Today we got the uh obstacle, uh sequence on top and uh got the battery in. As you can see, we got our landing pad, we got a controller and we will be back soon, Music walking home straight, but not all right. I see them dancing in the lights Music. No one wonders why cause im the fire Music. When i get older, i give in to the man up high repeating all over my head, but youre breathing fine, so i say please walk away away from me. Cause you made me bleed, no, no, no, its, how we lived and how we died. Now we start another fight, i see im talking in the best, so many scars with broken eyes, a sharper night strand at night Music, but youre breathing fast. So i said please walk away away from me. Cause you made me bleed: no, no, no thats! How we live and how we died – Music Applause, but youre breathing fast. So i say please, walk away away from me. Cause you made me bleed: no, no, no, its! How we live and how we died. Music. All right were back jackson, jackson, rt aviation. What can we say at the end of this? Not much? Oh no um, where were at were about five miles from the airport and we had the gps thing on and the satellites i had all the satellites, but for some reason it was a little lagging as far as the video dont, you think, and a laggy flyer Huh, well, why are you turning in everything turning everywhere and everything so were gon na go with this one for now and uh? Well, probably do another video later on, but we want to get out here and see what it can do.

Um. You know its the first time we head up, so you know everything doesnt uh side with each other right away, so well keep working on it check us out and uh subscribe to the channel. Also, we are affiliates with this company. Exo well put the link in the description or description in the link where the hell they say. You know what i mean and uh were not trying to sell nothing. We just uh show you the product that we have and uh its up to. You decide where you want to get it or not, and uh hey, not a little bad little thing consider still anyway, thats it for today.