Linux was first to say first of one of my recent videos – and this was this shout out so congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a really neat drone for a review today. This is the exo mini pro now, who is zxo. Exo is a company here in the united states that has partnered with hubsan to rebrand and market hubs and drones under the exo brand here in the united states. Now, why would you want to do that? Why would anybody want to do that customer service folks? How many of you out there bought a drone directly from china? Have it arrived down on arrival and then try to get that problem corrected? It can be a nightmare okay, so that thats the idea folks, especially for a higher end drone. You want to have some means of good customer service. Where you can you know, if you do have a problem, you dont have to send it back to china on your own dime, in other words, okay, so thats, where this really comes in play. I think some of you folks can see that okay say yeah. That does make sense, okay, but lets talk about this particular drone here. This is the exo mini pro. Now, what is the mini pro? It is a small little foaming, drone, very capable little floating drone, though folks lets open it up here, its based on the hubsan mini pro. As some of you know, it is already out there, and actually it looks it has all the features of the obsidian pro, but lets go over it uh in detail here.

First off it weighs uh 249 grams without this screen on the bottom. This is a little protection screen that it easily pops off and on remove it. Its 249 grams put it on, though i recommend flying with it on it does add four grams, which pushes this up to 254 grams with the screen so technically uh. If you fly with this screen, you should have this registered with the faa but uh. In most cases i think youll you will look the other way im hoping but anyways. This screen protects a lot of the sensors on the belly. There are some interesting sensors and i will go into detail on these when we get into it here, a little in a little bit, but again, its a floating drone uh, mainly for portability. Uh provides great portability its along with its carrying case and before we go a little too far. Let me talk about this carrying case this carrying case fits everything you see here on the table and fits it very well. I was surprised that all that actually fits in here so um. The carrying case, for this is great. It carries the drone and all of its accessories, so you will be able to bring that stuff with you on vacation. If you wish this in this particular drone um, it is brushless motor drone, of course, at this price price range, it better, be brushless, motor and thats to improve durability of the motors in flight um, its powered by a 2s 3000mah battery.

Let me show you that here this is the battery. It is a smart battery, so um. If you fully charge it, i think it discharges down to the half for half uh charge and the idea being to improve durability of the uh lipo battery uh. Longevity of the lipo battery – in other words, but with this uh 8.4 volt 3 000 milliampere hour 2s battery youre supposed to get 35 minutes of flight time. In reality, though, i did a flight with this already youre getting youre going to get around 25 minutes of flight time and the reason being is there are a lot of electronics in this particular drone. You know without those electronics, maybe you would get uh 35 minutes but uh with all these electronics theres a lot of heat being dissipated by this drone um that cuts off about 10 minutes of flight time in reality. So youre going to get again about 25 minutes flight time at least thats. What i got when i flew this, it does have gps glow, nas, of course, for rapid and accurate satellite lock on that also provides you the capability of return to home, on loss of signal on low voltage and also on command. Okay, you press a button, and this drone will automatically return wherever it took off from and land itself at that exact spot it took off from so its pretty cool too um. It has also a look down capability and i tried to demonstrate that when we, when i took this out for a flight and youll, see that where it not only uses the gps.

But if you turn on the lookdown capability, itll look for your landing pad and try to center itself on the landing pad before landing. Ive had some success and ive had some not so good success with that this particular system, but it doesnt work until you know the very last second, for some reason you know my drones always teamed or seemed to skew off the pad at that very last. Second, before landing, okay, um other things about it. Okay lets take off this belly screen. So i want to talk about some of the sensors that are available on this particular drone. Okay, on the belly, we see we have an optical flow sensor. Okay, this comes into play to stabilize the drone, especially when its near the ground um. It provides a very stable, um hover when near the ground, in combination with that gps youll see when we take it out to flight. This is pretty rock solid and its ability to mainta maintain hover when close to the ground and thats, because of that optical flow system. It also has a nice spotlight on the belly. If you want to do knife line this, can this will come on automatically and light up the ground directly beneath the drone? Also, it has two ir sensors. Now the ir sensors go in, come into play for all for altitude hold capability and also for obstacle avoidance capability. I believe these are meant to prevent you from meeting the ground say that youre flying into a hill.

Hopefully, these will detect the hill coming up to meet the drone and stop the drone from impacting before impacting the ground, along with the obstacle avoidance sensors in the front of the drum, and i want to talk about obstacle avoidance right now, um. This drone is available in four different modes and weve got the exo mini, which doesnt have any obstacle avoidance and has an inferior image sensor. I dont recommend the mini actually folks, but also the other available drones out. There is the exo mini pro which this is, and the exo mini pro is available in uh uh, several versions: okay uh. This particular version does not have obstacle avoidance, but you can order up or optional obstacle avoidance and that would put obstacle volume sensors on the front and on the back, see mine dont have any obstacle avoidance sensors. If you look up closely theres, these are just fake uh panels, but uh for eighty dollars more, you get obstacle avoidance and i would recommend that uh what ive seen others that have flown this already. These sensors are very accurate, very somewhat dependable, so i would recommend getting one with obstacle avoidance if you can, and that adds again 80 to the price of the drone. This also is available and comes with a three axis gimbal, as does the mini the cheaper mini that provides stabilization of the video both in pitch in yaw and also in roll okay, itll keep the the sensor or the camera level.

No, you know, as the wind bounces this drone around thats the idea of that three axis cable. Now it also has a 4k camera. Now the mini the exo mini, not the mini pro. The mini version um that has a 12 megapixel camera um its nowhere near the capability of the exo mini pro, which has a 48 megapixel cmos camera um uh its a much better camera with high dynamic range capability on the mini pro version. So i recommend again the mini pro just for that. Also, okay, getting this uh better equipped camera a much better sensor on the camera and with the mini pro you get 4k video 2.7k video. If you wish, and along with 1080p video, if you wish, on a mini pro on the mini version, its only 4k thats only available in four case, but you get those additionally, this the mini pro has built in memory capability. Okay, uh recording capability on board here um, you do not need to insert a tf card or an s micro, sd card. In fact, this one here tells you dont. Do that this. You dont need to do that because it says built in um capability of recording and how do you download that video well through this little micro, usb port right there? You connect it to your computer and you can turn on the drone and you can download the video directly from the built in set or the built in memory now.

This is available with two versions of memory for the mini pro and thats, either in 64 megabytes or 64 gigabytes and 128 gigabytes. You can order that one too and i believe, thats another 70. If you want the 178 gigabyte version now that one im not sure so sure that you really need 128 gigabytes, 64 gigabytes for most folks is more than enough memory to record even a 4k. So um again, if youre, if you go out and youre a professional and youre taking many many videos and youre gon na be out for days and days, then yeah, maybe the 128 gigabyte version. But if youre, you know the average person average flyer, 64 gigabytes should be more than enough for you. So okay now lets talk about other things. Okay talked about the sensors talked about the memory. Lets talk about the controller. This is its controller folks. Now this is a special controller. If you notice there are wires running up inside both of these antennas. These are real antennas. Folks, okay, in fact, you really want to pay attention to the orientation. These intents make sure the flat side of these antennas are pointed toward your drone for uh maximum reception. Never point tips of an antenna at the drum that is, will give you the absolute worst reception. So keep that in mind flat antenna or flat sides of the antenna pointed toward the drum now, with these antennas youre supposed to get five miles.

Control range along with five miles, fpv range with this controller, and how does it do that? This has a built in uh built in relay system. Now, how does it do the relay? This does not use wi fi, like most other drones. Do this uses these on the go cables to connect your phone to the controller, and then the controller will receive signals from the drone amplify it and send it to your phone through that cable. In the same way, any command signals that you got to send out to the drone. It will take them from your phone amplify those signals and send them out over that uh antenna, and that is how you get. The five mile range now lets talk about five mile range in the us and actually in most countries, its not legal, to go flying out five miles. You know the drone is not going to be in sight. There are some safety issues when flying five miles, but that doesnt mean that uh you should you know that this drone is illegal in your country, no uh. But what it does mean, though, is this – should provide very strong signal, especially fpv signal to your phone, so that youd be able to see you know what this drone is seeing in a cluttered environment in an environment with, say, theres, lots of buildings around or lots Of trees that would normally block the signal the signal was going should be strong enough to penetrate through buildings and trees.

So you should be able to see this at reasonable ranges of the drone, no matter what you know, no matter where youre flying behind or what type of interference. Because of that amplification and these antennas so thats the advantage of having that five mile range not to fly out five miles, you do that and put up a video on youtube. Faa is gon na, be knocking on your door. Folks dont do that dont! Do that? Okay, again five miles or the uh increased power of this is good in a cluttered environment, to provide a stable video signal to your phone and control signal to back to the drone so thats. The idea of that improved reception and transmission power of this controller now lets talk about other things. On the controller, the buttons on it. We do have a scroll wheel on the top of the controller. This is for raising and lowering the gimbal. We do have a button here for taking a photo a button here for starting and stopping video and a function button. You press this function, button down and then move this scroll wheel and your camera will optically zoom in or out okay, so you can. This does have optical zoom capability now to use that optical zoom, i recommend being in 4k. Okay, have your camera set to 4k mode uh? Because you know, if you go down to low resolution, like 1080p youre, probably going to get some pixelation when you zoom in, but if its youve got a high resolution, uh image to start with when you zoom in that, should still look pretty good, even though its Optical um zoom now other things about it.

Uh i talked about those buttons. We have automatic return to home and landing capability by pressing this button. Here we have a power button, uh, which is right here, which turns the drone or the controller on or off, and actually let me turn it on, because i want to show you some of the things available on this. Let me start the drone first by quick press and long press until i hear escs chirping and are they chirping? Maybe i got a little battery in here, one two: there we go its charging up and then im turning this on, because i want to show you the lcd screen on this controller. I got to do the same thing, no, a short press and then long press and then it should come up. Let me see if i can focus the screen so that you can see it and its still binding to the drone. There we go so you can see the the drone does, or this screen has a lot of telemetry information. Uh, compare this to something like the uh, some other comparable drones in this price range class. A lot of them dont have this lcd screen. This really does come in handy folks, um, it tells you you know. Some of the information is like the satellite reception uh, the reception of the uh of the drone uh to receiving the controller the reception of the control receiving the drone signal um the direction that the drone is pointing right now, its 94 degrees compass position, distance height Of the drone speed of the drone, whether youre, recording or not, video recording, theres, all kinds of information, thats good to know thats available via this lcd screen.

So i like that in this controller also, so let me turn that off and also turn off this drone and save battery power on both of those okay, so that is the controller in its abilities. Uh lets talk one more thing before we go out this drone. I you know i i just brushed on the camera. This is a very capable camera, folks, okay and with the app which is the blackhawk 2 app. It provides a lot of capability, uh camera recording capability on this you particularly for photo control. You have auto manual iso shutter speed. You can take single, continuous photos. Timed photos panoramic photos, although theyre, not stitched, you have to stitch them manually. You have control over the white balance control over styles. You have saturation control of this camera. Contrast sharpness and theres night mode and even a grid mode for this particular drone through the app additionally, the app provides a lot of advanced flight mode features like uh circle me follow me uh waypoints. You know the usual like that, plus some several others and im trying to demonstrate them when we take it out into the field. Those advanced flight modes lets go over what you get in the box before we go out in the field, you get the instruction manuals. You get a quick start guide, you get a bunch of stickers from exo, you get the drone, you get the cover for the gimbal protective cover for the gimbal.

You can get one two or three spare batteries these cost about another hundred dollars. Folks. So if you want another battery, you know you want to buy it, probably at the time of purchase, but its going to cost you 100 um. You get three on the go cables for your phone depending what type of phone you got this one here is micro. Usb this one here, no, this one here is im. Sorry, this one is for iphone. This one is for micro, usb both of them and this one has type c for type c. Uh, connector phones and you can use that again with android and iphone. Because of that um you get a battery charger and how do you charge the battery through this thing? This enables you to charge up to four batteries simultaneously, along with three types of power inputs either through usb. Actually, i think this one might be power output, but thats a power input, and so is that a power input so um. I reckon you know recommend using what they provide you to charge this, which is the they give you this charger, and this is a is a two amp or three amp going on. Okay, i had to go outside in the sunlight, so my old eyes could read this, but this is a three amp wall charger, so this should be more than sufficient to provide charging power for those batteries through this multi port charger from exo, so thats, the charger And its charging cable.

Additionally, you get a full spare set of propellers. Actually, you get two spheres for those spare sets of propellers, along with a screwdriver to change those propellers um. You get the controller and you get its carrying case so thats what it comes in the package, a pretty neat setup, im kind of excited to try it so lets, take it out and a few other folks and see how it flies so hope you enjoy this Flight good morning, quadcopter 101 here and welcome to a beautiful day here at pleasant ridge park for the test flight of the exo mini pro okay. To start, this up put the drone on a pad here. Im gon na turn the controller on first quick press and then a long press to start it along with the drone, quick press, then a long press. Until you hear the escs chirping and next thing, we are going to go into the exo app as soon as this connects so hold on. Folks lets see how long it takes for this to connect up here its going to switch to attitude as soon as it connects to the drone and there we go. You see atti. That means were connected. We already have seven satellites now i need to go into the app here to do this compass calibration so hold on like connect to the app okay. This is the blackhawk app and notice that fpv is turned off. They do a lot of things to save power.

On this drone uh because of overheating, okay, so theres a lot of things, there are shut off at uh startup, but right now, um. The one thing i want to check is okay: it understood there and um right now. It is not asking to do a compass calibration, so i am going to try to get it to activate like so, and why is it my phone notice that my phone, you know the controller buttons on my phone bump up against the top of this thing and Act up, as you can see here, but there we go again so um. You know exo and uh. Whoever designed this try to make it so that these controllers, on top dont bump bump into buttons like it does there yeah the controller buttons? Okay, now again im going back into the settings here in the upper right corner hitting settings, and i want to go into compass and start the calibration since it didnt automatically come on that time. So, right now its asking me to do horizontal rotation. The way im going to do that folks is hold it horizontally and just do a carousel turn like that until it switches now im going to go vertical and do the same youre going to do. You know either spin this in your hand, or you can spin your body either. One of these works for compass calibration until it says its done calibration succeeded as it says there.

Okay, so putting it back on the pad and were considering getting ready for takeoff. We have 12 satellites, it says its preparing to take off its a weak gps signal which there we go ready to fly now with 12 gps satellites, so lets get it into the air first off, okay, um, before we get in here. One more thing i want to check in this settings is: i want to make sure that search for landing pad is activated because im going to use that, since i got a landing pad just for that purpose. Okay, so um were going to hit out of a takeoff, which is that button on the left in the app. Let me show it say: take off! Okay, since we have sufficient satellites, 12. were in the air and theres our fpv. Okay. Let me start the video recording app first off lets see if it actually started. I pressed that button, so i got to hold it down there, so you got to hold it down for two seconds to get it to start, and let me get into the picture and say i, like my shirt today, folks well ill, tell you that thing is Very stable, okay, its sitting there nicely its bouncing around a bit but first off lets. Take it up in the air and set it up. Let me get my glasses on, so i can see this thing and were going to nice. Do a nice, slow up and away first off lets, go straight up and see if we see lake erie well, take it up to about.

Oh, i dont know: 20 30 meters, 30 meters up or 24 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 meters up and theres lake erie off in the distance. I could see it so pushing forward and toward lake erie and im going to try to make it over to the road were near the road right now. Let me move the gimbal downward see if we are near the road moving. Okay, there is the road so push it forward again and toward that road. Keeping the gimbal on the road so were close to the road right there and how many meters is that away: uh, 122 meters, okay. So turning toward my position, turning the drone turn and turn turning thats, not me. What is that? Maybe that is me: okay, turning it back toward me. I guess that was me: okay, right about there now im, holding down the function button and then scr using the squirrel wheel to zoom. Okay, let me turn it to the right and raise the gimbal up a bit and again im looking for me im hard to see. Oh there i am little dot way off in the distance there its hard to see on my phone holding the function button down again and zooming in increasing the zoom and that i guess, is maximum zoom at 2.5 x. So can you see me folks, im trying to wave okay now hitting that function, button again and zooming out back to zero, so i want to try to zoom first command back to 1.

7, 1.5. 1.4. Three, two one: zero, so zero! Okay! From that position there lets try its return to home, so pressing return to home button and seeing if it actually returns to help and flightcheck. Maybe i got to hold that button down yeah i hold it down for two seconds and then it doesnt return to home and it beeps now during you can let it beat or you can hit the function button to turn off that beep supposedly according to the Instructions lets see if thats, true, yeah its true, oh no, maybe i got hold down for two seconds. Maybe i did misread the instructions. Oh there we go and shut it off, so you got ta hold it down for two seconds. Here comes our drone by the way, its overhead coming descending descending descending, and is it going to use that camera angle thing no, its looking down for it its looking downward zooming in on it lets see yeah lets see if it can do it gon na. Do that automatic search for pad and land on that pad? You know ive used this landing pad many times, but theres. A reason for those is on the pattern is close, close, but no cigar Laughter. So we are going to turn that feature off in the app um understood they stopped the video recording because were back, but in the app were going to turn off that that look for pad its not really search for pad turn that off it just didnt work.

Now another thing were going to do while were here while were here is i want to go into the camera settings um? I got to come out of this and then go in those three squiggly lines right there and i want to go into video settings and were at 4k right now. I want to select were going to go. The reason i was in 4k was to demonstrate that zoom, if it actually works, but i want to be in 1080p, because i have a hard time. Uh editing 4k video on my computer, okay, im trying to select lower resolution on the app about 2.7 k. Will you let me its not letting me for some reason, while were back here, so i guess, im gon na have to record 4.7 or yeah 4k there the whole flight, because its not letting me the app its, not letting me switch to lower resolution. So with that in mind, lets just go 4k: okay, um now next thing were ready to take off. We should be ready to take off. Can i start with the motors going down and out no down and in no, so i guess we got to start it with automatic takeoff yeah take off the reason i dont want it to be sitting too long on the ground because it doesnt have a fan Built in fan for cooling, okay, im gon na start recording again yeah. It should be recording you know um.

With that in mind. It doesnt have a built in fan for cooling, so to keep it cool. You got ta fly it so lets. Try those other features out on this thing, like um, advanced features. Okay, let me push this down the gimbal downward, so i can see me down in the ground and there i am, and the first thing were going to. Try is clicking in the upper left corner. There were going to try uh following mode im, going to start with, follow mode and were going to try to active track. First, okay and i got a draw block – select target, keep the target 5 to 15 meters. Thats right, understood and trace theres the target me and then im going to hit, go and see if it actually goes into following me: okay walking over here. Well it does you know this. This comes in handy like when, where i am right now out on the soccer field in an open field, this should work real well and it is um. You know active track using the image sensor. You know you can track just about anything that moves with this. As long as youve got good contrast like i got right here in this open field, but active track is working how about, if i walk toward it, how about, if i walk toward it, i like to challenge these things. How about can i reduce the uh altitude on the drone yeah? Can i raise it up a bit no thats about it, so thats active track now lets.

Try lets come out of back to track. First, hitting that button again or pause. I want to stop it. Oh upper left quarter there, it is stop, lets, try active track to get or follow me again. Lets come down a little lower this time right there and the reason being for this one. We can do uh, gps tracking since were lower okay following mode, and that would be follow. Me is gps tracking its following the gps on your phone altitude, two meter. We got to go up higher five meter, i guess is the minimum and let me lets hit follow modes return immediately. Does that mean? Okay, i guess were activated im gon na hit hide okay. There we go and its following me trying to follow. Oh, is it doing a circle position, no its for the gps? Now, gps tracking is less that less accurate than active tracking, because theres error between where the gps on your phone says you are and where the drone thinks you are. So you wont be generally being the center of the picture when youre using this type of track. Gps tracking follow me standard. Follow me, but its working okay lets come out and hit stop okay, bring it bringing the drone closer and hitting the upper left corner those that squiggly lines. This brings open the different uh advanced modes. We got um, we have hyper laps lets. Try that stop recording before operating this function now hyperlapse, i think, is with the uh – is used with um still photos, but uh lets try waypoint mode, while were here waypoint mission planning.

Where are we on the map? First off? Where are we on the map? Let me zoom out zoom out there. We are, i dont know why it moved way over there but theres our home point. Okay, lets pick some points of interest on this map. Um well pick uh pli the points of interest drop, draw and then were gon na pick. The second one there, okay, second ones, picked and were gon na go first to the center of this baseball diamond then well. Go to this baseball diamond then well. Go to this baseball diamond then well cut them back home and try to come back near us near us. There, okay four way points fine to position. Okay, we should be good, so hitting submit, send successfully and get done, and that should activate, i believe, trying to hit done. Oh, we got to be up above five meters. Okay with that might lets go up higher. That looks good enough and with that in mind, lets hit done and the aircrafts about to wipe me up and hitting, and we are recording just making sure as we go off to waypoint one. Okay, while were doing these waypoint routes im going to try messing around with the other features on this drone, let me go to waypoint one and whats a dual waypoint. One lets raise up the gimbal looking up pointing itself toward waypoint two and flying it away to white point two: can i rotate while were up there? No, no! You cant adjust the view while its flying through the waypoints.

So keep that in mind. Folks, um, by the way um i have the waypoint altitude set in the menus to 30 meters, the reason being im trying to avoid hitting any trees. Just in case this does go off in some weird direction. Hopefully, it wont hit any trees going to waypoint three, which was in the center of that diamond and soon it would become here im going to lower it a bit. So it should be coming back toward me and fly over me near me. Let me go back there. I am down there and here comes the drone and lets bring it down. Waypoint mission complete so lets bring it down toward us pushing forward coming down reducing throttle so thats waypoint mode. We also got point of interest mode lets. Try that um going back to the upper left corner and waypoint mode now now lets see, wait. Point mission, planning wheres that point of interest lets try that first off lets delete all these waypoints. We got here delete tab, delete, delete, okay and try point of interest. Flight lets fly over again back to there okay point of interest, selecting point of interest clicking on it and selecting over by there and then hitting done done. Oh no submit please upload the waypoints. First, okay, oh okay, this will wrote this will go around the point of interest, so lets see if i can play. Ah, i cant figure that one out point on interest flight im gon na have to go back and go through the menus on what this? What that means, but were gon na hit uh coming out of this again and lets, try something different lets come down here, closer to us pushing forward.

Okay, first come out of the maps mode there. I am again lets link it up and stick it up and were gon na up in the upper left corner there, the uh cross and save you. We click on that and we select corbett mode and the transmitter is the point of interest and uh right where you can set the aircrafts. Current position is the point of interest, but were gon na use. The transmitter hit next and radius is gon na be 21 meters. I got enough radius altitude, five meters, thats good and return immediately. Itll be selected and hit exit lets. Try it again, sorry about that hitting the button again orbit mode. Getting next turn immediately and then hitting high, so there we go now im trying to turn it. So it looks at me. It was off position there, but there is orbit mode. Its kind of slow lets see if we can increase the speed by moving the right. Stick im pushing on the right stick to the right that increases the speed of rotation. Let me raise the gimbal too, while were at it, so you can see that i am not its not looking at me. Um lets see you can rotate it. You can rotate the drone while its doing this circle position, which is im not sure why you want to do that right now, im looking away from my position as its rotating rotating toward the right to the center okay, there we are in the center for circle Position so you can adjust the view of the drone as its doing this circle circle.

You can even turn an hot button. Lets hit, stop and try. What are the other features now? Okay across again, the following mode: create a video line, fly mode thats, the one i was looking for and angle. This is pretty flight route. Um im gon na go over there, okay, its gon na, go off in that direction and then hit return immediately. Altitude, eight meters, we got ta, go up and we should be good there at ten meters and then return immediately and then line flies. Start now lets think about line fly supposedly you can rotate as youre going i5. Okay lets do that line fly again. Okay line fly boat and i have distance of 10 meters. Lets increase that distance nope, not that much beers, not not even that much whoa. 160 meters yeah, maybe thatll, work at height, review, flight route, yeah thatll work and return immediately and line flies starting heading over that direction. Now we can look around while were going out on line fly like this. It flies very slowly, but trying to do cinematic, photography and boys are bright today. I should probably turn off that auto its an auto function right now, but there i am, since i had an hotbot along that route, so you can rotate as its flying out but were going by the field on its little journey over there. So all the features seem to be working on this particular drum uh and we still got good battery power 46 percent heading over there thats line fly okay.

Can i hit return to home and break out of that automatic return were gon na? Do an automatic return for from there. Let it come back and then uh well try some of the other features of this drone, namely, i want to go see how it flies. Uh, fast forward, obstacle avoidance. We havent tried that um. Some other features lets try them all. We got time we got 40 minutes and those of you who are on my channel know that i fly a drone from start to stop to show you the good points and the bad points that i might encounter during its flight. I dont uh edit the videos down you get a non stop flight, which is concerning me because this, if this drone can actually fly as long as they say, you know in 35, 40 minutes, maybe my hat camera might run out of time and if it does Folks ill do post editing right here, im going to stop the landing here. It is pretty good, pretty close, pretty close by hitting the stop pause button, and i am going to do a quick sync up of the videos, because i havent really done that. Yet i should do it, so my voice is in sync, with the video: okay were good there whats that say battery batterys getting low, okay! Well, lets keep that in mind. Batterys getting low. That means well probably have to fly close okay. Im gon na have to stop the video recording right there im trying to stop the video recording there.

We go and restarting the reason i do that is so i dont lose all of my you know in case theres, an accident or i forget, to stop the video recording for follow on. I dont lose all the videos okay, so so far. What im seeing folks is. This is a pretty good drone, um, actually very good drone. Its got three axis gimbal a lot of cool features available in the us. Okay, so you dont have to deal with that shipping problems. In case you get a get a broken one. You know you you can deal with people at the company here in the us. Is the idea of behind exo drones, im pretty sure so? Okay, it says 37 uh. What other things could we try here? Oh yeah uh obstacle avoidance coming down a little lower. Can it sense me thats, not sensing me and i dont know how to turn it on or off in the in the menu here folks, i look for obstacle voice. It supposedly has it but im not seeing it okay, i dont know how to turn that off. You know going in the menu here, you know if it and it doesnt say so in the directions either on how to turn it on or off um. I looked through the directions and i didnt see it im pretty sure that you got to turn it on, though you know its one of those battery saving features but again, im looking through your compass, gyro um, imu, return to home, search for landing, pad auxiliary light Im, just not seeing it in the menus in this second menu here transmitter model joystick setting remote control function, gps takeoff.

No third, one down this fpv low maintenance, maintenance mode, gimbal, pitch speed pitch smooth were just going through the different menu uh available items available. Advanced settings even advanced settings allow upper gimbal, advanced gimbal, calibration, pid parameter settings and finally, we got aircraft. Location is always shown at the center of the map. Actually i want that on latitude and longitude coordinates map, select type, google maps, map display types and sampling. Precision of late point drive, so none of them. Okay, i dont see it im. Sorry, i dont know how to turn on that uh turn on your obstacle avoidance with this mercury truck. The battery is only 30 okay, while were doing that lets go to higher rate. While we still got uh availability of features and the rate button. Is this fns button, so Music, okay, im, pressing it but uh im, not sure? Maybe i got ta hold it down. Switch to film normal mode, okay, now this is normal mode. This is intermediate, in other words, lets see what that what it flies like an intermediate bit faster quite a bit faster, smooth fire, though wow, even in normal mode, here very smooth, flyer, nice and smooth, not bad, not a bad little drug actually kind of nice. Okay, lets go to the higher rate. Now were in expert mode. We got to be higher than five meters. Okay, we are how many meters, 5.1 meters, so expert mode, fast, much faster, yeah it moves Music, it can move now flying an expert mode is probably going to wear.

You know my batterys going to probably go uh to put here soon because im flying in expert mode – oh theres, a turkey vulture here i aint going to go chasing him. You know when i was flying back in the desert. Id uh always fly after the ravens id hear its turkey vultures theres also bald eagles out. Here. You dont want to mess with those guys, okay, coming out of uh. That mode were going back to beginner mode or fill mode. They call it and bringing the drone in back toward my position, so that was its high rate. Sport mode nice flying little drone theres a lot ton of features, so, okay, im getting an alert again. The aircraft will automatically return. Okay, lets see you do it well go over there and i want to see it return everyone walking over by oh there we go all by itself, so there goes the exo mini drone its going to climb up to 30 meters before heading back to the pad. There goes up up up and away at 30 meters and then its gon na come back down again. So what if we learned? Dorothy i mean. Actually, you know the features actually work on this pretty cool little drone um, amazing that it they can step in that much features now theres some things i you know im going to stress it at the end here im going to stress it during my my um Table talk, review, um, some things that you want to think about with this particular drug after atlanta and it lands really nice every time lets turn off that video here.

Video stop and i want to stop those motors down and out stop them. Okay, things about it. Um the main thing about it that you need to keep in mind here folks is for they kept it under 250 grams uh. But in doing such they removed a couple things. You know like the sd card recording capability they did put in on board memory. So thats not really an issue, but one thing that might be an issue is um. You know, keep it under 250 grams with all of these electronic features in here obstacle avoidance or if i, which i didnt, get working by the way. You know the optical flow gps, uh everything thats in this built into this thing. Um creates heat. Okay, um thats extra cpu, uh uh power is required, which creates heat um. This doesnt have a built in fan to keep it cool, so you know you dont want to let this sit too long on the ground uh without flying. Okay, flying is what you know, gets the airflow going through this to keep it cool. So you know you want to try to get into the air as soon as possible because they couldnt include a fan and, at the same time, keep this under 250 grams thats. The idea. Okay, so thats the exo mini pro again from exo, which i guess they partnered with hudson to do this pretty cool drone. I like it so its quadcopter 101 signing out hi quadcopter 101.

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