As you know, from my last video, i had a little bit of an issue with the original drone. I had not only did the first one not work correctly, but the second one didnt work either. So i ordered an exo drone. Its got really high ratings and ive been watching it on facebook. Mr wonderful from the shark tank has actually endorsed it. Now i dont know if hes a investor or what, but i thought that was a good sign. So thanks for coming along on this adventure with me, so first of all, i got the um ranger x7 and its a red one and im really looking forward to operating this one. So its got the instructions inside this is a little label kit, so you can dress it up and uh just to thank you for choosing the drone comes in a nice carrying case and im going to unzip the carrying case now, Applause and as they said, its Packaged very nicely, its got the instruction manual, its got the transmitter or what they call the controller im doing two cameras so im pointing at both directions, trying to see which one captures the best its got: the spare battery, which is a lithium battery and its red In color to match the drone, its got some spare propellers and the usb charger, cable and last but not least, is the little drone and its a lot heavier than the one that i had believe me.

I think this is a lot more rugged. I like the way that the setup is its uh, its packaged better ive watched some of the videos already on this and im very pleased with the way that the instructions and the the documentation and the emails that accompany all this are so theres. My exo, my drone, so now ive just got to go through the you know: charging of the batteries, the controller etc and uh hopefully well have the next piece of this will be me flying this puppy, so stay tuned. Oh so the exo x7 ranger plus arrived with the controller transmitter fully charged and both batteries. I ordered an extra one, were about 75 charged. They recommended in the install manual to plug them both in to get a full charge. So i put them under the charger and they were fully charged in a couple hours. I took the drone outside and i had to calibrate it and connect my phone to the drones wi fi. Then this drone was much easier to connect and calibrate than my first one. I had it flying in no time really pretty easy. The instruction manual is much easier to read and understand with lots of good pictures and references Music. I took a few practice takeoffs and landings in my backyard. I didnt take the drone up too high because it was pretty windy. However, i noticed immediately even with a stiff breeze, the drone flew very well and was really stable, because the exo x7 ranger plus comes with a three axis: gimbal, the camera stays very level in the wind and even when changing direction or altitude im very impressed.

Brett has his new toy third times the charm Music. How do you like it so far? Well, its a lot stronger. You know heavier so thats good im, trying to record now, but i dont know minnie was watching. You is Music Music. So again, even with a pretty good breeze, the drone flew level and it didnt seem to even drift much. I cant wait to take this down to the spokane river, where we were the other day and fly this. I cant wait to compare not only the operation of the drone but the quality of the videos. I hope you enjoyed seeing our neighborhood from about 70 feet high. I hope you enjoyed this please like our channel and subscribe until our next adventure. Bye.