I am eager with sin and we are broken home artists and today, ladies and gentlemen, were going to be doing an unboxing and unboxing whoa cheesy bastard yeah, all right, so yeah were doing an unboxing today, uh with the broken home artist thing that were doing uh. We need to get more cameras and we decided to invest in a drone. Weve searched far and wide and weve come across exo drones, its a very interesting drone brand. Looking it up uh, i had my heart set on the xo drone 7 plus i havent even opened it up yet so brand new out of the box. Yes, we are complete normies. Yes, we are not in the realm of drones, wont you come with us and let us pop this cherry together. As we are drone versions. Yeah, we dont know nothing there. We go all right, so open it up. First things for us from all of us at exo youre, officially an exo pilot that means time to put on the mud, shoes, chugga, coffee and get exploring. I like that, its a box within the box within a box so far weve got the basic uh exotex co. Oh thats, actually pretty sweet controller, okay propellers! Now as far as this, you know one of the reasons we bought it. It does have obstacle avoidance. Apparently, this has a 150 degree laser sensor that keeps it from crashing into things as a second generation, three axis gimbal, which gives a apparently a very smooth video.

What is what we need for the things we plan on doing cover stability, apparently, is less than a foot variable battery about 24 minutes, approximately ill, happily test that out when we get in the air price. This was ranging from 449, with black friday deals. I managed to get it for around 250.. We pulled this thick to the point where it makes a small little click. You will feel it and then you just apply it to all different four sticks. Music. The way the controller opens is to lift the panels up. This direction and this direction, you will also lift this from this side and lift this up that side. They also will open from this. You will have a controller that looks like this. Okay, very important, the on switch button. Its not a button right here on the side is how you turn on the machine. A few moments later now we plug in the phone. Look at that, oh thats, pretty oh look at you got ta show that off. Okay, you show it off. Look at my cracked screen. Put the drone and rotate it clock before you do anything im recording on the phone grab that okay clockwise, while holding it a deep sound, will indicate Laughter all right. Its on, i guess well, were back its been uh approximately 48 hours. We still havent gotten the drone to quite work yet, but were almost there. I think 48 hours of manual reading ive studied the instructions.

I am incredibly not great with technology at all, but i think we got it this time so well. Go through the process together and uh yeah, maybe itll work. Maybe it will. Maybe it wont cut us in half all right, so all right so lets get into it its like an air conditioner, oh god, its getting closer to me. What the i was so scared of this thing man whoa is going on. We should wake up to roommates. Yeah lets go fight at ray Music. How do you feel on a scale of 1 10 on how to control this thing? Do you think it can go down ill, get the hang of it thats good. So, ladies and gentlemen, if you are completely new to drones and youve, never driven one before youre, looking for a beginners level, go for the xo7 ranger plus, as you can see, we did not destroy it very true, and i think we had a lot of fun. What the hell i was so scared technology savvy at all, so the very effect that i was able to actually remember some of this stuff is actually very impressive. The camera quality is very awesome.