The blackhawk 2 pro for our first flight out were going to take it out, see how it does lets go Music, hey guys, thanks for stopping by really appreciate it, its really good to see you. This is your first time here. My name is keith, and this is alien drones. I do mostly tech drones, photography tips and tutorials and industry news, of course, if thats, if some things thats of interest may want to click that subscribe because boy theres a lot of cool stuff going on for this blackhawk 2 series drone so make sure you subscribe. So you dont miss one, as i mentioned today, we are talking about the black hawk 2 pro now. This thing is a tank. It uh it is not below 250 grams. It is just really heavy in the hand, feels really really nice actually uh, so were gon na. Take it up, uh take it around were gon na. Do some basic functions on it, see what the video looks like see. Some pictures look like and, of course, were gon na check out some of the smart functions too, but first i want to let you know what the specs are. So, of course it has 4k 30 video. It does have a 48 megapixel. Camera has internal and external sd cards, both thats pretty unusual, so you can use either one the internal or put an external one in as well has a 35 minute flight time now, thats a lot for a drone thats this heavy.

But of course, with that heavy were going to gain a lot of wind resistance with it as well. So theres a lot of people around here today, theres like schools, are off or something so theres buses full of people. So if you hear uh some people uh, we captured a couple of kids who were just enjoying the heck out of watching. Do this video. So if you hear that thats what its about and, of course we got, the lawn mower guy never seems to fail. When i come in this area, the lawnmower guy has got to run around who circles around me so thats, okay, well, do the best we can as well now. In addition, this does have full obstacle. Avoidance has front sensors, rear, sensors and downward sensors, and with that obstacle avoidance it also has path, detection or path planning. So if youre going towards something – and it sees you and you have the obstacle – avoidance turned on and youre trying to go forward like in a follow mode. For instance, it will not only just stop and send such as an obstacle, but it will actually turn and try to navigate its way around it. So pretty impressive stuff now were not gon na. Do that intensive uh follow uh with the optical avoidance in this video. It just get too long were gon na do a separate video for that, so make sure uh watch for those also wan na.

Do those follow type videos that you can catch those? It also says it has a five mile range: they have their own proprietary uh transmission protocol. So, of course, we cant take it out five miles, but well take it out to visual line of sight, see if it drops off or does anything like that and of course it has precision gps and has a pretty cool thing, which is the landing pad search. So when its coming down, it actually searches for the pad and then when it sees the pad, it will come down and try to land right on and navigate itself towards the pads weve got that out here. Well. Give that a try as well. So of course, first were going to do a regular compass calibration then were going to do a gyro calibration, make sure everything looks good there before we take off now. If you saw the other video that i did with the xo mini pro, the video did not come on until we were like a meter or so off the ground. Now this one actually has a fan thats on the bottom and running, while its sitting here probably turns off, while youre actually moving, but to keep it cool. It does that because they didnt have to worry about the weight so much so because of that the video comes on right away. This is a pretty typical calibration of how you do that. Go ahead. Horizontal and vertical then were gon na.

Do the gyro just to make sure we get that gimbal centered as good as we can, but it does look pretty good right here. Right now, lets go ahead and do a gimbal caliber gyro calibration. First. Here we go Music. All right, so video starts lets. Go ahead and take it around here and see what it looks like Music. We have this completely in automatic mode right now, because uh we dont want to uh change it into manual, although normally i would indeed put it in a manual mode so that we could adjust things like the iso and the shutter speed and all things like that. But of course, now in this case were not going to so just like, if you guys were to take it out of the box, lets just see what it does lets kind of come back towards myself here, gimble down there we are, so you guys tell me What that video looks like in the comments here, what do you think about the video coming out of the blackhawk 2 pro go ahead, make another round here, Music and right about there about that thousand foot. Mark is kind of where i start losing visual line of sight, but again we dont have any pixelation or anything goofy like that. So uh, i think, were going to kind of just turn around and come back and do a couple of the functions see what those look like. We go ahead well go into fast mode, which is the expert mode.

Come back here see what that speed looks like against the wind. Here, you see were at uh just 35 miles an hour just over 35 miles an hour right now, so lets just go ahead and do a couple of the normal modes. Those are under the uh normal here were going to go ahead and do lets say orbit mode, for instance, lets go ahead and get positioned, and there we are there. We are in the picture. So so the orbit is starting here and we can go ahead and change the speed up and down as well here. So lets hide this, so we can see it and there we are in the center of the picture, looks really good there we go so lets. Go ahead and stop that there we go all right perfect, so now lets go ahead and do a follow mode, see what it looks like okay. So we have two different types of follow mode. We have a follow mode which is from the satellite. Then we have the active track, which is really nice now. The follow me follows the gps on the remote and the active track of course follows a person, so you can actually draw on the on the screen. So were gon na go ahead and do that because uh, that is the nicest uh type of follow that were gon na be able to do. This does have the obstacle avoidance with the path follow today were just going to do a basic test to make sure that it can still navigate around some items and see how that goes.

Of course, you can see we are pitching in the wind quite a bit. Music, Music, so from what i can tell the obstacle avoidance did its thing seem to avoid me every time uh made me a little nervous a couple times, but you guys, let me know in the comments. What do you think of that obstacle? Avoidance in combination with the follow that will be really cool to see so lets go ahead and do an automated return to home, and something that i want to try here is we want to make sure we turn on this search for landing pad and see. If i can find it the suns coming out here so hopefully it should be okay, so lets go ahead and do a return to home on this battery here and see what it does – Music, yes, Music. So you can see where this came down here. It did indeed hit the pad that search for landing pad did work kind of cool. Actually, it came around found it and uh rotated around. So it did. It did a pretty nice job, but we also did that on the xo mini pro as well, and it seemed to do a pretty good job. So i think it has to be a really good lighting conditions if you have a really dim or of course, if you dont have a landing pad, but you know what it does like it. It does do a really good job so kudos to that.

So that was the initial flight of the blackhawk 2 pro. I think it did a pretty good job. You guys, let me know in the comments what you think it did, how the video looked, how the functions work. Things like that now, overall im going to show you quick what comes in the box just so you know, of course it comes with the drone body, as we talked about now. It comes with batteries and a smart charger. Now, of course, depending upon the kit, you order will depend upon how many batteries you get in the kit comes with all kinds of different cables to connect to your device and also comes with, of course, extra props tools to install them and some owners manuals did Have a few quirks, the fpv did cut out a little bit during the flight uh once in a while. So i think again, i did report that to exo so that they can look at that. They said their engineers are aware of it and are working on those so uh, just like any new product im sure that theyre gon na have all kinds of little bug fixes. Now the nice thing about that is, they do have online firmware. So when you plug this in its already checking for firmware its already done, i think three firmware updates since ive had it in the last couple of weeks, even though i havent flown it that much so they are on top of it, trying to fix all those Little quirks so make sure, of course, if you find any of those uh report them and theyre likely to fix them in the next update, so thats really cool and of course i didnt do all the smart functions.

This has way too many to do in one sitting. Im gon na do a separate video for that. So go ahead and make sure you watch to see when that comes out, because im going to go ahead and do all the creative modes, all the dronies and all the helix and all the different types of things ill put them in one video. So you can see what they all look like and see if they work as well. So again, if youre not subscribed, make sure that you do so that you can see those and those come out and for the price i think its pretty full featured ill. Put that price up here because of course, theres different models and different prices based on what you get in the kit and different things like that. So ill.