hours exactly exactly so theres a lot of nuance there uh mike and andy. I want to get your input on this because i know greg and i kind of have a lot of just history with dealing with this type of stuff and again i cant make this like explicit enough. There was a lot of care and time and thought and conversation with the entire group put into these decisions. When we first started doing the review scale, it was uh using the scale where game of the year was the top level of the conversation, and all of us were like this doesnt feel right, like this doesnt speak to who we are, and we need to address This so we had conversations internally trying to come up with a scale that we thought best represented how we talk about video games and thats.

Why we got to the 5. people can compare it to the ign scale or game spot scale, game informant scale, whatever dont do that if you want to go for it, thats thats up to you to do, but what im asking you to do is compare it To how we talk about video games, because i think it actually really services the way that these people you see on screen and the rest of our team talks about games to fall into those categories. If a game is a game of the year, categor contender youre gon na hear that in our review were gon na, give it a five and were gon na be like. I wish i could give it more than a five you know were going to make that extremely clear, and you will know the difference between that and a lot of people got at me last week when i gave kirby a five and i said its a low Five and theyre like why. Why have the scale be five, if youre going to say its a low five and its like? Well because i cant, because you just heard us say its a low phone, you just heard the color were applying to the review exactly and it gets so frustrating for to kind of hear that feedback and the last kind of diatribe. I want to go off to something: is uh coming up with the scale and what the words associated with the scale mean.

That, i think, was the the biggest conversation we had to have, and we all talked about it. And there was a lot of back and forth about specifics, because we were trying to make this a broad thing that can apply to everything that we do, and i think that the biggest point of contention is what a three out of five means in terms of Our post uh decision making so far, which could change at any time uh of what our scale means because number one one is uh, terrible: two bad three: okay, four great five amazing and a lot of people are like how are you gon na jump from three? Okay to four great wheres good, the answer is a three okay and good are the same thing. We just didnt want to call it good, because if it went bad, terrible good, great amazing people would be like well, then wheres, just okay, see what reality is its about words, its about the way we have conversations. Any game that were saying is good or saying is okay, we are saying the same thing about thats. The the reality of it is were like yo, its its pretty good or its okay were saying the same thing about the game. What i love am i wrong. Okay is my favorite segment? No youre, not okay is my favorite segment, because for me, theres, two okays theyre, the its the its the okay or its its good right, its okay, which is fine or its okay.

Like its the you know, i mean the inflection of where you are where its okay is its good, when its okay, its like oh well, its fine, but either way whatever. But the thing. There, though, greg – and this is why i i think that our scale actually works really well, and i and thats why? What i talk about, i try to say: okay, slash good for three is that the inflection is the important part, but the differentiator is the tone you have is either taking it from. You thought it was going to be bad, but its actually okay or it was supposed to be like good but its okay. You know what i mean so given three, i think, says something and it backs up the words that were actually trying to put out there. Mike, what are your thoughts on the scale so far, everything we just said: where do you land with it yeah? For me tim? I actually was probably one of the most be excited about having a scale, because, as most of the listeners know, i run my own podcast with the kind of funny x cast and im, not on uh gamescast, all the time right, and so i was looking for That uniformity, something to bring us all together and kind of have a cohesive scale on, especially since this is you, you know my early times in the quote: unquote, video game industry right, i came from where just be me and my friends of oh, you should buy This right now or maybe catch it on sale or just skip that right, and i think i brought that in to my career here kind of funny in the x cast where, if you listen to our early days, thats how we kind of graded things over there.

So wed have the conversation of oh. I think you should buy this right now, if you like this or you could wait for that to go on sale and i think listening to all of you and the insights, especially you know, as andy, can tell you and im sure blessing having you and greg Here, right in all of your professional years to be able to learn and be mentored right, thats. What were all looking for, and i love that we all can come together – have our voice heard and also have something where we can walk out and say hey. This is the kind of funny scam we all can get behind that because thats something i needed, i needed kind of a guide to what i wanted to do moving forward. So for me i was actually a big fan of this and i do like where weve fallen with the five point scale. I think you hear it when i talk about gt and i gave it a four out of five as a newcomer right. That is a great racing game and theres a lot of stuff to go into that, and you know i think greg has touched on it so well right. A lot of people are just gon na, hear me say four out of five and just think oh okay, whatever, but we also had an hour and a half long podcast, where i went in depth on the things that i liked things that i didnt like what Drew me to that conclusion right and so ive been a big fan of it and i really really enjoyed it.

I think its something easy for me to bring over to my side right, because i work with two part: timers and contractors where its like hey. This is what the team wants to do. Lets try to do this and follow in their. You know their ways and its fun. For me, i, like that andy yeah im the same um i i talked about it on a on a post, show one time of like of more of how the words are. The words are more important. What were saying um goes further than just what the score is right, and i talked about how um i will grade a game based on what i expect from the developer. What the developer uh is telling me theyre gon na, do and how well enough they sort of exceed that um and i think its more important to obviously listen to the conversation. I think when the number is up there, a lot of people will immediately say wow. Well, this side, scrolling 2d platformer, is a four out of five and youre, giving this gigantic open world game a four out of five as well. How does that make sense, um, and i think i i challenge that person to just like listen to the context and listen to whats being said and listen to the conversations and what we think that yeah this game could do better here and here um. But it does this thing so well enough that, therefore, i think its worthy of this score um.

I think all that context really really matters um, but i also dont, i dont think anybodys in the wrong for feeling certain ways when theyve been presented, that review scores are meant to communicate x, y and z. I think, like people who arent necessarily kind of funny regulars, who have probably long by now tuned out to this, but i think people that are like the hardcore people are gon na understand what were saying and are here and their ride or die uh. But i think people that are more sort of casual on the on the listening side, who may only tune in for certain reviews right. I think those people i dont begrudge them for how they feel about our view score because theyve been conditioned to think certain things about review scores their whole lives right, because this number should mean this, and how could that equal that if blank number like theres, so Many different things you could throw at this, but um, i think, thats, just the way that theyve kind of grown up with review scores. You know whether its three out of five stars or four out of five stars and were attaching words to these uh to these review scores in order to hopefully better explain ourselves um but yeah, i dont, i dont, know i its, i believe in our review scale. I, like it a lot, and i also dont necessarily you know again begrudge anybody for going like wow.

How does that make sense so its like? Well, you just got to listen to the podcast yeah. I i think yeah. I would judge them for that. I forget of the knee jerk im mad and i dont even know whats going on very similar to what we do when we go to metacritic and rotten tomatoes, and we see that number and go uh. You know, i think raw tomatoes is probably the biggest offender of it all where right the score is based on how many reviewers gave it a positive score, not like the average score is not an eight out of ten if its an 80. That just means 80 percent of our viewers thought it was a success worth watching like recommended. You know so that that could be a ranger like this is the best movie of all time or like yeah sure, where youre there uh go, watch it but yeah. I dont know i just feel like people who are in that sort of people who listen to the podcasts or go to ign for their score at the bottom, thats just thats how they consume games media. You know i i dont know: where are we gon na say before you say that, though bear? Let me tell you about our sponsors shout out to uplift for sponsoring this episode, ive been using my uplift desk for well over a year now i love the things. So much i decided to write a rap song for them.

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But you know we do all these podcasts uh, specifically in review where were ranking things, and i think that that might be another mindset that, like people might need to get out of the headspace of when it comes to like review scores. When specifically talking about. Like. Oh, how are you going to give this uh this game out of uh five out of five when its nowhere near elden ring or its like? Well its its not like its were, like, you know, ranking it on a list or something you know like these? Are you know very two, very different conversations of why theyre an amazing game and stuff like that? So i think thats like another interesting headspace, that i think a lot of people might have already been in for after so long of like no review scores, and you know the the closest we get to that is like ranking a bunch of movies, um and stuff. Like that so thats a thats, another aspect that kind of just popped up in my mind when yall were talking totally – and you know, andy bringing up the rotten tomatoes thing its interesting, because at the end of the day, its like that its the fault of the People for not understanding rotten tomato scale, they make it very clear they try to they over, explain it all. But then people just look at the number and they associate that number with something and like thats, not anyones fault necessarily, but that also adds into the kind of the the words and like meaning of it all where its like, even though okay and good do not Mean the same thing, they do mean the same thing to us as a three but thats language based and when i look at scores, we had conversations about this.

Do we do a 10 point scale? Do we do a five point? Scale. Three point scale. Four foot scale hundred point scale: what are the differences, and we have found that we all tend to agree that a 5 out of 5 doesnt mean the same thing: that a 10 out of 10 does and its like. I think that a 10 out of 10 100 out of 100 those mean like yo. These are some of the best things of all time like you need to really really really pay attention to this, because it is special exactly whereas like a five out of five is like well. That is one fifth of the possibility. It just means it is yo. This is good, they achieved the thing they nailed it and i i like that, because it addresses the way we talk about games. I think better than some of the other scales, because i think there would be too much pressure and thats when im like okay. Looking at just if you only looked at the number kind of funny gave a game to 10 out of 10 means a lot more than kind of funny gave a five out of five by numbers. That just is how it works, but more important. The numbers, its the words that back it up and its the language that we use to discuss our criticisms, its also like the um, the tendency to to go about it. The mathematical way that a um a four out of five.

That means an eight out of ten. That means its a b that thats a b score in grade school and like and anything at a seven or or below is a failing grade. Um when really like. I i just, i think people always just kind of do. The math that way, oh a three out of five, so thats, a six out of ten thats, a failing grade. You know, like thats, thats, a 60 score on a on a test or whatever, and i think its. I think people still have the tendency to do that as well um and that also throws off peoples kind of um their thought process of what a review score and a review scale should be yeah mike. No, i mean yes thoughts there. No, i just im breaking all down. I really love hearing from you guys and how your feelings are right. I brought up how i liked having the uniformity and us all coming together. So for me, ive enjoyed this process and also you know, as somebody who i think, weve all been. There has rushed to the bottom of the ign review to read the number and go okay heres this paragraph right. I am somebody now where i look at the digital age of tick, tock and twitter and social media right like how many people are really listening to my full hour and a half long to two hour, long podcast right, i hope a lot.

We do it because we love what were doing and we want everybody to enjoy the content right, but i also want to get my words out. Then i want to be able to share hey im, really hyped about this game, or i think that eldon ring is a masterpiece. You should go check it out right and i need this condensed version on tick tock and on twitter, or maybe through this review score process that were currently going through and doing right of being able to share that with more people and having them being able to Share my product and my you know conversations that we have on these podcasts to more people, maybe in an easier, faster way, yeah any final thoughts on the review scale. For now again, this is an open conversation. If people have thoughts were gon na look at them. Yeah were going to be able to adapt for sure. Let us know what were missing. You know what i mean, because i just i think its the fact that the people who ive seen have a problem with the review scale i feel like, are coming at the review scale going. This is how i use a review, scale and im looking at this and you and i it doesnt work that it doesnt work and its like. Well, no youre trying to apply how you would use a review scale youre, not listening to how we use the review scale.

I want buckets of fours and fives and that we talk about – and i want. I also still to this day like when i do this. Dont hem and haw about the score this, like, if youre talking what youre talking about tim right of like a 10 out of 10 or a 9.5 or whatever, would be a far different thing than a five or a four, and i think it is you, come In and they clear out which one of these which one of these five adjectives do, i think, when somebody asks me what i think of the game, would i apply to the game thats, what i say: thats what i do and then i go and talk to You about what i think about the game for an hour and a half and drone on and go. The thing is, but you know yeah totally man and you know i i keep using kirby as my example, because i gave that a five and like that wasnt a decision for me. You know like that, and it was a it was a choice and im im.