Exo drones was kind enough to send us for review and uh. This is what comes in the box and well be right. Back go. Okay were back, comes in a nice, beautiful uh soft case that e x o on it petrol exo lets see whats inside. Thank you again for coming to jackson. Rc aviation were trying to bring whatever we can bring to you. Oh my. This is pretty neat. This is almost like the uh, almost the size of the uh air. To it i dont know you know. Oh okay, this is the drone. The ranger thats, a nice camera – you see that were gon na take the thing off anyway. Well put that a few minutes lets set that there it mostly usually come with one battery. We got two batteries ones already inside. These are 7.6 volt, 3600 milliamp uh lithium ion batteries hold on one. Second, i get out of the box here, which is right there. You see that okay, you also have extra props, which are in this box. Okay, you usb cord huh usb cords in there too. Yeah usb cords in there this also has uh the uh laser obstacle avoidance, which will go right on top. Okay show the box, oh its in here, were gon na. Have another video thats uh were gon na. Do a couple things with it, but uh this right. Here sits on top of there, okay and well get more detail as we go.

Okay, we do want to thank you all for coming um. Well, thank exo for uh, providing this to us, our children, exo drones and pretty much all you know to not spend a lot of money for beginners. You know this might be a good thing for you. You got the same thing. You got your phone uh hook up nice little knobs. Of course we havent charged this up yet, but were gon na get in more detail later on, but we just wanted to show you what the what comes in the box. You can attach your phone and all the good things kind of antennas, yeah antennas and all that. But its pretty neat, though, lets see it. Nice, nice, solid, aint too bad. You know i mean but uh thats, pretty cool but, like i say, exo drove just uh been out for a while and uh. I never thought that ill be talking about the uh, drones and stuff, but we fly planes. So you know we know a lot of guys at the gals that go out and go far away. Im, not comfortable with that. Yet, but uh were gon na work on that and uh, but hey. This is a this is a nice size, though you know what i mean. Look at this site, its super Music that i, like that man that thats something youve got the camera down. Here i got ta fix. I got ta take that off and i will ill get that off of there, but you got the gimbal, so it is also as for as 4k and um well get into more detail with that too, but you know nice size drone.

What are your thoughts? I, like it, you like it so were definitely going to put it through. Its paces were going to have another series coming up on that we are affiliate with uh exo exo drones well put that in the link. So if anybodys looking to get one, you know tell your friends tell your family, you know if somebodys interested in getting one it aint for everybody, and we know that but uh you do get some stickers and uh were looking forward to it really are, and uh Were gon na find some other different products and um again we want to thank you for coming by. There is gon na be a part two and part three to this series, so look forward to it also check uh. You get ahold of any reason. We got an email is jacksonrc aviation at protonmail, o and p r, o t o n mail. You can get a hold of us if you like, and were gon na work on doing a um paypal and were gon na sell some other stuff, so its taking us a little bit time to get things done, but we will get on again. We want to thank exo for sending this nice uh, yeah and so john for for under 500. I dont think you can go wrong. You know we got the extra battery, so you dont wear my forehead somewhere around there, but uh thanks for coming by.

Please hit the like button hit subscribe, but tell everybody were on instagram. We are on facebook, uh haircare, snapchat uh were on uh twitter, but we try to put a lot of stuff on instagram. So you know the video is coming and uh. We look forward to seeing yalls reviews on there seeing your comments and uh well go from there. Thanks for coming, there will be another series coming. My name is jackson, jackson, rc aviation.