Not going to show you any videos, you can see other people’s videos that actually show stuff on there i’m going to kind of tell you the good and bad real quick. So i just got it. I think i spent 300 bucks and it came with two batteries and so here’s the good it comes in a nice case. They do that. Well, you know it protects it well things like that, a little accessories like more the blades and things like that. It opens just fine. It actually flies really easy. The controller is really easy. You know it feels kind of cheap, but again remember you’re only buying a 300 one, but the buttons are there for doing it using the controller just fine and then connecting it to your phone is not that hard, but there can be quirks to it not connecting Not reading it, you got to recalibrate it and things like that. I would definitely get the second battery if you’re gon na buy one of these get the second battery, because the batteries they got quick, you know 20 minutes or something like that. It was 25. So having a second battery was key um, i will tell you some other things, so it was a little quirky with doing all the functions on the app when you have the phone and some of them worked. Okay, some of them not so much. The follow me feature is not good at all. I was really disappointed and that’s really the main reason i even got the drone, so i can have it follow me during bike rides and stuff, and it needs to be so close.

It has to be within, like two meters of you to track you and even then, as i would go away from it, and it was still trying to pull and see me it couldn’t keep up, and if i went on different elevations, it would stay at this Elevation, so it doesn’t it doesn’t do well. So the following feature is really bad, honestly, really bad, and so what else is there um yeah the controller? It works. You know, but it shows the minimal things you kind of need. Um, but it’ll start beeping at you. When it’s low battery it’s low battery quick – and it just says like sending to home there’s no like low battery and then it just has like five more minutes or something like that, so you know oh, i should probably get it it just like clicks it send It home so it’s, just like beyond your control, start sending it to its original location. You can supersede that and turn that off and then get it to go back to you, but it feels like you are no longer in control of it. It feels like wait: where is it going, so that is a bit annoying, so the pictures i just looked at the pictures on my computer. I have a just micro sd card in there pictures looked fine, they weren’t, like you, see on the net like all filtered and stuff like that, and the video was clear and fine.

It was decent. I wouldn’t say it was beyond excellent or anything like that. So i wouldn’t i mean for mild real estate, commercial photography. You could get away with it and definitely recreation, just playing around definitely looks pretty nice pretty decent. But if you’re looking to do high end stuff, i don’t think so so it’s a i’m glad. I only spent 300 bucks on an entry level to see if i really liked it. I do think that there’s, probably better ones out there – i might put up another review after i used more of the features just to see doing just to see what things i’ve missed using the phone as the controller is okay, you have your thumbs right on your Screen, it’s, okay, but honestly the controller joystick is actually nicer to use so but you’ll get way more controls with the app you’ll get all kinds of functions that are around the perimeter as you’ll probably see in other people’s reviews so uh.