What 13 satellites now Music lets go over there and bug the geese theyre taking off dude? Are they dang little weasels? I cant remember its that one right there im coming back. This thing flies decent. You know. I mean its not that much money, its just a beast drone. It was its a rebrand Music. The birds never attack it, not this one. Now those are ducks rich, those are ducks there. I hear running its right there. I was trying to get those ducks to uh bust a move. I dont want to get too close im, not im, not here to harm nature. You know what i mean Music, but those geese. They didnt, like it Music, all right, so yeah thats flying good man its a battery. Oh this doesnt go that long. The battery the flight time on this isnt that good its like 12 minutes or something but yeah its fly, its pretty stable, no its! Not that bad today and he cut the video yay yay, the exo ranger, a real classic Music Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music Music.