So i want to try it out. Let me hit start so it seems to be working. I just want to see if the app works. Let me start the motors there. Of course my joystick fell off again as usual Music. This is the most annoying thing in history. Is this ive tried everything to get that im gon na have to get some glue or something to get that to stay in there? Music, because its very annoying, i mean its. I guess i got a little cover from the wind over here with these trees. A couple of big trees, but yeah so far, i have not had any trouble with this thing to be honest with you, its flown good for me, its never flown away or anything. Now, when i i turned it on, i did do the compass calibration, always as soon as i turned it on. I did that off camera, but uh, so i dont seem to have any trouble with it Music. So its got the two rates, the 50 and 100. Music were getting ready to get a big storm rolling in, but i just wanted to see if the app was going to work and wasnt going to be buggy or anything like that thats all. I was actually wanting to check because they were using the h fund pro app, which actually a lot of drones, use and im sure it still would work with that app, but uh yeah the winds, starting to kick up again, actually um.

A lot of drones. Use that app, so i guess they decided to get their own get their own app instead of using somebody elses app its really um a pain to try to fly this thing with this thing keep falling off all the time. It really makes it a little difficult to steer this thing around. To be honest with you, well seems to be flying great, not getting any lag or any issues with the app or anything seems to be fine, mmm Music. So it was just writing to the to the phone memory card because it just asks for access, so yeah, so its playing great, no problems with the app, so they didnt screw that up any now for all i know they might have just took that app and Just renamed the app pro i know. Okay, i dont know if its a new app. It says it is okay, Music yeah this app this app. It does the same thing as the h fun app. Did it record the video in five minute segments so it may be the same app. It looks the same. I can tell you that theres the circle mode over there on the right, theres, the Music um, the trace thing. You know like a waypoints type deal which would be right here there. It is right there theres the circle mode there. I dont know what this thing is: oh thats, the follow, yeah, okay, so that stuffs still in the same spot, so right all right guys.

So the flight is over. That was a neighbor and uh yeah. I flew no problem, so the app didnt uh cause it any still will so its running fine, so im gon na take it. I wanted to take it today over to the river get some shots of the river over there, but i it was raining when i was on my way over there, so i turned around and went grocery shopping instead, theres that uh wind kicking up again.