These are gon na, be first flights for the xo mini pro and the xo blackhawk pro uh. You may have heard these guys came out on saturday and uh. Well, we just got our hands on them, so were gon na, take them up its a little bit windy out so to get started. We took the sticks out theyre stored within the controller, its a pretty good storage location. I think its a little bit difficult to get the sticks out of the actual transmitter, though, which is slightly frustrating, but there is a place to put them at least, and you know, theyre not going to fall out so took off here in gps mode. It does not look like you can arm using the down and in method or down and out method. You have to to click to take off on the screen, which is a good fail safe. But for those of us who are used to arming down and in with every gps drone, it is different. Um lets see the app looks a lot like go4 its that looks a lot like go4, its not exact, but its pretty similar its its its really easy. I mean i, i know exactly where to look for everything uh every everythings, right, where i expect it to be, which is good on them for creating an app thats, pretty pretty user friendly, at least so far, its pretty user friendly. I think that our our iphone here that we use to fly the drone is actually overheating.

So i had to take my sunglasses off thats, of course, no fault to the drone, but it does affect my ability a little bit to see whats going on on the screen right now were shooting at iso 400 shutters one over a thousand. I do have it just set to auto mode right now. I want to see what kind of video comes out of this guy in in auto mode and uh, see, if see if its something thats even usable in auto mode, and then i mean were going to be doing a review and im sure well throw this thing On octo, to give it a good test, compare it to uh some other stuff. This guys got a one over 1.3 sensor and im pretty sure its f 2.8. So pretty pretty wide here, its not variable aperture. It is fixed which isnt terrible im gon na come and land, though, because our uh, our iphone here is not happy, just keeps getting darker and darker and has all turned way up. Overall, though, good first impression on the drone, its a lot like a uh, the original mavic transmitters, except the screen holders arent little handles, which isnt terrible having this guy center palm is not the most optimal it really i mean this thing needs to be smoothed out Or something because it is kind of rough just holding it like this, i like to pinch. So this is how im holding the transmitter and uh thats just its not super comfortable, but thats thats, a pretty easy fix.

I mean if they give us a little bit more slimmed down, cable, put a put a pad or something on it, so that, instead of it digging in on these corners you, you know, you actually rest your hand against it, be a pretty quick fix. But overall, i think its pretty good, all right guys so youre gon na notice that this is a change in scenery. Quite a bit um we had, i dont wan na, say a little issue but theres some confusion regarding the rules of flying in the national forest. Over where we were just at so, we made the short drive over to this park. This is a city park instead of a federal park, so we should have no issue flying here. This time were going to fly, the xo mini pro its shaped. A lot like a nano flies. A lot like the nano, looks a lot like the nano and the mini, so i hope that it compares because this would be a good american made. A counterpart lets get started, feels good its im just im, looking for a way back here. Where are we at well, we just come back the way we came initially its its good um im gon na. Take it up here make sure that we can get it back here there we go shooting gaps with this thing, no its not that kind of drum okay im going to take it up above the uh.

The canopy here see how it fares up there. It is pretty quiet its not not terrible, im, not sure this guy is capable of a juicy flick but ill try. You can really hear the motor spooling up to counteract that wind got a warning on the screen here. Current environment has strong wind. Please drop flight altitude as soon as possible to ensure safe flight. It does look like its starting to drift a little bit. Oh its drifting, a lot yep. That is important to note. Okay, guys so im gon na bring it back here. We actually, we got blown completely out of the park, so were over the road now taylor has had eyes on, and i just initially this guy did really well uh kind of under the canopy of the trees and in the end where there is reduced wind. But as soon as it got up above the trees, it uh it got taken pretty quick and even with full stick uh towards where we were. We were still losing ground. So if you have one of these, you have a mini. If you have a nano, something like that, wind does affect them: theyre not powerful enough to fight all the winds if youre at the beach, if youre at the mountains or in the mountains. Here you need to be careful to win if youre anywhere with wind. It will take your drone, so overall uh it seems to be pretty good on the recording.

The app is a whole lot like dji go 4, just like the other one, so otherwise it looks to be pretty good. Im sure were going to put this guide to the test. This is probably going to be a little bit more difficult than the blackhawk 2 pro, because the uh, the gimbal and stuff doesnt turn on well its on the ground, so were going to have to try to mimic our octoflights with this guy too. To get the same shots which could be difficult but were gon na, do it well, get you guys comparative footage and we might even have a review out sometime soon.