Just like the movies Music, you and me so clueless. We were just broken shattered: singing Music Music, hello. How are you doing guys its been a while since ive live streamed, but i think i think that this most recent set of videos that have come out or reviews that have come out have kind of sparked my interest so and it kind of, and it kind Of centers around this excel line of drones because theres a lot of reviewers going kind of ape crap about this basically ape, and i it its its really odd that theyre so positive about this company i dont know and thats. The question today is this blackhawk ii. Obviously, if youve been in the drone market for a long time and youve been flying a lot of drones, you will recognize this design instantly. So im gon na were gon na look a little bit at the blackhawk 2. Today, im going to discuss some of the reviews that have come out, because i have been watching the reviews – and i you know some of the people that think theyre, harsh and theyre subjective about these things are not being harsh and subjective, and i just i you Know im just im: i dont want you guys to make a mistake. I dont want one of you guys to go. Hey you know, thats, the next, the newest and the best thing so were going to look a little bit at the stats were going to look at the specs of some of these really quick.

I really dont have an order of how im going to deal with this. I do have a couple of interesting video samples for you to look at so were going to look at those. I have a lot of video samples by the way for a lot of different drones and one of the things i want you not to believe right away is the specs. So if you look at a drones, spec sheet and theres, all these wonderful numbers there and the numbers are better brighter a little bit more shiny than the numbers of the previous drone thats, not always the difference between them and one of the things youll notice. When you look at an actual sample of video based upon what the manufacturer claims, the video to be the color science and the technology around how those things are brought basically to your screen are very different, so you know you know, like i said: if there are Some companies that have spent a lot of time with this issue i mean and of course, theyve spent a lot of money, so you have to understand right away. Is its a money game and small drone markets like exo, do not have the money backing even though theres a you know. This set team up with hubsan and i dont know if thats a really a good thing. I think exos a good marketer and hubsans a terrible marketer. I think thats only the only thing thats happened here.

So what i want to do is look carefully, because when you look at the price tag of this thing, when i when i saw first of all, i watched the videos and i stayed away from a lot of things like, for example, i stayed away from the Price, you know i i didnt really know um about what this thing was going to cost, and you know one of the in and some of the different things that you know that i right away that just were a red flag, so um it doesnt mean that And i think i think the case is is, i think a lot of people are rooting for the underdog right now, because theyre kind of mad at you know at the king, at this point and theyre hoping that an underdog there are underdog drones that are good And and ill i i am on the autel bandwagon right now, not because i own one and ive owned a couple of them um, but because they just are that good. And i and – and i really resent some comments. I i one of the comments i heard from a very reputable reputable reviewer was that that the was that the nano plus was just not very good and thats. Just not true, i mean he even proved it himself in his own videos. I mean he was trying to fly it and set it up this. You know exo drone and he couldnt fly it and set it up.

I mean he was like spinning it around and doing all these things that you dont have to do when you fly a drone with really good technology behind it. Now you can argue about that about a lot of other things, but i think the number one thing a camera drone should be able to do is fly, and you can say it should be the camera. No, no, no, no. No, it starts with the flight um. You know it starts with the flight software. It starts with the it starts with the um, the technology that makes it work, and then you get into the camera discussions, and i you know. Obviously i cant make a the good camera discussions like some of these really good reviewers can, because i dont. I just think that weve, i think we need to like kind of take a step back and see what we actually got its kind of like you know. After your seventh year of marriage, you take a step back and you go whoa wait a second seven years ago i met this person that just amazing and then over the course of just a couple of years. You know, through whatever fault of probably you know, always its always your own fault, um. You forgot: what got you together the first time you know in the first place, and then you review that you know you get back to the basics of your relationship and then suddenly you um go whoa, wait a second.

I know what i got here now and i think thats whats happened with the drone market. I think we got a little bit upset with the main our main squeeze and dji runs the show guys i dont care what anybody says and what anybody wants to claim. Dji runs the drone market, they create the standard that everybody is trying to follow, and i dont i do not discount exo and the hubsan marriage, but one of the things ill tell you right now is is this is not it and you know as much as Everybody wants to to you know to to think that oh, the black hawk 2 pro its guys it. It is a a very, very, very bad knockoff of the original air and its in its. You know no matter what you know: okay, so one of the first things that this drone claims well um. First of all, i havent seen it fly bad. So one of the first things that i can say positive about this thing is every reviewer ive seen had didnt have a lot of time, putting it into the air okay, but if youre still spinning a drone around and youre still doing those things that toy for, Like toy drones, youre not getting good technology and with the autel product you dont have to do any of that crap you dont have to do any of that. Pre launch stuff. You can literally just stick it on the ground, turn on the app and fly it and it will fly as stable as an absolute stone in the air, and i have i have put this i have i have i i truly have tested the autel drone, both Of them both the older, you know when the evo ii came out um.

I have not flown the the light, but i dont have to fly the light. I know the uh, the autel uh, you know the light model thats, basically the evo 3 or whatever you want to call it. The the lower the higher cost, slash smaller airframe more flight time, its going to be amazing. So i i really dont have to prove that to myself and what i really needed to do is i wanted to see how far the mini technology is coming since i cant get a dji product in my hand, um, which i know will wow me when that, When that finally comes its going to be like christmas uh, you know uh in in july and thats really literally, when im going to get one. My guess is im going to miss. I was trying to take it on a vacation with me, but im not going to get it until uh when i get back so im just going to take the autel product or im going to take the mavic 3 with me. So lets getting back to this blackhawk 2 now im going to actually look at its little brother, but not today, i will look at it tomorrow, maybe when maybe maybe thursday, but this thing is easily replaced by several other platforms out there right now. I do not see any thing at all. That tells me i should go, spend a thousand dollars on this thing. This thing is 900 in its pro version, 900, its a thousand its a 9.

99 so lets go. Lets go to my view. Cam lets go on down there and yeah. It says 649.99. Okay, um lets get that down there. I bet you that fixed it um did that fix it there lone star. All right. So here is the um. Here is the here. Let me just turn that off back there i have my ndi on there we go. So here is the xo blackhawk 2. Okay – and i immediately when i thought about this, as i was, i immediately thought black hat down black hawk down. I did because its a great name by the way for this drone – i i think finally exo the marketer decided, hey lets, make this thing you know lets make it ring lets make the name ring lets make it black lets, make it tough um lets. Do all those things you want to market it, how about making it fly and take good pictures? You know how about there. If you want to sell your product these marketers, they forget the basic thing they want to screw you into basically doing something that youre going to you know. Make yourself believe is a good, a good thing and spending 900 for this drone im telling you ill be. Quite honest when i bought the autel um the nano and im definitely a im, bringing up the natto a lot because its my its its my new squeeze, but i didnt have to figure out how to fly it.

I didnt have to not trust it to fly its gone over 1500 feet in the air, its flown with obstacle avoidance um. The only thing that i havent really perfected on it is the camera and over time, im going to be able to take that camera and do everything else, ive done with the other mini platforms. On the other hand, when djis product comes out in their mini platform, it works right out of the box. None of this crap happens now with the autel product, i got lens flare. I have never gotten lens flare with the minis, the the mavic minis. Nothing like that, so im just im, just comparing drones here, but theyre all, but the one, the first two that i just talked about the autel product and the mini two and the mini one and the se. None of those drones out of the box have problems, and none of them cost a thousand dollars. This thing is trying to be a. You know its its basically a cheap, knock off of a mavic air, okay of the mavic air one and if you have never seen an air one, this is an air one. This is basically another chinese company. Taking a design thats already been out, thats been thrown away and cast aside, bringing it back and making people want to love it um, so 649 plus tax with three batteries would be fair, but 1k is a bit much hey, jbc cat.

I am going to moderate. You thank you for popping in by the way um, but i agree hill on here. I just got to get that up and i just i i had to talk about this today. I might talk about it for quite a while im im, really ive got a lot of material. You can see. Look at all the links. Ive got above the screen right now, ive ive done my research on this thing and part of my research is watching. People fly im not going to put im so glad. There are people that get these things before me, because this makes my decision very easy. You know a thousand dollars for an old drone with a better camera youre saying oh theres, better battery technology in it it flies forever all right, okay! Well, give it well give you that well give you that well give you that, as a you know as a a selling point, i do like their website, though they did a nice job. I would say theyre great marketers, so i like this. I always like the 3d view. You click on the 3d and you can do this stuff. I love that that is cool, so good job, exo. Okay, now we know that there, the little brother of this is basically its basically a knockoff as well its basically a re remarketing of one thats already failed and to me its failed. I think i think the femi, the femi product you can go, get a fema, sc or whatever uh micro se is better their camera.

Science is better theyre proven camera and science hubsan has never proven to me. I dont this is a hubsan. Drone has never proven to me that it can. It can take pictures now. There is a video out that shows some an image and i will i will disclose the image and most you guys, have probably watched most of the videos on these things, but um. That shows a pretty good image and i think that i think that, with his camera knowledge, i really i really do respect it. I dont respect i dont respect his not his his not destroying this drone. He needed to destroy it and basically send it back, but he was nice and i and he and he claims to not be nice, so yeah hey. This was a hot topic on their own nation live stream. I didnt know that i i dont guys. I i appreciate you guys bringing up these so im going to actually check out drone nation. If you want to leave a link um to the video for that, so we can ill go watch it guys. My live streams are all about: everybodys, hey, hi, susan, how you doing okay, my my um, my my live streams are all about all the the basically the drone community, so whats going on, and especially when i go and look at a product like this because im A gps guy, okay, i im a im, a huge fan of fpv but im pretty much a gps guy thats.

How i started i like to take pictures, so that keeps me there. So let me just get. Let me launch this one. I keep forgetting. I just want to i want to moderate my my newcomers so ill get im going to get to you guys, so this computer over on my left here is not being very helpful, but so were going into the the fact that this thing is being given way. More credit than it deserves, and, first of all the number one thing you need to learn right now. I dont think anybody has a thousand dollars that needs to leap out of their pocket right now. So most you guys will do your homework. I hope – and this has nothing to do with the horizon tilt and all you know, which was the big which was one of the big things, but the video itself has a lot of problems in it. Theres, a lot of its the the dynamic range was there, but there was a lot of this like really strange, like wavy crap, going on in there, which makes it not usable and then, of course i would say if you want to go to the best negative Comment that i heard was and im gon na go ahead and just go ahead. I watched uh. I watched uh uh two videos specifically that were tackling the problems of this thing. Um one was um that basically focused on trying to be and to paint a good and a nice light on it, and then the other reviewer claims to be that one has always been a good guy.

The other guy claims to be edgy, which he is kind edgy, okay and im just gon na keep it there, but um im, neither edgy im. Just me: im, just adding random, just basically uh um, a trier and doer. I guess if you want to look at it and im very observant, i think but um. Thank you for putting a f? U s! U! Grad! 0. 3. Thank you for putting that up its called jell, o um yeah. There was some i. It was very subtle because when i, when most of us think of jello, we usually see it very easy in the footage, but this was a very subtle back in the you know, hard to see jello. So if you were looking at the dynamic range or whatever um so yeah, its Laughter, ki youre right its a its definitely a guys, rebranding is rebranding and this one is re rebranding. So Applause dobo, i didnt, say his name. Didnt say i didnt im not even going to claim that i watched that, except for the fact im going to show you a frame from one of his videos in a minute, um uh no already said drone and dobo both did reviews, and i think i think Dobo is just trying to find something to do so, and i and i i totally uh – i totally uh – give them credit for that, and i feel bad that they that because sometimes like, when, when they sent me the f, the f7 um, it was such theres.

So much promise in it. But if you look at the design it was just just garbage and i cant tell you more than that. I cant say anymore, so here let me just let me get my video up, so i can moderate you guys because i got ta. I got to collect my thoughts again because i didnt want to go to garbage or so fast, so uh so soon. I didnt want to go to the garbage comments so yeah, so quick. I just want to get on here. I got to get. I just want to get my uh on here. Let me get my lets see pop out. I just got to pop the chat out of this other computer here, so i can take care of you guys. I dont have to worry about that. I want to take care of you guys and i cuz. I appreciate your comments: uh jbc cat, you are now its. I you know, probably one of the best comments right away: a thousand bucks way too much: okay, blank uh, just a re branded husband, uh, uh, absent hubsan uh, a rebranded husband i like that that was uh. That was a nice freudian slip there, but i think i got everybody: hey ebrfpv, how you doing so glad to see it the master uh. Let me tell you, let me tell you the master of fpv, video and doing video flights of awesomeness uh ebrfpv. Is that guy he can take a 4k footage from an fpv quad and make it look like art.

So i really appreciate that appreciate his work and i do have them come up through my feed and i always check them out, but he can color. He can put the what i call the saturated color on he does. He knows the timing: how to fly where to fly. He picks really good subjects and its fun to watch his stuff. So if you have not watched ebr, fpv stuff check it out, so hes blushing, shouldnt blush when youre good, so hey jim, how you doing hey, i know isnt it its 11 46. In the day i can. I can pretty much uh. Do these videos anytime. I want at this point, but its hot as hell right now, so all right so lets get to the lets, get to some of the facts. Some of the things that i that ive, that ive noticed. Okay, first of all, the price, its just its its got awful too high: okay, theres, just no theres, just nothing and im going to tell you right now. The autel drone is overpriced too. It should be, it should be about a 599 product and i had to pay 790. id ended up paying about seven. I think it was 700 something like that. I paid too much, but i got. I got a really good flying drone for that price. I knew i was gon na get that i was scared because, when ken held it hes like this is just garbage, you know its not it flies super good.

I flew it freaking three miles and took amazing pictures and five fifteen hundred feet in the air, and i flew in in a in a very tight uh, a very tight canyon. I got really good feedback from it. It didnt put me into any situation where i was going to crash ever okay, getting back to the blackhawk. Do we have to all right so meet blackhawk 2 pro, so you watch the video and then you watch the video and its not this good im. Looking for the artifacts that and thats in most of the guys, a lot of these scenes are not from the drone. These are just promotional scenes now, theres! No okay! Now did you guys see that now now kelly shores of ready set drone did a time lapse. These are micro clips too unmatched imaging performance, capturing cindy gray, 200 theres. None of these things in the video okay. So now, where you see down here well down the corner, says 200 megabytes per second, so i said barring flying, i guess this thing can uh, but its pro yeah borrowing flying 200 megabytes i mean whats happening. Is the technology all the all the companies together? Okay, all the especially the fpv companies are increasing or making better transmission systems okay. So all these really good, um fpv companies out there are are perfecting the drone part of transmission, but none of this technology is getting into these toy drones because of cost none of it, except for this one and because of its cost.

Its two is a 200 megabyte per second drone tran or video transmission. I believe the autel one is maybe a hundred, and a hundred is tix is doing. Is amazing, so love my nano three flies great. I swear. I uh uh my cameras better than my air. 2 s – i i dont, i dont know about that. Its ive ive been really ive, been practicing um, with its cinema or its its its its. I keep saying the wrong words and i know all the camera guys out. There are gon na just beat me up, but the flat profiles im just going to call it that so now and forever im going to say, im, im, learning the flat profile, color grading game. Okay, because i like i, i love the results. I think the results are amazing: okay, so im going to do that. Ive actually got a flight planned out for my mavic 3, where im going to fly in its its its flat profile and im, going to color grade that and thats going to im, probably going to go up to the lake for that. So but they keep saying the image is over sharpened, but its not lens is just higher quality right and its its a um. You can change the over sharpening by just putting it into a any kind of renderer and just bl and just dropping it down. Just dropping the drop and dropping the sharpening down, but if you look at the the the profile, the the color profile, it is just its glorious so anyway, but its so okay, now, once again were were were, were comparing a drone that has a lesser sensor than The one im showing you okay, this is supposed to have a better sensor.

Okay and then, if we look at theres clear, i i put the cmos chart up. Okay, this is supposed to be a one uh one over 1.3. Okay, something like that. So let me see if i can find that um yeah so one over one point: three, all right and so immediately dobo says its got better, its getting better um. You know hd, you know rendering. I agree with that. Okay, so we have – and i have i have video – that there it is right there, thats ken dobos, video and im im, giving him im giving him his uh. His just do right there right there and with this with this freaking leaning, freaking horizon okay and it dont it. It shouldnt do that. She could tell you right now: um jim mckillop, uh cell phone cinema, the air 2s rocks and and guys. If youre going to go drop a thousand dollars go, buy an air 2s go, buy. Original air too go buy, a mini, two go guys, go, buy a freaking se! I kid you not. You will be more satisfied with your video results with all of those drones and i will actually show you another piece of footage. Okay, i want to show you i want. I want you to see this um. I got a. I got a jimmy mckillip. I got a i got a i got to moderate you on. Give me a second okay, all right, thanks for popping in, i really appreciate it and once again, im gon na shout out to lone star uav hes in the middle of a big move.

Hes got a lot of good things going. I think i just wan na i wan na remind him that hes got a lot of good things going on in his life. Hes had a little a bunch of couple of setbacks, but i think hes had a huge step forward, so i really im excited for you and i got a chance to visit him if you did not know that just recently – and i was really excited about that – I want to get out there again and i will my wife is planning a trip to colorado, maybe when she goes to colorado ill, go to ill go to san antonio, but once again so this is. I would agree that the dynamic range of this photograph is absolutely spectacular, but its a thousand dollar drone. It better give me it better. Give me a freaking view like this, but im going to tell you right now: ive got sc footage, thats, pretty damn good and its only 299 dollars. Now the transmission system is not as good. You know. If you have to throw on you know, aftermarket yagis and youre only going to get about a mile and a half of really good a really good drone uh like distance, but you can fly it for damn near 30 minutes. Okay, all right! So this is dobos shots and he had some really good shots. Okay, im trying to compare apples to apples; okay, this here im im going to now look at this footage.

Okay, im going to make this right. Um now were looking at different scenes, but the dynamic range in this photograph is pretty freaking its, not a photograph its video. These are video grabs, okay, its pretty damn good. Okay. This is a 700 video uh video example. The first one was a thousand dollar video example. This is a 700, obviously were were at 1080p right now: okay, because thats, what im broadcasting in okay right im going to show you one more okay! Now this is my nano plus all right, overpriced, 7.99, get the guys get the get the if you have not flown the mini 2 get the freaking mini 2, get one of those little battery pack pouches and then one of the the charge pouches the multiple charge. Pouches, the sinova one and then get some lithium ions. Okay, the little lithium ion packs theyll last forever and youll fly that meeting too. Until the cows come home, okay and then get one lipo pack, okay. So then you can fill in the whole box all right! All right, so there it is. I i use this specific one because theres a lot of dynamic range and its got clouds. My other video um examples didnt have clouds like, like i tried to use. I tried to use this one lets see if i can get this one to render really quick. I tried to use this one, but its you can see that there was a there were the it was very hazy that day.

This is guys. This is the west. Its like, but you can see the colors and the grades of color okay, but youve got in the foreground now i did this in in the flat profile and then i rendered it. Okay lets look at one more. This is okay. This is the mystery one. Okay, this is the mystery, render okay check that out all right now i have. I had a tough time, because i i, when i i dont, have the the the examples are not in the right spots. Theyre my right places um now – and this is this: the what youre looking at doesnt do it justice to what im looking on my hd screen: okay, like, for example, the hills, these hills way in the background right here, i can see detail in them. From my perspective, more than you can see, okay, this is an air one shot. This is a mavic air one. This is a drone that came out back in 2016 or 17., no 2017, okay, 2018, 28. No, it came out in 2018, it was the latest and the greatest. This has got a small sensor, um, obviously it in low light, and that only affects low light okay when, but when you get it out in the sun. Now i didnt have any dynamic range that day, so i just wanted you to see that i wanted you to see some of the this is the air one.

Look at that dont tell me and look at the softness now. If i look at my original over here on this screen right here, im looking at a hd screen here, im looking at 1080p – these are the the video is amazing. This is the original mavic air. You can get one for 5.99. Okay, and this is the knockoff. This is the original. Why would you buy that thousand dollar drone? That doesnt fly as good as this just so you can get 10 10 more minutes of shitty video because or 15 more minutes. However long it flies. Okay, it doesnt matter how long your drone flies. If the video sucks crap quote me on that, okay justin, you know the reason why i sold i actually bought my i bought my mini or my air. One kai asked me: should hey, go, find one theyre good deals, i paid 700 for it. I got four batteries with it. Kai gave me another one, so i had five batteries um the the transmissions uh signal goes its occusync. I believe the first version of aki sync, so it goes freaking four mo. You know three four three miles. Okay, and if you want to throw yogis, i i had a i actually after marketed it sorry, i did not aftermarket. I put the i put the uh, the the aftermarket uh antenna on it, so i got crap loads of awesome. Uh range with it, so i did take off the old antennas, but you do a little modification.

I think i paid a hundred dollars, okay for the the four hawks for that this is the air one. How can these people do this and how can what i would consider to be reviewers? Give these guys a pass? You know no occasion, thank you, jim yeah. I didnt think so. I think thats why we had to end up putting the four hawks on it. It was the earlier version of the it was of what the when the mini, basically mini the minis transmission system, i believe which is not ocusync its enhanced wi fi yeah um. I have the original mavic air and the original mavic pro. Both them do really well. Both have really good cameras, even compare the in the big yeah its there. They were enhanced wi fi, but i just i just i just i this is my. This is my rant for today is dont dont. Give these guys a pass? Okay dont, oh god, i cant, i dont even want to take this picture off because its so freaking amazing, because this video is an old video. I mean this is from back. You know when i first got it and i dont even remember this video and im just like holy sh. This is really good. Oh i i and guys i could go look up. I should see if i can find some se video. You know what im gon na do that were gon na do this were gon na were gon na get my uh see.

Uh lets see uh mini s e dad random, im gon na see. If i can find my my uh see mini se lets see flight reaction. I just want to find my my range video with the mini se hold on i. I know this is uh. I know my time your time, its import, its important um lets see uh. First impressions um lets see im gon na find no ill, get it its its one, its a video that did really well because its such a good, its such a good, its such a good drone lets see im going to want to find it here here. It is right there minnie and see here it is okay, so this is this. Is my mini se video? If you shop on it now we got to watch this freaking commercial. Why did you put the commercials on youre dead right now? Okay, all right, but really id say the yagi all right so so im going to let this thing render its going to take a second theres, our theres, our runner this morning, so im gon na see if i can get one of those shots, one of those Dynamic shots back. I think its this one here, its gon na take a second guys, because i got so much going on so anyway lets there. We go theres, uh, okay, so this ones over this ones definitely overexposed but even overexposed. Let me get this at least 1080.

see if we can get it rendered in 1080 and over but come on come on. You can do it. Computer ive got too many. I got so many things going on right now, but um lets see if i can get that right there. I just want that, so i can get it its just grinding today. Thats why i had those put up im. Just here lets do this lets lets. Go lets let this thing render in 1440., im gon na go away for a second im just gon na. Let it do its thing and i want to go to one more thing were i want to go to. Um were going to want to go to here. I want to go to the ebay ebay and for 549 you probably could get it cheaper im thinking you might be able to get this for 4.99. This is the arctic white fly more combo, okay, uh 20 percent off, and this is the real deal: okay, okay, thats the freaking real deal. This is the real airframe, okay, thats the, and look at how much nicer this looks than that. They both are screamers by the way theyre, both loud as absolute crap. I mean both of these things, but if you can drop the the pitch down with this by buying the aftermarket props okay, so if you buy the aftermarket market props for for this um, this does not have the articulating props. They never made an articulating prop, but you know so you go to master air screw and it will drop the the um, the decibel level down um, but it is a screamer when it comes to um lets, see theres the drone here, 35 minute flight time.

You only get maybe 15 minutes of flight, so its double the flight time, but once once like i said, yeah and you know they both have collision avoidance ill. Tell you right now. I would not fly that blackhawk through trees. I really wouldnt um. You know, especially after i paid a thousand dollars for it, but uh theres, the sea theres this the sensor, you know difference one over three, but did the sensor matter and and then in good light. No, its a good explo good exposure with good color science is going to get you the same thing and the autel product has got just a just a hair, smaller sensor than this okay, so we go back to the sensor chart. This is where this is where you are right here with the um with the autel product and youre up over here: okay theres, your jump right there with the blackhawk and it sucks if youre, if youre jello and your software sucks and your drone doesnt freaking hover. Well, it doesnt matter what size the sensor is. Okay, so i just ill ill go back im going to get back to that theres, your one over 2.3. This is the mavic air. This is the original mavic air right there. It was a 1 over 2.3 cmos. So lets go over 1 over 2.3, which is right here, okay, so this is the original mavic air. This is the autel and up here somewhere is the blackhawk, but down here youre, getting a better image.

Theres a quarter inch down here so hes, comparing a quarter inch to way over. Here i mean its like comparing you know: heres a mouse and heres an elephant and lets see one over 2.6 for the blackhawk, 2 and so 1 over 2.6 is still better uh. No well, no, its just a little bit worse than the original air so and it still costs more. Oh, i can fly longer good fly a long ways and take shizzy pictures Laughter. You think it needs better damp. You guys are talking about how to stabilize it, and it just needs to be in a better drone. Part of the jello is vibration through the whole entire drone. So you have to build it. You know, dampeners is part of it, but you have to make the motors run well its all about the props spinning. You know you were talking about whats, creating the jello, the freaking, the freaking props can be creating the jello that loud sound thats being created. You know as its breaking the freaking. You know the sound barrier, its spinning around its creating jello too, as well. Okay, so just need to put it in a better drone. Yeah take that camera and stick it in a freaking, uh uh, a dji, sc Laughter, oh to put in a dji mini sc and youll, have a better drone. Put it in a femi, sc and youll have a better drone. Guys. Femi is a better drone company than this, so i i actually am still think im actually thinking about buying the sc im, really im, really thinking about that truly lets see if that uh, that picture of that video is rendered all right here we go.

That is a mini se, video shot thats a video screen grab okay and if im just im looking at an hd, i know youre, not okay, well, youre, technically hd, you see decent detail on the rocks. You see good color science in the trees. It is basically scrambling all kinds of tans and browns. These are reds. These are impossible to do without good color science. If you look at the hubsans, it turns these orange. If you ever looked at the freaking goonie bird, that i flew, it turns the desert. Orange look what the freaking cheapest drone, that dji puts out! Look what it does to the color science of the area that i like its freaking awesome. Ocusync, like you like that one. That was a really good selling. Trait got me a lot of a lot of views, but its truth. Its i got ocusync like was pretty good. Actually, we thought it was very good. Stable drone flies like a champ 299.. So all right um. How long have i been on ive been out for 47 minutes? So i hope you guys got my point today. Okay, i hope you got the the spirit of what i was trying to tell you today and damn, if im going to buy a drone that cant do this. Okay lets turn that off turn that off or this now i like this, but i dont trust it. Okay, they havent proven to me that they can build a drone and then i dont want to be told by somebody and now thats, another video thats coming thats their their many and just and after you couldnt get the thing in the air and you spun it Around 10 times – and you did all these things to get it flying – and you tell me its better than one that you can take out of the box, stick on the back of your truck turn on the app and fly it and itll.

Give you a freaking. 4K freaking flat profile, video at i dont know, is it 10 bit and youre telling me that this right here is even a freaking in the ballpark of whats available today, im not doing that not going to do it im not going to pretend when i, when I review a toy drone, its a freaking toy drone and thats. It im not going to tell you that its better, that its that its worthy of prosumer value, okay, the autel mini plus, is damn good for what theyve done with it and the problems theyve taken out of it and the company that backs it. Okay, freaking little tiny batteries in there, its overpriced everythings, overpriced today, so im still listening, Laughter susan, its okay, you dont have to you. Dont have to just i just im, just im just trying to make the point. So, if youre out, if youre out looking for a drone right now, okay, if youre hunting for the next latest and greatest, this is not it. This line is not it stay away from the hubs and products until they freaking prove that they can take a picture and they can fly without freaking floating all over hell. Okay, everything is overpriced. Crap you go by im down to drinking budget energy drinks. Im down to ghost now, look at it matches my shirt like that, so im in summer mode guys this is the most awesome summer shirt right there, life is good and its life is backwards too isnt.

It i should flip that, so i had to flip it this way so im always so im. Looking at my subject so but guys i dont profess to be a great camera, but you guys that are photographers. Stop giving these guys passes. Stop it. Okay, stop giving these guys that are making. I mean this is a good image. Okay, im sure theres going to be more stuff to come, but this is not. This is a an image that is a that is a screenshot from a video that is not very good, and i did watch the video i did so it is not a guys, a 900 product, it is not its just not. I dont even care about the obstacle avoidance. Dont fly it in the stuff, okay, less than 0.3. I agree with the hover variance um, put the same hover variance in your other product by the way, but exo you guys got a long ways to go. You guys get a long ways to go and im not going to be nice because stuff is too expensive. So all right and guys, your money is hard, earned dont waste it on this. Do not okay. What else! I think. I think i got everything i think. Theres that one remember here, it is autel exo lets go through it, rescue ill, tell you blackhawk, 2 xo hubsan, okay, beautiful guys. If you have a beautiful picture, a thing to take a picture of pictures are always beautiful.

That is the nano okay look at that. It picked up, it picked up a dynamic range in the sky when it was cloudy or when it was uh, hazy, thats haze back there, you see the dust. You see that dust right there that was in this. The sky was hazy. Couldnt. You see crap in in the in the original version, the high definition version its dusty okay, see the dust thats awesome! Okay, if you can see dust in it enough shot that dust guys is 10 miles away from me, okay, its picking it up guys. This is the mini. Oh, there is the lens flare up there. This is a mini sc, shot, okay, its a mini sc. Let me see if i can make it see, i get another one thats. If i can find anything else in there, it was its a tough, its a tough thing. Um. I think i got the best of all the shots right there. I can go back a little bit, thats, a pretty good one too. No lens flare in there see this one did get yeah. This one did get a little lens flare right there, but nothing like i got with the um. You know with the the lens fair and the autel so and its because the the dji does are really good at at taking their their the edges of their um, their lenses and and and just they give them that little tiny ridge um.

But you also have like shading and i think, with the mini three, which i have not yet flown im so late for that party. So hey im, just saying you know dynamic range bam. You can see, rocks okay, autel nano three different companies bam. You can. You can see already that its a better picture, i mean thats, killer, killer image, killer absolute killer and im covering the freaking the sage up there, and that sage is not green, its not supposed to be green, its supposed to be sage, its, not green. Right now, theres a little green back there. You see that behind my right, close to my glass, my ear, all right, thats and if you look at the original from a high definition, you can see the color and i can even see the highlight in the color. Okay, right up in there right there theres highlights in that that this cant give you you know. Okay, i see all of that crap in depth. This is a 700 with 799. I got it for 10 off. Okay, all right and once again well go back here and were gon na well give it a close up. Okay, get the close up there all right a little bit of highlights there i mean i kens good, like i said, hes a good photographer, but you know you cant, you cant, you cant take a bad picture here, if guys, if i send those same two drones That i just showed you pictures of into this environment freaking would knock its freaking without the lights out of this okay, look at those clouds! I dont have clouds right now, its too damn hot, all right, okay, guys yeah! Please hit the like button.

I am out of here. I just want you guys to to to you know, look at this and from perspective. This is not a. This is not a slam on kelly or or ken, and they dont even give a crap about me anyway. Okay, i think kelly kind of i think he would. He would basically give me the time of day and maybe have a beer with me, ken, maybe ken might he might too when he found out that i was just freaking normal um, but i truly i respect these guys. They both are very successful people in what they do. Just dont be nice to these theyre. Not i think you can be nice and i think i think kelly was the best at it, because at the very end you could see he was a little bit embarrassed about putting his stamp of approval on it and not embarrassed he was. He was hesitant. That would be a better word. You know he was hesitant to put his stamp of approval on there. He says theyre trying to get better and i want that to happen, but you cant get better screwing people out of a thousand bucks and then getting them to buy it, and then they find out it sucks. You just youre, not gon na youre, not gon na build a company behind suck, so um all right lets uh lets come lets. Look at our lets! Look at our our uh, our crew.

For today. Thank you lone star for popping in right away, jbc cat. Thank you, um for your information, um uh fsu, grad 03 florida state. I think that uh. Thank you very. It was a hot. It is a hot topic right now, because these guys are theyre branding the crap out of it. Dont dont believe the hype. Okay, um susan, thank you. So much have a great day. Um lets see blank. Thank you uh! Hopefully uh. Hopefully you come back. I want to see you back. I i will try to get on um another live stream. I got one more drone to look at. I got to go through some footage of the minis. I want to go through a couple of minis and show you some mini mini images to give us from some real perspective, im so sick of this crap perspective. I i cant ill just keep going on. You know am, i is my hour over yet because this you cant youve, got to compare them all you even got to go back in time. Go back to some phantom footage. You know, because you know, if youre, if your goal with the gps drone is to get images right now, money um, the the the money thing is not the deciding factor anymore, because cheap drone companies are charging more for crap and because were not careful with our Purchasing we will spend that extra money because were not patient to wait for what we know is going to be good and the mavic 3.

My orders in, like i said ill, probably get it around the 4th of july. Maybe if it comes early, it would be nice to be able to fly it on my trip, if not im taking the nano. The nano is going to the lake with me this year, little nano throw it in my bag. I probably should take the mavic 3, but its easier to travel with the nano. Nobody cares about the now its an orange thing that sits in your backpack and so but uh ebr fpv. Thank you for coming in, like i said, check his drone videos out jims droning, of course, always check out uh jim jim. Thank you, hes pops in all the time, uh lone star. Of course, my friend justin anderson, thank you for popping in as well did i miss anybody? Uh johnny drone flyer was in the house. Why is johnny drone flyer? Not moderated lets make sure he is. He should have been a long time ago. Thank you for popping. In johnny – and i would love for johnny drone flyer to come in more often because i would love to say heres johnny drone flyer, so that would be fun to do so or i could do it. This way get up really close. Heres johnny, drone flyer thats. My uh thats a different reference, so so i think i got everybody, we got you uh detrio geo, 1 000, for this bundle seems way, overpriced drill geo, it doesnt seem overpriced, it freaking is overpriced and thats all there is to say about, and if i you Know i i and i watched uh forrest gump this weekend and thats all i got to say about that, so all right its my hours up way too long, guys have a great great great week.

I i think friday the latest im gon na get another video in, but uh were gon na look at some minis. We did look at some minis today, but that wasnt our goal. We were supposed to be looking at mid range and i should have put up mavic air one stuff guys go, buy a better drone. This is not the drone for you. Okay, this is my jedi buy a lightsaber.