That will greatly increase the number of connections you can make to your computer. Now, in the last couple of years, all the manufacturers out there have been locked in this arms race to design smaller and thinner laptops, which i think is a really good thing, because a thinner, laptop slides into a bag a whole lot easier and a lighter laptop Is way more portable, which means you're going to bring it with you more places. The challenge is the thinner. The laptops get the more. It limits a company's ability to build ports into that laptop for connecting to external devices, for example on this laptop on the one end, i've got two usb c ports and an audio port and, on the other end i've got a usb, a port and that's. It now, if i'm out in the field, that's not a big deal, because if i have to read a memory card, i can use a small adapter. I'Ve got a usb, a port where i can use that for an external hard drive. So i'm, okay out in the field, but the challenge is, if i'm, using it at home. As my main computer, which a lot of us are nowadays with all our social media interactions and our zoom meetings that are going on there aren't enough connections on the laptop for me to connect everything up, i need so. I have to figure out a way to expand those connections that's exactly what this hub is designed to do so, essentially, what you're going to do is connect the hub to your computer through one single cable, it's, a usbc cable, the minute you make that connection.

All these ports on the back become active and you've got a ton of ports back here. So i've got, for example, two different video ports, hdmi and vga i've got a network port that's, a gige network. I'Ve got five usb a connections and another usbc connection, as well as an sd and a micro sd card reader and an audio port. So it gives me everything i need at home when i'm using this as my main computer, that i can sort of leave it. On my desk connected to everything when i come home, i make one connection through the usbc and i'm ready to go now. What i'd like to do with this clip is a brief overview of the unboxing. I just want to show you what comes with the kit and then i'll. Take a closer look at the hub and explain all the connections to you and i'll come back at the end, with some thoughts on why i picked this up because i tested a lot of different hubs and i've used a bunch of them over the years and I'Ve, given up on the others for a couple of reasons that i think are pretty important, so i'll explain what's different about the oxime hub from the other ones that i test it and when you're looking for something like this to expand your ports, keep those things In mind, because it'll give you a good idea of what you should be looking for when you're comparing two products against each other, all right so let's do the unboxing again it's, not that exciting there's not a whole lot inside the box.

You'Ll get the 12 port hub. They actually include a usbc to usbc cable, which i think is really nice. So you can use this to connect it up immediately to your laptop and start using it. You'Ll get a contact information card here. That'S got a little scanner code in the back. If you want to get in contact with the company with questions or warranty issues, or you just want to post some positive comments, that's a great thing to use and then finally a full instruction manual, which is printed – and i know i know i go on about This, but so many companies nowadays don't actually print the manual they'll, give you some link somewhere, where you've got to go and read a pdf or whatever. I love the fact that they printed out the manual, and that tells me the company, cares about the people that are buying it to make it really easy to use the product so that's the unboxing. Now, if you stay tuned i'm, going to take a closer look at the hub and again explain all the ports and what they do and what benefits they're going to give you, when you connect it up to the computer and then i'll come back and give you The reasons why i picked this up, in particular over all the other ones that i tested the first connection you'll want to make to the hub, is right here on the end and it's a standard, usbc port, you can use the included cable.

That came with the kit to make that connection, but just be aware that the ends are a little bit different. If you look closely, you notice the hood's a little bit larger on this one and even closer inspection you'll see that it says the word hub on there it's important that that connects to the hub – and this end connects to your computer. So you simply plug it into the hub plug this end into your computer and the minute you make that connection. The hub is now live and all of the ports on the back are activated and i'll explain what those ports do now so, starting on the left hand, side you'll find a usbc port that can be used to connect external peripherals to the hub into your computer. To the right of that is a power input port. You can use an optional secondary power supply to actually power the hub and charge your computer at the same time and that power supply can be anywhere between 6 and 20. Volts dc, pretty flexible port to the right of that are two monitor: connections, hdmi and vga. Both of these are active at the same time and depending on what monitors you're using and what resolution you're using the hub is smart enough to figure out the best possible resolution to show on both of those monitors. To give you the best possible picture to the right of that is your network connection.

This is a gigi connection, but it will also speed sense down to 10 base t and 100 base t, depending on your network requirements to the right of that are two full size: usb a ports. Those are usb 3.0, so they're high speed ports to the right of that are three more usb, a ports that are usb 2.0 and again. These are great connections for any external peripherals to the right of that are your memory card connections, full size, sd card here and a micro sd card in the bottom. Only one of those can be used at a time, so you can't actually have two cards in there. Whatever card goes in first is the one it's going to read to the right of that is an audio connection, it's a three and a half millimeter standard, audio connection, it's bi directional. So you can connect the speaker up to your laptop that you're connecting to the hub and play music or you can actually use it for a microphone or a combination of both so it's a very, very flexible setup on the back end. I hope that was helpful. Now, here are a few things to keep in mind if you're in the market, for a hub like this, to increase your port count and really the reasons why i like this awesome hub so much. The first has to do with construction. A lot of the hubs on the market today have plastic enclosures, which doesn't seem like that big a deal and i'm sure they're doing it to keep the cost down and it's, probably not an issue if you're going to keep it on your desk at home and It'S never going to leave the house, but if you're taking it out in the field with you think about that a second you're going to throw the hub in your computer bag a lot of other things in there banging up against it.

It'S going to get scratched up, which isn't that big a deal, but if it gets cracked i'm never going to trust that hub to connect it up to all the peripherals. I want to connect to my computer so having a product like this that's got. A full aluminum enclosure means that it's durable, it's lightweight. It also helps to reduce outside interference from causing any issues with the video i'm sending to the monitor or my network connections and, if you're into cosmetics. It matches the laptop perfectly, especially if you're running one of the new macbooks it's, the exact right color for the apple products and a lot of the new windows. Computers like this one match it as well, so the cosmetics again a small point. But if i'm in front of a client i want to seem as professional as possible. If i pull this out of my computer bag and hook it up, it matches the computer. So for me, cosmetics is kind of important but functionality, much more durable, lightweight and it's. Going to really protect you when you're out in the field from damage to the product, all right. Another thing to keep in mind is you'll notice. There'S, no cable connected to this. A lot of the other hubs on the market have a cable, that's integrated to the case and again that's to help reduce the cost because they can save the secondary connection by wiring it directly into the board inside this one has a usbc port on the end Of it now, the reason that's important is because, with my computer, pretend i'm sitting here, this is the back of my computer.

The hub goes here typically it's, underneath the computer like that, which is nice because it raises the computer up. The challenge is that cable is way too short to go from here to here. So i've got to have it over here if i'm, using that cable and that's, not really where i want it. I want it behind my computer to make all the connections to drop off the back of my desk. So the fact that i've got a usbc port on here means that i can put a usbc cable from here to here that's longer. I can use one of my own and actually put it anywhere. I want on my desk, so it gives me a lot more flexibility and again you wouldn't notice that normally you'd think well that's, really nice. They got the cable built into it, but they're usually about that long, which is really a headache all right. The other thing you want to consider is, of course, the number of ports in the back now 12. Ports is pretty good and it gives you everything you need. I'Ve got dual video connections, i've got a network connection, five usb, a connections and a usb c port. As well as audio input and output and sd card reader, so there isn't much that i need on the back of this, that i can't connect to with all my peripherals. A lot of them give you few reports, but, more importantly, they don't put the ports all in one side.

So if you look a lot of the hubs, they've got the sd card reader on one side, a couple of usbs over here, maybe a usba. On that side and that's a bit of a headache, because if you're trying to keep your desk somewhat organized typically, all your peripherals are behind you. You want the cables to come out the back and not be all over your desk sort of wrapped around. So i love the fact that it has all the ports facing out the back end of it. Another key feature is that it offers both uh vga and hdmi output for your monitors, which is kind of nice, because if you're using an older monitor, you can connect it up here. 1080P is pretty good resolution. If you want to do 4k, you come in through the hdmi. The cool thing is both of those ports are active at the same time, so i can actually run two external monitors at the same time and i have a choice of either mirroring my laptop screen to both of those monitors or to expand my desktop between those Monitors to move icons around so it gives me really a three screen setup when i'm home to park some of those icons on those other two screens, which is really nice. A lot of them don't do that it's one or the other or it's, only hdmi, which kind of limits your your access out. The back another key feature is that a lot of these hubs are operating system, specific meaning, it's, a hub for mac or it's, a hub for uh windows, and that doesn't seem like that big a deal again if it's, just you buying a hub for your computer, But i've got a lot of kids at home.

I'Ve got my wife we're all connecting different computers, and i want to have a hub that i can use for all those computers. So if my son's in a pinch – and he needs to use the hub, he can plug it into his computer and run with it. He'S a windows, computer, my wife and my daughter – are both apple computers. It works on both. Another key feature is that the hub connecting to your computer doesn't happen organically. What i mean by that is, when you connect the hub at your computer, it doesn't just magically enable all those ports. The computer has to understand what the hub's doing with that usbc connection, so what's cool about the auxim hub. Is they actually build the software? You need the drivers. You need right into the hub, so the first time you connect it up to your computer. A window. Will pop up and say, would you like to install these operating system modifications to your drivers to enable a hub? You click? Yes, it installs it and you're off and running, and they include software on here for both the apple products and the windows products. So it makes it super simple to install it a lot of the other hubs i tested you had to go to their website. I tried to download the software. Maybe i got it working, but it took me an awful long time this one, a couple of clicks and you're done and it's working so that's another real benefit to it.

The last thing i'll tell you is that, if you're using a lot of usb c connections, externally, you've got five usb a connections on the back here, so we offer and i've got a link below to them. We offer converters they're, actually port converters that'll turn a usb a into a female usb c. So if you need additional usbc ports, you can use those port adapters to make that conversion. Conversely, if you need one more usba port, either on your computer or on this, or even several, we have a converter that will change the usb c female to a usb, a female, so it'll actually change the gender. I should say change the flavor of that usb. Depending on what you need, so if you're, if you're looking at this going man, i could use a couple more usb c ports. You can use one of those converters to convert it to a usbc. Now, that's not a fully functional usbc it'll charge, it'll move audio it'll move video, but there's some limitations on it, but at least it gives you another way to expand it. So all those things being equal. I like this hubban off a lot and i've tested a bunch of hubs and i've actually used hubs in the field for a lot of different years on a lot of my computers, but this one for me just fits the bill. It'S clean, it's really well designed. I love the aluminum casing on it.

I also love the fact that it raises my computer up evenly because a lot of those smaller hubs are kind of small and blocky, and i was always like moving around on it. This one. It sits right underneath the back of it. It gives me additional cooling for my laptop, which is kind of nice, and all the cables is super important to me all the cables come out the back and fall off the back of my table. So, for me this is like the perfect move. Now. Awesome is not the cheapest hub on the market. When you look at the price you're going to go, wow that's a little more expensive than i expected, but they have a special on right now, where there's a huge reduction on it. So if you use the link below go to amazon, take a look at it. I think they're knocking 30 or 32 percent off it right now. So if you need this, this is a easy product to use and again, during these times, we're all home, working from home or we're on skype, calls with friends and family and stuff having an expander like this. That allows you to connect up an external camera, a microphone, an extra hard drive, whatever you need to connect network connections. So you get high speed connections to your laptop it's, just a real bonus to have that and i think it's a necessary peripheral for anybody. Working with laptops at home so that's all i really had for today.

I, like it an awful lot if you've got any questions about it, drop them as a comment below and i'll talk to you as quickly as i can and get the answers you need, but in the meantime there are links below to the port converters. I talked about into this on amazon if you want to go check it out, but i love doing these kind of clips. So hopefully you guys are finding value in this. I'Ve got a lot more stuff i'm going to be talking about on the channel.